Want the BEST Surface Laptop 7? Microsoft saved the 64GB model for its own store.

Surface Laptop 7
The 64GB Surface Laptop 7 is only available through the Microsoft Store. (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The first wave of Copilot+ PCs launches today, including laptops from Microsoft and several other manufacturers.
  • Microsoft shared its favorite things about Copilot+ PCs to commemorate the launch of the new category.
  • The company also shared that the only place to purchase a Surface Copilot+ PC with 64GB of RAM is through the Microsoft Store.

Today is a massive day for Windows 11 computing. Surface Copilot+ PCs launch today, including exclusive models with 64GB of RAM

However, Microsoft Surface devices are only part of the fun. Copilot+ PCs are here, giving people their first opportunity to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite and a Snapdragon X Plus. Microsoft and many PC manufacturers are on board, each shipping their own flavor of Copilot+ PC. Microsoft's Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 7 are flagship systems from the tech giant that are examples of what a Copilot+ PC can be and look to be excellent systems in their own right.

To commemorate the launch day of Copilot+ PCs, Microsoft shared its favorite things about the systems. Battery life, sleek designs, and "immersive displays for ultimate viewing" top the list. The tech giant also gave a shout-out to the Copilot Key, which lets you summon Microsoft's AI tool at the push of a button.

Microsoft also shared that the only way to get a Surface Copilot+ PC with 64GB of RAM is to purchase one through the Microsoft Store. Both sizes of the Surface Laptop 7 can be configured with up to 64GB of RAM within the Microsoft Store, which is double the memory you can get anywhere else. Having more memory helps with performance and multitasking, though it comes at a high price. The least expensive Surface Laptop with 64GB of RAM costs $2,399.99.

There does not appear to be a Surface Pro 11 with 64GB available, even through Microsoft's website. You can, however, purchase the convertible PC as part of a Surface Pro Essentials Bundle, which saves you money on a Microsoft 365 subscription and 20% off a Surface Pro Flex Keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Pro Essentials Bundle | from $1,189.18 at Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Pro Essentials Bundle | from $1,189.18 at Microsoft

Microsoft's new flagship 2-in-1 is here, ushering in a wave of Copilot+ PCs. The new Surface Pro has an OLED panel and Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X processors. The Essentials Bundle saves you money on Microsoft 365 and gets you a 20% discount on a Surface Pro Flex Keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 (13-inch) | from $999.99 at Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 (13-inch) | from $999.99 at Microsoft

As the latest flagship laptop from Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 7 has a sleek design and is powered by a Snapdragon X processor. It promises long battery life and AI features exclusive to Copilot+ PCs.

While you can purchase the Surface Laptop 7 through several retailers, only Microsoft offers the 64GB version of the laptop. That model of the laptop costs $2,399.99.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 (15-inch) | From $999.99 at Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 (15-inch) | From $999.99 at Microsoft

The larger sibling of the Surface Laptop 7 lineup has a 15-inch screen. It also runs on a Snapdragon X processor, meaning it can power AI features and general productivity.

The only way to get the 64GB version of the Surface Laptop 15 is to buy the PC through the Microsoft Store. Just note that the 64GB version costs $2,499.99.

Copilot+ PCs

Windows Copilot key

Microsoft shared why it loves Copilot+ PCs, such as the ASUS VivoBook S 15 shown here, to commemorate the launch of the new PC category. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Copilot+ PCs are going to fill the headlines for quite some time. They represent a significant shift in computing that we haven't seen on the Windows side of things in at least a decade. Our Senior Editor Zac Bowden reviewed the ASUS VivoBook S 15 and more hands-on pieces and reviews are on the way. As we all race to test the Copilot+ PCs and see how they stand up to everyday use, Microsoft has shared its favorite things about the devices.

While Microsoft has its own Copilot+ PCs in the Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 7, the tech giant's list applies to all Copilot+ PCs:

  • Power through your day without a worry. The new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are more powerful than ever with Snapdragon X Series Processors, providing faster performance and all-day battery life with a powerful Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for all new AI experiences.
  • Sleek design and colors that match your aesthetic. Thoughtfully designed with your everyday in mind, the thin, lightweight and ultraportable devices feature premium finishes. They come in four stunning colors – perfect for any style: classic Black, timeless Platinum, bold Sapphire, and the new and refreshing Dune.
  • Brighter, more immersive displays for ultimate viewing. We’re introducing a new OLED with HDR display to the new Surface Pro for a cinematic experience, and the Surface Laptop has a new HDR touchscreen display with razor-thin bezels. No matter what you watch or view, your content is going to look stunning.
  • Everyday AI companion with the Copilot key. The Copilot app is just a click away with the Copilot key – one of the newest additions to Windows 11 keyboards on Copilot+ PCs.
  • Express your creativity with Cocreator. Whether a seasoned artist or new to design, Cocreator simplifies image creation and photo editing with easy text prompts and natural inking using a Slim Peniv on Surface Pro or touch on Surface Laptop. Exclusive to Copilot+ PCs, Cocreator lets you bring your ideas to life, and it works alongside you to iteratively update the image in real time. Cocreator is available in Paint – the app you’ve grown to know and love.
  • No matter where you are, Live Captions keeps you better connected. Available on Windows, Live Captions can quickly translate any live or prerecorded audio into English – and in real time. Connecting with friends, family and colleagues just got easier, and you’ll never miss a beat when watching your favorite international movies or TV shows.
  • New and enhanced audio and video effects bring new meaning to “camera ready”. Both device cameras are powered by new features to Windows Studio Effects. Powered by an industry-leading NPU, they help improve lighting, ensure you appear clear and crisp on video, reduce background noise and offer creative filters so you can express yourself on camera. Built to automatically improve video calls, it's like having a studio ring light and microphone right on your Windows PC! And the Surface Pro’s ultrawide field-of-view camera keeps you, or the whole family in focus, even as you move around your space.
  • Recall (preview) coming soon: For the solo-preneur who has too many working files and emails to maintain organization, Recall helps you quickly find things you have seen on your PC, keeping all documents, images, websites, instant messages, emails and apps right at your fingertips. This experience comes with built-in privacy and security controls.

We'll cover Copilot+ PC launch day from start to finish, sharing the best ways to purchase the new PCs and people's first impressions of the laptops, so make sure to check back in throughout the day.

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