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Here is what is new in Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.122

Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.122 is now hitting smartphones in the Slow and Release Rings for the Insider program. The latest release of the mobile OS brings with it many new changes that were detailed by Microsoft.

Here is what is new.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.122

  • Improved Kanji input experience while using Continuum.
  • Improved the speed in which thumbnails appear for portrait videos.
  • Improved Internet Sharing on select mobile network configurations.
  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge that prevented Word Flow input on some sites.
  • Fixed an issue that previously prevented the option to "Close all Tabs" in Microsoft Edge from closing all open tabs.
  • Improved IMS registration on select mobile network configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where adding your MSA during OOBE would fail and prevent the account from being re-added after the failure.
  • Improved the email sync experiences when connecting to Wi-Fi networks with a captive portal.
  • Improved data connection profiles for dual SIM devices.
  • Updated background processing of multiple changes to improve battery life of devices.
  • Improved quality of video record to SD memory cards.
  • Improved video recording audio in some cases.
  • Improved overall OS reliability, including reliability of the Start screen, app updates, and the Windows Feedback app
  • Improved Alarm reliability

Many of those changes overlaps with yesterday's release for Windows 10 PC reinforcing the notion that these are truly just the same operating systems. Many of the fixes included were the subject of many user complaints so it's great to see them being addressed in a cumulative update.

Source: Microsoft

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Decent update, I like it Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Each time a cumulative update hits the servers, I suddenly get excited, only to be disappointed by how little and slow we are still improving! My main gripes with W10M are (L1520 , hardresetted):
    - Hangs, sudden crashes of apps.
    - Dim-less app list after returning to it with a backbutton from an app.
    - Edge is so freakin' slow. Scrolling has an input lag, pressing on any link while the website is loading means that it won't respond, rendering some webpages is still of charts, so many tabs are opened during a session that aren't necessary, no back or forward swipes, etc.
    - The photos app is still garbage: panning photos is not smooth, pinch to zoom is a bit laggy, weird buggs that appear when you flip into many pictures, etc.
    - Camera! Sometimes gives an error and won't take shots until you reboot, overprocrssing images.
    - The dialer pad is still laggy. The app crashes from time to time.
    - The store checking for updates can take up to 30 seconds.
    - Closing an app in the multitasking view with a swipe can malfunction (requires a longer swipe down to make it happen or the app bounces back up).
    - The keyboard sometimes doesn't register the right letter, there is something that has changed with W10, I am sure of it, it never used to be like this.
    - Starting up W10M takes forever from a dead phone.
    - Display brightness and automatic setting is a hit and miss, sometimes while flipping between modes, the low setting is brighter than medium (specially at night).
    - The proximity sensing is a joke while in a phone call, esp. at night, when you remove your ear, display turns on but only to show a black display, then turns back off, then on again!
    - While in a call UI is a step back from the beautiful one in WP 8.1, even now it's not scaled correctly to match the 1520 screen ( although it used to on a previous build )
    - Skype video app is still a joke, you can't even delete a user or block him from this app, or the previous Skype one.
  • Part of why I stopped using 10 and went back to 8.1 (after flirting with Android for two months, which...ugh).    Windows 10 Mobile is *nowhere near* as polished as 8.1, after well over a year of development and updates (including the beta period, which I'd contend is STILL ONGOING). The UI cues borrowed from Android are AWFUL. Stop putting important things at the top left of the ******* screen! It's literally the hardest possible place to reach, ESPECIALLY on large phones. And no, holding a button to make the screen shrink down is NOT an acceptable solution.
  • I thought the one-handed mode was a very novel, simple solution.
  • It is both novel and simple. It also sucks. When there was talk of hamburger menus coming to Windows Phone I didn't see what the big deal was.  Now that they are here, I consider them to be the single worst thing about W10M.  And I consider W10M to be wretched.  That's how much I hate them.  I hate them more than the lagginess, the bugginess, the crashiness, the resuminess, the ugliness, the loss-of-key-functionality-ness, the WiFi-not-work-very-welliness, and all the restiness of W10M's suckage. For the love of gosh, since the rationale given for their addition was so that Android apps would fit into the OS, and we are no longer getting Android apps, ditch the darned hamburger menus and go back to the way things were in W8.1.  Pathetically short on funtionality though WP8.1 was, at least it was attractive, elegent, and, for what little it could do, pleasant to use.  And the biggest thing making W10 hard to use is those stupid hamburger menus.
