Halo Wars 2 soundtrack now available as a gorgeous vinyl release

In a world now dominated by digital music, vinyl has seen a bit of a resurgence among in recent years — not only because of its particular acoustic aesthetics, but also its physicality. That popularity has bled over into the realm of video games as well, with the latest release being a special vinyl edition of the Halo Wars 2 soundtrack.

The set includes all 28 tracks of the RTS soundtrack spread out over two vinyl records. Aside from the excellent scores composed by Gordy Haab, Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White, the looks of the set are a draw as well. The sleeve is covered in some pretty epic art from the game, but the records themselves are pressed in a crimson marble that looks gorgeous.

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If you're a big fan of the music in Halo Wars 2 and want to add an attractive physical release to your collection, you can pick up the limited edition vinyl release on Amazon now for $34.99. Additionally, the digital soundtrack for Halo Wars 2's upcoming expansion, Awakening the Nightmare, is up for preorder for $9.99.

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