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The HERE collection of apps will no longer be available for Windows 10 after March 29

HERE mapping has been part of the Windows Phone (now Windows 10) story for many years, but unfortunately this is a love story that has come to an end. The company has announced that all Windows development has been halted and apps will be pulled for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Those of you who are die-hard HERE fans will need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 in order to continue mapping.

Interestingly, the older version of Microsoft's mobile platform will continue to receive critical updates and will remain present on the store, but for the rest of us on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, we're all out of luck.

"Although the essence of the HERE apps lives on in the Windows Maps app, we are removing the HERE branded apps from the Windows 10 store on March 29, 2016 and will limit the development of the apps for Windows Phone 8 to critical bug fixes."

So what's the reasoning behind the removal of HERE from Windows 10? Simply put, the company doesn't deem the platforms (both desktop and mobile) worthy of a whole new app. This is what's required in order to provide mapping tools to consumers without relying on workarounds. They would need to rebuild the apps (presumably as a universal listing) from scratch.

You have until March 29 to download the HERE apps, but they will cease to function come June 30. It's a real shame for the platforms with many relying on HERE tech for navigation and the like. We'll be sure to keep you all in the loop and even run you through some alternatives to keep you from getting lost when out and about.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This is a shame for the platform and a really bad sign for the health of the UWP...
  • Here apps are amazing, drive, city lens, transit are all apps i use and enjoy, they're so useful! Such a shame.
  • Transit has no equal that I have found.  I think it is time to abandon ship, probably for the new small iPhone.  I hate how big phones have gotten and I hate Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Dude seriously. Are you gonna abandon your soul just because an app was taken away? Windows maps is here maps. The only difference is the logo and even the button layout is similar. Yes it is disheartening that they did this. But don't lose hope and switch. You will regret it. I switched to ios and then subsequently android and I missed Windows every single day.
  • If he hates W10M.. Let him go
  • If he "hates", he'll hate wherever he goes. Such extreme feelings for a phone are ridiculous.
  • Let him go...let him go... Sent from Windows 386
  • This is sad.. Used to be excusive to Windows, now it's not even available? But it remains on iDroid?.. SMDH. It's two steps forward, and one step back, for the platform. Geeeeeezzzee! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • It is available.  It's just not avialable on WP10/W10.  Windows 10 as far as I can tell is still in beta mode anyway.  Long live 8.1! :)
  • Yeah, actually I thought of your comment as a joke, bit that is true.. Few users will be affected. Good point. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Good to know Windows has a strong future...long time until 386 Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • He doesn't know the other platforms well enough to see that there are huge gaps there too. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Saying something doesn't make it true. There's very little that is on W10M, but not the other platforms. There aren't huge gaps by any stretch of the imagination, so just stop trolling.
  • I was talking about problems, which other platforms also have. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • It's not trolling. Trolling is skilfully provoking someone. What he is doing is simply lying to himself, something the WC user base seems to specialize in.
  • Name one thing you can do on W10M that you can't do as well or better on Android.
  • I can't use continuum, the built in maps app doesn't support offline navigation, I can't use my 16 year old Microsoft account, none of the services I use daily is integrated, I can't use my IRIS-scanner which I use everytime I unlock my phone. But my comment was about other platforms having as many problems (some more, like Android) as Windows. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • :))) iris scanner. who wants this when a touch ID is much faster. LOL offline navigation on stock maps app, how much time do you need to download HERE :) on IOS or Android? Continuum? who needs it...btw, Facebook,twitter are both better integrated in both IOS and Android. be realistic at least
  • I live in a country with winter and I don't want to remove my gloves just to do a simple think like unlock my phone. I use offline navigation in the maps-app and I use Continuum every day. And, I think he asked me from my daily usage. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • >I use Continuum every day
    My condolences.
  • No need... Works perfectly. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Google maps do support offline map navigation now. Its been added recently. Besides it also has Here. And MS apps are prolific on android. Unless tbere is something niche, there really isn't a gap. One van even use a desktop android or just use cloud sync in place of continuum. Not exactly the same, but thats niche for an average consumer.
