Make sure you get the right versions of the HERE apps for Windows 10 Mobile

Last week, the HERE team and Microsoft finally resolved that long standing 'bug' issue that prevented Windows 10 Mobile users from utilizing those Maps, Drive, and Transit apps. While Microsoft is steadily building out its own Maps application HERE is still a critical service for many users around the world making its absence detrimental for new Lumia 950 and XL users.

Unfortunately, app discovery for the HERE suite is slightly problematic as is the story behind the solution. HERE did not just update its existing apps on the Store, but instead re-listed them.

The effect? Technically there are two sets of those three HERE apps. That is six in total for those good in the maths. The bigger result? Windows 10 Mobile users will likely land on the wrong ones in the store. And as expected, we have seen numerous comments, tweets, and forums posts from users of a Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL stating it is still not available, which is a shame.

Listed below are the appropriate Store links for Windows 10 Mobile.

Alternatively, you could do a search for HERE Maps, then scroll down to Published by: HERE Europe B.V. and tap the publisher name. That action will then populate all of the HERE apps, and you should see six listed. Now, you can grab the right one and hopefully find your way to that next location with ease of mind.

At this time, it is not clear how Microsoft and HERE could resolve the issue. Putting 'for Windows 10 Mobile' in the title could certainly help. Then again, these 'new' apps are nothing but the 8.1 ones with a bug fix for the OS meaning they are not "true" Windows 10 apps. A better search algorithm would also be useful.

For now, just remember this tip, grab the apps, and share with others!

QR: here maps w10m

QR: here drive w10m

QR: here transit w10m

Daniel Rubino

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