Halo: Reach on PC launches on Steam and the Windows 10 Store

Halo: Reach artwork.
Halo: Reach artwork. (Image credit: Bungie/Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Halo: Reach is out now on PC.
  • It's available on both Steam and the Windows 10 Store.
  • The game costs $10.
  • It's also available as part of the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.
  • The next game to come to PC will be Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Halo: Reach on PC has officially launched on Steam and the Windows 10 Store, marking the first time an official mainline Halo title has been playable in full on the platform since Halo 2 Vista in 2007. In addition, players can also enjoy Halo: Reach on the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. On PC, the game costs $10, and on console, the multiplayer modes are free while Campaign and Firefight cost $10. Forge and Theater aren't ready for the launch, but they're both coming in the near future according to 343 Industries. If you happen to have the game installed on both platforms, 343 Industries has confirmed that you'll be able to transfer your progression for things like unlocking armor between systems. Additionally, the game supports uncapped framerates, allowing modern gaming PCs to take full advantage of the title's relatively low hardware requirements.

It's fantastic to finally see Halo: Reach on PC come out, as 343 Industries has been working closely with Halo Insiders for months in order to port the game over to the platform. The next game being brought to the PC platform is Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, so if you'd like the opportunity to help test that game out, make sure to sign up for the Halo Insider Program. If you're lucky, you'll be selected to participate.

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  • Why O why is this not Play Anywhere?
  • Bonnie Ross commented that it was due to the MCC releasing prior to the XPA program.
  • Aye gotta imagine backporting XPA into MCC opens up another can of worms. It's taken long enough to get the damn thing on PC as it is.
  • Got to play this on release day for 'free' (thanks Game Pass). It looks like they did end up combining the achievements and game stats between the PC and the Xbox version even if it isn't "Xbox Play Anywhere". Hopefully cloud saves come if they aren't there already. I forgot how good this game looked for the day. It plays just like I remember. With the updated graphics it looks pretty modern, except for when you look at objects like a truck, then you are reminded of its age.
  • the price is a load of rubbish, you think you can get it for $10 or £6 something or other in the UK, but you need to spend £29 on the master chief collection to run it.
    What a load of bull, I would not mind buying reach, but i am not paying £30 for it,, i am not a big games player.
  • Downloaded from Windows store and it won't run. Simple google search shows alot of people experiencing the same thing. Bad, just... Bad.
  • I'm assuming if you are a gamepass subscriber, that you are limited to playing with other game pass/xbox and can't play with steam people. That's kind of ****** as I'm pretty sure anyone that I know who might get this will be on steam. PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong. Haven't even tried installing yet since I already have played all these on console over the years including the MCC.
  • I would think they would at least TRY to put cross play in, but that's just assuming.
  • Maybe that comes later, but for now I think it was first and foremost important that they get it working smoothly on PC.