  • I just bought Galaxy Note 5 to complement my Lumia 950xL because my new car comes with android auto and I wanted to take advantage of it. Contrary to the popular opinion here that android is the best thing that ever happened to mobile, my experience for the past one month of using the best Android phone, is a bit disappointing. Of course all the apps are there and almost all the MS Services work smoothly on android but I Keep on reaching my 950xl because Notifications and Live tile works a lot better on Windows 10. The Cortana integration and speech recognition is a lot better on my 950 compared to google Now and people hub on W10 mobile and the back and restore system works better on Windows 10. Android definitely has it strengths over Windows mobile but there are a countless of unique features that make me love Windows Mobile better than Android and I don't think I can ever abandon my 950xl for the Note 5 despite deeply falling in love with the S-Pen.
  • Good, hope it works.
  • As an Android user I can say that the better Twitter and Facebook integration is definitely not true. Twitter's Android app is terrible and not worth using. I don't even have it installed. I use Fenix and it's way better. Same with Facebook. Contact info doesn't sync no matter what i try and the app is a huge resource hog. I just use the web app and Chrome notifications and that is more than enough for Facebook.
  • Well... It might look like it is better integrated if you haven't used Android. :P
  • Not lag
  • And not being hacked
  • Just go and enjoy the greener grass
  • Have security.
  • You can't delete certain 3rs party apps on Android, but you can on WP
  • I can't save youtube videos for offline viewing later, can't listen to music when the phone is locked, or the app is in the background, and can't play only the sound of a video, not the full video, which is very useful on cellular data. just if you pay for youtube red. And this is ridiculous... On my Lumia, I can do these free with Tubecast. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • There are 3rd party apps that let you do that on android, just like your using a 3rd party app on Windows as well. If the official Yt app was on Windows, googlr wouldn't allow thise features either without a red subscription. So that point is kinda moot cuz its the same deal.
  • So if the official YouTube app was on Windows, google wouldn't allow these features without red, but it allows them for 3rd party apps on Android? What the heck??? This doesn't make sense at all :D Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on Lumia 535
  • Anything involving young kids. I have all three platforms and nothing for iOS or Android, stock or in apps, competes with Kids Corner.
  • Money Tracker from Tech Systems.
  • I can't use Siri with non apple apps, and icons aren't as useful as tiles, but that's about all the gap I've found.
  • Good. Then your usage patterns is perfect for Iphone.
  • Your experience isn't the experience of everyone. I went from Android to Windows Phone, and I won't go back to Android. My cousin went from Windows Phone to Android, and said he couldn't go back to missing so many games and apps that he has gotten on Android. Maps on W10M isn't HERE, by the way. It doesn't have things like Transit and City Lens tied into it. It does have some nice things like Streetside, but it's still not a great app. I won't be hurting when HERE is gone, but losing a platform staple to the competition (since HERE started through Nokia as WP-only) is a pretty crappy sign.
  • I have Transit in my maps-application, and I haven't used City Lens so I can't say anything about that. I expected Here to go away since they got their maps licensed into the entire Windows ecosystem from just being a standalone app. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • This is the key point, I suspect in a year or so HERE will be all about licensing and have no apps to speak of. Can you really see the apps getting traction on Android against Google Maps? Same on Apple, there are so many mapping platforms that already have a foothold (I've an iPhone through work - as well as a personal 950xl - and even though I've used HERE from day one with Windows Phone I haven't looked at their iPhone offerring due to the other alternatives). 
  • Yeah. They will implement it into their cars and license it to others. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • I never installed used Transit, and I don't think I touched City Lens after about a month, just as a novelty. It's just an impractical version of tapping the food/drink section of the map itself.
  • My phone is just a phone.  It is a device I spend a lot of time with every day, and if it doesn't do the basic things I need it to do that is extremely frustrating, but I don't think I will burn in h*ll for choosing an iPhone.  I don't consider my soul in risk of abandonment, just the platform. The simple fact is, W10M is not good.  That is an objective fact.  For it to be good it has to have something that it does well that its competitors don't, and it doesn't, so I consider it objective to say W10M is not good. And I have been a big supporter of the platform since I got the HTC Arrive waaaaay back the first week it launched on Sprint. Since then, my satisfaction has generally gone down, not up, although I really liked the One M8 in many ways.  My "upgrade" to the L950 has been nothing short of the worst smartphone experience I've ever had, and I've been using smartphones since the Treo 600.  What's sad is that I have a lot of time and $$$ invested in WP.  I have purchased over 120 apps and, by switching platforms, I will be out that investment.  But W10M is simply intolerably awful, and with the yawning--and enlarging--app chasm between it and other platforms there is simply no reason to stay.
