Groove Music update for Fast ring Insiders gets personal with 'Your Groove' feature

A fresh update will soon be headed out to Groove Music for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring, and it's a doozy. Not only does the update bring a number of bug fixes to the table, but it also introduces a whole new, personalized section of the app (opens in new tab) called "Your Groove."

Your Groove

The new section will provide fresh recommendations, automatically curated playlists based on your listening history, and more. In addition, the Explore section is updated for subscribers with featured playlists based on moods, activities and more.

Of course, there are also some bug fixes to be aware of in this release as well:

  • Files opened in Groove from other applications (e.g. email) now continue playing in the background.
  • The app now skips queuing up unplayable tracks when playing album/artist so your now playing queue is clean and tidy.
  • We fixed the keyboard shortcut to support ESC to exit full screen now playing.
  • We addressed a perf issue when playing a large playlist.
  • We now attempt to recover from situations where playback appears "stuck".
  • We added even more telemetry around playback as we continue to improve quality.
  • We made some changes to improve the playback reliability for Groove Music Pass content in offline scenarios.

Lastly, this update bumps the app up to build number 3.6.2244.0 from 3.6.2205.0. While the update doesn't look to be available just yet, it should start heading out to Fast ring Insiders on Windows 10 PC, Mobile and HoloLens later today.

Download Groove Music (opens in new tab)

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hopefully I will get this when its released...... I still have not gotten the new maps update
  • I had not received the update for Groove nor Maps. Had to go to Store for each of the apps where it showed an Update? Why they were not updated via the Update button in the Store App is beyond me. I wonder what other Store apps may be in this situation?
  • Tried that lol. They only have the open button and the previous change list
  • So weried my surface picks up all the updates and my desktop win10 doesn't seem to pick up any updates. Both are insider, the only difference is the desktop is pro version of win10. Also I can only update the app when a go to the app page. Check for updates is both broken for both machine. 
  • I should add this is with mobile. My desktop machines are fine
  • Didn't get this update yet.
  • Get personalized in selected countries only.
  • Wait! So this still regional locked again?
  • Source?
  • Why is this only to the fast ring wtf
  • Hi, you must be new here (not really): Microsoft has been introducing new features in Fast Ring for Insiders since late 2014. Fast Ring is for Microsoft to distribute and test new features that may not be ready for primetime or may need feedback from the community. At some point, in the next few weeks, all users will get the feature. You can read more about the Insider program by going to Thank you.
  • Yeah, why aren't they releasing unfinished code to the general public wtf
  • The threshold builds have been unfinished code since it was released....
  • No code is really ever finished. Perfection is unattainable as mere mortals.
  • No code is ever finished, just discontinued.
  • almost has the same features as Zune now....
  • Laugh, also add the usual suspect: wireless sync of local WMP style autoplaylists (songs added in last day, week, month, genre, etc.)
  • Some but not almost, there are alot of features in Zune that Groove doesn't have yet, even WMP shares same features with Zune. Device sync for example is missing that WMP have. Social features which even Spotify have for a long time. Family Plan is also been highly requested and still missing while competitors even adopted this. There are even more smaller things too.
  • Only thing that is getting me on groove is them losing rights to music quickly. It's very sad.
  • This is great news however personally would rather see family subscription option announced, currently family is logging in as me to listen to their playlists on the Xbox One and is getting rather frustrating as they adjust things under my account.
  • Let's do advanced analytics to recommend music, because giving user a simple star rating to tell us what they like would be too obvious. :(
  • Stil does not have a simple freaqin' future. Search and play from the curent playlist, and the play further the freaqing songs that come. Also another future all players should have. Play next!!! Is that to much to add a freaqing playlist search and play next option? We are in 2016 for God sake.
  • Don't be so freaqing mad!
  • I refuse to use groove until the create a family plan like iTunes.
  • There is no update rolling out.
  • Wow, they may actually make me like Groove before my pass expires in Jan. I've been planning to just let it go but with the recent updates that may change.
  • Not yet available for my PC or mobile devices.
  • Still nothing here.
  • This is for subscribers only?
  • Has anyone actually got this update yet?
  • I got the update but I don't see the feature
  • Now available and installed on all my devices with new features. Nice!