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Windows 10 build 10130: Everything you need to know

While we were not expecting a new build of Windows 10 this week, Microsoft decided to surprise Insiders with a new preview. This time, Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 build 10130 with a few improvements and some polish.

The software giant says that moving forward, we are going to see more tuning, tweaking, and simply more stable and polish version of Windows 10. The company is now trying to get the operating system ready for launch, which is likely to happen as soon as July. With only two months left, Microsoft is more focused on fixing what's already included, instead of introducing more features.

Recently, Windows 10 build 10125 emerged onto the web, unveiling a number of updates, some of which are now present in Windows 10 build 10130. However, today we are going to see everything Microsoft has included since the last official release (build 10122), which will help everyone to have a better picture of what's to come.

Below, you will find all the new changes in Windows 10 build 10130:

Start menu

The software giant includes various tweaks that make the Start experience a little better. In Windows 10 build 10130, you can open the Settings app > Personalized > Start to customize whether you like the Start menu to show apps and content suggestions, display recently opened apps, or show the recently added apps group.

Also, you can now click on Customize list to customize the list of places that appear on the bottom left of the Start menu, by the Power options.

Note: Microsoft is also warning that there is a bug upgrading from Windows 10 build 10122 that removes the default File Explorer and Settings. If you experience the issue, you can go to the Start settings to add the places back.

When going to "All apps", users can now click the listing labels (0-9, A, B, C...) to access a new grid with letters contains apps. This new addition will help users to get through the list faster to find an app.

Users will see that a "New" label will appear next to the "All apps" indicating that there are new apps installed in the system. On the other hand, when you are in Tablet mode, the new hamburger button on the top-left, will have a "big dot" indicating a new app has been installed.

Also, this new build gets rid of the 3D flipping animations for Live Tiles in favor of a similar animation that Windows 8.1 users see in the Start screen.

Jump Lists

In this new version, Jump Lists menus have been updated to match the language design Microsoft is following with Windows 10. And Jump Lists not only appear when you right-click an app or File Explorer in the taskbar, but also in the Start menu.


Continuum, also known as Tablet mode, has been slightly updated. Now users can swipe in from the top edge to open the app commands, just like Windows 8.1 users expect.

Officially in Windows 10 build 10130, the taskbar gets a universal back button that works in the same way as on a Windows Phone. Accessing and drilling inside an app, you can now click the back button to jump a step back, and if you are in the homepage of the app, clicking the back button will move out of the app to the previous app or Start menu.


The desktop environment in Windows 10 gets various tweaks and improvements. The most noticeable change is the new updated set of icons. Users will now see updated icons for File Explorer, Quick access, This PC, Network, drives, and pretty much all around the operating system.

The new icon design matches the Windows 10 design language. They are more consistent and cohesive across the OS. They are a very similar to what users are used to seeing in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft also notes that the new icons are more consistent between desktop and mobile, which means that apps like Word and Excel will look similar on any device.

Other subtle changes include a new taskbar animations for actions, such as moving files and downloads. For example, now downloads fill vertically as you can see in the image below.

In Windows 10 build 10130, there is no more ugly borders in the Action Center. It looks more integrated into the operating system.

The Volume controls, battery, and network pane are now also transparent.

There is a print feature in Windows 10 and Microsoft is now renaming it to "Microsoft Print to PDF". If previously, you were using "Print as a PDF", you can delete this option by going to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, then right-click Print as a PDF and finally select Removed device.

On the taskbar, Microsoft is finally changing the behavior for Virtual Desktops. Now the taskbar will only show windows on the current desktop by default. If you want to change this behavior, you can go to Settings apps > System > Multitasking > Virtual Desktops.

And on Movies & TV, users can now play videos in full-screen mode.


Microsoft is tweaking Cortana a bit more in build 10130. Users will notice that the initial setup process has changed with new animations and graphics to make the experience a little smoother.

The software maker also includes a new keyboard shortcut: Windows Key + C to launch the speech recognition UI.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello, which is a new security feature that allows users to sign-in to Windows 10 without a password and only using facial recognition, makes an appearance in this new preview. However, it appears that you cannot configure it at this time (or at least without the correct hardware).

Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10 build 10130, Microsoft continues to call its new web browser "Project Spartan", but the company says that soon they will change it the name to "Microsoft Edge".

In this new build, the web browser jumps to version 15.10130. You can pin Cortana, Favorites, Reading list, and other panes to the software while browsing the web.

