Groove Music on Xbox One will be replaced by the Windows 10 UWP version

As of writing, Groove on Xbox One is simply a rebranded version of the previous Xbox Music app. Like many older Xbox One apps, Xbox Music was, at least in part, optimized for use with Kinect gestures which have since been removed from the platform entirely.

Groove community manager Ellen Kilbourne told me earlier today that the UWP version of Groove would be making its way over to Xbox One to replace the current app.

While the current Xbox One version of Groove does have some excellent features, such as music videos, it's missing a lot of the new functions introduced with Groove's Fast Ring UWP version, such as "Your Groove" playlist generation. There's no news at this time whether the Xbox One edition of Groove will retain its music videos feature.

As Microsoft continues to converge their ecosystem under the Universal Windows Platform, unifying Groove development into a single app makes perfect sense to ensure the pace of updates remains balanced across all Windows 10 versions.

Additionally, Groove for Xbox One will be able to take advantage of the Anniversary Update's background music feature, which is slated to arrive on August 2nd along with updates to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Following the Avatars app, the Movies & TV app recently received a UWP makeover on Xbox One, bringing parity between the console and other Windows 10 device versions. We know that the Xbox One will begin featuring third-party UWP apps in the near future, as VLC Player has recently teased.

If you'd like to learn more about how Groove works on UWP, check out our comprehensive guide below, or purchase a Groove Music Pass to get started right away. As a side note, if you purchase a month of Groove Music in the US, you'll get an additional three for free until August 17th.

