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Unboxing the super green Lumia 1520 aka 'the Hulk' phone from AT&T

Last Friday, AT&T and Microsoft finally set the green Lumia 1520 loose as inventory went out to AT&T stores across the country. The green Lumia 1520 is no different from the currently available ones except for the bold, green color, and it is bold. I do not hesitate to label this green as nearly fluorescent because it is very audacious.

Although static promo shots tell one story, hands on video and some high-quality real photos tell another. Therefore, with that introduction, here is a quick look at the 'Hulk' Lumia 1520, one of the boldest Windows Phones to date.

The hardware revision for this Lumia 1520 is the same, so if there are any minor improvements to this phone, they remain on the production side and not the device itself. I can say that the display sensitivity to scrolling versus taps is perfect so far, with none of the bad registrations that I experienced previously. Only time can tell if that continues, or if the hardware issue theorized to be the cause rears its head.

Other than that, this Lumia 1520 comes with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan preinstalled, as expected.

The Lumia 1520 remains as one of my favorite Lumias to date, and this new-green version – although a superficial variation – makes it even better.

Read my original review of the Lumia 1520 for more information.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • it's nice and all but we need newer blood on ATT, samsung and apple are about to roll heavy hitters with the note 4 and iphone 6  
  • Agreed.
  • Agreed, too. Mostly all upcoming devices are Verizon exclusive... :/ I'm worried about Windows Phone's fate in the US...
  • +1 Posted from my Samsung galaxy S5
  • Congrats on your Band Aid phone!
  • I would be more than happy even if they are Verizon exclusives and Verizon throws their weight behind WP. It was Verizon that made Android a household name in US with their Droid branding and marketing.
  • *whacks him with his huge green Lumia*
  • Same with Verizon... Wish they would of kept McLaren
  • Wish"user experience" was a top runner instead of spec whores.
  • +1520. Hilarious that people think a phone that came out 9 months ago is prehistoric.
  • -1520 needs a stylus and active digitizer to not be prehistoric.
  • I use a stylus with Papyrus and inNote no problem.
  • Perhaps to just write, one can get away with a capacitive stylus.  IMHO, it's reasonable to expect a phablet to have an active digitizer.  If 1520 truly wants to compete with the Note, that's a must-have feature.  I have a 920 and want some flavor of the 1520 to be my next phone.
  • What do you use the stylus for? I had a Note, and have a Surface Pro 2. I only use the stylus for a VERY rare drawing. I can't find a really good use. Any tips?
  • I occasionally use papyrus for notes or a list-faster than typing. I use Papyrus at work for my trouble call list instead of a notepad.
  • Mostly, I use Dell's active stylus for the Venue 8 for drawing/painting with the Windows App, InspirARTion.  Got me back into drawing and painting.  Actually, it inspired me so much, that I bought Corel Painter X3 a few months ago on a quick deal in hopes to use it with Surface Pro 3, but they moved to N-trig, which isn't supported.  So, I guess I'll either have sell the software or get a Surface Pro 2. I have a friend that has a Note and he's done some great stuff with drawing/painting.  I guess, to each their own.     
  • Viracocha: I remember people using a stylus on their Palm OS PDAs.  And now we need a stylus to be considered current.  That was back in the 90's and a stylus was considered high tech.  The pendulum swings!
  • lol true! i guess i'm coming from the artsy fartsy side of things.  i'd probably still get the 1520 regardless when my 920 contract is up, because i prefer the windows phone platform so much more than the alternatives, but i sure wish they'd adopt a few more of the Note's hardware features (active digitizer and dare I say...removable battery? Dare! Dare!).
  • Its not too old to use, its too old to buy new at this point with the 1525 announced it would be crazy to spend 580+ on a 9 month old phone.  Now im in Tmo so I'd have to buy the 1520.3 and it still wouldnt have tmobile wifi calling so for me too old and no carrier support.