Other changes include improved advanced print options. The address bar badges have also been updated. Reading view also has support for more type of content, window sizes, and device layouts.

In this new build, users can finally go to sites like YouTube or Hulu and play videos in true full-screen mode.

Finally, the Settings pane is now divided into two sections. The main settings section features options to configure new tab pages, change default search engine (which you can't change at this moment), reading view, and more. Then there is the Advanced settings where you can enable or disable Adobe Flash Player, change privacy settings, enable or disable Cortana for Microsoft Edge, and more (refer to previous image).

Wrapping things up

Overall, Windows 10 build 10130 looks more polished and stable. Just navigating around and using apps feels more solid than before, but of course I'm only speaking for myself. I'm pretty sure that with different hardware, the operating system will still behave differently, and many Windows Insiders may have a total different experience.

There are no big changes in this build, and we won't be seeing major changes either as Microsoft engineers have already locked all the features. They are now just trying to finish the operating system by summer time.

Even though there are still some bugs that need to be worked out, Microsoft says that build 10130 is expected to release to the Slow ring of updates. The ISO files for this build are likely to be available soon.

Windows 10 has come a long way, how do you feel about the results? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • That pin to start icon in the 18th image sucks. Those pin to start icon also sucks on windows phone settings screen too.
  • Haters gonna hate hate hate hate...
  • Its what bewildered android children do.
  • Yeah...
  • Shake it off, shake it off.
  • What are you talking about? All the icons suck.
  • The new 10130 icons are actually decent. In earlier builds they were horrible, but now they're fine.
  • I'm actually referring to the wireframe icons more than the desktop ones. The desktop ones are okay. The wireframe icons though are a total fail when you're trying to figure out what they mean from a distance. They're even worse on mobile.
  • The wire frame icons do look bad on low resolution monitors! Only some of them. The lines are too thin.
  • yes, all the icons, ever...all of them suck. icons are just a bad idea in general. U-U
  • If the icon in the 18th image is all you have to complain about then they must be doing something right. 
  • For me, the toggle switches and the amount of white space in that whole menu is amazingly lame.
  • I've gotten used to those toggle switches, but damn that white space! :\
  • Truuue. The toggle icons are on fleek. Too much white space throws the design off a notch. Why not put the toggles in the right, right? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • On the other hand, too little white space makes things feel jammed together and messy. I think the current amount of white space is perfect.
  • So hate the white space, doesn't that kill battery?
  • So a couple of icons in the 18th image aren't to your liking. I think if that's all you can come up with then Microsoft are doing pretty well here.
  • One of my personal favorites... the Flip 3D tile seems to have been removed. That was super ugly, glad its gone.
  • Disagree...loved the 3D tile.
  • Me too I love the 3d flip tile sad its gone tho.
  • Glad it's gone too. Was jarring as compared to the traditional live tiles.
  • I could take or leave the 3D tile. I'm inclined to leave it though.
  • Indeed. I wouldn't care if they went with it, but I do prefer the "sliding card" look more than the OMG SO COOL 3D 90s style box turn.
  • Is it just a fade in when you start an app?
  • Agreed. I would hate windows 10 if they stuck with those 3d tile.
  • I thought it was too gimmicky and goofy looking.
  • Yup, those 3d flipping tiles were more like cubes which I didn't like at all. Glad they removed them.
  • I agree. 3d was is way out of the flat language.
  • Exactly. While I didn't hate them, they certainly didn't mesh with the flat design language of W10. IT is better that they gone.
  • I still have 3d flip so maybe they're still doing 50/50 testing
  • Yep. With you.
  • Yep, so says all.
  • Woaaa . Transparent action centre!! Should be in windows 10 mobile too!
  • I really really hope so!
  • Transparent action center is good. But having the same accent colour looks ugly. Black or white would do.
  • Yeah, they should have different color accent from the taskbar color. Darker color from the taskbar or just make it almost black and light gray instead. Same thing applies to System Tray flyouts.
  • Yeah.. Accent color are a bit ugly.. Make it more glassy look , like the windows aero/glass..
  • Is the start menu transparent too? It doesn't look it or maybe it's set at a low level. Tbh though I'm going to miss having my desktop pic directly behind my live tiles.
