Have a peek at what makes the Lumia 925 work like magic

An image has been published on Polish forum Windows Mania that details all the parts that make the Lumia 925 work as we know it. The new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia will be launching in numerous markets and exclusively on T-Mobile in the US, but what does it look like when you smash the smartphone to pieces and an only see the components?

It's interesting to see just how everything fits back together and looking at the image below, there's actually not much to it (compared against the Lumia 920), which is exactly what the manufacturer planned. The multiple parts of the antenna is visible that utilise the metal around the side of the phone to help achieve stable connectivity.

We believe the device will be a popular choice, especially since it's such an attractive Nokia Windows Phone. So who's excited at the prospect of picking a Lumia 925 up?

via: SymbianTweet; thanks, jmajid, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Looks like it has pentile screen
  • Doesn't matter when the pixel density is so high.
  • 1080p, maybe but not on 720p
  • My Ativ S is perfectly fine. I do not see any issues whatsoever with pentile.
  • Every single reviewer in the world says that it doesn't matter and that you can't notice any difference, so please tell me why you think that it's bad.
  • Huge WP fan here but I have to say the method for wireless charging on the 925 is a step back. Attachments to enable wireless charging has been around for years. The point for stepping forward is to have it integrated into the device. Nice looking one from Nokia nonetheless.
  • Lol new phones don't even have it I don't see why u are complaining
  • They sure are coming out with it though. I'm not complaining because I don't even own the 925. I could care less about the new phones that don't have it.
    I'm spilling my opinions about extra cases for wireless charging being a bit dumb. Especially coming from a beautiful Nokia device/design. Cool?
  • I agree.  Wireless charging is a cool feature, but its only slightly more convenient than plugging in a USB cable.  Having to carry around and attach a special cover would completely nullify that small convenience.
  • So wireless charging is in all phones then ??? Is tht wat u saying huh -_-
  • No, that is not "wat" I be saying homie.  I don't really understand why you are so defensive here.  This is WPCentral, we are all (mostly) fans of the platform here.  Its perfectly reasonable to have a discussion on the devices available and their merits compared to each other.  Its safe to assume after all that many people here are actively in the market for good WP8 hardware.  If someone values wireless charging as a top feature, then they may want the 920 over the 925 based on our discussion.
    Now if we were on the Verge or Engadget, and there were a bunch of iTards bashing the 925's implementation of wireless charging, then yes you can come in and point out that most phones (especially iPhone) don't even have wireless charging.
  • Amen
  • LOL at homie! Well said!
  • In your 2nd comment you said "having to carry around and attach a special cover." Your not really carrying anything. Its a thin piece of plastic also whenever I ask people why they chose the 820 over the 920. They say because I like that I can change out my back cover, and its lighter. Well that's what Nokia is offering but with a phone with Lumia 920 specs.
  • If I remember correctly, the 820 could do wireless charging by switching out its actual back plate.  Whereas with the 925, you add a cover to the device.  And from the looks of it, the only thing this cover really does is add the wireless charging.  Judging from the picture, it doesn't even offer much protection, at least not for the front of the phone.  So yes, I suppose you could just keep the cover snapped on at all times, but I would think most people would prefer to keep their device slimmer or add a cover that offers real protection.  At least thats my personal opinion.  If the cover solution works for you, then thats great.
  • The 925 requires a special cover(i.e., iPhone) or a replacement back plate? Wireless charging works great on my 822, very convenient. And it requires a new back plate, found one on eBay for under $20.
  • It's not a replacement but a extra case on the back. If it was a replacement plate then ok it is just like the 820.
  • Sadly its a cover, not a replacement back plate.
  • Eh... Wireless charging isn't that big a deal to me. I have the cyan charging cover for my Lumia 810 and only used it and my charging plate around 30% of the time I charged it. I now have a Lumia 920 and have yet to charge it wirelessly with my charging plate. Again, not that big a deal. I have no problem with charging my phones with wires.
  • Sorry I was pointing my comment towards the extra case that was necessary on the 925. 
  • I see it like this - more customization; if I want a black a red phone, or a silver and yellow one, I can, and it will just cost me a little extra to have it while also getting a little more protection while I can still show it off, easily taking the "cover" off when showing off.
  • I am using a 810 & I Iike having the expanable storage & it would be a dream come true if we could store our apps on the SD but since space is limited L925 here i come!
