Hack: Dual clock now available for Sense 2.1

Here's a cool trick: if you want either a dual clock or just an analog clock, download this .cab at XDA by ancola66.

First disable your TouchFLO under Today --> Settings, install the .cab, restart device and then re-enable TouchFLO.

To toggle between the 3 screens (regular clock, analog-only or both), simply tap the area below the HTC Task Manager.

I'm running it on my own custom ROM (due out shortly, ahem) and it works very well. It definitely gives the today screen an elegant look.

Edit: One bug is that the analog clock shows "AM" when clearly it is PM. C'est la vie.

[via XDA]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Why does anyone want 2 clocks that show the same time right next to each other? Useless. Makes the digital smaller.
  • Little tip for life: don't go around questioning people's preferences. Aesthetics is rarely touched by logic and you'll never find a satisfactory answer. Either way, this app has 3 options to choose from, so everyone can be happy ;-)
  • I agree with Peter... It's like wearing a digital watch and an analog watch on the same wrist. Now that looks awesome!
  • Sorry to be a bit OT, but where can I find that wallpaper! I love it :) As for me, untill Verizon comes out with its 6.5 update, all I really want is the weather on my digital clock like on 6.5 :(
  • its uglier than my sister