  • Yeah a small change, but it makes it look way more polished. So many I'd these little changes in this build, really make the whole thing come together and feel like a near complete OS. Looking good for release in 2 months. Still hope they surprise us with a few more cool features though.
  • I just hope more social apps can be integrated into the people hub..
  • Waiting patiently for Edge to remember login credentials as well as the ability to drag tabs to create new windows. Pretty basic features I hope get implemented by rtm.
  • The new windows problem isn't actually a problem. They decided dragging tabs out is a hassle and you can right click and click move to new windows instead.
  • Dragging tabs is way more convenient than having to right click to create a new window. It's definitely coming. If you try to drag the tabs now you get a weird red error icon that moves around. In previous builds you couldn't even do that so they're bringing back the feature. It's such a basic feature in all browsers and imperative for anyone with a mouse trying to do things quickly.
  • I have done support for over 15000 users over the past 10 years... Almost no one knows what right click does, nobody. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This. I will definitely move to Edge after these basic features are implemented.
  • I'll move to Edge, maybe, if they ever turn on addon support. There's a reason Firefox, then Chrome took over the interwebs, and despite what all the geeks want to argue concerning web standards, the average user couldn't give a hoot about javascript benchmarks, html 5 tests, etc. They do care if they can install youtube downloaders and adblockers. 
  • One of my favorite features in Maxthon is the ability to highlight text and then drag and drop anywhere to open a new tab searching the highlighted text with your favorite search engine. Good for research
  • You can highlight text now and then right click "ask Cortana", for information, very nifty and similar. On the plus side in this build edge actually makes full screen videos and content full screen without the taskbar. Baby steps.
  • Let's get this to the feedback. I would really like that feature.
  • Yeah, I hope they fix that on next update. Edge kept forgetting cookies.
    I'm waiting also for thumbnail preview on tabs (they already shown in a video). I want also to have a full-screen and chromeless browsing similar to Modern IE from Windows 8.1, autohide tabs and navigation bar. And dark theme.
  • Only if windows 10 mobile could see this much progress.......sigh!
  • It's just a side project to Microsoft. And has been treated as such.
  • ... Yeah, how dare Microsoft give their #1 product they are most know for the royal treatment.
  • I hear this side project ish all the time. How is it a side project?
  • I hate to say it, but he's right. Windows phone/mobile has never been treated like a first class citizen by Microsoft. And the fact that we're now closing in on two years since we had flagship hardware only serves to underscore that fact.
  • "And the fact that we're now closing in on two years since we had flagship hardware only serves to underscore that fact."
    No, you are just flat out wrong about that. McLaren was a Nokia Lumia flagship that ended up not working/lining up (problems with the hardware) so Microsoft nixed it. You can't just bang out a flagship hardware especially when you are in between OSs. Flagship phones take between 9-12 months from design to being in a person's hands. One reason we see lower-end stuff coming out more is because those are much easier, quicker and lower risk. No carrier wants a "flagship" Windows Phone in early 2015 b/c they all know Windows 10 is on the way. You folks are merely interpreting things as an outsider with limited knowledge of company decisions and reasoning. Remember that before making such claims about a company.
  • Um Dan, with that reasoning none of us would be entitled to an opinion. We can only work with what we know and perceive. This isn't an industry insider forum.
  • Nah, they dropped the ball. We've heard enough excuses.
  • I'm with Daniel on this one. We are talking about a major change in the way Windows are made distributed and developed. But "whiners gonna whine" that's a fact. What one can do is give constructive feedback. You want something to change, try pinpointing what exactly is wrong or what you think it's missing. But I guess some people are never satisfied ate they?
  • Daniel I hear you about  McLaren but this highlights the risks when developing a new phone.  Look at the damage that it has caused to MS' marketing efforts when it decided not to press on.  2 years without a flagship is a huge dent to the brand's credibility.  Now, not pressing on might have been the right decision, given McLaren's feature set and how far it had progressed in its development process, but the mistakes might have been made at the early design stages when they were deciding what the new feature set should be. Either way, the lack of a flagship has had the effect of positioning the Lumia brand as a cheap discount brand, that is evolving toward Android and losing its distinctive features that made it look so attractive in the first place.  It's becoming an Android wannabee. There is no aspirational appeal about it now.  It's not cool to have a windows phone.  Having one implies that you belong to a lower socio-economic grouping, the Untouchables of Indian culture. 