What Windows 10 apps would you like to see running on Xbox One? Would you use Office Mobile on your console? Let us know in the comments.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • No more music videos would suck. Use that all the time. Hopefully they keep in in there.
  • From the article:
    There's no news at this time whether the Xbox One edition of Groove will retain its music videos feature.
  • Dan I wish Groove was cheaper. Such as maybe $100 a year we can get Groove and XBLIVE. I stopped Groove in favor of Amazon Prime. Far better deal, but I want groove for background music although I can just use my Bluetooth turtle beaches lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For $100 a year, you can already get Groove Music Pass + 100GB onedrive storage (which is good for storing your local music on onedrive). I think it's a better deal than either Amazon or Apple Music.
  • For $100 Amazon Prime Video, Music, and free 2day shipping. Plus I have over a free 1TB on Onedrive. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Amazon Music's catalog is not as good.
  • That offer is not available for people outside of US. I'm in Canada and don't see that. I have to pay $120 per year for Groove and then another $60 for Xbox Live
  • 99 is for groove in canada. not sure where you get your numbers
  • Yeah sorry I didn't have exact numbers.
  • Wait for the Microsoft Days of Christmas. Two/three years ago I bought 4 years worth of Groove at 30$/year for a total of 120$. Pretty excellent deal! I believe last year they still had the 30$/year deal.
  • Why would anyone pay for a Music subscription? Groove is great without payed pass, it syncs with onedrive.
  • There should be a law against downvoting an editor lol
  • I have a Video Playlist that I would sorely miss if they drop that feature.
  • If it's something Windows users like.  Then you can count on it that it will be removed.  I use it all the time as well.  I don't have any faith it will be there with an update.  It's a shame but that's what Microsoft does.
  • Completely agree with this -- (sorry for flagging your comment - flag icon too close to the 'vote-up' arrow)... cheers!
  • Movies and TV?
  • It's funny I recently just thought to myself should I keep my Groove subscription and I thought for the music video feature on Xbox. I swear the longer I have this Xbox One the less it can do with each passing season. By 2020 my Xbox One will probably only be capable of playing 8-bit games and won't be able to connect to the internet.
  • It would be great to roll it out to other platforms too, I've always thought it was missing on pc. Would really miss it on xbox, fingers crossed!
  • I really hope they keep the music videos feature.
  • About time. Hopefully it gets seeded to preview members soon.
  • Waiting on scubbadog to comment on this one...
  • lol emergerhd kinect gestures were sooooo good.
  • Yeah but what can we do, Microsoft just removing Kinect like it was so popular 5 years ago :(
  • Kinect gestures were flawless, actually. I used them everyday for two years until Microsoft stole them away. Just because you weren't skilled at using them doesn't mean they didn't work. It just means you weren't skilled at using them. Furthermore, mocking people upset that a company they gave money to and advertised that "Kinect is Xbox One" and then forcibly took away the feature that people made purchasing decisions on instead of mocking that company for doing that just makes you look like a pawn, particularly after the site you oversee wrote a critique of that same company reneging on another promise they made and didn't deliver on (DVR).
  • If it took "skill" to use something as simple as gestures, then it wasn't flawless. The fact is, not many people used the gestures. That's why they dropped support. Also, people who constantly complain about the feautre being removed in unrelated articles while also saying the Xbox One is now useless without them deserves to be mocked and will continue to be mocked.
  • Good riddance to Kinect and every idiotic gesture and throwaway gimmick it brought to the table. I still have one hand so you can high-five me though! Scumbag.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or Nexus 5X)
  • Why?  Because he (scubadog) highlights Microsoft shortcomintgs?  They give and then taketh away.  Take one step forward and 4 steps back?  Yeah, I wish he would comment.  He'd get a thumbs up from me.  :) 
  • Instead of pointing it out here he and everyone else should use feedback it user voice to get their point across. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or Nexus 5X)
  • @Pacheco I use to do that until I figured out that's just a Microsoft ruse. It's just a way for Microsoft to make people think they (Microsoft) care about what people have to say, but they'll do whatever they so damn please. It's pointless. But by all means keep on submitting your improvement ideas to them.
  • I'm sure you have hard evidence for this ridiculous claim, even though I know you don't. Kinect gestures disappeared for one reason: no one used them and it doesn't matter if some of you really liked them. They were a good idea - in theory - but after the novelty wore off, the remote/controller was just easier. Voice, however, has more of a future. Hey, I don't blame microsoft for trying gestures, but they were just not ready. Also, bumping the Xbox price by $100 very likely hurt early sales compared to PS4.
  • I use Kinect gestures and it's one of the most requested feedbacks under Kinect section on the uservoice site. Microsoft also claimed nobody used the Start button when they got rid of that. They claim nobody used Media Center and Xbox Fitness. It is their go to line when they want to drop functionality. In less than a week more than 3,000 people voted they wanted to keep using Xbox Fitness and they deleted the feedback right off the site. Bottom line is Microsoft is constantly dropping functionality instead of expanding, promoting, and moving forward. Xbox One has lost a ton of capabilities, more than it gained, which is the opposite of my experience with Xbox 360. Music videos will probably be the next feature lost and once again MS will say nobody used it. And the ditto heads will nod in agreement. I will give credit they are gradually trying to improve Groove, but it still has only a fraction of the features Zune Music had 10 years ago. And I used those features which MS apologists say nobody used (automatic playlists, song ratings, favorites, Billboard playlists, etc.)
  • 3000 people? You really think that's a significant amount ?
  • Holy hyperbole batman! What are these hundreds of features they took away versus the hundreds they added?
  • On the subject of gesture control, voice is not handy in all situations. Voice control isn't even available in most territories, while gesture worked in every country. Kinect voice control does not work if anyone nearby is also talking. Saying voice is a replacement for gestures is like telling someone they don't need to have touch screen or pen support on their PC because they can use a mouse or touchpad.
