GroupMe is a popular group-messaging app from Microsoft, enables you to communicate with multiple contacts at once in chatrooms. We previously covered version 4.7 back in December, which introduced a new group design. Today we'll be checking out the recently released 4.8 update, enabling users to record up to 30 seconds worth of video and more.

As well as the added functionality to record some footage for sending in group chat, version 4.8 also brings:

  • See content shared from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Vine and Instagram URLs displayed in the chat
  • Unhide chats and rejoin groups from your archive
  • Remove attached images before sending

A sweet update and we're sure many will enjoy the sharing of video URLs. If you require a service to serve as a communication tool for a group to converse amongst one another, we recommend you give GroupMe a shot.

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