  • It's crazy to spend 580 when first released. Why would you spend that much on something that's gonna be "old" and "useless" in 6 months?
  • Old and useless in 6 months? You people are clueless. This phone will still be kicking ass on all comers for another 18 months easy.
  • I hope you realize I was being sarcastic! Like I said some people think the 1520 is prehistoric already. Good chance I'll still be using mine beyond end of my contract..
  • I know you are being sacrastic but thats how tech works.  Its worth a premium when its new and its worth less or becomes outdated as time goes on.  Its "worth" it to me to have the latestest tech, 9 months from now the way phones are reaseased its not "worth" it to me to buy it new ESPECIALLY when the 1525 has been leaked.  You would be a fool to buy a 1520 at this point when the 1525 will probably be in the exact same ballpark pricewise.  Why do you think they keep such tight secrets about new phone releases, they know anyone with a half brain will wait for the new phone if they announce it early.
  • It wouldn't be so bad if announce and release no more than a week later was actually a thing for Windows Phone. Historically, a new WP model is announced, weeks go by, and by the time the phone is actually available for purchase it already feels like last year's model.
  • ▶ It's more that now is Windows Phone's chance to make a lasting impression on the mobile world. We are at a turning point now more than ever. The platform has momentum in general, and losing that momentum by not innovating enough could be fatal.
  • This exactly
  • Me too i can not see any real advantage in a full or QHD display, octacore chips or a retina scanner, i prefer a good signal, a better camera and a decent battery life (4 o 5 days in use), my g pro with kit kat gives me an excellent data conection but a poor voice performance and a really bad battery life, i prefer my lumia 1520 but the signal in this phone is so bad.
  • IPhone 6 a 'big hitter'. You are kidding right? Same for the Note 4. A slight bump in specs isn't gonna worry me or my 1520 for a while yet!!!
  • lol listen i'm on a lumia 1020 i like WP8 alot but your fanboy is showing, i am realistic YES the iphone is a big hitter
  • No way am I a 'fanboy, but having a specced up iPhone with iOS on it doesn't really offer anything new. Apple are doing what they do best... 'Rebranding' old tech to  make it sound like the second coming. As for Sapphire glass... Well, we'll see if it actually makes it onto the iPhone 6. Plus $1200 for a phone.. Ridiculous, but I'm sure the Apple fan base will be queueing round the block to nab one!!!!
  • The problem is the phone will never cost $1,200 retail.  So the consumers will never feel that pinch.  It will be subsidized and then all of the non-iPhone users will end up paying for it.  
  • Yes, that will be true in the U.S. because it will be heavily subsidized. But people will definitely feel it in most parts of the world where heavy phone subsidy is not extensively practiced.
  • Could not have said it better myself.
  • They don't even have to sell the product. Just the name itself they'll sell millions on opening day.
  • ▶ It is a big hitter in the sense that it will sell units at a massive volume, even if its only the me-too factor. They also will be the leading devices for both iOS and Android- by far the two biggest market shares.
  • Ya haven't been a lot of new flagship Windows phone lately Posted from my Samsung galaxy S5
  • Nice Band Aid phone you got there!
  • *throws phone like a ninja star in to wall by your head*
  • Lol, good 1
  • 1520, 1020 are some heavy hitters on AT&T. All within the past year (or so) and you worried about the Iphone 6 and note 4 which is just getting there yearly updates?
  • Are you kidding, T-Mobile is the one who needs new devices... High End devices to be exact.
  • We need a replacement for the Lumina 920.
  • That would be the 930. But you're right if you're saying we need it at AT&T.
  • I hope they fixed the swipe=tap issue with these new versions.
  • Not likely... These are most likely "refurbished" 1520's that we're never sold... They were probably red, yellow, white, and black at some point...
  • Nice conspiracy theory, but doubtful.
  • Why not? I honestly thought the same thing and its the same way I think about the 930..
  • Just because you and that other guy thought it doesn't make it necessarily true.
