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GTA: San Andreas comes to Windows Phone next week

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is Rockstar Games’ biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. While it has just released for iOS devices, Windows Phone users don’t have to wait long. According to Engadget:

Rockstar Games tells us that the promised Android and Windows Phone versions will hit next week.

GTA: San Andreas includes over 70 hours of gameplay featuring remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile. We can’t wait to play this game. It’s probably going to look awesome on the Nokia Lumia 1520. Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Engadget; Thanks for the tip, RyanDaLyon!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Woohooo!!
  • Awesome cant wait. All we need now is Assassins Creed Pirates and i will be as happy as a pig in poo!
  • Happier than a mosquito at a blood bank...
  • ^ nice!
  • BF4 commander for RT wouldn't hurt.
  • I would love this, I am disappointed that DICE isn't working on this or a BattleLog app.
  • Let dice work out all the glitches and unstable game they created then we can fight for apps cause right now the game sucks.
  • I wouldn't say it sucks. It's good when it works
  • My only issue is the constant crashing. I play with a friend of mine and every game one of us gets kicked to the dashboard, whether it be between games or during.
  • It doesn't suck its just like a wet fart it ruins everything.
  • I agree... The game needs to work first before we can think if using apps linked to it.. Right now with lost saves, the game simply shutting down mid game, no servers found when searching etc DICE need to fix this pile o crap first
  • Then let all of us Win8 and RT owners be heard.  We want to be able to command a squad, while taking a Sh*t !
  • This!!!
  • How do you know they are happy? Some get killed by the bloody blood.. just saying..
  • hope it will support 512 ram.
  • Doubt it. If you wanted a phone to play games on, you made a wrong choice.
  • What you just wrote, with that picture, scared me to the point I'm considering buying the guy a L925. :S
  • Buy me one then :)
  • Why? in IPhone 4S its working fast, and the lumia 520 has better hardware than that IPhone so...
  • Super be Hope on that..., Microsoft will Surely Support for your Comments...,
  • Ram is not the only problem. With only 8gb storage on my 820 I seem to only ever have two games installed max.
  • I will NT be playing it...i hate this storage restrictions
  • 820 is an awesome device but this such problems are like a pain in the neck
  • "This game will cost $6.99 and requires 1GB RAM devices to run"
    Source: Rockstar Games
  • And to think that the original Playstation 2 version run on 32MB of RAM and a relatively slow DVD drive. They said they remastered the graphics, but THAT much? or are we forgetting how to optimize code? (I understand that PS2 was a totally closed system, and so easier to optimize, but still :-[)
    Does the iOS version requieres iPhone 5? Anything before that did NOT have 1GB of RAM.
  • It's better than a high end PC but still looks really dated. The good thing is you can decide where to put certain buttons so that it fits your play style!
  • No on iOS this game is available for the iphone 4(single core 512mb RAM)and up.
  • Where is the link where you got this information?
  • I remember when most PC games only required 512mb RAM c': nostalgia those were the good days
  • I am so buying this
  • Definitely
  • November and December are the best months for Windows phone apps/games. Many popular apps/games coming these days. Even small developers are bringing their games to WP quickly.
  • I agree. I have so many games I want to buy now....but so little time
  • Someone beat you guys to it. 2nd and third respectively. Nice to see high profile games come sooner rather than later.
  • Hmm. I am going to have to delete a lot of apps and games
  • Really hope it comes to win 8/rt as well
  • Can you get game torrents on Windows rt
  • Can you get a job and buy them instead?
  • Very well said. Screw pirates
  • +1 lol, i'm laughing as hell xddd
  • Haha seriously pissing myself lol... Best reply ive read on here :P
  • Go easy on the guy. He's tapped out after buying his daily venti half double decaffeinated half-caf cappuccino latte frap, skim soy, extra whip, with a twist of lemon.
  • Go and earn money..u can buy window phone but cant buy a game.....piracy not allowed
  • I'd buy it :P
  • That's amazing i hope there wont be a y compromise on the 1020 in terms of raw graphics as rockstar has mentioned only selected numbers of wp8 devices will be supported. M also wondering will we see gta 4 next year as i remember even my pc had hard time playing this
  • I think you mean GTA V and yes, PC will get it next year (can't wait to play it at its best)
  • I believe he meant GTA IV for mobile, since San Andreas is the one just before that.  
  • At its long as they don't screw up big time as they did with GTA IV.
