GTA: San Andreas sneaks into the Windows Store, but you can’t download it yet

Remember when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was that upcoming game for Windows Phone that we couldn’t wait to get? After a few months of waiting it finally came to Windows Phone at the tail-end of January. Of course it could only run on devices with at least 1GB of RAM and it costs $6.99, but it’s in the Windows Phone Store. It also might be out on Windows 8 sooner than later.

Head to the Windows Store and you’ll see GTA: San Andreas sitting there waiting for you to download. It’ll set you back $6.99 like its Windows Phone counterpart. However, you can’t download it right now. We’ve tried downloading it California, New York and the U.K. with no luck. Try purchasing the game and you'll get a pop up with the message "this item is no longer available". 

We’ll of course let you know when it’s available for download, but if you want to try out luck you can grab it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). If you are able to download, let us know your region below. 

Thanks for the tip @BeetleComet!

  • So I have to pay two times for a single game? Wow. Just wow. Nothing more.
  • My thoughts exactly! This happens with so many apps, what a joke!
  • No kidding!! I can't justify buying in on my 2520 since I have it on my 1520 but it's good it'll be available soon in the Windows Store.
  • Why two times........
  • Two different stores, that's why everyone is waiting for Windows 8 and Windows Phone to merge closer and have the same store.
  • why is this news to you? same thing with Spartan Assault...
  • Yea this isn't anything new.
  • You don't need to get the Windows 8 version unless you want it on RT or with touch support. On a PC I would go for the original or one of the newer titles.  
  • At the moment they had to develop it twice as well. What did you expect? After 8.1 the difference between an WP and Windows app will be 20%. Then we can complain if there isn't at least some discount deal for buyers.
  • So excited its on the big screen now!
  • Are you high? It's been out on consoles and PC for the last 10 years! Facepalm...
  • We've tried downloading it California, New York and the U.K. ... Sam, Dan, and Jay in other words
  • Would be nice if there was a free trial.
  • Trial is available on TPB.
  • Yeah, I could do that but I want to try the mobile optimized version on my tablet.
  • This news post is as worthless as the Rayman post... sigh
  • Actually if you changed your region and got lucky with your credit card you could download Rayman. This doesn't have any way of getting it yet.
  • Nothing beats Flappy Bird news in worthlessness...
  • Yes it has some value. Its informing everyone that it exists on the store. Just to keep everyone in the loop of what's happening.
  • Well think about it this once and you can play it on your windows tablet and computer
  • Buy once play everywhere.. One can dream
  • I already spent 6.99 on the WP version, gonna have to wait on this..
  • Nothing in Texas...
  • Will it save "in the cloud" or will I lose my progress if I were to use another device or refresh my surface?
  • I am straight. I'll just download it on the phone instead of the tablet.
  • Wohoo! Seems to work here in Italy! :)
  • Awesome !!! Now i can play it on a large TV, hope Windows Phone 8.1 brings that as wel, but i hate touch screen controls, i hope this one supports the type covers ... Really exciting. More chance of escaping from the police as touch controls don't work as good personally
  • I hope they bring cloud syncing. Would love to pick up the game on my Surface Pro and my Windows 8 desktop connected to my TV. It would be super awesome to really pick up from any of the three.
  • Cloud sync and controller support are needed. This game is dozens of hours and should have all of the features that the iOS and Android versions have. Also, where is the Microsoft support for controllers on Windows phone? Missed opportunity.
  • Controller support is the reason I'll buy this for my Surface 2. I couldn't stand playing this on a little screen without physical controls. Happy news for me :-)
  • I second that!!! I would rather buy/play almost all games on my surface than my 920. Shogun... Is the only game I have for my surface and phone, mainly because they sync. I wish gameloft would port more games to the windows store. I have both asphalt games on my surface, but not on mu phone... And yes, i play more games on my surface than my windows 8 laptop... My PC is still a steam/windows7 machine... Which i don't game much on... No time, that is why my windows tablet is so good.
  • It's exciting news as such in this article which causes me to question a possible move by Microsoft to use Scroogle apps.
  • Great!!!!! Hopefully controller support!!! Dang, was never really into the series, but I will buy and play it!
  • Apart from the use on Windows RT, I think no one in their right mind would buy this when you can get it for less than 5.99 at game stores. Unless the "optimizations" are REALLY that impressive. In which case they should give a trial for all of us who have owned this game for Windows for over 10 years.
  • Sweet !!!!!!! Fingers crossed for Cloud save.
    I was thinking about this earlier when I read the GSMarena article about the leaked info from WP8.1 sdk about Microsoft merging the Windows & Windows Phone stores.
  • $7.49 here in Australia. Not available on lumia 920 is up with that!
  • Literally not available? Or according to the description? Because it says its not for 920 but it works flawlessly on mine.
  • I get excessive lag and pop-up on mine, so it's very hit-and-miss. I wouldn't risk it on a 920 but wait for more advanced hardware first.
  • in italy is available to download already
  • fuck rockstar, i have no respect for a company that dont care about PC. Releasing this game only shows how greedy they are. what about GTA V for PC? oh, no release date yet? ok, i´ll pirate it, no problem.  
  • How does that make any sense to you? They are greedy for allowing some thirdparty company to create a much demanded touch version that also plays on PCs. Yet then they aren't greedy enough to release GTA5 for PC...
  • Pretty sure he's trolling. I refuse to believe anyone is as stupid as he makes himself sound, lol.
  • just compare rockstar with other developers. CD Project Red, for example (this one has my respect). They will release the most awesome game of the next gen, The Witcher 3,  for PC, XONE and PS4 at the same time. EA games too (i know it´s crap, but they dont ignore PC for most of their games). Ubisoft too, and etc... why should I buy a game from a developer that dont care about PC?
    there´s any release date for GTA V for PC yet, and it´s been almost 6 months now.
    i don´t spend my money with rockstar and never will. They deserve to have their games pirated. and before you say anything, i have almost 100 games on my steam library, i´m not a scumbag gamer that downloads everything for free. If they want my money, they should pay attention to all gamers. simple as that.
  • I downloaded it this morning. It has Social Club, aka cloud saving!
  • I installed it this morning, but just got a chance to open the app. I'm stuck on the loading screen.
  • Will this kill my Surface rt hard drive storage? What's the file size? Also is there a confirmation of Xbox controller support?
  • It takes up 2.49 GB after installation. My storage was critically low during installation. I haven't been able to play the game. It's stuck at the loading screen.
  • @thomasdtran Wow thanks for the heads up!
  • I have it on steam.
  • Now the question: this, or the Steam version? :S
  • Obviously the Steam version.
  • Awesome! I can't stand playing non casual games on my phone. Screen and controls are too small.
  • NIce to see it coming to W8 and WP8.
  • I am confused. I am on O2 and have been playing this game from two weeks after a commenter said it was already out! I didn't know, because there wasn't a news article.
  • If only we already had store unification so we could buy it and play it on our tablets and smartphones.
  • I remember playing this game at least 10 years ago on the ps2 and paying £30 for it. Now I pay a fiver to play the exact same game on my phone. Yet somehow I don't feel robbed. :D
  • I'll just pull out my old disk and play it, its not like they added Xbox live achievements or anything...did they ?
  • Sorry, this app is no longer available. wtf ??
  • Looks like it's completely gone from the store. That's very disappointing.
  • Yup... Gone in the uk. Suspect it was an accidental release... Hopefully means itll b out soon!
  • Can I at least use my controller
  • Haha. Looking for San Andreas, I JUST found out they released the iFruit app for Windows 8 as well.