  • Apple does this all the time why can't Nokia do it (iPhone 5, iPhone 5s for same and iPhone 5 c for cheap but high priced.) now think about it. ;D
  • Yes but that iPhone 5 -> 5S was all over the blogs. This one is so far just in both your thoughts. And by the way, just because the almighty fruit company does it, therefore all the other OEMs must follow suit.
  • Dude, your reasoning is kinda childish... It's not about what's in our heads, or following what Apple does......
    Let me ask you this... What do you, personally, think they are going to do with all of those Lumia 1020's they just sent back to the factory.. ❓❓❓❓ Just tell me what your best guess is.
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆his⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
  • Nobody is saying anything is true, or false.. We're just saying it's a possibility.... None of us work on the factory, including Daniel, so we are ALL just speculating..
  • These guys get so mad.
  • This guy is disagreeing about nothing... He's arguing about a guess when anyone's guess is as good as the other... Lol!!!
  • No, Daniel... It's my site!.. What I say goes... ;-)
  • Can I have some of what your smoking
  • Smoking what?... The guy at the service center actually led me to believe this...
    If you don't think they used recycled parts to make new phones then you're even more naive than Donald R. Up there... Lol❗❗
  • They refurbish phones, yes. They use old parts to make new phones, yes. But to actually dismantle old phones and use their parts (recycled parts) to make new phones is definitely a stretch.
    And by that way, it doesn't prove that the green 1520 is refurbished or use recycled parts. They can be sued if they sell those phones as brand new.
  • Technically, if those phones were never used then it wouldn't be using old, or used, parts...
    You're arguing about nothing... Nobody said that this was the case, rather that it possibly could be the case.. Now, are you claiming that it's definitely not the case? Do you know something that we don't?... If so then show us proof...
  • Sounds reasonable.
  • True but just because it sounds reasonable doesn't necessarily make it so.
  • He said that it sounds reasonable... He didn't say that he 100% believes it as fact... Come on dude!
  • It's just a shell clipped on, there's no difference between this 1520 and other ones other than the fact that this has Lumia Cyan pre installed.
  • Read the article. Daniel said no sign of it yet. That's good news.
  • I'm envious.
  • Daniel- better fix that "lose" typo asap before all the comments come out :)
  • :) Kind of want this Monday to be over.
  • It's 5:00! Grab a drink or two. The site will survive for a night :)
  • Same here Dan
  • Didn't we agree after his article last week about how to behave that we would not do this anymore???? Or did you not read it????Θ_Θ
  • NO! We did not agree xD
  • I bought it. Added a 64gig card to it. Love it.
  • As a businessman, should I be concerned how this green looks, vs black.
  • As a businessman you should promote green behavior ;-)
  • You can say anything about that Lumia what you want, but you cant deny it isnt a green phone ;D
  • Wouldn't it depend on what business you're engaged in? It would definitely look cool from a toy store owner or ice cream parlor owner.
  • Except for Microsoft Stores, the only time I've ever seen a Windows Phone in public was at an ice cream stand.  I was using my red 920 and the guy said, hey cool phone, and flashed his red 920.
  • Microsoft, dominating the enterprise market.
  • Am I businessman and I plan on bagging one. Can't wait for first smug dumbass iSheeple to make a comment about it either. :D
  • (Loose) anyway did the original 1520 have Qi built in, I can't remember seeing those gold dots during the short time I had my red glossy beast
  • I have a white one that I'm typing this on and it has the dots on the back. Must be something that isn't related to the Qi charging.
  • the dots are for the charger case that you put on the phone.  at&t, in their infinite wisdom, decided to not go Qi for wireless charging.  a shame, really. as my 920 had it, and it was on at&t
  • I'm green with envy.
  • Dookie Green, or Duky Green?
  • Looks great. Anyone know if it's crossing the pond to the UK?
  • No.. The UK get's everything... We get nothing❗
  • Eh?
  • Just ignore me....
