Halo Wars 2 introduces new Lekgolo leader coming on April 19

A new DLC leader is about to squirm its way into Halo Wars 2. In a new blog post and vidoc (via ICXM), Halo developer 343 Industries has teased Colony, a Hunter gestalt of the worm-like Lekgolo race, that will hit Halo Wars 2 on April 19.

Colony itself is a pair of Lekgolo hunters allied to the Banished. Allied with Atriox, Colony comes with its own unique set of new units that look to add some brutal, new strategies for Halo Wars 2 players to check out.

Two new units coming with Colony are the heavy-duty Hunter Captain and Goliath. The Hunter Captain is heavily armored, which adds survivability at the cost of mobility. It can help allies out by taunting enemies and absorbing their attacks temporarily. The Goliath is similarly heavily armored but focuses its efforts on offense with a melee smash attack and a ram ability that does tons of damage and stuns enemies.

On the more agile side of things, Colony has access to the Skitterer unit. These cheap units are equipped with beam cannons and can act as either a weapon turret or defense shield when attached to other units.

The folks at 343 say that they have plenty more waiting in the wings over the next several months, including 5 more leaders and a new two-mission campaign expansion. For now, you can look forward to Colony landing in Halo Wars 2 on April 19.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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