Have you had any Surface Laptop quality control issues?

The Surface Laptop has been on the market for over a month, so we thought it'd be a good idea to check in and see how your Surface Laptops are holding up. So far, my Surface Laptop has held up great, and I haven't had any issues to complain about.

However, not every Surface Laptop is the same, meaning some of you out there may be suffering from quality control issues. In fact, we have a forum thread going on in which our community members are discussing issues they've encountered with their Surface Laptops.

Hello everyone! Gotta say i love the surface laptop being a classy clamshell laptop. But the QC can set a higher standard when it is top of the line product for them. Upon opening the packaging there is dust inside the plastic covering and some of it was on the laptop itself. I thought they work in a near dust free environment. Other than that the top half (screen) portion of the clamshell...


We don't believe there have been any major Surface Laptop quality control issues, at least not that we've seen. But if you've encountered any, we're interested in hearing about your experiences. Make sure to hit the link below and let us know in our forums.

Quality control issues with Surface Laptop

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