  • You, dear sir, just won the internet.
  • apple phones have hamburger menus, But they plan to kill them I heard. I don't mind them.
  • Wouldn't be surprised if Apple releases WP8.1 style pivot menus instead. And everyone will hail it as a genius invention.
  • WTF are hamburger menus?
  • If you look on the high left corner of your phone, you will see 3 lines, if you tap those lines you will see a 'secret' menu, that's what we call hamburger menu. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • When you go to a junk food place, they usually give you a hamburger menu to look at.
  • I feel your pain, and for your use case, going back to 8.1 may be a very valid option. For me though, the updated Excel app alone is worth the jump. No way am I going back to the half baked spreadsheet app on 8.1.
  • Take my upvote dear WindowsCentral commenter! You have expressed all my feelings in a compact way. I HATE Hamburger menus with all my soul, I HATE any element that is not reachable with my thumbs. No UI designer has thought on users (except maybe those on Jolla with Sailfish OS, where you don't have to reach the top of the screen to access options/notifications). My respects to all those devs that think in a comfortable UX and keep the easy way of usage of their Apps (I'm looking at the 6tag app of Rudy Huyn).
  • Agree that the Hamburger menu is what is the worst thing about W10M. It's not a dealbreaker, but it's bad. The pivot style menu is still the best mobile navigation I've used, and it's sad that Microsoft abandoned it.
  • +930
  • Amen.
  • I remember people saying that about Windows 98 when XP dropped and swore they would never update.
  • Except we are not as prejudical about OS upgrades here now are we? I'm really looking forward to win10m, but it's a mess right now, and saves lots of headache to stay with 8.1.
  • Out of curiosity, which device are you using and which build did you stop at? Originally, i had just updated as opposed to installing from a fresh start but I couldnt stand how unpolished it felt, so tried the fresh start approach and it was night and day different ...even the Windows Central app started functioning normally again. With the latest updates i can confidently say, it's much faster and snappier than 8.1's mostly apps that are inconsistent and there are still some bugs here and there that need cleaning up but generally speaking, since the build prior to this one, the experience has been on par with 8.1 and exceeding it in other areas ...the UI consistency though, still needs work.
  • Using a 930 btw
  • No it is not on par... Like at all. First thing tha comes to mind I that you need to hard reset and not restore backup for it to work close proper!!! This is the single most idiotic thing they have managed to fix, how retarded is that? YES YES YES THIS GOES FOR THE PRODUCTION LINE AS WELL! Get it in this OS and it's development is a huge joke when it didn't have to be if only they would have made 50% less stupid decisions.
  • As to my experience and many others, it does feel snappier in some areas an on par in most. This obviously also depends on the device you are using. My 950 for example feels even quicker than my 930 but that said, older devices werent made/designed for Win10, so if anything, Im glad to see Win10 running so well on my 930. If you are using a lower-spec device such, it's obviously not going to be the same experience, just like if you install iOS 9 on an iPhone 4 (or even 5), it starts to feel slow and buggy. As for the hard reset, surely when the final build is released and you update from 8.1, you wouldnt need to hard reset to update with great experience but this has been a testing phase, so it's expected that you would have to do things out of the norm in order to get best experience (or not). So chill and wait for final release to update or buy a new device thats capable of handling 10 or simply move to another platform. No need to get so riled up.
  • i have to agree with you, i scimpt and saved to buy the new 950 and i must say i have no problems with it at all,I find it dose all i ask wth no problem, its not easy to please every one with anything new and i can accept critisism. But some people go too far withthere stupid ramberlings, No one has to use windows there are other options ( can not think of one but there could be !!!!!! ) if you have problems feed back to microsoft and give them a chance to sort it they do listen. stop whining and help to improve the os or go and find somthing else.XX      
  • You have a point. I would install 8.1.1 on my 950xl if possible. But also prefer the old windows central app over the new one, especially reading list wise, show full titles
  • Crazy talk...950 is a beast on W10M. As for the new Windows Central app...everyone cried for a new UWP app and now there are people crying to get the old one back...give me a break please...
    Or a Kit-Kat bar Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    On the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • How do you know the 950is a beast onwith w10m when you are clearly using an Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • WHAT?????? my wife and I NEVER had a single issue with our 950 and 950XL, with anything you are crying about. Win10 is been fantastic in each and everyway. As for those hamburger buttons goes, I just can't believe that is even a complain. I mean really? Wow that takes sooooo much effort, make your finger fall out. OMGosh. If you want to complain for real, complain about iJUNK and Android, that has soooo many issues and problems, that really not sure why people even buying them. Oh well, no matter what MS does, there will ALWAYS, be someone like you Boohooing about something, nothing makes you guys happy, nothing.