  • Most of what you say may be true, but the time factor is ridiculous. I get why Microsoft releases the low end phones--they can sell more of them, hence get more Windows phones out there, but they are between OSs too! There's really no valid excuse for leaving your (probably) most dedicated users hanging for nearly two years waiting for a flagship phone.
  • This guy just doesn't know what he's talking about. It is not because Windows 10 for phones is a bit late than the Windows 10 development means that Microsoft is maltreating it. 2 years have past, and we have come from Windows 8, then Windows 8 with Lumia Amber, then Windows 8 with Lumia Cyan, then Windows 8 update 1 and 2 with Lumia Cyan, then Windows 8.1 with Lumia Denim, then Windows 8.1 with lumia Denim update 1, and now Windows 10 is on the way. What are you talking about Microsoft not treating Windows Phone as first class citizen?
  • Can you remember what had changed from wp8.1 to wp8.1.2 ?  
  • If you mean wp8.1 gdr1 to wp8.1 gdr2, I know there are improvements and changes but I don't know everything because not all phones got it yet. My 930 has no gdr2.
  • I won't say it is a side project, but it is certainly a beneficiary of W10 and the Universal Windows apps.  They got to get the W10 out first, so the W10 Mobile will be able to see its brighter days ahead.
  • Side project...and they unified the store for that side project. Wow, one hell of a treatment for side project. Idiot.
  • Why do you have to call him an idiot? Didn't you get enough of that in grade school? From your name you may still be there....Eagerly awaiting your less than friendly grade school worthy reply.
  • Too much love for jonnie...newly wed?
  • It will when the desktop version reaches RTM. Be patient.
  • I'm running the latest build of windows down for mobile and it's really stable.
  • Correct me if I am wrong, but early reports and rumour of wp10 started coming out even before the release of Android lollipop, and they have released a dp for android m and we still are waiting for a stable release of wp10. I am a wp fan too, but this is harsh reality ms is way behind than google. If they want to compete against google they need to do 2 year of work in 6-7 months.
  • Revamping an entire os is way lengthier then just a minor update
  • Yeah, Google took a long time to get Android L to the marker, just as Microsoft is taking its time to bring Windows 10M to the market... You can't rush greatness
  • Not only that, but google doesn't really have a desktop operating system that billions of people use daily. Microsoft has to split resources btwn mobile and desktop unlike google and their , not desktop Chrome OS!
  • Don't forget about Xbox One's os getting the Win 10 treatment as well, they have to make sure many devices play well together, which i'm going out on a limb and saying is a gargantuan task.
  • Yes MS is way behind Google, I can't see the reason why, but no one can argue with that.
  • Haters gonna hate.!
  • If not for Microsoft Windows, there would be no Google.
  • MS is way ahead of scroogle and I can see that
  • Mee too.
  • They are developing for 4 devices simultaneously which more than a billion people use everyday and haev to make they all work the same way and in sync.
  • @Noersetiawan, not sure if serious or sarcasm. If the former, maybe you should stick to chrome o/s then :P.
  • Damn, it looks soooo good. If they can get the mobile SDK looking this good it's going to be a banner year for MS.
  • In this build on the SP3 at least, they've buggered the taskbar it will no-longer auto hide so no apps run full screen anymore - this was really smooth in the last build.
    And they've buggered up the Start Screen again going back to just two columns and tonnes of wasted space.
    Definitely a backwards step this build also buggy as hell compared to the last one.
  • Try cleaning your device with disk cleanup and disk defrag. It should run smoothly again
  • SP3 has an SSD... Disk Defrag is not recommended.
  • Correct! Never run disk defrag on SSD. It is both useless and it wears out the disk. Defragmenting a disk is something you did with normal mechanical HDD, not flash-based storage (Solid State Storage, SSD).
  • Wrong! Microsoft's Defrag tool detects SSDs and performs TRIM on them instead of the traditional defragmentation technique, so the defrag tool using trim can still benefit even SSDs
  • Hey also from Cardiff :) (well, Penarth/Llanharan!)
  • Boot entry now says windows 10 instead of technical preview.
  • Had to go back 10130 broke my computer now start and notifications don't work
  • Same on mine. Every other one has been close to perfect, reliability wise, this is running crappy. I'm on an i7 hp pavilion, what are you on?
  • I am having the same issue on Surface Pro. Hopefully there will be an update soon to fix it. I also get a memory write error when shutting down, does anyone else get that?
