Dell's upcoming Snapdragon X Elite laptops have leaked, and they look mighty fine

Dell's new Arm laptops
(Image credit: Windows Report / Dell)

What you need to know

  • High-resolution renders of Dell's upcoming Snapdragon X Elite laptops have leaked.
  • The renders reveal two products, a Dell Inspiron and Dell XPS, reportedly powered by Qualcomm's newest SoC.
  • These devices, along with many other Snapdragon X Series PCs, are expected to go on sale in June.

It's an open secret that Microsoft and Qualcomm are gearing up for a big Windows on Arm push this summer, all thanks to Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon X Series SoCs which are expected to begin shipping in a number of new laptops as soon as next month. Qualcomm has already said most of the big-name PC makers, such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell, are all planning to ship Snapdragon X hardware this summer.

Now, we know what Dell's offering is going to look like thanks to a new leak from Windows Report, who have published high-quality renders of the upcoming Arm-powered laptops. The new Snapdragon X-based laptops from Dell will reportedly be the Dell Inspiron 7441 and Dell XPS 9345.

The Inspiron looks pretty sleek. (Image credit: Windows Report / Dell)

The new Inspiron looks to feature a redesigned chassis that maintains that classic Inspiron look, but with a slimmer body and rounded edges. It looks excellent, and it also comes with a healthy selection of ports that consists of two USB-C, one USB-A, and a microSD card slot. 

The Inspiron also looks to include a fingerprint reader and an IR array for Windows Hello face unlock. This device is expected to ship with the 12-core Snapdragon X Elite SoC, which is more powerful than the Intel Core Ultra and trades blows with Apple's M3 and M4 processors.

Windows Report also suggests that there's an upcoming Dell XPS that will be powered by a Snapdragon X Elite SoC too. This device looks pretty much identical to the XPS 13 Plus with Intel that was released last year, likely being reused for Qualcomm's newest chip.

The Arm-powered XPS looks identical to the XPS 13 Plus. (Image credit: Windows Report / Dell)

Both laptops will ship with Microsoft's new dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard, which offers a quick one-tap access to Windows Copilot, and is required for any laptop to be marketed as an "AI PC."

Microsoft is expected to unveil its Arm and AI plans for Windows at a special event on May 20, which is likely when OEMs will begin announcing hardware with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon SoC. We will be on the ground covering the event as it happens, so keep it locked to Windows Central.

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    Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Laptop (Copilot + PC - 16GB, 512 SSD) for $1099.00 - can have it by July 5th but i'll wait a bit & see how things shake out ...