Halo: MCC Season 8 lets Spartans look like a Skyrim character

Halo: MCC Season 8
Halo: MCC Season 8 (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

In a new blog post, the developers at 343 Industries showed off some of the new armor sets coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in Season 8 (officially dubbed "Mythic"), and they're quite, uh...interesting.

The developers wanted to draw inspiration from ancient civilizations and mythology for Season 8: Mythic, and as such, almost every single armor set being added in Season 8 looks like it has no place being in a Halo game. Some of the armors include Norse mythology sets that look straight out of a Skyrim playthrough, Greek hoplite helmets complete with ornate red crests, and face-shaped helmets reminiscent of protection worn by Roman legionaries. There are also some very edgy skull helmets, including one particularly comical set that basically lets you cosplay as Taskmaster from Black Widow. Have a look at some of the armors below:

According to the developers, the armor sets will be available for Halo 3 customization only, although it was noted that each armor set's helmet will also be usable in Halo: Reach. In terms of how to obtain these cosmetics, It's likely that these armors will be unlocked by completing the Halo: MCC Season 8 Battle Pass (free to all players), as this is how players have had to unlock new items in the past. Players can progress through the Battle Pass by playing matches and completing challenges.

Many of these armor sets break away from the traditional styling of Halo titles, a decision likely polarizing among players. There's a toggle that you can use in the MCC to visibly replace cosmetics like these with default Spartans if preferred. Overall, what do you think of the upcoming armor sets? Are you looking forward to trying them out when the Halo: MCC Season 8 flight begins next week?

If you don't have the MCC, it combines all of the pre-Xbox One Halo games into one and upgrades them with modern features like UHD 4K support, 120 FPS support, adjustable FOV, and more for just $40. This makes it one of the best Xbox One shooters available, and a game that you shouldn't overlook. On PC, the game has been played by over 10 million people, making it one of the most popular sci-fi games on the platform right now.

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