  • It wouldn't even let me install 10130 on SP3. I'm stuck with this odd error 0x80246017.
  • I get the same error on a Dell Venue 11 Pro.
  • I have the same problem in Surface pro 3 after upgrading to this release. Wondering if switch back to older release will fix this problem.
  • But Google only has one OS to work with... MS is redesigning from scratch all their OSs...which in this cade are seven...not that simple to do as adding more coder's to a build just wont cut on time... Not mention most features from MS apps will also be running on other OS's....
  • Exactly, I dont think many people appreciate quote what a mammoth task ms are doing right now. They're not just releasing a new OS like from XP to Vista or Vista to 7. They're almost starting again, but not only that they're creating an OS that not just works on but is designed for desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, xbox and practically any other device you can think of! They're combining the equivalent of about 7 OS's into one amazing and seamless one.
  • Anyone running this on a SP2? Curious of anyone's experiences. Good and bad. Looks like its really coming together.
  • Running it on a SP1. Seems good so far!
  • Just download it.
    This build is very (a bit less emphasis on very) close to the final one, so I don't think the performance is going to be anywhere near "bad"
    You can work with it, at least now you can.
  • Running on a pro 2?
  • Nope.
    But I think the performance will be good.
  • I'm running on my SP2 8MB, and this is really nice. I really wanted the alphabet jump lists from WP, and so happy the are hear. Scrolling down long app list in tablet mode was inefficient. Edge is really nice. Very happy with the progress. Used for about 5 hours now. Touch office preview is vey similar to 2013 pro, so far, so good.
  • Anyone notice the music and video has now new icons?? And music has now dark theme.. (not the previews)
  • Yes, I do not like that new icon for music app. 
  • It's weird though that the new icon have a CD on it and it doesn't support CD at all. They should just retain using headphone or music note icon.
  • The music and downloads icons def aren't working together... The music one is far too big and looks more 3D... Meh.
  • So sad that Messaging and Handoff-like feature doesn't make it to the final build.
  • Well, it wouldn't be too useful while the mobile version of Windows 10 isn't even out anyway. I hope it will follow in a later update, though, maybe even at the same time as Windows 10 Mobile.
  • It probably will come with WXM because that will be a little later, and when we really need it will be when it works on mobile anyway.
  • They will come later, though.
  • Damn im in love. Win10 cleans up nicely! Keep it up!
  • Agreed
  • I really need the ISO. The regular update is sending my computer into a reboot infinite loop. Already tried around 5 times.
  • I get stuck on the logo boot screen....for hours. I'm using an older Samsung laptop which I think is the problem. ISO can't come soon enough.
  • Do you happen to have a laptop with an older AMD/Intel switchable setup? The drivers for those are royally screwed up but AMD is working on it.
  • It is switchable but it is actually with Nvidia. It's a good ole m11xr2.
  • You can create ISO from the file that was downloaded using Windows Update
  • I'm so pleased with the desktop OS in short it's just beautiful but i don't like folders icons MS the could come up something nice that sticking to the old look of windows 7 . It doesn't match with modern windows 10 style at all . And m
    i'm tired with that yellow colors of the folders
  • People who are committing here don't have proper knowledge on how things work in a software development company. Please don't think you are speaking everything correct.
  • It's becoming so beautiful. *_*
  • Everyone is celebrating the new Windows 10 build, I'm just here waiting on a new Windows 10Mobile build 
  • You all have created a cycle. A cycle consisting of two elements: Windows 10, Windows 10M. When the process supposed to be done by Windows 10 is completed, you want the process of the Windows 10M to be executed and when that happens, you come back to Windows 10.
    Do you even know how hard it is to apply a completely new design aesthetic to a OS? How hard it is to come up with a Store that's functional across both PC and Phone with SAME UI? And after many of such processes are done, how hard it is to review what's wrong and needs fixing?
  • It would be great if they also introduce transparency to window bars.
  • It appears that they're going the opposite direction.  They got rid of the ability to customize your color choice.  Now you have to pick a system color from a limited swatch of very similar shades.  THERE'S NOT EVEN A DARK BLUE.
  • Seems to be the most unstable version for me. Constantly freezing my entire system just opening the start menu.
  • Well it's more stable than ever for me.
  • Mauro, you still have a floppy disk drive?
  • I'm using a virtual machine, that's why the floppy... Thanks,
