Sadly, you'll have to wait a while longer for a 5G Surface Pro 11

Microsoft Copilot event May 20 2024
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What you need to know

  • At its big Copilot+ and hardware event, Microsoft pulled back the curtain on the new Surface Pro 11, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon X chips. 
  • Easily the most powerful Surface Pro to date by some margin, there is unfortunately one thing missing at launch that might stop you from buying. 
  • According to the Microsoft Store in both the U.S. and UK, the 5G version of the Surface Pro 11 won't be coming until the Fall. 

Surface Pro 11 specs

Display: 13-inch LCD / OLED
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus / Elite
Ports: 2x USB-C, 1x Surface Connect
Battery: All day
Network: Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, 5G
Colors: Black, Platinum, Blue, Dune
Price: Starts at $999
Availability: Order today/Ships June 18th

If you're not excited by the new Surface Pro 11, revealed at the big Copilot+ event by Microsoft, then I'm not sure what to say. By some margin, this is the most impressive Surface Pro ever made, with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus or X Elite powering the show. 

And AI. Lots of AI, of course. 

Preorders for the Surface Pro 11 are now live, but there is one glaring omission. The spec sheet lists optional 5G, but there's no 5G version available to order. At least, not yet. 

Scroll down right to the bottom of the sizzle page and the magic, yet disappointing message reveals the news. 

Options with 5G coming Fall 2024. Surface Pro with 5G only. 5G not available in all areas; compatibility and performance depends on carrier network, plan and other factors. See carrier for details and pricing.


Worse still, technically that could be anywhere from late September through to late December. Though, it's hard to imagine Microsoft wouldn't get it out well in advance of the holiday season. 

Realistically, then, we're hoping it's late September or into early or mid-October. Plans could always change, but for now, this is what we've got to work with. 

Unless no 5G is an absolute dealbreaker, you can have yourself a new Surface Pro 11 much sooner than that. Prices start at $999 for the LCD model with the Snapdragon X Plus, which is very reasonable, though if you want the X Elite and the OLED display, your wallet is going to creak a little more. 

Surface Pro, 11th Edition | Starts at $999 from

Surface Pro, 11th Edition | Starts at $999 from

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