Here are the latest Hidden Gems sweepstakes winners!

Starting back in early June we kicked off the latest chapter of our Hidden Gems series. Done in cooperation with Microsoft, we highlighted under-appreciated and high-quality apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. This time around we decided to add a theme: What apps does Daniel like to use in his daily life?

And what would Hidden Gems be without the chance to win amazing prizes? We had lots to give away each day, from FitBits to HP 7 Stream tablets to Amazon gift cards. There was truly something for everyone. We've kept you in suspense long enough. Let's see who the winners are!

FitBit Charge HR

  • Callie1981
  • Mike Hillyer
  • pjhenry1216
  • Thomas De Long
  • TrophyNostalgia

TYLT Energi battery backpacks

  • cincykid76
  • jabtano
  • onthethreshold
  • Rebeccaoak
  • snapper922

GoPro Here3 White action cameras

  • Brenda Penton
  • neelagopi
  • qwe123878
  • sherwin892

HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 tablets

  • azwcjoker
  • beemo20
  • Bill DeRome
  • jjMustang
  • Melissa Baker3
  • mrdtang
  • neodissension
  • Ray_Mikey
  • Rudiepoo1
  • XcZachx20

Canon Rebel T5 DSLR cameras

  • John20212
  • Whodaboss

Razer Kraken Xbox One gaming headsets

  • AtomicFins
  • LightCycle
  • Lucas P
  • moc426
  • nwoodby
  • PainiacZ
  • pmartineau
  • TheSurfaceGuy

$100 Amazon gift cards

  • 920inBlack
  • Axmantim
  • Beverly Brigman
  • Chinmay Trivedi
  • Chris Turek
  • Classicsmiley
  • Dadstar0410
  • Darkgift
  • evwilliams
  • friedchocolatesoda
  • Funky Cricket
  • gzmo67
  • hermanax
  • hnic29
  • Karl Boerger
  • moc426
  • msaalli
  • paschott
  • ShaunKL
  • wildwest310-xbox-live-gamertag

Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be in touch via email over the next few days to get your prizes sorted.

We hope you have enjoyed this chapter in our Hidden Gems series. A big shout out goes to Microsoft and the developers of the apps who worked with Windows Central to make this happen and all the people behind the scenes who helped create this presentation. And a BIG thank all of you for jumping in on comments, giving feedback and sharing these Gems with everyone! Windows and Windows Phone has a lot to offer, and it was our goal to demonstrate that in a clear and professional manner.

Look for more of our Hidden Gems in the future!

  • All these names and I got mention of Kenzibit anywhere :( maybe I'll get lucky with the Porsche expansion dlc
  • There are so many sweepstakes on this site, you're bound to get one eventually. Haha I would know.
  • I was thinking the same.....i have won NOTHING in my entire life.....please help guys.....
  • Whodaboss
  • Even I recognized that name only.
  • Sticks out like a sore thumb.
  • Lol! I'll take that as a compliment! :) I was vacationing when this was posted. Didn't realize I had won until I got the email!
    "It's all about Marketing"!
  • Tony Danza. But Alyssa Milano is the real boss 8P
  • Great to see so many giveaways!
  • Was really hoping for the tablet :( oh well, congrats to the winners!
  • Never won :(
  • It was a US-only competition anyway. Maybe Canada too.
  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
  • Gift card buddies!!!!
  • Thank you!!!
  • I see my name! Thanks :) Looking forward to getting the email.
  • Winner winner chicken dinner! Hell yeah I usually never win anything....
  • Hi Ohio
  • Yes
  • Yes, I got so excited and wrapped up in my win I forgot to acknowledge Windows central. Thx Windows Central up and down the board for all they do, and definitely for all the promotions and contest they run. Its awesome to be a part of this community!
  • Wait, what happened to the backpack?
  • Listed 2nd, right after the Fitbits?
  • Well, you know where to send the unclaimed prizes. *hint (me) hint*
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  • Congrats to all the winners!
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  • Are these people from USA only? If I am from Antarctica I can't win?
  • Im not sure about these contests specifically, but there have been worldwide and also US-only contest before.
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  • Awesome! Need to get books for the coming school year so that gift card will be really helpful. :)
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  • Weekend duh
  • Congrats to all the winners.
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  • Thnak you! It feels very nice ot win.  :)
  • Yay! This is a really exciting moment! Thanks to all those who congratulated the winners; you guys are great sports!
  • Has anyone received their emails yet?
  • Sorry, Mondays are busy for me. Emails coming soon. :)
  • Thanks Windows Centeral / Mobile Nations, and Microsoft!   Received email today!
  • I can't believe I won! Sweet! I almost deleted the email informing me I won! I deleted it off my phone, but thanks to my SP3 I saw the message I had won on my live tile. I quickly un-deleted! :) Many Thanks! This is my first stop for all things Microsoft! Luv it!