  • There is evidence, actually, as Xbox Uservoice moderators got caught back when NXOE was forcibly pushed out repeatedly deleting Uservoice threads demanding Kinect gesture navigation be restored. You can find many cases documenting this in the Xbox One Preview Program forums. "no one used them and it doesn't matter if some of you really liked them" <-- There is so much logically wrong with this. Not only is the former factually incorrect, it's also irrelevant. The fact is that Microsoft promised something, delivered on it, took people's money, and then took away what they paid for. That you are claiming those cheated customers' discontent "doesn't matter" is, quite frankly, completely egotistical. "remote/controller was just easier." <-- This is subjective and contextual. Using a remote or a controller is not easier for everyone, including disabled folk who literally cannot use them but could use Kinect gestures.  "Voice...has more of a future". <-- Voice is great for launching apps, for people who can speak, in situations when they can speak. It's terrible for maneuvering those apps ("Xbox, page down. Page down. Page down. Page down", something gestures could flick throw in 1/10 the time), or for people who can't use them. "gestures, but they were just not ready" <- They were ready: they were flawless for those who bothered learning how to use them. I know becuase I used them daily. Your anecdotal shortcomings with them are not generalizable. And you giving Microsoft a free pass for their anti-consumeristic behavior is hypocritical.  
  • Daniel is right and there's nothing wrong with his statement. Please cry more. Microsoft is a business, not a charity. They don't have to support features that people don't use. It doesn't matter if 1,000 or 3,000 people complained about it. That's only 0.0001% of the userbase.
  • @Daniel "They were a good idea - in theory..." that's your pat answer or some variation of that statement everytime MS removes or thinks about removing a feature.  Just because Microsoft can fool the gullable into thinking their voice matters that's ok.  I'm not one of them. That's why we currently have a music system that works as great as Zune. That's why Media Center is still removed when feedback users ask for it.  I could go on and on, but I'll only highlight these two.  But you might tell me Zune and Media Center were good ideas - in theory.  
  • Based on that comment Dan can you please detail or find out how Xbox One S deals with voice commands? Does it have a microphone? Pervasive listening ('xbox on')?
  • Why can't you do both?
  • Because he complains about them in completely unrelated articles while making hyperbolic statements such as the Xbox One being useless now.
  • Yes, now when background music comes I can blast my playlists while playing. Can't wait for the anniversary update.
  • I wish we could share playlists still though, would be cool to hear/see what Xbox Live friends are listening to. :)
  • That'd be a nice feature. I miss when Microsoft's music platform had social feautres...5+ years ago with Zune. Badges and forums and all that were nice and fun. Now, we get a thrice-rebuilt mess that still can't match the features of 2008.
  • It would really suck if the music videos are taken away from the Xbox One version instead of adding them to all other versions.
  • would love to see 2-way integration with Sonos... currently Sonos (Phonos or Zonos) apps work great with Groove library and radios but would like to push content from the XBox to our Sonos network... ideally from within Groove ;-)  
  • Please!!! Don't kill the videos feature... It's the only reason that I use Groove on the Xbox...
  • Guys, what are those uwp do? I want to switch to those windows phones soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its basically for developers. The idea is that a developer can create one app, and it will run on PC, tablet/laptop, phone, Xbox and Hololens
  • Thanks. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The universal windows platform is the technology that involves windows 10 being built on a single Universal kernel that exist throughout the entire device class. From desktop to laptop and 2 in 1s to tablets to smartphones, Xbox one and hololens. So apps that are built on this technology have the advantage of being able to operate across all these devices simply by the respective developers adjusting the UI of the app for each screen size. Microsoft hopes to use this concept to save windows 10 mobile by leveraging it's dominance in the pc market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thanks. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • glad you want to. I sudgest a mid range 640xl as a good place to start. dont over do it untill you know you love it. there are some other options at the microsoft store in the budget categori. dont go too low some do not support windows 10. the 640 xl does and im using it right now on 10 works great.
  • alternativly if you want a good new phoen get the 650 its not xl but its nice.
  • What are the chances of being able to select a local network drive to play collection from? Bit hard to put 400GB of music into One Drive...
  • I've got that much music on OneDrive, didn't take that long to upload with pc and fiber
  • I wish that they would get the cbs ap and other apps like it for the Xbox one. If groove music was cheaper like 35.00 a year that would be worth it.
  • I have been looking forward to this. "Your Groove" will be very welcome on my console.
  • Well i love that the uwp version comes to xbox, but they really have to enable music video features to the uwp version then. It would really suck hard if they forget about that feature! And seriously it should already be in the current uwp version together with currated playlists (not the my groove auto generated)..
  •  i hope every one with XBOXLIVE can use Groove too....
  • But Groove Music on Xbox One is the only one that works well, this seems like the stupidest idea ever.
  • That is the opposite of what most people think :)  Works great on all windows 10 devices, can't speak about other platforms.
  • On w10m I occasionally need to restart my phone for it to run, on Windows 10 I play about an hour worth of music and it quits to desktop. On Xbox One it is a bit cumbersome to get my collection playing but it has never crashed once.
  • Amazon's Music catalog is awful. They have very little that I listen to. It feels more like a marketing gimmick to get people to sign up for Prime. Groove, on the other hand, has most of what I listen to, and I have even noticed some obscure albums on Groove that arent available on Spotify, Google Play, etc. I've been a subscriber off and on since Zune Music Pass, and while I still probably like Zune best overall (branding, primarily), I really like Groove. Wasn't a big Xbox Music fan. Plus the Groove integration with OneDrive is fantastic.
  • Groove on Xbox one has been crap for sometime. Slow, missing features, I'm pretty excited about this. I don't use the videos, but, I respect the fact that some do. The thing that people seem to forget is that Microsoft is a business. If something isn't profitable, the can't do it forever. That being said, as a Zune fan it is frustrating to see the platform only now finally catch up. However that is why they do telemetry now, so that they won't make more bonehead decisions (we hope).
  • Videos is one of the cooler featuers.  If they get rid of this it's a big shame.  They should not switch to this version until there is feature parity.  I'll take the videos and the current crappy xbox one version instead of the uwp for now.
  • nice about time it is updated.
  • Has the background music update came out to the preview members yet?
  • Please please Microsoft - Keep/add Music Videos, hell, add them to the desktop version too. They are great when you're entertaining.
  • This...
  • When groove music facility available in India