  • My Windows 10 Mobile does everything I need to and more reliably than other platforms. The simple fact is that W10M is very good, and the UWP-platform has been a true relief when it comes to application performance on it. Why are you still here trying to convince others that you are doing the right thing by moving to another ecosystem? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Please stop following me around and posting BS.  W10 doesn't do anything more relaibly than any other OS.  It is buggy as h*ll and that's a fact. Instead, read this article on Stockholm Syndrome,, which you clearly seem to have WRT Windows Phone.
  • It sure does. Sorry, you need to get real and you will hear it again and again until you leave the community or stop spewing your lies.
  • "buggy as hell"? In what way? I've only heard complaints from people on beta builds, but the version I'm using on my 950 is rock-solid. Honestly, I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Yeah... He apparently has to lie to himself to make him feel better about switching platforms for some reason.
  • He has what's called confirmation bias:
  • I used lagdroid for years, and I only bought one app. It was a bus schedule app for the city where I live, by a local developer. Than I switched to WP last October, and since that, I didn't only bought countless apps, but helped a developer to translate his app into Hungarian, my native language. And now I will work with another developer on translating another app. I don't just use WP, like I did with Android, but LOVE it! And that says everything.
    But the community sometimes gives me cancer... So many are talking **** about MS, and the OS they use. Why don't they just leave, and use lagdroid or shitOS? We would be so much happier without them i think :D :P Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • Postedyou and i think alike from Windows Central windows 10 App On my Lumia 930
  • I have a 950 and my experience has been nothing short of a delight. Great performance, amazing camera, good battery life etc.How on earth is it the "worst smartphone experience"?? W10M does everything I want and is a nice improvement over WP8. Objectively, I'd say it's fantastic. As you said "a phone is just a phone" and this one does everything I need it to. I have a dozens of games I need to finish, many have XBL achievements, and I'm scratching my head to see exactly how the experience is "awful" or how I'm missing out on a tidal wave of apps when I already have more than I need. Yes, the app store could be better... But I'm perfectly happy with everything W10M has to offer.
  • Lack of banking apps, especially regional one is an example. Other platforms and services as well. And many of those other services integrate better in things like NOW because that is where devs are focusing (like ticket purchasing, displaying, etc). Devs focuse on support and integration on android and ios. Its just a sad truth being a small percentage of the market. The OS might be good, but for people who need deep integration with services and platforms, android and ios is gonna be the focus where iys supported.
  • I have to disagree with the glib statement that W10M is not good. It does all the core things as well as the competition and in some respects it is even better: It now has a baked in flashlight, it's alarm app contains a timer, stopwatch and the ability to add clocks for other regions of the world. It allows you to delete just about any app that you don't want which gives the user the most freedom to customise in comparison with Android, for instance. It usually comes with a real wireless app, something which I find quite usefull. It's calculator comes with more modes than the iOS calculator in my humble opinion. Furthermore, W10 is poised to become an all encompasing platform for Windows Universal Apps that runs on mobile, laptop, tablet and XBox formats. This is getting my interest as a potential application developer.
  • No, the data in Here Maps and Windows Map is different. In my area, the restaurant info is totally located wrong, where HERE maps works correctly.
  • He wasn't talking about HERE Maps. He was talking about HERE Transit. I agree with him. There is nothing as good as HERE Transit for commuting, on any platform. Thankfully, I'm still on Windows Phone 8.1 so I won't lose it. I'll probably just stay on WP8.1 indefinitely as a result.
  • I compared Here Transit on 8.1 with the transit feature of Microsoft Maps on Windows 10 this afternoon. Microsoft provided the same bus routes and times as Here Transit but Microsoft provides better instructions on walking to and from bus stops.
