Survival games are games that require the player to stay alive as long as possible in an often hostile environment. Managing everything from food, habitation and crafting essential tools — staying alive isn't just a song by the BeeGees. The night is dark and full of terrors, so huddle by the light with us as we take a look at the best survival games currently on the Xbox One.

Updated February 22, 2017: We updated this story to include Resident Evil, Astroneer and more; and refreshed some of the descriptions.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Back with screaming success, Resident Evil returns to Xbox One in the fictional town of Dulvey, Louisiana. Moving on from catastrophic global infection, Biohazard brings the survival horror back home, and it gets up close and personal in Capcom's first foray into a Resident Evil first-person romp. Skulking around the abandoned plantation house, will you survive long enough to solve the mystery of the messed up Baker family?

As the atmosphere drips alongside the antagonistic bioorganic ooze, the most eagle-eyed players will find themselves with more items than they can shake a broken shotgun at. Those less-nosy may well find themselves in sticky situations, where ammo and healing items are in short supply, and combining items and crafting is an absolute must.

The first-person perspective adds a perfect new level of trepidation and squirming horror as the action is in your face and relentless. The downtime moments are well-paced and perfect for resolving the nerves before the next big bout. Everything you loved about the original series is back, with a shove into the modern age for current-gen consoles, boasting incredible photo-realistic graphic environments and a storyline bringing concepts of some the Resident Evil game offshoots into the main series.

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Astroneer - Game Preivew

Set during a space-faring Gold Rush, you'll land on procedurally-generated planets and suck the lands dry for their valuables. Terraforming the landscape and using the materials you find will enable your little spaceman to build his base on the planet and loot it for rare materials to sell.

The vibrant, random worlds have their own biomes and areas with their own resources and are littered with research opportunities. Monsters are currently few and far between, making Astroneer a charming survival exploration game where the only threat to your survival right now is running out of oxygen. Updates are being made all the time, with an active development team working hard to add new content and mechanics to the game. If you were looking for something a little like No Man's Sky for Xbox One, this should be your first port of call. Astroneer is available on Xbox Play Anywhere, enabling you to purchase once and play on any compatible Microsoft device.

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ARK: Survival Evolved - Game Preview

There is always some kind of aggressor in most survival games, something you have to protect yourself from. Giant, carnivorous dinosaurs notwithstanding, Ark: Survival Evolved will pit you against prehistoric terrors and your own kind. If you're not already suffering from hunger, or broken bones, perhaps a pervasive and persistent disease will hamper your efforts? By the way, the only way you can cure that disease is going to the icy North-most part of the island and fighting some incredibly strong and hostile animals. Good luck with that.

Survive with friends — make or join clans who can help you build bases to work from, shared clan XP helps you level up faster so you have access to better items. Or go it alone, forsake the safety of numbers and set out to discover the mysteries of the island by yourself. Updates have cleaned up laggy framerates, and the Scorched Earth DLC adds more areas and monsters to survive.

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Don't Starve: Giant Edition

If a Tim Burton-esque hand-drawn art style and slowing losing your sanity are high up your "things you like" list, then Don't Starve has a treat for you. Unlock a variety of characters with their own unique skills to explore and survive the encroaching night. Will you fall foul to Zombie Pigmen at the full moon's midnight, or would you rather take your chances with a giant Deerclops? Build Doo-dads and Whatsits, sport the most spiffing mustache and stay alive gnawing on petals. Who thought going insane would be so ... dark?

The Shipwrecked DLC offers further content in monsters, items to craft, places to go and things to stave off hunger with, all on a deserted island. Have you ever eaten rock slime? It's really good this time of year. The challenges ramp up the longer you try to survive, perhaps by the end you'll be begging for madness. The game is available as a bundle with DLC, or both items can be bought individually through the Xbox store.

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The Flame in the Flood

Traveling by foot or by raft, you and your dog embark together on a perilous journey through a post-society American wilderness. Procedurally-generated terrains hold precious resources to be found in order to make food, craft tools and create medicines. A beautifully sorrowful hand-drawn art style and originally composed soundtrack compliment this incredible story wonderfully.

Scout and her companion dog Aesop are on a mission to find out why everyone has gone from the flooded lands, but the gentle river can turn to rapids in moments — drowning is a very real threat. Thought provoking and heart warming, The Fire in the Flood will test your survival skills and patience, but it's a trip worth taking.

