AMD confirms debut of new GPUs for its Radeon 7000 series this quarter

AMD Radeon GPU
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What you need to know

  • AMD is set to release more Radeon RX 7000 series cards by the end of Q3.
  • The RX 7800 XT might be part of AMD's enthusiast category.
  • There are indications that AMD could be getting ready to launch the RX 7800 and RX 7700 series by the end of this quarter.

A new set of Radeon RX 7000 series cards are set to hit the market soon, according to AMD's CEO, Lisa Su. The announcement was made during the company's Q2 2023 earnings call, as reported by Neowin

The CEO further revealed that the company is developing these "enthusiast-class" GPUs, slated to ship later this year in Q3. As you might recall, AMD recently debuted the RX 7600, which goes toe to toe with NVIDIA's RTX 4060 in terms of performance.

In gaming graphics, we expanded our Radeon 7000 GPU series in the second quarter with the launch of our mainstream RX 7600 cards for 1080p gaming. We are on track to further expand our RDNA 3 GPU offerings with the launch of new, enthusiast-class Radeon 7000 series cards in the third quarter.


The announcement might be misconstrued as an update to the RX 7900 series. But as spotted by VideoCardz, this might not be the case. This is because AMD refers to RX 7900 models as ultra-enthusiast. With this in mind, the RX 7800 XT could be part of the enthusiast category.

AMD is reportedly working towards launching the RX 7800 and RX 7700 series by the end of this quarter. It hasn't been established why the company has been pushing the launch of these entries, but speculations indicate that it could be the company's bid to make sales of the RX 6900/6800 RDNA2 models ahead of the launch. 

There are also indications that AMD might be facing issues with the deployment of Navi 32. And with the recent debut of the RX 7900 GRE GPU, specifically in place for the Chinese market, the entry features Navi 31 GPU that's significantly small, dubbed XL. But unlike the standard Navi 32 GPU, the XL sports more cores despite its size. 

To this end, it's unclear whether AMD will implement this new technology across all its models. In other related news, NVIDIA won't launch the RTX 4090 Ti. Instead, it's working towards the launch of new AD103 and AD106 models, designed to optimize the sale of chips in the Chinese market. 

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