Here are the changes Windows 10 build 10130 brings to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has released the changes that Windows 10 build 10130 brings to Microsoft Edge. We have already taken an in-depth look at build 10130 as a whole, but it is always good to see exactly what Microsoft changed in the new browser. While the changes may be small in number, they bring some features users are sure to enjoy.

Here's what's new:

  • Full-screen video is now supported
  • You can now pin/unpin browser panes like Cortana, Favorites, and Reading List

And Microsoft has listed the known issues as:

  • Can't access localhost. Check the FAQ for more info

So, there you have it. Build 10130 brings full-screen video and the ability to pin and unpin browser panes to the new browser. If you've noticed anything else, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Microsoft

Jared DiPane

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  • Can I make the favorites bar icon only yet; like I can in IE?
  • Well wished they released unsurprisingly these builds for WP too :/
  • I wonder if it has some kind of a start screen ? Where the selected webpages would be presented.
  • Like on Chrome and IE? Like most recent/frequently visited as soon as you open the browser?
  • Yes at least something like that?
  • Idk if it's already in this build... But they showed a start screen before... With the sites and some more info and news
  • Yes it has it... But it might change as they are evaluating its effectiveness.
  • It is there from last build
  • My only comment is it loaded over Release 122 seamlessly. It took me forever to update the 74 to 122.
  • Wc should have some notification system in app so that we know when people reply to our comment(with an option to unsubscribe)
  • It does under settings via email..
    Go to settings and then click preferences, but yes I know, the app. I still wonder when it's Universal app is going to appear, developer said he had plans to start in January, it's already June tho.. Source: I asked
  • Yeah... I have it send me an email so I know. The email even contains a link so you can open the app straight to the comment/reply. That email also has a direct link to the new comment via web browser (if you don't have the Windows Central app on your phone/pc/tablet).
  • You can get a notification in Action Center drawer when there is a new article posted, why not new comment ?
  • Agreed, would like to see new comment/reply in action center.. I really don't like to keep receiving emails just to notify me that there's a new reply (I don't use, made me angry) they should think about bring this feature on in next wc app release
  • Seems "Edge'y"
  • Wow...that's much :'-)
  • The only thing keeping me from using edge full time is I can't import my chrome favorites yet. Otherwise I really like what MS has done.
  • Can't you just drag and drop them from the system folders?
  • Why didn't I think to try that?
  • That's what I have been telling them after trying each phone build, in this case to import the saved passwords and favorites from IE11
  • This is a must. If they want users to switch from Chrome and Firefox to Microsoft Edge they need this feature.
  • WebM support when? Also when you press F3 it won't let you immediately type in the search field, you gotta click on it yourself and that's very annoying!
  • Think you mean F6 as the shortcut for the omnibar? And I think WebM support is either under consideration or already included
  • No, he meant F3 which opens the search field box for searching content on the page you're viewing.
  • Mehhh every time you go fullscreen you see a stupid popup saying you are now fullscreen to exit press escape. Annoying.
  • Chrome does this too, right?
  • It's by far one of the more meaningless popups out there. I have eyes, I can see that I'm in full screen mode. But this isn't just in Edge, I've seen it in IE and Chrome as well.
  • Hasn't that been the case for years? IE7 had that. Could be even further back.
  • where's adblocking and tracking protection? I refuse to use a browser with ads.
  • I curious how you think the site you're posting this on makes the money it needs to operate and give you a place to post your comment.
  • Is their right as our to not accept and use adblock or things like..
  • Am I the who finds it odd that the only way that websites and other content providers can deliver content for free is through a method that, at best is an irritant, and at worst can steal a user's personal information, bank details and severely cripple their PC in the process? And that the safest method of browsing the web cuts off the revenue streams for many websites?
  • You have to wonder with most of internet running on a freemium ad model, and how much ppl hate ads, whether this system will be sustainable.