  • Is developer preview for windows 10 going to be there?
  • Happy with the change in relation to the 3-D tiles. If Windows mobile 10 is as good as this, I'll be a super happy customer.
  • It's very buggy here.
  • It's looking gorgeous on the desktop, I love how colorful it is. Just hope they make the tablet experience good as well.
  • Beautiful...everything just looks neat and simple...can't wait to get a dell XPS 13 with w10
  • Did they fix the hang while using slideshow desktop backgrounds??
  • Allow Edge to run in immersive mode with swipe navigation and I'll be much happier with it. Allow me to snap Cortana web search results so I don't have to retype or page back to return to them and I'll be ecstatic
  • One thing I don't get is swipe down from top. Every other OS, that is notifications. App commands, multitasking, charms, and notifications. Charms such as share and settings are the most relevant, can be mixed with multitasking which on Windows is default on the bottom with the taskbar... Basically tablet mode is still better in 8.1
  • Aside from the badly designed icons, circle profiel pictures, toggle switches, sliders, hamburger menus, etc. it's coming along really nice. Can't wait for someone with modding skills to fix it.
  • ISO plz!
  • Not available for the fast ring!
  • Starting to finally come together. Looking forward to the final release. Until then, trucking along on 8.1
  • The Music app is flat out gorgeous.  Especially nice with the dark theme.  I am impressed.
  • The biggest bug for me is that all the apps I installed on my SD card on the previous build no longer work. The apps and data are still on the card and the tiles are on my tablet start screen and in the all apps list but they just don't launch.
    I've tried reinstalling from the store but that fails with an error and so far I've been unable to find a solution to get them working.
  • guys i have updated my laptop with last preview update..i want to update it with new version 10130.. it will show the update itself in settings or i need to do anything like i should go to the web and follow the instructions? 
  • It'll show up in Windows Update if you are on the fast ring.
  • The on screen and keyboard buttons are working again for next and back.
  • Oh, dear, that "box flip 3D ugly thing" was really ugly as hell... Looked so 90's. :)
  • Glad the 3D flip animation for live tiles is gone, it really didn't fit in with the Windows 10 asthetic.
  • I think the windows 10 mobile update should be almost autumn 2015.
  • How to get dark theme in this build?
  • Hope we get transparent action center too, as well as start screen categories we can as we see fit.
  • No update found with Windows update. Some tips?
  • Shaping up nicely.
  • I hate wireframe
  • Has anyone installed it on a Surface 3?
  • Cant update and keep saying error
  • Them ugly toggles. :O
  • Ugly? Seriously? You life sucks mate.
  • Yes, seriously. Ugly as hell. And you're not welcome to comment on my life, UNESCO.
  • I gather you're bad at jokes, eh? I'm a royal. Do you know what that is? I can do with your life whatever I please to; whether you like it or not. You're beneath me.
  • I don't give a f who you are.Come up with a good comment to reply on mine. Royal my @ss. :D :D
  • Lol. That's the only best thing you can do. Oh, I can sense you're butthurt. Keep it down, peon. Your petty comments don't do shit :D
  • AlastairUNSC - STFU and GTFO you pompous douche.
  • Oh, well, that really was no attempt to impress your boyfriend. You can be jealous elsewhere.
  • A Douche is much better that him, I suppose. ;)
  • Hey, I won't continue to keep up with the argument if you're gonna invite your mates to have an uncivilized conversation with me.
  • Jeez, He is not my mate. Lol. Get a life dcikhead :D
  • "Get a life" - how ironic. I am a son of a billionaire. My life is obviously light years better than what you can possibly even conceive through your senses. This is boring. You have no taste. If you need a life, I can buy you one ;)
  • Wow. A billionaire's son? That's why the attitude. Look, son of an asshole. Get a life of your own. Make your own money. Then come and talk. I am far better than you. Lmao. You cant even buy my pubic hair with your money douchebag. :D :D
  • Lol. I can buy you. But anyway, this is so foolish. My dad will pound me if he spots me even talking to you.
  • Lol. You talk big. Give it a try. Try buying my pubic hair pls. :D Utter piece of shit that ever happen to an utter father. F... Off.
  • Live another day, wimp. Take a hike.
  • Today in the morning I started the upgrade process to this build from the previous 10122, but it was halted because I had not enough free space. I've removed some files and ran Disk Cleanup, removing the previous Windows.old instalation, then restarted the PC, went to look for updates, clicked on the Retry link, but afterwards the upgrade process suddently closed and now it never finds the 10130 build. I've cleaned the temporarary Windows instalation files with Disk Cleanup (about 2.5gb), but I'm starting to think that I won't be able to install this build. Every time I go to Advanced Option, the slow/fast option is always set to Slow, even if I switch it to Fast. Any hint? Btw, Windows 10 x86 on a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10.1" 32gb    