  • yea GTAIV was very processor intensive. I ran it alright and had a quad core OC'ed 955BE at 3.8ghz. If it does release it will probably only be made for snapdragon 800 and up or maybe not even the 800 at that time.
  • Nah , GTA IV for mobile is about five years away . We should expect Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories first
  • ^ This. GTA IV is a very demanding and CPU+GPU intensive game. I don't think even the Snapdragon 800 can handle that. We'll need to wait some years before we could even think about playing GTA IV on our phones
  • My favorite GTA so far... I still have it on my PC!
  • Awwwww yeeaaaahhh. I'll have to rethink halo spartan assault now. 
  • Hope it supports my Lumia 625 or, other wp with 512mb ram
  • I don't think it'll...
  • Same hope but i guess it'll be 1GB
  • "This game will cost $6.99 and requires 1GB RAM devices to run"
    Rockstar Games
  • Where is the link where you got this information?
  • It wont boss 1GB ram required details available in rockstar
  • I hope this game is fun to play without mods. PC master race.
  • Hot Coffee anyone ?
  • Hahaha))
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.2
  • Windows RT
  • windows 1.0
  • DOS
  • I hope it runs on my new Lumia 925 :)
  • It definitely should run on our beautiful Lumia 925s ☺☺
  • Definitely it'll work!
  • Yes not for 512mb Ram
  • I wish they make an elder scrolls for mobile and release it for WP8. That would be a dream come true! :D
    I know elder scrolls is made by a different company. ;)
  • I remember that the Nokia nGage had an Elder Scrolls game.
  • I completely forgot Nokia made the nGage, man was a POS that was.  What were they thinking?  heh For all that Nokia gets right now with design, that must have been some dark times for them.
  • I loved my n-gage qd, best phone I ever owned till this date!
  • N-Gage was a good idea, but the idea was beyond what could be done at the time.
  • Does it support Lumia 520 ??
  • Doubt it
  • "This game will cost $6.99 and requires 1GB RAM devices to run"
  • No dude 1gb ram needed
  • Really wish I had bought a 925 right now. 521 is great but storage and ram ruin game/app enjoyment.
  • What did You expect from a low end Phone?
  • Didn't know the specs until after I bought it.
  • Give it to me on Windows rt so I can use a controller... My 920 will get way too hot to play this
  • I was Just about to write the same..our 920s will burn down...:\
  • Does anyone know if this game will be xbox live enabled????????
  • Fingers crossed fella, but sadly i don't think it will be. MS seems to have forgotten WP has LIVE capable games. :-/
  • What does MS have to do with it.
  • I would like to know this too but most likely it won't be. I'm still going to buy it though because it's that much of an great game.
  • I hope it does have Xbox integration as that would be great for the Windows Phone platform. If it doesn't, I'll be passing on the game as I'd rather play Xbox-certified games. I'll be letting Rockstar and Microsoft know why via Twitter too (#SaveXboxWP)
  • Doubtful.
  • So glad the upgrade on my 521 comes in a few weeks. Time to get a more adequate phone so I'll quit missing out on games like this.
  • Hope it will be available for free -_- and support for 512 MB RAM
  • Lol. If this comment is sarcasm, well done.
  • No it will run only devices with 1GB and more RAM, and it will cost you $6.99
  • It will cost you $6.99
  • $6.99 how do they make them so cheap lol
  • Hehe, I will just test only how it works on L920. Waste of memory
  • Hope this can run on my L920 :)
  • Why wouldn't it? Nothing has required 2 GB of RAM and I hope nothing ever will on WP8.
  • I got my £20 Nokia gift voucher primed and ready. Bring on next week.
  • I spent my Nokia gift voucher on Killer Instinct Ultra Edition. Looks like I'll be charging this one to AT&T. :)
  • Lol, i don't have x1 yet so all of this will be going to WP. Supporting devs and all. Though if i had X1 i'd probably do the same :)
  • Why would you want to play this type of game on your phone though?
  • Because it's fun and an awesome time killer...
  • I think this game is going to cook my 920
  • Spot on.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the GTA franchise, I'm super-fun-happy for everyone that's excited it's arriving on WP (and - for a big title release - so quickly, for a change)...but I won't be getting it.
    I don't want to play large, complex, and involving games on my the same way that I wouldn't want to play things like Angry Birds or Tile Path, on a console.
    Horses for courses.
    If I want to play GTA:SA, I'll do it at home, on my PS3, with a big screen and a proper controller.
