Hands-on look at the HTC S740, Plus a full review

My, my. Look at that. Just as quickly as we learn of the existence of the HTC S740 - think a slightly longer Touch Pro with a numeric keypad and no touchscreen - we now get some hands-on goodness courtesy of NewMobile.

Mentioned is that the screen doesn't appear to auto-rotate with the help of an accelerometer and instead only switches from portrait to landscape when the keyboard is open. Makes sense, seeing as how this is a Windows Mobile Standard device, though you might want to watch video with the keyboard closed.

Otherwise, you still pretty much get the Diamond form, complete with the multi-faced, fingerprint magnet back.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

Via Engadget and Coolsmartphone

Want more? Of course you do. ce4you has a full-on review of the HTC S740 (here's a Google Translation).

WC Staff