Guide to achievements in Minecraft: Windows 10 and Xbox One

Thanks to integration with Xbox Live, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition has achievements to unlock. There are 56 in total, each earning you points toward your Gamerscore.

Here's a collection of all the achievements and how to unlock them!

Guide to Minecraft achievements

Acquire Hardware

Acquire Hardware: (15 points) Mine a block of iron ore and smelt it in a furnace — creating the iron ingot will unlock this achievement.

Adventuring Time

Adventuring Time: (40 points) Discover at least 17 different biomes in the Overworld.


Archer: (10 points) Use your bow and arrow to kill a creeper before it explodes.

Artificial Selection

Artificial Selection: (30 points) Breed a mule by placing a horse and a donkey into love mode.

Bake Bread

Bake Bread: (15 points) Craft bread using three pieces of wheat.


Benchmaking: (10 points) Craft a workbench using any four blocks of wood planks.

Body Guard

Body Guard: (20 points) Create an iron golem using four iron blocks and a pumpkin.


Camouflage: (30 points) Find a charged creeper (it must be struck by lightning), have it explode near another monster, pick up that monster's head, wear it as a helmet, and kill a monster of the same type.

Chestful of Cobblestone: (20 points) Fill a chest with cobblestone — that's 27 full stacks of 64 cobblestone.

Cow Tipper: (15 points) Kill a cow and take the leather that drops.

Delicious Fish: (15 points) Catch a fish with a fishing rod and cook it in a furnace.

DIAMONDS!: (20 points) Mine diamond ore with an iron pickaxe.

Diamond to you!: (15 points) Give diamond to another player by holding them in your hand and pressing Q on your keyboard.

Dispense With This: (20 points) Craft a dispenser.

Enchanter: (20 points) Craft an enchanting table from obsidian, diamond, and a book.

Freight Station: (15 points) Craft a minecart with a chest and use a hopper to transport an item between the minecart and a regular chest.

Getting an Upgrade: (15 points) Craft a pickaxe of better quality than the first one you crafted.

Getting Wood: (10 points) Hit a tree with your hand until you harvest the block of raw wood.

Have a Shearful Day: (15 points) Craft shears and use them to harvest wool from a sheep.

Hot Topic: (15 points) Craft a furnace using eight blocks of cobblestone.

Inception: (20 points) Place a regular piston and a sticky piston so that they're facing each other with no space between. Power the regular piston with a lever so that it extends, then power the sticky piston with a lever. Hit the lever again to pull the piston back.

Into Fire: (20 points) Travel to the Nether, kill a Blaze, and pick up the Blaze rod.

Into the Nether: (30 points) Create a Nether portal using at least 10 blocks of obsidian.

Iron Belly: (20 points) Eat a piece of rotten flesh when you're losing health to starvation.

Iron Man: (15 points) Craft and wear at the same time an iron helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots.

It's a Sign!: (15 points) Craft a sign and place it on a wall or on the ground.

Leader of the Pack: (20 points) Tame five wolves by giving them a bone.

Librarian: (20 points) Craft a bookshelf using six blocks of wood planks and three books.

Lion Tamer: (15 points) Tame an ocelot by right-clicking it with a fish in your hand.

Local Brewery: (15 points) Brew a potion on a brewing stand.

Map Room: (40 points) Create a map wall from nine explored maps.

MOAR Tools: (15 points) Craft a pickaxe, an axe, a shovel, and a hoe.

Monster Hunter: (15 points) Kill a zombie, skeleton, creeper, or other monster.

On A Rail: (40 points) Get in a minecart and travel at least 500 meters away from your starting point.

Overkill: (30 points) Hit an enemy or other player for at least nine hearts of damage with a single hit from a sword — use a diamond sword and enchant it with something like Sharpness.

Passing the Time: (20 points) Play for 100 in-game days of time.

Pork Chop: (10 points) Kill a pig, pick up a porkchop, cook it in a furnace, and eat it.

Pot Planter: (15 points) Craft a flower pot from three bricks and put it somewhere nice.

Rainbow Collection: (30 points) Collect all the colors of wool — there are 16 in total.

Renewable Energy: (10 points) Create charcoal using a furnace, then burn raw wood using the charcoal to create more charcoal.

Repopulation: (15 points) Breed a calf by using wheat to put two cows into love mode.

Return to Sender: (30 points) Travel to the Nether, and hit a fireball back at a Ghast by left-clicking it when it's about to hit you.

Saddle Up: (20 points) Tame a horse by right-clicking it with an empty hand. You will get bucked off several times, but eventually hearts will appear — this means you've tamed it.

Smelt Everything!: (15 points) Use three hoppers to connect three chests to a single furnace.

Sniper Duel: (30 points) Kill a skeleton with a bow and arrow when you're at least 50 meters away from it.

Stayin' Frosty: (20 points) Drink a fire resistance potion, then jump into lava.

Taking Inventory: (10 points) Hit E on your keyboard to open your inventory.

Taste of Your Own Medicine: (20 points) Throw a poisonous splash potion at a witch.

The Lie: (30 points) Craft a cake from sugar, wheat, milk, and eggs.

Tie Dye Outfit: (15 points) Dye four different pieces of leather armor in a cauldron.

Time to Farm!: (10 points) Craft a hoe.

Time to Mine!: (10 points) Craft a pickaxe.

Time to Strike!: (10 points) Craft a sword.

Trampoline: (15 points) Jump from a high ledge, hit a slime block, and bounce at least 30 blocks into the air.

When Pigs Fly: (40 points) Saddle a pig, ride it, and jump off a ledge high enough that the pig gets hurt when it lands.

Zombie Doctor: (40 points) Hit a zombie villager with a potion of weakness and feed it a golden apple to change it back to a normal villager.

Your achievements

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