Havit I18 is an affordable wireless headset that looks expensive

Havit makes some really nice hardware, including keyboards, power banks, and PC cleaning kits. The company also does headphones, and the I18 is a set of wireless cups that make full use of Bluetooth technology to do away with cables.

What you'll like about the Havit I18

The Havit I18 looks like headphones that cost in the region of $100 to $200. After picking up the device and listening to music, it's clear that these are not expensive cups. But it is a superb affordable solution for wireless playback. With support for Bluetooth 4.1 and a range of up to 20 meters, the I18 is a dream come true for anyone wanting to ditch the cables.

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Range20 meters.
Frequency20Hz to 20KHz.
Battery500 mAh Li-polymer (estimated 22 hours playback).
Weight1.80 kg.

The headphones are made out of PU leather for the cups and headband, aluminum alloy for the outer shell, and plastic for minor components. It's not an all-aluminum build, nor are you looking at replaceable leather, but they are comfortable to wear for hours and don't have any of the usual creaking noises found in cheaper-made headphones at this price.

For playback, the audio isn't too bad. The sound isn't anywhere near as heavy as you can find in Razer audio products, but I prefer the slightly lighter approach. And your ears never get too hot from prolonged sessions. You can even pair it up with two devices, which is handy if you frequently switch between a tablet and smartphone.

The headphones come in three colors: black, red, and beige. We used the beige option in this review and, in my opinion, it looks the best of the three. Finally, the price. For $29.99 you get a pair of cups that look great, sound better than average and offer wireless playback. It's a great overall package for anyone on a tight budget, and the little touches — like a small fake gem cap for the 3.5mm port — are a nice touch.

What you'll dislike about the Havit I18

I'm not a massive fan of over-the-ear cups, preferring headphones that cover the ear completely, which helps block out sounds more effectively. The I18 doesn't sport any noise cancellation and because of the cup design, you may find it necessary to turn up the volume to help block out unwanted sound. Luckily, the audio quality is pretty good, but it's an annoyance if you want to avoid hearing damage.

Because these headphones rely on Bluetooth for wireless music, the I18 can sometimes suffer from connection issues, which breaks playback momentarily. I've never had the connection drop entirely unless I moved out of range, but it's something worth considering. There's nothing that really sticks out as a con with the I18, as you have to consider the price when looking at how much value you get, and there are many positives here.

Bottom line on Havit I18

The I18 is affordable, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's cheap. Sure, the materials aren't quite as premium as more expensive headphones, but for the $29.99 price tag, you really cannot grumble about the included features and overall build. If you get yourself a set, you won't likely be disappointed.

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