  • I'm sure it will turn up in the UK soon. We get everything early on.... I mean this little island IS the centre of the universe... Don't you know that yet!!! LOL!!!
  • 1520 Smash. Nice looking phone I hope the eye catching color grabs a few Windows Phone converts.
  • I'd like to see some Master Chief Green on a Lumia.
  • Hell yes. Seconded!
  • ▶ Sick idea
  • I already have the black 1520, but green is my favorite color and now that the tap/scroll issue might be fixed, it's even more tempting! If I had $600 to spare, I'd get it off contract!
  • Get a green cover and do it yourself or send it in and have Nokia to swap it. Done and done...
  • Whaa...?! I had no idea Nokia would do that! This is great! I didn't want to switch covers because I'm a-skeered I might accidentally damage the phone, but now I think I'll just send it to an experienced person from Nokia/Microsoft to do it instead.
  • Exactly, now just need to see how much it would cost and time it takes to be returned. I'm sure ill look at some yt videos to see if anyone swapped it. Would love to swap with the seasons. :)
  • If Nokia would do this and add back the wireless charging, perfect!
  • Looks green-like.
  • Nice looking phone with great specs. I want the 930 but this greenish device makes me doubt.
  • You know, they have a 930 in a green that is almost the same shade as this.
  • Audacious is the perfect word for that color on a phone.  The '80s reference is good as well.  I think I had a sticker that said "Hot" in that same color on the back of my Mustang GT.
  • WANT!
  • Wouldn't trade my yellow 1520.3 for this. I like my built in wireless charging and 32gb
  • Then why make a comment? I mean, why, ? It would indicate a void in your persona that you just had to express how your country variant with more storage and qi is just so much better.
  • Then why comment on my comment and express your displeasure about my own opinion. Last I checked, this is a comments section where one gets to share their own opinion, often times not criticized if it's on topic. I'm sharing mine about how i wouldn't trade in my features just for this specific color.
  • I am SO agreeing with you but admit the green looks awesome
  • Oh it definitely does. I still wish they had made a cyan one however. It would match my Nokia JBL speaker and DT-100 wireless charger quite nicely *sigh*
  • That was mock jealousy that Peg Leg did there LOL! It's like saying "oh ok, so you have the better phone...". That was actually a compliment LOL!
  • ▶ Yep. That's peg leg for you lol
  • If I'm following well, this Daniel of a fan (almost said fanatic) has the Icon, at least two 1520s and the L930. How about I send u my address and you mail me one of those? We may call it Special Boss' special. Lol
  • Lol @ Hulk, so this phone is mad all the time. We need new models, so only the HTC one W8 is gonna complete with note4 and iPhone 6, not to mention that they will be released on all carriers while W8 will B on just Verizon, the most expensive carrier in the US, then they wonder why their market share is below 4%
  • It seems the only sure thing at this point is that the W8 will be a Verizon phone while all the rest is rumor.
  • W8 does not out spec the 1520. In fact, it's shitty camera drags it below the 1520 on the food chain.
  • It could outsell the 1520 however.
  • Every photo looks different in color. Must be so bright it's scaring the camera!
  • Daniel , you said that you're. Going to capture some photos and review the low light improvement for icon , 930 and 1530 , and you didn't until now !
  • Love my black Lumia 1520. That green is a little too out there for me.
  • I have an upgrade available. Need to see if ill use it on this (already have a black 1520 from release day that just got cracked in AC over the weekend) or wait for a new phablet this fall that may never come. #decisions #borgore
  • #Iwannaeatthewholecake #imnotsharing
  • Just was school shopping at the mall for my daughter, stopped in AT&T to get a case for her 635 and checked it out. Honestly, it really looks cool in that green.
  • I'll have to swing by AT&T and give this one the glance over. I'm loving my red 1520 but this green is mesmerizing...
  • love this phone...anyway anyne who's doing the update on the old 1520 make sure that you have a good SD card inside or else you will get the rebooting loop.
  • Daniel what type of camera do you use for you