Prominent Hacker, WZor, claims Windows 9 will reach RTM this October

Earlier this month reputable Microsoft news blogger, Paul Thurrott, claimed that Windows 9 (also known as “Threshold”) was to ship in April 2015. According to Thurrot, company would like to get out of the crazy fire fight of redesign that has become Windows 8 by supposedly distancing itself and brining the next rebranding of Windows to consumer hands as soon as possible, but a well known hacker says Windows 9 will be arriving a bit earlier.

In contradiction with Thurrott’s statement , well-known hacker and source for Microsoft information leaks, WZor, has tweeted that the next build for manufacturers (also known as the RTM release) will be distributed this October 21 – just shy of two years after the initial launch of Windows 8.

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In the past, WZor has been an accurate source for corporate and product rumors surround Microsoft. He has been featured in the media most recently for screen leaks and information relating to the company's upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 1 that is to be announced this April.

According to original reports, Microsoft is supposed to have three milestone builds available before hitting a release to manufacturers, so the October date would squeeze them a bit tight, but it would not prove to be impossible. More light could be shed at this year’s BUILD 2014 event, as Thurrott previously mentioned in his post earlier this month:

"But I think Windows watchers will agree that the biggest news from the show will be an announcement about Microsoft's plans for the next major Windows version, code named 'Threshold'."

As of now, the question remains whether to trust a prominent reporter or a prominent hacker. We aren’t ready to lean on WZor's statements 100% yet, so we are going to have to wait for more concrete evidence to give this rumor some power.

Do you have any take on WZor’s tweet – truth or meaningless?

Source: WZor via Twitter; Thanks for the tip, Zapella!

Michael Archambault