  • Does the 925 have image stabilization?
  • Yes!
  • 32 Gb of memory and you have me, 16gb you can keep it
  • No Doubt... Absolutely Love the Phone but 16gigs is like so yesteryear. Frankly I would be disappointed if it was 32gigs. What if you actually use it to record video... WTH
  • Same here. This phone will flop on Tmo USA with only 16GB. Yes, yes I know the die hard will buy it but the masses doing side by side comparisons want. As usual the reps will push Android or IOS. With only 16GB you can't blame them.
  • I agree. The hone and specs look excellent. 16 is not going to do much. What's the point in putting a high end camera when you don't have storage to support high quality videos and photos.  To me, no SD card slot is a deal breaker.  I'll stick to my 810.  
  • yup, capped at 16 is not the droids I was looking for
  • most likely will be getting this in replacement of my 810, however - i wouldn't mind waiting for a bit longer as I'm not that thrilled that it doesn't come with an SD card but having a 16gb (guess can't complain) but would rather have 32 or 64 gigs internal would've been awesome - that would surely make this a far more impressive device that will make any WP fan happy and future WP user jump onboard.  Sure we can make use of cloud storage but that doesn't apply to saving MP3's and not a fan of music streaming as I'm not a hardcore data consumer.
  • I am an ex Samsung Galaxy Note (bricked forever) and ex Nokia C7, I have to say that I can't really figure out why the C7 pictures looks better although it is neither Carl Ziess nor Autofocus lens. I really trust build quality of nokia, and I think this Nokia Lumia 925 is going to bring me to WP league. No news about Canadian availability of the device?
  • Must you taunt us TMoUS customers so? I really hope we're getting 32GB, given the larger photo sizes compared to TMo's WP7 phones.
  • (Raises hand) Me. I'm excited. Me!lol
  • water ingress labels = warranty avoidance
    I wonder if all phones have them?
  • Yes.
  • Nokia - you want a significant increase on a mobile market share and a definitive leader of WP provider - MAKE THAT 16 to 64 gig!! OR HIGHER!! LoL... IT'S WHAT CONSUMERS WANT!!!!!!!! HEAR US OUT!!!!
  • Lol here's a question does WP 8 support 64 GB
  • yes it does.
  • I suppose, my 822 has 16 GB internal & a 64 GB SD card.
  • I do!!! 64GB would be killer..... The ATIV S had 32GB and can take a 32GB SD card. So I'd assume W8 can handle 64GB. If not throw it in with the GDR2 update coming out with the 925.
  • in a perfect world, that would be one hell of a sweet deal.... and a BIG WIN for Nokia... i'm a former Nokia user (8800, N9's) and I would really like to see them make a BIG comeback to mobile platform with WP... and may i add WIDE RANGE of colorful OE cases to go along!?!? LOL
  • of the 3 recent flagships from Nokia - the 928 and the 925 are beckoning - with the 928 drawing ahead a little, purely because of its Xenon flash, but show me some photos from the 925 and compare it to 928 under no light and low light...and i might be persuaded:)
  • I think I might go ahead and purchase this in the International version, if the price is right.  Wireless charging is not important to me, and 16GB is just fine for my needs.  The T-Mobile branding - will not do!
  • I just want a date for release, so I can know when to expect the next updates!!!!!!!!
  • I don't like the camera hump. Lumia 720 seems to be best looking if the lot.
  • Some of the videos I've seen the Windows home button is blinking,does the 925 have a notification light?
  • For Now, amber update doesn't have a notification light, it is a battery low pulse. I have a feeling though, that nokia plans to make it a notification light.
  • Owning a Lumia 810, this is definitely a day one purchase for me. Personally, I want the camera tech (even though I own real cameras). As for the wireless charging plate/add-ons, I like the idea if its integrated as they did. Allowing the option for a splash of color and functionality, I can dig that. For storage, I am in the same boat with alot of other users, we need 32-64gb storage in these phones. Having multiple cloud storage solutions, I have more than enough storage there (over 100gb) but, native storage is always a great thing to have. Nokia in the next iteration it the EOS lets up the ante please!
  • I wouldn't mind a Lumia 925 one bit.  Looks like a great device.  I already own a 920, though, and even if you can unlock the 925 there's no guarantee that its antennae will work flawlessly with AT&T here in the US.  The spectrum sheet on the 925 does seem to line up with that of the 920, so there's a chance.  But I would really like to see Nokia show off the "exchangable" backplate options for Qi charging with a stained aluminum look.  Something kinda like the new iPod nano shells, but on a phone.  I think the look is super awesome and would offer a secondary color palette next to the solid polycarbonite colors currently available on the 920 (I'm currently sporting the yellow).  I'm definitely looking forward to next generation WP8 devices.  Would love to see the Lumia line get a couple hours bumped up in terms of battery life.  I don't see it totally necessary to make the jump to 1080p screens, yet, as batteries still struggle with some of the high end hardware on current generation phones.