  • All OSes have problems. Even  Win10 mobile.   I've used Lumia 820 and Lumia 950 and 950 *has* more problems, at least at this time. Hope they fix the issues in updates.
  • What problems are you struggling with. I mean you said MORE problems in the 950. What exactly?
  • Phone rebooting itself without warning. Apps hanging and crashing. Spotify starting to stutter without reason (no other apps running, wlan/3G working without problems) and only thing to fix it is to reboot the phone etc.
  • I think that's your phone's hardware giving your fits. Not unusual to get a bad Lumia not so much the fault of the software. If the software was that faulty, it wouldn't just be happening on your device. I have 2 Lumia 920/1520 and one HTC One M8 all running this latest build and none have the problems you have. It is also possible that if after you did the update, you picked up the phone to use it immediately after you saw tiles. You seriously cannot use these phones until after the phone settles down and is no longer warm to the touch.  If it is warm, that phone is not yet ready to be used. At any rate, your phone should still be under warranty. Take advantage of it.
  • I agree with your statement! These people are making me visit windows central less and less each week because of the whining.
  • Dude what devices are you guys using? 520,535?
  • 1020, ICON, 822, 520
  • I'm using 520 with 10 and it works great.
  • Hi, Iam getting hang on my 520. Is the same happening for your lumia too?
  • How many of the above mentioned problems have been resolved in this latest update??? ~DheeraJ~
  • Problems????? There are no problems. The only problem there are, are those cry babies, BoooHoooing, and whining about something that's not even a issue. Unfortunately some people are not happy with anything NEW. They want NEW features, and works exactly like 15 years ago or so, so suddenly that awesome NEW cool feature becomes a problem in their eyes.
    What I can tell you is this, my wife and I Win10 950 and 950XL, it's been working fantastic since day one, when it came out in Nov. So, not sure what all the whine is about. Out both phns have the latest Windows insider update, and still work awesome as before. Another word, everything was working great before, and after updates, we hv been getting
  • My second 950 on att has the same issues, BT is broken and so is 4k video. FB app on w10m is garbage the os is not finished period and saying you have no issues is good for you but most people have issues. Also, everytime i join the insider program i have lag issues and have never installed any insider preview without having issues.
  • So on the new lumia 950 can you print photos or emails. I'm using the the lumia 640XL and i can't print. I could with the earlier updates but then it disappeared. What about tap and pay feature does that work. And Apple sucks.  
  • I have noticed that the print functionality remains for emails and documents but has been removed for photos and Adobe Acrobat. I quite liked the fact that we can print from our phone, it feels only logical to be able to do that since Win10 is meant to be 1 OS for all.
  • Agreed! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    On the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • yea.. I really hope they bring it back like 8.1 soon :(
  • Wow can you seriously believe the arrogance of this guy! You have 2 phones and because you haven't experienced bugs there is none? There are a lot of people having a lot of problems. I have had nothing but problems with my 950XL and so have a lot of people. Edge is useless and bluetooth keeps disconnecting no matter what it is connected to. I have a 640, 1520, 950XL problems all around but Indont complain about the 640 and 1520 because it haven't been released for those. For the 950XL 650$ phone there is no excuse. Edge and Bluetooth os probably the 2 most used thing on my phone and they dont work configure. I don't like apple nor Android but seriously MS fanboys are worse than than any apple fanboy.
  • Wow autocorrect.. even that and the keyboard got worse compared to wp8.1... SwiftKey can come fast enough but knowing MS it will probably be a long time out.
  • No, I love Microsoft products, but I'm not going to say there's no problem. Windows 10 mobile is still half baked, apps I need are not there, and it's taking long for the release. I agree, don't say there are no bugs just because you don't have any
  • Trust me there are a lot of problems. An example of sloppyness from window 8.1 to 10, I have new users (business user, who the phones were aimed at) that have Lumia 950s. They use their phones for calls and email and calendar and they can not even do that properly. Why because the Live ID account that you have to add to a windows phone demands that you see the hotmail calendar. We use O365 and there is no way to turn it off the Live ID calander and to make matters worse it is the default calander on the phones. MS really!!! what happen to the option in win 8.1 when I could choose not to show the calander from Live ID/ hotmail!!!!!! It behond a joke that you have to explain to a user that if the creat an appointment on their phone to make sure you have the correct calander.
