Hands-on with the Touch Pro (GSM)

Here's a few shots (after the break) of the Touch Pro on GSM. There's not much we don't yet know about the device, of course, including exactly when we'll see it with official support for US 3G bands (that's still the story on the Samsung Omnia too, by the way). You know the TouchFLO 3D, you may know that it turns into something quite a bit more basic when you open the slider (see the photo below). What you may not know is that I hereby apologize for ever calling the thing brick-like.

Sure, it's still relatively thick, but the fact that they've made it much less wide really changes the feel of the thing in your hand. This is easily the best-feeling slider I've ever held and the most phone-like when it's closed. We still haven't had a chance to really put the Touch Pro through any paces on either GSM or CDMA, but having finally handled one here at CTIA we're looking forward to doing just that a little more than we were before.

WC Staff