GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition individual game sizes revealed

Gta Trilogy Definitive Edition Vice City Guns
Gta Trilogy Definitive Edition Vice City Guns (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

What you need to know

  • We got our first look at the sizes of the individual games in the trilogy for Xbox users.
  • The games can't be bought individually, and are sold as a single package.
  • Sizes are the same on both platforms, with the Xbox Series versions optimized for 4K/60FPS.

The GTA Trilogy managed to send fans into quite the memorable weekend with the preorder announcement coming out of the blue. The current plan for the games is to release them as digital exclusive on Nov. 11. with a physical release to follow on Dec. 6.

Aside from what we already know about the new GTA trilogy, we now know the official sizes thanks to MauroNL3 on Twitter for spotting the listing early on the Microsoft Store.

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From the trilogy's main web page, you can further open each individual games page to see their respective details and sizes.

  • GTA 3 - 8GB
  • GTA Vice City - 14GB
  • GTA San Andreas - 27GB

Compared to their original placements on the PC and Xbox, GTA 3 took almost 1GB, GTA Vice City took 1.6GB, and GTA San Andreas took 4.76GB.

The new sizes put them more in line with modern releases, and while we only caught a quick glimpse of the remaster in a new trailer shared by the company, it already looks like the trilogy will be worth a replay after all these years.

Aside from polishing up the graphics and audio quality for the games, there has also been a plethora of quality of life changes to update the outdated controls of the previous games, which were the biggest complaints from fans who would purchase the games on PC or console.

Rockstar has updated how the games can be played to fit modern gaming styles so that there it is easier to get into the games without learning the old controls.

It's already been confirmed that Xbox Game Pass users will get GTA San Andreas on day one, so if that's the only game you have your eye on, then you're already set to enjoy a piece of the trilogy for free!

Rizwan Anwer