  •   What bullshit! I have my office account on 365 too, and my calendar is configured to show only office events. Don't show off your ignorance to the world . . .
  • You, sir, are a shill.
  • Wow. Just wow. It's a phone, dude. Calm down. Just for the record, I enjoy using WP as well, but it sounds like you're willing to take a bullet for your phone. Sheesh.
  • Dude. Really. I want w10m to be great, but it isn't. Apps crash , a lot. Phone reboots randomly. It's missing features that 8.1.1 has. I love Windows Phone (8.1.1). But right now, the only thing w10m has over Windows Phone 8.1.1 is that it looks a lot nicer.
  • lol and don't you think they have intention to fix all these issues? If you submit this to feedback and get enough up votes, they will work on this but most of these fixes are probably planned. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • I think I know may way to the feedback app, I have over 6 badges now, and some of my suggestions got over 1.5K votes. Thing is, W10M will never be a good OS if a year after it's been announced we are still facing such basic issues and bugs. Although I hate to admit it, but Apple almost fixes any obvious bugs within a month of release. Here it doesn't look so good 6 months later!
  • The iPhone has plenty of issues right now. The thing is, it's that most of the tech press is paid not to mention those bugs. But what's even better about the iPhone faithful is that they stand behind the product even when problem have made the press send it shows. For every person that complains on tv, the press show 5 that speaks up saying it's not a big deal.
  • True about that applefans but even more so about msfans. People will call you names and say that you lie if you say W10M is bugged and the development is a joke.
  • At least the phone dialer pad doesn't crash on iOS.
  • W10 is not a year old yet. Was released in June or July of last year if I remember correctly. I have the 950XL and you can throw me in the pool of people that aren't having a lot of issues. While there are a couple of issues with it, it's not as bad as that other guy makes it out to be, at least not for me. Jeez, if I had that many issues with it and felt that strongly about it, I would just go buy another phone WP, android, or iPhone. I like the phone, works fine for me. I have no problem with bluetooth.   .Improved the email sync experiences when connecting to Wi-Fi networks with a captive portal. I'm hoping this fix means it will take care of the issue of the "outlook settings out of date" messages. Seems I get them every time my phone connects to the free WiFi at my place of employment. 
  • W10 desktop was over the summer, w10m was technically October or November so way less than a year if we're talking 950/xl, 550 and even less for a couple third party manufactures. If originally a wp 8.1.1 or lower it hasn't even been released yet. Posted from Lumia 640 Win10mobile.
  • Totally agree. Plus in Edge I hate how downloads are handled. When you click a PDF in a webpage it used to just open. Now you get a notification of the finished download. You need to tap the notification. Which leads you to the download list. Then you need to pick the PDF you just downloaded from the list. And then finally you're in the PDF. After reading, we used to be able to just press back to return to the previous webpage, but no longer. Since the PDF is opened in a new tab, you need to press the Tabs button, find the last page you visited from many tabs that are open (like you already mentioned)... Terrible!
  • Haha someone get these guys a complain and whine forum please? Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • .
  • We complain because W10M is a trainwreck.  Everything about it is bad.  Even the things that are theoretically improvements over WP8.1 can't be appreciated because the OS itself is so unstable, unattractive, all-around hard to use.
  • 1. Speak for yourself. 2. If you don't like it, switch, that simple bro. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • I don't think x I'm TC uses wm10, because on my 1520 wm10 is perfect.
  • And I don't think you know what the definition of perfect is. I'll ask Cortana on my L950.
  • It's not one of these items that drove me away from W10M, but the combination is brutal. MS Apps on other platforms > MS apps on W10M. Edge browser - slow and needlessly refreshes pages when you change tabs. Interface on the pathetic apps that are in the store is inconsistent -- some Metro and some hamburger. Lack of banking apps, especially ones with mobile deposit. Very low frequency of updates to third party apps, so a big feature deficit - especially on MS Apps! Laggy, especially on alternating between apps and launching new ones. Skype is a great example.
  • Spot on!!!
