New Avatars launch for select Xbox Insiders

Microsoft has been teasing new Xbox Avatars for months now, and many owners had almost lost all hope. At E3 2017, the company even said that they would launch in Fall 2017. Not only would the new Avatars feature a completely new look, but they would also be more customizable for individuals with disabilities. Since then we haven't heard much about a concrete release date or received proper updates on their progress.

Today, out of the blue, Larry Hryb announced that the new Avatar Editor app would be available to select Xbox Insiders tomorrow. An Xbox Wire post provided more details. Some of the language was confusing because in one instance the press release said the Avatars were available today. In the next paragraph the company said they would "officially" launch on June 19, 2018.

First unveiled last year, a major update to Avatars is arriving today for Xbox Insiders. Avatars will be a unique representation of your desired style, personality, creativity, and mood as you play on Xbox One... Our team is busy applying the final touches for our first preview of the Xbox Avatar Editor app. The flight will officially begin tomorrow, June 19, and members of Alpha and... Skip Ahead will be able to access the beta Xbox Avatar Editor via the Xbox Insider Hub's Insider content tab by noon.

The new Avatars should roll out to other Insider rings in the coming weeks. They look absolutely amazing and hopefully will be available to everyone soon. We've all already waited months and months for this feature! Keep in mind that the Avatar Editor is still beta software so there are bound to be bugs and other issues.

The old Xbox Avatars have been around for years and they don't cater to everyone. A revamp was long overdue and it's surprising that it didn't happen sooner. One of the major exclusions numerous gamers continuously asked Microsoft to implement was the ability to add wheelchairs and prosthetics to their characters.

If you use a wheelchair or any other prosthetic, these new Avatars include ways you can tailor them to fit your needs. It's unclear why they weren't included in the first place as it's a rather significant oversight. Organizations like Special Effect increasing their collaboration with gaming companies like Microsoft may have led to this change.

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Asher Madan

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