Hands-on with the 15.6-inch 4K HP Spectre x360

At CES 2016, we got a chance to go hands-on with HP's new, 15.6-inch Spectre x360. Unlike its 13-inch sibling, which carries a QHD OLED display, the new 15.6-inch Spectre features a 4K IPS display with great viewing angles.

The 15.6-inch HP Spectre x360 measures at just 15.9mm thin while offering up a choice of 6th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, along with internal SSD storage of up to 512GB and Intel Iris Pro Graphics. For battery life, you're looking at up to 9.5 hours hours for the 4K version, or 13 hours for the FHD model.

HP Spectre x360 4K

Be sure to check out the video above for our full impressions. And if you're interested, the 15.6-inch HP Spectre x360 will be available on February 14 with pricing starting at $1,149.

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  • Hmmm it will fail as always cause it's HP...im 1st
  • Why does it has such a damn big bezel, I see 1" at the bottom and 1/2" each at the two sides and top...that totals 2 1/2" of useless bezels taking up the screen!
  • You can flip it around into tablet mode in which case you want at least a little bit of bezel for holding onto.
  • But HP is very successful
  • Agreed, HP did the Surface Mini (its called HP Envy 8 Note), its far superior than a Galaxy Note 5 device with its Wacom Digitizer and Pro pen, but HP looks to have an issue in their PR department, they don't put the money on advertising where it should be.
  • HP is very strong on PC sales, not sure why you don't like the company, Lenovo took HP crown but if HP takes advantage of Windows 10 on enterprise market they can easily become #1 again globally.
  • I buy 15.6 laptops so I can have a number pad. They should make it an option.
  • 9.5 hours for 4K display and my SP4 barely gets 5-6 hours
  • Comparing this to a SP4 isn't fair. The HP has the whole chassis to cram in batteries and components, while the SP4 only has the screen section for everything.
  • Learn to make Keyboard from DELL.. Their 15.6 inch Inspirons have spacious keyboard and dedicated Num Pad
  • I'm waiting on the updated 13" model. Funny I've had my current HP laptop for 6 years with no real problems. Changed HD to SSD and of course had to buy a new battery. I've beaten the **** out of mine. Dropped a couple times out of my car and been through TSA handling for all 6 years. Guess it's just luck of the draw on quality
  • Man you do have Good luck with an HP product mine crapped out after 6 months lol. Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Meanwhile my ~5 year old red HP Pavilion g6 still works without any problems at all after dropping it a few times and having some scratches. :)
  • This is already on pre-order at Best Buy. Awesome price for what you get.
  • How heavy this time?
  • I prefer the styling of the Dell XPS... but I like the 360 hinge on the HP Spectre.
  • Now I have reason to buy a Powerball ticket. I Neeeeeed one of these!
  • Beautiful!
  • These reviews always overlook what the artists want to know: Does it support an active stylus with pressure sensitivity?