Halo Infinite is the best feeling game in the series

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Windows Central)

Whenever people talk about shooters that feel amazing to play, the Halo franchise is inevitably brought up. Ever since its explosively popular debut in 2001, Halo has won over the hearts of millions of players with its satisfying combination of methodical movement and tight gunplay.

Over time, both Bungie and 343 Industries attempted to build on the roots of Halo combat by adding in brand new movement abilities, map traversal mechanics, and weapon types. A lot of it worked, but quite a bit of it didn't work as well — and after we checked out recent Halo Infinite beta flights, it became clear to us that 343 Industries' goal with the game was to trim away what didn't work and innovate upon what did.

The result is the best feeling Halo game yet, and arguably one of the best feeling shooters of all time as well. Halo Infinite's movement is impeccable, as sprinting, sliding, slide-jumping, and vaulting are all weighty enough to feel enjoyable to perform, yet these mechanics are also fluid enough that they don't feel clunky or awkward. Equipment is back from Halo 3, and in Halo Infinite, the movement-focused Grappleshot tool is simply a joy to use. With it, you can swing your Spartan through maps like Spider-Man, rapidly zip to a location, and even pull yourself towards enemy vehicles to take control of them yourself in the middle of combat.

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Speaking of combat, firefights in Halo Infinite are also a blast. The gunplay in Halo Infinite is incredibly snappy and precise, and every weapon is fun to use thanks to a combination of meaty sound effects, detailed animations, and visual effects like popping shields that provide fantastic feedback to the shooter. Some standout examples include the VK78 Commando that combines the full auto power of an Assault Rifle with the deadly precision of the Battle Rifle, and the Heatwave, which is a Forerunner shotgun-style weapon that fires projectiles that can bounce off of surfaces and disintegrate opponents.

Overall, the diverse Halo Infinite weapons sandbox has plenty of unique guns that are effective in their respective niches, making pretty much everything on the map enjoyable to use. It also helps that 343 Industries has embraced modern shooter staples such as aim-down-sights by adding in plenty of aim customization options, which is uncommon in the console space.

Beyond the Grapplejack, other pieces of Halo Infinite equipment a ton of fun to use as well. The Repulsor is capable of blasting players and vehicles into map hazards, and you can attach the Threat Sensor to any surface (including other players and vehicles) to reveal where nearby enemies are. We expect that there will be even more types of equipment to experiment with in the full game, and we can't wait to see what the full sandbox has in store for players when Halo Infinite launches in full on Dec. 8.

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