  • You can't complain if something isn't working, the sheeps will east you. This Zack guy is a perfect fan. MS can screw him and he will stil like it. MS spent 6 years on coming back to mobile and this is how far they have gotten!?!? People don't get it, at this pace things will never be good. Why dont I switch? Probably would if I wouldn't lose too much giving my 950XL away as nobody wants it where I am. But then again I like the way W10M works way better than Android or IOS... Problem is W10M is crippled by retarded bugs
  • When you're in a pdf, press the back button. It'll take too back to your page
  • That's annoying. I will stick with 8.1 I think.
  • Have you been in this forum before? If so, tabs were a major item here s well as download status notifications. WC needs to rename this site to cry baby central.
  • Well I hate looking at pdfs on edge, so I'm glad it downloads
  • The dimless app list after returning to it from an app really grinds my gears! I was naive to think they would fix it when w10 devices are here, but nope. Do they not care about it? Are they not able to fix it, or what exactly is happening here??? In my native language version of the keyboard typing @ causes the whole clipboard to be pasted into the text. This still hasn't been fixed after months(!!!) of people complaining about it in the feedback app. How many programmers actually work on the mobile version of w10? 5? It's ridiculous...
  • The "dim-less" apps list is apparently being worked on according to a tweet of Gabe's. He mentioned the member of the shell team who was working on it in the same tweet. It was a few weeks back when he replied to somebody asking about it
  • Welcome to the beta test.....are the fixes are Coming Soon TM
  • you listed bugs that were in the builds from august september, the reaosn i said that i have a L1520 too, and the latest build only have minor app crshes, edge is fast, i mean very fast compared to what it was before, i m looking forward to the new features. but overall UX of the latest build is very good, i NEVER had fone freezing completely, last time it hapened was sometime in May. I can post a video but i would not do that for a Troll post.
  • Edge fixed a lot of bugs this update also... Really nice +640/Win10
  • Unless the app is specifically developed by Microsoft, I it's not their fault. Second, were the apps in question developed specifically for WM10? The question is, how does the native functionality of the phone work?
  • Yup. It's amazing how many bugs there still are. Half the time I can't play music in the groove app because it stutters every few seconds. Very annoying but I'm still a fan because, bugs and all, the OS interface design is still miles better than the other guys.
  • Yeah, that stuttering is painful.  Get that ALL the time.  Especially annoying when I'm in a gym session.  I used to think "look at all those tossers playing with their phones when they should be lifting" ... now I'm thinking "look at all those W10 Phone users, trying to get their music to play".
  • Yes, in the gym is the only time I listen to music and it totally destroys the zen when you're constantly fiddling with the phone to try to get the music to play.  I never used to have this problem though so I think it was introduced with a recent update sometime this year.
  • My 950 XL has had the problem since day one.  Sometimes it's worse than others.  Thought it may have been a problem with bluetooth for a while, but wired buds sound the same.  No pattern to it either: sometimes there's a hiccup or two over an hour, other times it's all but unplayable.  Sometimes a reboot clears it up, sometimes it doesn't help at all.  FRUSTRATING.  Actually finding the Spotify app seems to drop out a lot too, even over home wifi.  Audio stack issue?
  • I saw this issue reported on the feedback app and somebody suggested that it has to do with high definition audio and the phone not hibernating other tasks properly during playback so essentially the processor can't handle it, meaning it's not specifically a Groove bug.  Maybe it's a firmware issue.
  • whatever issues you're having use feedback and let them know
  • Feedback pls Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • You may need to try a factory reset. My 1520 zips along with occasional Win10 issue such as Groove not being responsive for a second but overall much more stable experience before reset.
  • He said he did that in the first line!
  • Moan moan moan moan you guys every stop moaing?.
  • My beef is not being able to charge phone off. Best way to fry a battery is to charge whilst using it.
  • Yes I agree
  • I think I'm quite lucky with my 1520. I never encountered any of these except for the proximity sensing which is annoying 10586.107 Rudolf Merck
    Lumia 1520
  • How is it apple and android have had stable and polished platforms for years, yet us beleaguered WP fans are still putting up with this BS.
    My original iPhone form 2007, albeit slow, was polished, smooth and stable from the first day and it still works flawlessly today Sent from my Nokia 925
  • Gimme a break, my friend got his iphone 5 messed up with battery indicator issue with latest update and is not able to get it fixed as apple didnt even admit that there were issue/bugs in the new iOS. there are tons of bugs in the android. updates, ask them who are trying the android M on their phone came the same time your 925 came, some arent even eligible to get the latest OS, you shud be thankfull that MSFT didnt leave you behind. I have a L1520 and have no Issues with stability, once in a blue moon app crash i think is mainly a firmware update issue. looking forward to get new firmware soon.
