Xbox Avatars hands-on video offers a glimpse of good things to come

Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox Avatars at E3 last year, and after a bit of a delay, we finally got a look at the near-finished version.

The app to edit new avatars is currently available to select users on the Xbox Insider Program. The app is currently in beta form, and it has a few glitches and quite limited options. However, it's a tantalizing glimpse at a new ecosystem that could grow to be as rich and varied as the Avatars system pioneered on the Xbox 360.

In the video above, we tour the new systems and features, including new colorization options, new types of expressions and customization features.

Xbox Avatars is available on the Xbox Alpha ring, but it should roll out more broadly in the coming weeks as Microsoft finetunes the app and adds more features.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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