  • Cool
  • Here are*
  • Yes, indeed. That is my mistake. It has been updated :)
  • Does It remember previous tabs on startup yet? Or is the option still disabled?!
  • That option is there.
  • its there, but it is incredibly glitchy for me, it seems to remember tabs from my first session, and it opens them up every start up regardless of how many times i close them
  • After the latest update I can't open Microsoft Edge. It briefly open and crashes back to Start screen. Dell Venue Pro.
  • Full screen video is nice, but no full screen view in general? I'd really like that.
  • Also full screen should only take up the snapped area when snapped, rather than the whole screen. That way you can snap two fullscreen apps side by side, or video to one side and work on the other. It was really handy to be able to do that in Windows 8.
  • Yeah, they should bring that behavior back on Microsoft Edge. Chromeless mode (autohide tabs and navigation bar), that acts like Modern IE and option too for bottom position of tabs and navigation for tablets. This is also useful for small screen and resolution laptops which saves space for content area.
    Also I want dark theme also for Edge. Hope somebody suggest this on Feedback app and Uservoice (I run out of votes).
  • Yeah, they should bring that behavior back on Microsoft Edge. Chromeless mode (autohide tabs and navigation bar), that acts like Modern IE and option too for bottom position of tabs and navigation for tablets. This is also useful for small screen and resolution laptops which saves space for content area.
    Also I want dark theme also for Edge.
    Hope somebody suggest this on Feedback app and Uservoice (I run out of votes). I suggest this on Feedback but very few votes unfortunately.
  • window 10 build 10130 is good than others I Got it from here (TalhaWebz)
  • Your Spam is bad than others  
  • Yay, pinning Cortana pane is useful and something I wanted. I hated when I was trying to copy something from that Cortana pane and it would exit and I'd have to highlight the text again and Ask Cortana again.
  • And now it crashes every time I try and maximise it -.-
  • Temp workaround: Resize the window so it almost fills the screen
  • Absolutely for ms win 10 neeeds about 1 year to make even core functionality clearly working on ours pc
  • Still waiting for the MRU tab-order option.  This is essential.  I don't want to have to Ctrl-Tab ten times to get back to the tab I was just using when I have nearly a dozen tabs open.  I want Ctrl-Tab to take me back to the last tab I used... just like Alt-Tab takes me back to the last App I used.  I hate having to cycle through tabs "in order"... it makes no sense, and slows me down.  It's the main reason I won't use Chrome... because it has no option to set MRU Tab Switching order.
  • What browser has it?
  • What do you mean "What browser has it"?? IE11 has it! IE has always had it. It's why I use IE. I wouldn't have even mentioned it if I hadn't been using it in IE all along.
  • Yeah! I think IE does this already so they should make it on Edge too. Please suggest this on Feedback app and Uservoice and give us link.
  • I'm surprised it's not already in the User Voice (but I have entered it into the Windows 10 Feedback App, which you should be able to find by looking in the "Edge/Spartan" category, the "Tabs" sub-category, and just typing "MRU" in. For User Voice, I entered the suggestion here:
  • Ended up installing Windows 10 over my Windows 8.1 install because of all the positivity around this build... liking it so far - minus missing OneDrive placeholders.
  • Two issues that continue to bug me: Can't edit the properties of an existing Favorite. Can't rearrange Favorites on the Favorites Bar.  
  • For whatever reason, the icons in my favorites bar are all place-holders (little globes)... even for main/popular sites like Bing, Google, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Less than 10% of the favorites icons are actually the correct favicon. You also can't set it to show ONLY icons (at least not that I've found). No ability to have Ctrl-Tab switch tabs in "Most Recently Used" order... you always have to cycle through all open apps. Ick. An option to have the address bar drop to the bottom in Tablet Mode would be nice (the "Modern" IE browser in Windows 8.1 is amazing actually... I wish tablet mode Edge would be as good UI-wise).
  • Wish they would make this kind of progress with mobile
  • And you still can't share to the new Mail app
  • Swipe to go backwards and forwards needs to be implemented
  • Nope, that's a full screen immersive feature that died when Modern became Adaptive UX.
  • Great browser but Crashes too much to even be useful.
  • When do we get the icon?
  • Tear out tabs.   It's not a real browser until it supports tear out tabs.