  • Have the seem problem friend.
  • My log in by PIN is still not working.
  • Same here!
  • this update broke my sound somehow.  Cant get it to work at all.  Cirrus Logic onboard on my dell inspiron 15 3520.  was able to get the Official windows 8.1 driver package from dells driver website to install but still no dice.  When i try to play the test tone in the sound config cpanel it just errors that the sounds didnt play.   here's to waiting for a fix!
  • It's no longer called "Play To" a device its "Cast To". I love that voice control is enabled when casting a video to the Xbox 360. It's always worked like that never understood why its disabled when playing video from other sources.
  • Wow
  • Do you all really like this new Recyle Bin Icon? I find the one on Win7 and 8 Better than this.
  • No the Recycle Bin icon and name are so ugly retro.
  • I'm still having issues witth Cortana on my SP3 witth the new build. She doesnt respond with audio intermittently and now the "Learn My Voice:" function does nothing when clicked.
  • They should put the back button on the far left, start in the middle, and Cortana to the right. That way it would be more consistent with Windows Phone. lol Unless they are planning on changing the soft key layout in Windows Phone for the new flagships. More than likely, they'll ditch the soft keys in favor of on-screen, which looks cheap in my opinion.
  • Start menu was disappearing slightly this morning
  • I've seen that happen on a few past builds.  Usually a restart clears it.
  • PIN login doesn't work again in this upgrade...
  • Same problem here
  • Thx God that they get rid of the 3D flipping effect :)
  • The 3D flip animations are gone in the start menu and it looks nice.  There was a bit of feedback about people not liking them.
  • Tablet mode still and still sucks. For tablets its still downgrade compared to windows 8.1 :'( 
  • I like to use the task bar in The right side :/ they should think a Little more in ppl like me .. Some use to like in left side.. Anyway runing it on a vm I noticed that some icons aren't working as it need to :/
  • What is the short key to just focus mouse cursor in search box? I'm not talking about opening voice assistant!
  • Really too many kids arguing about icons? Such crying babies .. Sad the level of concern here.. Instead care about more important things .... Shame for u guys.. Is like that dumb ones fighting for colors to their smartphones.. It will not improve anything.. Colors or icons.. Wont change the performance... Grow up and face it
  • Just a minute, I'm about to phone Apple and advise them that design aesthetic is irrelevant lol
  • I'm not on the TP but going by all the articles and pics, this seems highly confusing compared to the Start Screen on 8.1. This W10 seems like a mess and lacks any clarity as in 8.1 where Desktop and Start Menu were simply and easy, especially in tablet mode. I'm saying what I think at this point but will keep an open mind until I actually use W10.
  • Too bad DirectX12 isn't coming to Windows 8. It would improve gaming performance on my tablet. I wouldn't upgrade otherwise, Windows 8 so far is much better to use on tablets.
  • Can't wait for final version! Also waiting for Windows 10 mobile! ^^ So excited!
  • I got many issues with this build on my desktop (i7 3770, 8gram, vertex 4 ssd) it doesnt remember my default apps. loses my steinberg card and i have to start an asio app in order to get it back. doesnt multichannel my audio card like before between apps. get explorer errors during shutdown, restart some times stucks in a loop. i thought i need to do a clean install this time, i did,  but didnt change the behavior after. In my old toshiba c2d e8500 laptop all the other versions worked smoothly but this one doesnt even want to install and restores to a previous working version (10122) some gui parts and functions are indeed better but stabillity has suffered.. waiting for the next one.
  • How do we clear live tiles on the 101xx builds?
  • Upgraded to 10130 caused a washed out look on my screens and sound was not working, tried a few drivers nothing. Did a fresh reinstall and it seemed to fix my washed out look however sound was still not working. Had to go back to 10122.
  • I don't have the universal back button
  • I hope they are going to add features to the apps. Right now the Universal Apps don't seem to want to use Share (files) or to work with other apps that allow Share.
  • I'm really looking forward to use the final build. This will be The best software experience we can get when all the things are ironed out. Just wait and see.
  • And people were panicking because they thought MS wouldn't be able to get rid of all the bugs in time for launch.
  • I have been trying for hours today to get this new build, but have had no success.  I keep getting an error that says: "There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later.  If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:  fbl_impressive Core 10130 - Error 0x80070652"  Anyone else getting this?  Anyone know how to fix it?
