Groove Music now officially supported on Sonos

Groove Music is now officially supported by Sonos, meaning you can now listen to your favorite artists and albums right through your existing set up. Sonos is a smart speaker system that uses your Wi-Fi to stream music from a variety of sources to speakers throughout your home. Back in July, support started as a beta, and now it is officially available for everyone.

With the Groove Music support, you'll be able to create custom radio stations based on your favorite songs, albums and artists, as well as play music from your own personal collection with ease. To play your own music, simply add the MP3 files to your OneDrive, then select Groove from within the Sonos app to have all of your music right there. If you own a Sonos system, and want to get started with Groove Music, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial now.

Sign up for 30-day free trial of Groove Music

Source: Windows Blog

Jared DiPane

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