  • I compared them too, and usage in Here Transit is better. It detects start point better, already shows routes near you. MS Maps shows only few next alternatives so no planning ahead, Here allows setting "start" or "there" time. There is some strange logic In MS Maps how the map is shown and scrolling/choosing between alternative routes... I compared also Android version of Here Maps and transit in that works pretty much like standalone Transit. I have travelled a few times in a city I don't know and always got where I wanted to with Here Transit. In those situations I don't want to struggle with the app. Here Transit on WP8.1 and Android Here Maps do the job, MS has much to improve.
  • After being a HUGE fanboy (I've been with Windows Phones since the very beginning) I'm pretty much DONE with Microsoft.  It's  just the loss of one app. Microsoft has pretty much crapped on the entire ecosystem. The native app is so feature LAME compared to HERE it's not even a contest.
  • He actually said he was going to miss HERE Transit and he's right.  There is no rival for that app.  If you travel and have to use public transportation, it is the absolute best.  I'll miss if very much as well.
  • LOL, abandoning our soul, I did that move on December, and believe me, my soul followed me and now is happier. No extreme bugs to worry about (W10M's bugs of course).
  • Can I create folders for different saved locations on Windows map? I haven't be able to find that option and that's my favorite thing about HERE.
  • Windows maps does not have the full Here Transit featureset. I can easily work out public transport to where I need to go in Here Transit. Windows 10 maps is useless. Switched to Android last November due to delays in win10 handsets and a dying Lumia, hated it, and now have an iPhone 6s. Every OS is a compromise, but iOS is the compromise I'm most happy with at the moment. The UI isn't quite as nice, but at least it has every single app I need or want, and support is built into third party devices like TV's/stereo/etc by default.
  • They will be back. Just like all the banking apps, etc. They say they will leave but they always come back. ;)
  • Moovit has been better than Here transit for years now. Waze also works great on Windows.
  • Moovit?  I haven't heard of that.  I will give it a try right now!  Thanks for the tip.
  • Lol the app that my transit authority has uses Google maps API right now while the website has been running bing for a few months can only hope they'll eventually move to bing
  • Unfortunately, I think you've hit the nail on the haed with, "I think it is time to abandon ship..."  Microsoft seems intent on killing Windows Phone and we don't want to be the ones left to turn out the lights.  
  • Here and Microsoft worked together to create the new Microsoft Maps for Windows 10. Transit info is integrated. Just provide your destination and click the car icon for driving directions or cluck the bus icon for public transpiration routes. In San Antonio, Texas, the March bus route information is up to date and accurate. It would be silly to keep the old Here app after Here and Microsoft created a superior replacement.
  • But the interface is woefully lacking.  How do I find out "when do I have to leave to get to XXX?" using the Maps app? What you say is correct, but it will only be true if and when Microsoft actually get around to creating a superior replacement.  Right now, the functionality offered by the built-in app is very poor.
  • Does cortona give you that information of when you need to leave? In Google Now, if I enter an address when I create a calendar event, or in some other app, (or based on my usual travel times for work/home) I get Now traffic updates that I should leave, and get ETA notifications on android wear. I thought cortona does something similar when it detects a travel appointment.
  • I love windows 10 mobile especially after 6 years of iphones lol but i hate here drive is disapearing, its gona be a lot biger a issue than no snapchat or any google app, a lot bigger a issue.  And lets see what microsoft says over the next day or 2, they really should have ben prepared for this back when they didnt buy it. I never understood why not.
  • Yep its sad .!,@ at least let the apps remain don't update them .!! That's so bad at least Microsoft should do something and stop this .!!
  • I know right! Why cannot they just let the apps be there? No updates, fine, but please let them be there!
  • Redstone is coming so, maybe the apps will be broken by that update so they can keep them in the store but after redstone they will be broken with no updates.
  • HERE Drive+ is broken in the latest redstone update on W10 Mobile, after upgrading, it just kept crashing so i uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled HERE Drive+ its now just stuck on the splash screen. This is such a shame. I Use HERE Maps and HERE Drive+ almost everyday.
