Here are the Halo: Reach PC minimum requirements

Halo: Reach.
Halo: Reach. (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • 343 Industries has released the minimum hardware requirements for playing Halo: Reach on PC.
  • In addition, it also revealed the minimum hardware needed for playing at 1080p and 4K.
  • The target frames-per-second for the minimum specs is between 50-60.

Halo developer 343 Industries announced the minimum specs that will be needed to play Halo: Reach on PC in a blog post prior to launch. Specifically, the table provided by the developer highlights the bare minimum requirement, the hardware needed for 1080p, and finally, what you'll need for 4K.

The specs chart is based on a target frames per second (FPS) range of 50-60. The specific hardware types listed are CPU, GPU, and RAM, across both AMD and NVIDIA. 343 Industries says that it will provide a more detailed sheet of specs in the future that includes integrated graphics at a later date, so people using laptops should keep an eye out for that.

Source: 343 Industries The minimum specifications chart from 343 Industries' blog post. (Image credit: Source: 343 Industries)

It's fantastic to see that Halo: Reach will require so little in terms of hardware to run smoothly, even at 4K, as even the most expensive pieces of hardware listed on this specs sheet are considered affordable in the modern PC gaming market. In other words: don't worry if you have a potato PC. You'll need some stronger hardware if you want to push past 4K and 60 FPS, though.

Even though Halo: Reach has now launched on PC, we highly recommend signing up for the Halo Insider Program. It's a fantastic way to help 343 Industries bring Halo: Reach to PC since many Insiders will get an opportunity to test early builds of the game, and both the sign up and testing process are free of charge. Getting access to some Halo action for free and helping to ensure the final product is great is quite a win-win, so you should definitely sign up. If you want to get in on the Halo fun right now, though, make sure to check out the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.

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  • Does a Ryzen 7 3700U and Vega 10 make the cut?
  • I hesitate to give a definitive answer without 343's more detailed sheet coming, but you'll be able to play it okay, though not at 60 FPS. Your processor is more than good enough, but it's going to be bottlenecked by your GPU to some degree. As long as you're okay with a lower FPS, I think you're good.
  • That's some pretty amazing specs, I know the game is pretty old now, but that's still pretty impressive to require so little for 4K.
  • Not a surprise it doesn't require much considering its an Xbox 360 game. You could probably run it on a modern phone.
  • Im currently in the beta now on my Surface Studio 2, 1070 with 32GBs ram. Game looks gorgeous.
  • Good, it can run on my laptop.
  • Very modest requirements - I like it!
  • Do you guys think a i7-2600 none k version would be able to handle the game? The GPU on my desktop has a 1050 ti gtx. with 16gb of ddr3 ram. Any insight on this would be appreciated :)
  • You're more than good to go. In fact, with that hardware you might be able to push 4K. Your CPU is just about in-line with the i5-3450 they recommend for 4K.
  • Thanks Brendan on response. Though my tv I use for my computer is only 1080p. The day I get a 4k is the day it becomes in the mere $200 mark lol. I'm still happy with 1080p.
  • No problem! Enjoy the very very stable gameplay. :)
  • Thank you. I just can't wait for MCC to come to pc. Last time I actually sat down and played halo that was halo 2 on pc long ago.
  • Halo Reach runs REALLY WELL on my Surface Laptop 3. I was really surprised. I have the i7, 16GB version, but still. Most games that I've tried on the Laptop chug along. I was able to maintain 30-40fps through most battle scenes on performance mode. Increasing to enhanced graphics resulted in a 5-10fps drop. Not bad.