    If I'm gaming on the phone, that means I'm out and about, and so any game should be small, simple, easy to pick up/point down, and definitely not heavy on the battery. That's just my opinion though. For the 99.8% that are pumped for, and primed to snatch up this undeniably important release, I hope GTA:SA is everything you want and expect it to be.
  • Oh my god oh my god oh my god ! This awesome !!!! Cant wait ! San Andreas is my all time favorite video game !
    Got enough space for it in my 8X .... Fingers crossed it will run
  • hint for requirements or supported phone able to run GTA?  
  • 1GB ram & WP8... Don't meet that requirement? Well.. Stick with temple run till kingdom come
  • thanks!, I'm using L925. I got issue on buying on store bcoz im not a credit/debit card holder. i hope GTA will be free...
  • Lmfao GTA free?? Hahaha NO.
  • The game is priced 9.9 usd for iPhone and iPad :D
    Should have more money to buy it when it arrives!
  • 6.99$
  • Instant buy for me if it'll support my lumia 920. :D
  • How would we enter cheats? step 1: pause game using back button step 2: tap on the first item on the pause menu list saying "Enter Cheat Codes Here" step 3: ... ... ... well you get the idea
  • I can maybe be studid, but i cant find it on my surface RT.. can you make maybe some screen shots of it?
  • Now THAT, is great news. A bit of Rockstar in this crappy Gameloft universe.
  • If you want to play games you made a wrong decision.
  • Crossing fingers for Vice City...
  • +1
  • +920
  • -625
  • Will it be free
  • Highly doubt it. Expect $6.99 cost.
  • $9.99 on iPhone.
    edit: WPU says its $6.99
  • Yes, check on iphone uk and its £4.99 which i think is $6.99
  • Xbox game or not? I will be surprised if it is.
  • I'd also be surprised if it is, but I sure hope it is. If not, I'll tell Rockstar and Microsoft that the lack of Xbox integration is the reason I didn't buy it. We'll see next week. #SaveXboxWP
  • Wow! Didn't expect a GTA game to come for a while, that's great news!
  • Achievements or GTFO.
  • Idiotic. If you'd skip a great game because of achievements, you deserve the free to play bullshit shovelware.
  • Er, i can play games for whatever reason i like thanks. Personally achievements are a big factor in games for me, and I'm making a stand against games that have no Xbox integration by not buying them. But if you want to go slagging people off for their interests go right ahead. Stay classy.
  • Humm, so you're making a stand? Boy, that will definitely show them... *sigh*
  • Yeah you're right, I should just sit on my hands and do nothing instead. #SaveXboxWP
  • By not buying, you're doing more harm than good; the developer doesn't get motivated to invest their time, effort and money on the platform and then drop it. And why? Because children like you want them to spend extra time, money and effort in this "Xbox sh*t", for which they get no return from and have to deal with a dreadful process maintained by MS. Do you think WP has 90% of the market share to afford this? I'm from a time where people bought to, you know, ENJOY them, not for childish "achievements". Grow up.
  • Wow, that seems a bit unnecessary. Whatever makes you feel better though fella. I'll keep popping my childish achievements thanks.
  • Talk about unnecessary ("savexboxwp")... Go pop it.
  • What's unecessary is your condescendingly telling someone who cares about something (XBox integration) that their concerns are less important than yours. Viva la #SaveXboxWP movement; Down with condescending jerks.
  • Actually, buying a game that doesn't have features he watns would be doing more harm than good as it would be telling lazy game developers that they can get away with providing a lesser experience and still getting his money. If a game doesn't have the features he wants (Xbox achievements) then  he is completely justified in not buying it. He's not running a charity here. If you want him to buy a game that doesnt' have the features he wants then send him a check for $6.99. Otherwise, get off his case with your incredibly self-righteous, condescending "children like you" talk. You are the one who needs to grow up.
  • You're completely CLUELESS about developing process - besides having a low reading comprehension -, which is just one reason why I won't exchange words with such a kid whose most important thing in the day is to tweet something to someone. I actually have to work. "See ya".
  • Yes, please go away, and try not to be a condescending d-bag to your coworkers like you are here.
  • You can, and I can tell you what a stupid reason for not playing a game achievements are. Its like not watching a movie because it doesn't have an extras djsc. Its an objectively stupid position to take. You can take it, but you're wrong. Taking it on a public forum means that you've ASKED for people to respond. It's a really, really, really stupid reason not to play a game.
  • I'm wrong?! Jesus Christ, i genuinely thought the community on here were more open minded than that.