  • Just use the Maps app. It is built into Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It uses Here maps data, and is getting deeper and deeper Cortana integration
  • They did! or why should they? They created Windows Map (UWP) and merged all HERE apps into one, using the HERE maps layout, POI and content as a mapping platform... This way they can neatly integrate it with other part of W10 (cortana, geo data gathering etc). I was used to love HERE Map and Drive since my Nokia N95 (Symbian days) but switched to Windows Map once it became available some time ago. It was pretty buggy at first, but the quality and features are improving day by day... I will only miss app like HERE Transit (Maps can do the same, but Transit presented the journey with vertical bars in a much better way)... I also liked the HERE City Lens with the Augmented Reality view etc... This was pretty cool... I suppose HERE will not more focus on the mapping layout and content and also focus towards becoming a major automotive navigation and content platform instead of mobile. Being based in Berlin, they have secured some big integration contract to integrate their platform within some large car manufacturers... I certainly enjoyed using HERE in the past but now happy with the Windows Map (UWP) equivalent...
  • Agreed. The Windows Maps app for Win10 has greatly improved. I love the navigation over Here Drive+ anyhow. Offline navigation and map data is huge, especially for those that don't have a very large data plan here in the US. People forget that part. I used both Here Transit and Windows Maps back in Dec when I visited London, and found both to be pretty good, with Here Transit giving a better navigation experience. I hope MS does improve upon that feature of the Maps app.
  • Yes, Microsoft should hold a gun to their heads and make them support the apps. Yeah. *SMH*
  • I wonder if this story is as bogus as Spotify abandonment story was.
  • Sadly, this is from official sources this time.
  • It's a really bad sign for the health of here.
  • Agreed, HERE was the first service to provide offline maps for free with GPS, it was a very good reason to get a Windows Phone back in 2013,2014. Today HERE is on both Android and iOS, so I think when Microsoft purchased Nokia, they should have also purchased HERE, that way Android and iOS wouldn't have this great benefit.
  • Here's offline map data lives on in the official Maps app.
  • WHAAATTTT THHHEEEE F*** seriously at this rate we're not going to have any apps. Every app that I use every day multiple times a day always get taken out. From flashvideos to mp3 downloader, and even Rudy Huyn tv show app. I'm so sick of this bs I actually need a good gps for my job. So done with this stupid ****.
  • Ms maps has improved quite a bit. I used to use here drive but switched to ms and no issues. Sometimes I find it's better. And of course more updates will keep coming to improve even more.
  • Can you use MS maps of Windows mobile 10 offline with navigation like Here?
  • Yes u can
  • Of course... Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Yes all map apps use the downloaded map This comment was posted on Windows Central for Windows 10 UWP.
  • Thanks for all the answers, I am just abit skeptic about upgrading my phone to 10, HERE maps/Transit/City lense/Drive are seeing a lot of use from me, and for the most part I don't see any equivalent apps that offer the same for Win 10 in Canada.
  • They can't even improve their music app, why you are am expecting that they will improve mapping app, God help you
  • Because it's been steadily improving... Music app is different team.
  • Seriously... Both the music-app and the maps-app has been hugely improved... Stop spewing nonsense. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • The Groove Music app has improved in quality. Missing features we enjoyed with Zune, still missing. I use both Windows Maps and Groove very day, and like both of them very much.
  • It's not surprising to me considering the amount of whining and negativity that goes on in the WP community every time there is an update to anything. I've been a developer for a few years now and I dread the idea of releasing any of my projects for the Windows Phone platform.    
  • Agreed... It's without doubt the worst community out of the three. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Nope
  • You will find people that complain wherever you go, but I guess a lot of WP fans have become sour after the ridiculous amount of delisted, broken, outdated, & non-existent apps on the platform.
    Personally I'm far more supportive & even am glad to see apps such as The Daily Mail coming to our platform (despite wishing that trash didn't exist in the first place).
    If you're a developer and you bring your app(s) to WP I'd be supportive of that, though I'm sure you'd understand the frustration of your userbase if you stopped supporting it while doing so on iOS & Android (personally I'd be frustrated if the updates stopped but still glad if it at least still worked e.g. Waze).
  • Thank god I ordered the Moto X Play
  • Lol had that phone, beautiful phone. Still sold it at the end. Looking forward only to the new hp elite Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After all the updates it would still tell me take a left and head 600 yards then tell me make a u turn on most destinations but it was a decent app
  • Well you know your self how difficult it is to develop for the UWP and for everyone here showed the worst of signs for that platform 
  • The Maps app and its turn by Posted from Winders Central App fir Winders 10 man.
  • Use WAZE app! Greetings from Portugal
  • Agree 100%
  • Is this real life?
