Halo: Nightfall now available for rental and purchase from Xbox Video

Microsoft's Halo: Nightfall miniseries is now available for rental or purchase from Xbox Video. Originally released in several episodes, Nightfall is being presented as a single movie, running 98 minutes. Nightfall follows the story of ONI agent Jameson Locke as he leads his team as they investigate terrorist activity on a colony world. Caught in an ambush, Locke and his team must fight for survival while uncovering the mystery of an ancient artifact.

Nightfall was produced by Ridley Scott, and stars Mike Colter as Agent Locke, who will take a lead role in the upcoming game Halo 5: Guardians. You can purchase Halo: Nightfall in HD for $14.99, or rent it for $4.99 from Xbox Video now. You can also rent or purchase the miniseries from Apple's iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Get Halo: Nightfall from Xbox Video now{.nofollow} ($12.99)
Joseph Keller
  • Halo getting in on the terrorist craze, good stuff
  • For "Purchase or Rental". Really Microsoft?
    Sony over there giving away "Powers" to its subscribers and you over here Nickle & Dining your base.
  • It is free with a Halo: The Master Chief Collection purchase, and that was one of the selling points of that bundle. So they can't really give it away free now--although, I'd like to see it as a 99-cent rental for Xbox Live gold subscribers.
  • I've had Nightfall for free in the Halo Channel since it's release. Pretty sure it came free with the Master Chief Collection. Supposedly the Halo TV show that Spielburg was/is working on is going to be free to Xbox Live members.
  • Torrent...its gotta be out there
  • Sorry, I only get my entertainment (music & video) from "legal" sources. Hence my subscriptions to Xbox Music, Netflix & Amazon Prime.
  • Should be 99c otherwise the ever reliable transmission will take care of it.
  • Anybody seen this? Is it any good?
  • Yes. I enjoyed it.
  • Say did anyone see the short power rangers movie on YouTube? Pretty good.
  • It was okay. Not as good as previous halo live action
  • I am a huge Halo fan and saw it.  It is worth the watch but not at that price.  Actually, I probably wouldn't pay to watch it.  Luckily for me it was bundled in with TMCC.
  • So so. If you start watching it with low expectations you won't be disappointed.
  • No. Avoid at all costs.
  • Horrible acting, just the worst...
  • It was okay. It's better than the online reviews give it credit for (especially Act 3, if one is to consider this a three-act play), but it wasn't as good as I had thought it would be, given Ridley Scott was at the helm. The production quality is good, the acting is all right, the story is kind of trivial--they had billed it as this big introduction to Agent Locke, but it definitely wasn't an Agent Locke origin story by any means. Still, for a B-Movie-esque TV series, it was some decent Sci-Fi fun. What's been more impressive to me, has been the range of other videos on the Halo Channel, including the Halo 101 but especially the Terminals videos (linked in with the games) that really fill in the Halo lore background and have some cool, anime-esque animation to them. I've quite enjoyed them.
  • No.  It could have been great but wasn't even 'meh'.   Foward Unto Dawn was surprisingly good for a webipsode but this, with all the hype of Ridley Scott producer, wasn't.
  • LOL who would rant this POS. 
  • Was really disappointing.. And I'm a big halo fan.. I really am.
  • I thought it sucked.. It didn't have any character development, each episode was slow, it's just boring.
  • I thought it was decent, but no way in hell is it worth $5.00 for a rental.
  • Can we watch this on Xbox video if we bought mcc? Halo channel is just too slow and really unnecessary.
  • You would need to buy it separately from xbox video I'm afraid.
  • Really? I find the Halo Channel to be excellent. It's fast, it has a nice UI, and it has a smorgasbord of Halo content, from documentaries, to news, to tips, to other videos that fill in the Halo backstory. I think it's great. I especially like the Terminals videos.
  • I was bored with it......... I'll pay $5 to buy it and $1 to rent
  • Sad that it was so short (yes yes mini series I get that) but you invest so much to making this and then only get 98minutes just wasn't enough to draw me in. Some intriguing things were the inbetween story bits.
  • Yeah, some of the Second-Store scenes should've been in the main series, but I like that you can watch them separately too in the Halo Channel.
  • I love Halo fiction but this was a terrible movie. The writer and producers were unfamiliar with Halo concepts and the universe.
    Hunter worms don't act that way. Early on they showed a humanoid alien race never seen before. Spartan-IIs were altered surgically and on a genetic level, a frontier world wouldn't be able to reverse that. Worst of all, the characters were unlikeable.
  • Should be free for those who own it through Halo Channel
  • I agree if they aren't going to port halo CH. then they should this is the same problem with fm4U the bonus topgear ep. was only available in 360 game video format
  • Guess we'll have to see if they make it available in tv show format
  • Go to Kickass.to to download that shit for free
  • Or piratesbay or stream it via an app called popcorn time Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is nothing kickass about piracy.
  • Yeah, there is. Especially if you live in a country that doesn't get every show on TV.
  • Artists and investors deserved to be paid for their work.
  • That's not an acceptable reason to steal.
  • Bad writing and bad acting made this a watch once and then never watch again.
    Also seeing as my only experience buying something from XBox Video resulted in me getting the wrong thing, I'm pretty much going to avoid the service like the plague.
  • When I got it free with Halo MCC, it was ok. But I would never pay for it, it is really not worth it at all. :-(
  • Hmmmmm interesting
  • Halo Nightfall was horrible.  I didn't like it at all.  Don't waste your money.