Hands-on with the Borderlands 3: Diamond Loot Chest Collector's Edition

There's a lot in the loot chest.

Borderlands 3 is an incredibly popular first-person shooter from Gearbox Software. If you're a fan of the franchise, you're probably familiar with the over-the-top collector's editions. They usually include an elaborate chest and a ton of collectibles. Well, the latest release is no different. The Borderlands 3: Diamond Loot Chest Collector's Edition comes with the best version of the game, amazing packaging, and a lot more.

2K Games sent Windows Central a collector's edition to showcase to readers. If you were able to preorder one, you're in luck because they're sold out at major retailers. You might have some luck at GameStop because they keep on popping back up in stock. It's unclear if more will be made down the line. However, if you're interested in acquiring one nonetheless, we've broken down exactly what's part of the package.

Even before you open the Diamond Loot Chest, you'll notice that the outside sleeve features some fantastic artwork. The box itself focuses on the Children of the Vault faction so you'll probably want to hang onto it. The detail packed into every corner of this box is a sight to behold.

When you finally take out the Diamond Loot Chest, you'll be able to see how it has buttons and other electronic interfaces. While they're merely cosmetic, it does make it look like an item you'd find in the game. These little touches make the box worth keeping. It reminds me a lot of the one that came with the Mortal Kombat 11 collector's edition.

The Diamond Loot Chest opens in a rather unique way, and it's supremely satisfying to slide the cover back. It even locks into place if you push the front part of the mechanism down. Inside you'll find the game, ten Borderlands 3 character figurines, four Vault keychains, a cloth map of the galaxy, five character posters, and a build-it-yourself model of the Sanctuary 3 ship which lets you go to different planets. All of these items are of the utmost quality.

Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition include all of the cosmetic packs from the Deluxe Edition, but also throws in the season pass for $100. It's also a sight to behold on Xbox One X because it not only features a 4K resolution mode, but also gives gamers the option to play it at 60 frames per second.

The keychains are made out of plastic so they're soft. Putting them in a bag shouldn't damage other items, especially if you put your phone or other electronic devices in there. The keychains quite detailed and even look good displayed on their own on a shelf.

While they may look metallic, the ten figurines that come in the Diamond Loot Chest are also made of plastic. Hopefully, this means that the delicate parts, like Mad Moxxi's hat, won't snap off. Our favorite would have to be the Claptrap figurine because he's the best part of the franchise.

While they're no Handsome Jack, the new villains from Borderlands 3 are also included in there. The Calypso Twins look slightly menacing and feature some powerful weapons. That sword one of them carries is quite deadly. Unfortunately, we learned that the hard way by playing the game.

If you're into making models like we are, you'll be pleased to know that there's an incredible replica of the Sanctuary 3 spaceship thrown in the Diamond Loot Chest. While it'll probably take a few hours to assemble, it's definitely worth it because of the attention to detail.

This envelope that looks like a letter you'd receive in Borderlands 3 is worth it on its own. However, it includes a number of amazing posters. They're printed on high-quality paper and should be framed. If you're into character art, then this is your lucky day.

Our favorite has to be the shot of FL4K because he's awesome. He's also the only who can summons pets at the moment it seems. However, the Calypso Twins and other heroes are thrown in there, too.

Out of everything that's part of the Diamond Loot Chest, our favorite has to be the detailed map of the various planets you travel to. It's also been annotated with hilarious phrases like "to die for noodles" and more. You'll want to read everything because it contains signature Borderlands humor.

There are a few Borderlands 3 collector's editions available on Amazon for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, they're going for $500 instead of the $250 retail price. Hopefully, as time goes on, they'll be reduced on platforms like eBay.

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