Help AppRaisin support more languages by donating to its AppStretch campaign

While AdDuplex has ended active development of its AppRaisin app, it is running a donation campaign, via AppStretch, that will allow users to crowdfund more language support for the Windows 10 app.

As we reported earlier this week, AdDuplex has decided to stop actively developing AppRaisin, which was designed to help Windows 10 PC and Mobile device owners find new and cool apps in the Windows Store. AdDuplex stated the number of active monthly users was not enough to continue adding new features to AppRaisin, but it will continue to be in the Windows Store.

However, the company still wants to expand the reach of AppRaisin to other markets, and the AppStretch campaign is asking for donations to help localize the app for additional languages. AdDuplex's post on the AppStretch page offers more info on where the money will go:

We need to adapt both the app and back-end to servicing multiple language/region centric communities. So the bulk of the money is for developer salaries (1 app developer and 1 back-end developer) over 1-2 months. We will also need to do translation, initial bootstrapping of the community, and, possibly, some help from a designer.

The first language that will be added to AppRaisin is Russian:

There are several big and most vocal communities that want AppRaisin in their language. Russian is one of them. But most importantly, we want to be quick and agile with the first adaptation and Russian is the language we can do in-house. Keep in mind though, that the work done in the scope of this campaign won't be "Russian specific" for the most part. It will provide the basis for all other localizations.

The goal is to get $10,000 in donations in the next 29 days, and AdDuplex plans to add Russian to AppRaisin two months after the campaign ends. If AdDuplex manages to get $15,000 in donations, it pledges to add two more languages within two more months.

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John Callaham
  • So far this app has served a lot...for free and I don't mind to pay for good apps....
  • We/AdDuplex should convince MS to throw some spare change their way; MS could to toss some chump change, & totally reboot active for the next year. Or until a certain critical mass of W10M handsets is reached (if it ever is). Whereupon AdDuplex should no longer need any subsidising...
  • Typo correction: MS could to toss some chump change, & totally reboot active dev for the next year.
  • Let's give them our money!!!
  • What does this app do exactly?
  • Go to the Store and read all about it, Oh and read the article
  • It does what MS Store suppose to do, but fails miserably...feature great apps developed by great devs.
  • They really need to fix that. I'm still getting recommended apps from stuff I saw in the Windows Phone 8 store. Seriously?
  • There is a great article in the internets about this. Linking it here is not allowed.
  • Donated $20 Would do my part to support developers...especially someone like Alan.
  • Microsoft should shame itself....26B for a website, and their devs struggle to survive
  • You used to be a supportive developer here with good apps...why so bitter...??
    You all accuse Microsoft like they have something to gain from windows losing out on mobile...but they are the worst hit cause now their services aren't the front and centre for the billions on smartphones...
    Let them play to their strengths and find their way back instead of cursing them at every step...they just started getting good at it so give them a while...if you cant handle it, that's fine...but dont treat the company and the people who work there like they aren't hard working or human....
  • We all supported (and continue to support) the company when it struggles but is upfront about it and tries to find ways to address the situation. This ends when they convince you to spend tens of thousands of your small company's dollars with their promises and they neither deliver on them nor give anyone appropriate heads up that what they promised is not going to happen and to what extent.
  • It's an amazing app. I'll be more than happy to pay for it.
  • I'd rather not donate since active development has stopped.
  • It's not a "donation". It's targeted funding for "active development" of specific functionality.
  • LOL. One only needs to look how BLACK fared with their AppStrech campaign (and NuAns on Kickstarter) to see where this is going.