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How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

Seven small archipelago islands, a mental survival guide and zombies. Lots of zombies. You'll have to craft tools and find shelter as you try to ward off hordes of zombies and rabid animals. Choose from a wide range of blunt weapons to protect yourself with, and keep your basic human needs in check or suffer a penalty.

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Subnautica - Game Preview

Splash-landed on an oceanic world, Subnautica is one of only a few games that will give you the ability to make reasonably high-grade tools from the very start. The only problem is retrieving the resources in order to make those tools. Jacques Cousteau you're not, and exploring the vast oceanic alien world will be mightily difficult without crafting the things to get you there without dying. Build and power sub-aquatic habitats or gaze out of your glass walls as a Sea Leviathan swims by.

Still currently part of the Xbox Preview Program, updates are being added all the time to flesh out the experience, by adding in the story characteristics and goals. Over the last year, we've seen great changes in minor in-game details, the removal of some lesser -used (and lag-creating) features, such as being able to deform the alien environment, and added content and context to the crash landing on the planet. We now have some storyline. You're not the only pod to have crashed on the planet, but where are the others?

Different sea biomes relinquish varying resources that you'll need to craft Sea Moths, to take you through the depths of the ocean. You'll need to craft a deep sea base, so you can investigate what lies beneath, and a Cyclops to take you deeper than you've ever been to find alien artefacts.

Subnautica is still a work in progress, but you'll certainly feel reeled into this alien world, hook, line and sinker.

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Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Minecraft may look like a poorly-made building game with no character but you're wrong! Punch wood, make tools and get into a safe place before dark, because when the sun goes down the hostile monsters appear. Create a farm to feed you, build yourself a hideout so no monsters can reach you, or plumb the very bowels of the earth for rare materials for crafting better weapons and armor. With the addition of PVP arenas and (hopefully sometime soon for Xbox One) Realms there is suddenly a lot more to do in Minecraft than ever before.

Constantly updated with new features and items to craft, the sky isn't your limit — only your imagination. You can import saves from your Xbox 360 game and download textures and character skins to customize your experience fully. Want your world to look like it's all made of candy while frolicking as Doctor Who? Now you can.

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Fallout 4 - Survival Mode

Including this may be a bit of a cheat, but Fallout 4's Survival Mode kicks up the game's difficulty. The introduction of illnesses necessitates the use of antibiotics, there's no longer a fast travel option, and healing in beds for less than seven hours doesn't heal HP. This is truly the most brutal survival experience. Healing items have less effect and may even make you sick. Ammunition has weight, and the carry weight for you and your companions has been reduced. With all this and more, the odds are highly stacked against you.

Winner of more than fifty Game of the Year Awards, Fallout 4 is Bethesda's most ambitious game yet. Also supporting free mods, you can tailor your experience just the way you want it. Nuclear war has destroyed the world. It's time to rebuild, and the fate of the Wastelands is in your hands.

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We Happy Few - Game Preview

Ever wondered why everyone back in 1960's England was all about being groovy and mellow and just a bit too cheerful? If We Happy Few is anything to go by, in this pseudo-alternate reality it's because they were all taking mind-altering drugs. Blinded to the grimness of reality, society has settled into a well-meaning and relatively content denial, until a small group decided to stop taking their tablets. You must blend in with the citizens of a retrofuturistic London, where not taking happy pills is cause for alarm.

As the newest addition to the Games Preview roster there are still certainly kinks to be worked out, but We Happy Few will hopefully continue to shape and deliver an already very compelling world and theme.

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7 Days to Die

This zombie survival horror has it all, including tower-defense mechanics, a first-person perspective and ... zombies. Build a fortress to protect from the undead (or other players), craft and repair clothing and tools, mine, loot and explore.

The open world environment offers a rich and diverse post-apocalyptic wilder land to set up camp within, and every seven days, zombies appear. If you haven't spent the interim seven days preparing for the undead onslaught, you're dead meat, literally. With heavy emphasis on crafting and teamwork, getting a gang together to survive the invasion is imperative. Should you survive, the clock timer resets and you're back to another seven days of gathering, fortifying and preparing.

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