GTA: San Andreas sneaks into the Windows Store, but you can’t download it yet

Remember when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was that upcoming game for Windows Phone that we couldn’t wait to get? After a few months of waiting it finally came to Windows Phone at the tail-end of January. Of course it could only run on devices with at least 1GB of RAM and it costs $6.99, but it’s in the Windows Phone Store. It also might be out on Windows 8 sooner than later.

Head to the Windows Store and you’ll see GTA: San Andreas sitting there waiting for you to download. It’ll set you back $6.99 like its Windows Phone counterpart. However, you can’t download it right now. We’ve tried downloading it California, New York and the U.K. with no luck. Try purchasing the game and you'll get a pop up with the message "this item is no longer available". 

We’ll of course let you know when it’s available for download, but if you want to try out luck you can grab it in the Windows Store. If you are able to download, let us know your region below. 

Thanks for the tip @BeetleComet!

Sam Sabri