Grounded 0.9.2 patch update is officially rolling out with a few minor fixes

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What you need to know

  • Grounded is an open-world co-op survival game currently in early access from storied developer Obsidian Entertainment.
  • The Grounded team just released a sizeable patch update a few days ago but is following it with another minor release.
  • Patch update 0.9.2 for Grounded is now rolling out to players on Xbox and PC with a small handful of fixes.
  • Fixes include an improvement to controller schemes and a fix for duplicate SCA.B flavors that potentially caused crashes.

It wasn't that long ago that Grounded released the decently-sized Grounded 0.9.1 patch update, but Obsidian Entertainment is already following close on its own heels with the release of the new 0.9.2 patch update. The previous patch followed the April Content Update with a sizeable number of bug fixes for Grounded's early access, so the 0.9.2 release is a lot more modest in comparison.

There are only two fixes included in the latest release for Grounded, but it's still recommended that you try and install it as soon as possible for the best experience in Obsidian Entertainment's quickly-maturing survival game (which has already earned its place on the best survival games for Xbox).

The full changelog for Grounded's 0.9.2 patch update includes:

Bug fixes

Top community issues

  • The actions "Craft Smoothie" and "Recipes Memorized" are properly assigned to two different buttons again for gamepad controls
  • SCA.B flavors no longer duplicate in the OSConfig UI each time you open the window which may have caused a crash for some players when selecting a duplicate flavor
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