  • Don't let a few condescending ignoramuses get you down. We've got your back: #SaveXboxWP
  • What is stupid is you judging and belittling someone else simply because they have different sources of enjoyment than you. So you don't care much about achievements. Fine. But he does, and it's important to him (as it is to me), and we don't have to spend our own money on games that don't have the features we want. You telling us that that is a "really, really, really stupid reason not to play a game" is about as condescending as one can be. And for the record, Xbox achievements are awesome. They make games much better and I too will never buy a Windows Phone game that doesn't have Xbox integration.
  • Cheers to that, heatlight. I'm with you: No Xbox achievements, No buy. I find Xbox enabled games to be much more enjoyable and rewarding. These ignoramuses on here attacking you for having different interests than yours are nothing but condescending jerks. Stick to your guns. #SaveXboxWP
  • You're condescending. The guy only wants to play games that have Xbox achievements and you're telling him he's wrong? He knows what he likes. If this game doesn't have it then he doesn't want to play it. I'm with him: if a game doesn't come with Xbox achievements to me it isn't worth my time and I won't buy it. If you want to take the blue pill and play it, go for it, but don't sit here and call other people with a different idea of fun 'idiotic'.
  • This is huge.
  • I bet it wilk be too big to install on 8GB devices :'(
  • Yeah I have an HTC 8XT and don't have much space for two or three big games to be installed. I hope one day we can install games on the SD Card.
  • Also need to clear the waste other storage
  • The game is 1.63 GB and $9.99 on iPhone.
  • Well.. 8GB devices will get screwed then
  • Unless its that important to you to make room for it.
  • Won't even be able to install if it is over 1.5GB - can't see making 6GB or so free space on L820. I was barely able to scrap enough space for Asphalt 7 and it was just below 1GB install...
  • Install from SD card
  • I did, still required absurd amount of space to install...  
  • 1.63GB ? Well, that's a relief. I was expecting around 3GB like the xbox version .... Given the GTA III mobile was 900MB & Vice City was 1.1Gb .
    Thanks dude
  • Finally, a non free to play cash grab.
  • Playing these type of games with touch screen controls is terrible.
  • I hope its cheap like asphalt 8
  • I cant wait for this. I LOVE gta sa :D
  • San Andreas for PC the minimum requrement for RAM is only 256 Mb :D
  • Yes we are ....we just hope it will be for all windows phone..... And also in all countries
  • Good to see it coming to Windows phone but rockstar games are better to play on gaming consoles or pc which is the best. Such games on touch screen devices so uncomfortable to play. Windows phone will be releasing this game next week but my opinion don't release more such games on windows phone though its good for the ecosystem. I don't care about ios n droid at all. They don't think b4 releasing something except famous games
  • You find it uncomfortable to play such games on a touch screen brother. Some people argue saying there are no games on WP. Its better to have and not play than to want to play and not have. Get it.?
  • No... Only 1Gb ram devices....
  • I hope there's achievements. But I won't hold my breath.
  • I have a Lumia 520 and it probably will not be available for it but I can't wait either way!
  • GTA SA + L920 = fire hazard lol... My L920 heats up like a bbq when gaming
  • Ohhh yeah..didnt think of that.. :D
  • Hope it runs smooth, just got a 1520, can't wait to play this
  • Very excited this game will come, but it will support 512 mb of ram?
  • My 1520 is ready
  • Yes!!!!!
  • 7 bucks is a great deal.
  • This game ain't gonna be cheap. I think it cost like 9.99 for the iOS version.
  • Totally worth it.
  • With achievements?
  • Would be even better with Moga support. I'd buy the damn thing for this game alone.
  • Can't wait
  • Just hoping it will support 512mb ram devices
  • Hoping it includes some way to save game files to the cloud. Ny phone has a need to be reset every so few months due to faulty upgrades or defects which loses all game progress. Essentially making gaming on mobile for me a nonstarter. This is with the 920 though. Hope that changes next week somehow with the 1520. Maybe its a more stable phone?
  • The 920 is a very stable device imo. Mine never needed a hard reset, and working perfectly. Maybe it's not the phone, but the user....
  • Nah my wife's 920 is a giant turd too. Her battery lasts about 5 hrs on full charge with no use. There are plenty of faulty phones out there. Play nice.
  • I wouldn't say its me. Sometimes even a simple upgrade (like last weeks gdr3 for example) has a slight chance of causing errors. After the upgrade, my device would not launch any third party apps. Had to then reset it. Too high of a chance of losing game progress if its not backed up OFF the device
  • My screen flickers a lot from time to time. Ever noticed that on your device.??