  • Maybe WP OS enabled discerning customers to want to infer their wants and wishes in a mobile OS, which in-turn, created an ecosystem of users with highier standards that are difficult to meet considering they (the developers) are willing to listen....oh, but to give an inch.    
  • This, 100%.
  • Sir have your updated your L925 to W10? Cuz I've 925 too but I updated it months back but then I came back to 8.1 because of the unstability of W10 just wanted to know if 925 works fine with this build or not? or should I update it or not?? let me know please.
  • And that is why they haven't released it yet on older devices. You have to remember that the best Windows 10 expiriences are in phones that were built with the OS in mind, like the Lumia 950/XL, 650, and 550. I own an XL and it's been great so far, except for one where I agree: SKYPE. Oh and I figure it isn't a bug, but bad design, it does require you to swipe down really low to close the app. It isn't malfunctioning, it's just the way it was programmed. It only closes when it reaches a certain point which is so low especially on devices with a big screen.
  • Heya Rudolf Merck
    Lumia 1520
  • No disrespect, but I have a Lumia 1520 and I haven't had an issue with WM10 on it since at least least the second release build. Currently running .107
  • So overall whole OS is a joke you say Posted From Lumia 638 Windows 10
  • Almost everything you mentioned is happening to me also on my 1520, specially the swiping down for closing apps from the manager. It's this only happening to phones with big screens only? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • More or less the same on my 950XL on this beta kebab. Also they don't seem to think fixing bluetooth is a priority.... Because.... well nobody uses Bluetooth anymore... /S
  • Is there a listing to remove hamburger menus in the feedback app?  If not, start one.  When I get home, I will vote for it.  I agree, the 3 dots right where your thumb can easily reach was best.  I've always hated hamburger menus on my androids, and disappointed that MS is going that way.  I have a L640 that I use to "play" with W10M, and they have yet to convince me to switch from Android, since they can't seem to get their schit together....
  • I guess that's why it's only a preview.  It's supposed to run smoothly after the real update arrives.  
  • Well it cenly takes awhile to boot.  And the random retets are still an issue, but I don't see any of the other problems you are describing. Running an AT&T L950 though, and that might be a lot of the difference.  Once Redstone is released and the builds settle down, and the required firmware is FINALLY released, I expect things weill improve considerably. 
  • Life is pretty good in the Release Preview ring right now - Had my daily driver on fast ring (Lumia 930) up until I got the L950 - I still have the 930 and 435 on the fast ring for when the older devices get RS1 releases down the line
  • Hey can you save an emailed video now?
  • Yes, and audio (mp3, wav, etc..) Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Man it seem like they will never get windows 10 mobile right and some people are die hard fans that fail to realize that this platform is of personal taste that many used to like but are starting to grow apart from
  • I was really hoping someone would say that. Although, yes, I may be a fan and I enjoy helping the platforms grow and develop for it, but I am aware that it is and never will be perfect to my expectations. I notice issues with it often, but you also need to realize, this is in a testing state, so expect things to be unstable and give it time. If you want something to actually be fixed, submit your feedback to the feedback app and not here. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Please... There's a difference between seeing potential and becoming like an Apple-ite.
  • Zack is happy?  Say whattt?? Wow, must be a really decent update.
  • Any word on continuum touch input being fixed Edit doesn't look like this is Redstone
  • It's already been said this isn't Redstone. Only Lumia 950, 950XL, 550 and 650 on fast ring are on Redstone so far. When it's more stable it will be on more phones
  • Yes that's why I edited ny comment as soon as I thought about it
  • Ah yeah I guessed :) just made sense to say just in case. Also good for anyone else who's reading comments if they didn't know :)
  • Awesome update Posted from windows10 windows central app
    Posted with Lumia 640LTE
  • Lumia 640 win 10 bros
  • the only reason I'm not updating my 640xl to windows 10 is because of the really stupid bing search. in windows 8.1, the search interface is really nice and now it just brings up bing page.. that's just annoying. why do they have to remove a very nice feature? ~DheeraJ~
  • Im agree with you! The search option in W10M shows a horrible image presentation and it cant size the images in horizontal position, with no full screen size. Awful!
  • Wait until you see a W10M Redstone build... Cortana now just opens Edge to the site for searches.  It's even worse than having the mobile site wrapper.
  • Yes! I thought I was the only one