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Grounded is adding flying insects and more in its next update, opening Public Test next week

Grounded Screenshot Ladybug
Grounded Screenshot Ladybug (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded is an open-world survival game that shrinks players down to the size of insects.
  • The game is in early access and adds new content and improvements all the time.
  • The next update has been teased and is set to enter a Public Test as soon as next week.
  • Grounded's January Content Update will likely include flying insects, as well as lots of other additions.

The Grounded team has been short since the holidays, but now they're returning with fresh news about the future of Obsidian Entertainment's charming and addictive open-world survival game. Grounded's first update since the December Content Update is coming soon, and the probable additions have been teased by Obsidian for ages. The January Content Update for Grounded is entering the Public Test ring early next week, giving dedicated Grounded players a chance to jump in even before Grounded's early access sees the new features.

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As for what the update will include, we already have a good clue. Grounded held a poll on its Twitter that asked participants which of three flying insects they'd like to see added to Grounded, with a fourth option for "All of the above!" Of course, Grounded players arrived in troves to request all three flying insects, and Obsidian Entertainment is obliging them.

Bees, mosquitos, and fireflies should all make an appearance in the next Grounded update, adding tons of new features and mechanics for players to watch out for. There should also be plenty of other tweaks, improvements, and other additions. We'll have to wait to see those, though.

Grounded is already a fantastic game in its early state, but those looking for something a little more complete should check our list of Best Survival Games for Xbox.



Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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  • I would really like to see them improve the multiplayer server before adding more content, my wife and I love this game but trying to play between our Xbox and pc is downright painful, after you make any sort of progress on the save and start building things, the game will disconnect the client every few minutes. I don't have another pc powerful enough to try pc to pc to see if that's the problem, but searching online it seems that many people are having the same problem with multiplayer.