  • Is this just fantasy? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 L950XL
  • Easy come easy go... Mama....
  • Caught in a landslide
  • This news comes from an official source. This isn't Spotify.
  • Nice one.
  • There was a time when I bought a Nokia Lumia phone for the HERE apps.
  • I'm just the messenger. Please do not shoot me. :-(
  • *BANG*
  • *BYE BYE*
  • LOL.
  • Lack of love and support, eh..? You'll find plenty of it down there.. *Sparta-kick*
  • lol Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • *BANG* *BANG*
  • Don't worry, I won't shoot you. I promise.
  • I've gone to using Microsoft Maps exclusively for a while now to get used to it. Has a feeling this would happen eventually. For me Microsoft Maps performs better than HERE for in some ways. Router choices for instance, as well as actually avoiding what I want it to toll roads. This is not surprising new to me. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • Wow...I really need to proofread before sending. Btw autocorrect is a little wonky lately. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • I agree. I have the HERE apps on my phone but use the Microsoft Maps as my go-to. Microsoft Maps works fantastic. Yes. It's a shame that HERE won't support W10 but it's not the end of the world. Cheers.
  • I've not used HERE on Windows 10 Mobile since the very early preview builds. The Microsoft map really has became quite good - I did notice recently (Over the last 2 weekends) it's like using Apple maps though, with the road position being too far behind where I actually am, so some instructions come late - Exactly my experience with Apple maps. MS Maps wasn't like then when I last used it roughly a month ago, so I'm sure it will improve again.
  • How do I set Microsoft maps to avoid tolls? Or even routing choices?
  • When you go to get directions there is an options section that lets you set avoidance. For routing choices you will see the choices after typing in an address, just tap go on the one you want
  • [Click] [Click] BANG!...............[Click] [Click] BANG! BANG!...............................................................[Click] [Click] BANG!
  • I'd like to punch HERE in the face... Posted from Windows Central on Windows 46 Interstellar Edition
  • *throws a grenade*
  • This is really sad, because the Maps app is a piece of ****.
  • Why you say this? Just interested, because I think the default maps app on windows 10 is pretty good. Posted from Windows Central App for Windows 10.
  • I agree. I stopped using HERE due to the default maps app in W10/WM10.
  • I agree with him I tried using the Maps app and when seraching for a nearby specific location it showes me results in a different country. It rarely showes what I am looking for. Searching on HERE maps is so accurate and it showed me exactly what I want. 
  • That's a feature! Like cheap international travel!
  • I had the opposite experience. HERE was sewnding me out of my way on every option. It even had me going in a circle to get to my destination. Maps gave me the best route every time. I won't miss HERE at all.
  • After reading information that Here will be no more available in WM 10 I tried out what MS Maps is about. I must also say it is crap. First I must say tha the picture and street names on screen is just too small. Second, when using in simple map mode it won't show map in car moving direction but keeps South up (not sure exactly, but definetly not North as it should be) nor in 2D and either 3D mode. So some time my location moved down the map (in 3D mode) and from left to right or vice versa. Third, in destination navigation mode NO VOICE GUIDANCE!!! It's was shock for me. MS has just created complete pile of **** about different regional restrictions what is affecting using the phone and it's apps. So for example if I wanted to listen music from my Onedrive cloud I should work around different regional settings. Also again in the picture in navigation mode is too small and seeing all details on crossing is difficult. If I actually want use MS Maps for navigation must wear my reading glasses behind wheel what is stupid. HERE was in this case perfect. Also the MS Map is lagging in navigation mode - you make turn in crossing and app follow you only after few seconds. If it's complicated crossing when you must do multiple turns it just don't guide you. Long list of faults but they are there. I'm very sad about WM platform, because when I purchased my Lumia 925 with WIN 8.1 it was very good. But now I feel that I spend bunch of money for very expensive phone (lumia 950) what will be piece of crap after year or two because every app writer will abandon it and I'm not sure that MS will also be supporting it for very long time when we see catastrophical drop in WIN phone sales.
  • I have no issues as well with Maps and it runs better than HERE Maps and had no issue with direction snafus (US, East Coast).  Also HERE Maps would turn my Icon into a toaster over where as Maps doesn't.
  • This^^^ HERE Maps causes the dev