  • You guys refer to Microsoft too many times as "the software giant"
  • I have a problem with connecting to the Wi-Fi. In other hand the battery life is way better than before.
  • PIN not working...
  • Can Microsoft not see the massive colour inconsistency issues in Windows? Look above - on one screen shot we see nothing but forest green taskbar and action centre, both with white text. The shot below that shows the Print to PDF window, which is all white with black text, and then the next screen shot shows a mix of the green and a dark grey with white text. If a user chooses a dark theme, then everything should be white on dark grey. If they choose light, then everything should be black text on a light background. This has been an ongoing issue since Vista and it is way past time they sorted it out.
  • The thing I hate about the notification center is that the notifications only remain for awhile before being unable to tap them
  • Sucks that they removed the new live tile animations. I didn't like the 3D flipping effect either, but it shows that windows 10 is pretty much a beta of correcting what PC people wanted. It has almost nothing for tablet users , exploding tikes, most of the useful apps presented at the W10 announcement have no polish, have been pushed to be added later as the Windows as a service structure is added, or not been demonstrated at all. Exploding tiles and Interactive tiles were, of course demoed by the MS Research division years ago and are nowhere in sight and little changes to the live tile home screen that is the highlight of the new windows experience.
  • I'm liking the direction that Windows 10 is going in, but I don't like that they keep stripping down the control panel.
  • Is it stable enough to use on my main laptop?
  • No
  • Maybe
  •   How much data to download this build
  • I know it is childish, but every time I hear the name "Edge" I think of the masturbation technique. I don't care about the name, it's just something that makes me smirk every time XD
  • Here is what I need to know. What is Xbox.TCUI?
  • Too many complaints about the dumbest things, no wonder Microsoft keeps throwing feedback out the window and doing their own thing. Care about functionality now, worry about toggles, and the trashcan icon they've changed 80 times, later.
  • I like the look of this better. Am going to put this update onto my test laptop today.
  • Main change I noticed post update is that W10 now scales correctly on my Macbook's Retina display. Before all icons and text would be miniscule.
  • There are a few little nits I could pick, sure. But big picture, I'm in love, so much so that I'm very seriously considering going all-in next hardware round. (Desktop, Laptop/Tablet, Phone). Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It's shaping up rather nicely =D I wonder how fast it'll load on my Surface Pro now, as the last beta came on almost instant - that's faster than windows 8.1!!
  • 10030 has lots of bugs in my machine.. :S
  • I've had Windows 10 installed on a separate partition alongside Windows 8.1. For those who have it this way too - be careful. Build 10130 damaged my MBR so I was unable to boot into any OS. Fixing this is pretty easy using console from Windows installation disk. Just keep this in mind before updating.
  • So Skype doesn't work on this Build? I can't seem to sign in. *Time to go to Feedback
  • nothing less from microsoft ... but should have relibality and should have a good speed in accessing the speed of windows 10
  • Just got my 10130 build update and now it says cant find my network. But my phone is using wifi I saw this is a bug. How do I fix this!
  • Just got my 10130 build update and now it says cant find my network. But my phone is using wifi I saw this is a bug. How do I fix this!0
  • Cool
  • Build 10130 made my machine completely unusable.  I have not had any issues with any of the previous builds until now. It's a decently spec'd Acer with touchscreen (don't have it nearby so can't provide details) Performance is so horrible, i'm led to believe it's frozen, only to see mouse move eventually can't pinpoint source of bad performance....sometimes CPU hits 100% for a long time, sometimes Disk I/O I have managed to boot into safe mode to shut down unnecessary services, but doesn't help Seems to have messed with/destroyed a portion of the registry.  Some programs are behaving as if they've been newly installed and/or haven't been purchased lastly, no matter what, the screen eventually goes completely black (not due to inactivity). sometimes it's "frozen" black, sometimes i can see the mouse cursor move over the blackness.  either way, machine doesn't recover from the black screen and requires a reboot posting my comment in hopes i'm not the only one...
  • Build 10130 made my machine completely unusable.  I have not had any issues with any of the previous builds until now. It's a decently spec'd Acer with touchscreen (don't have it nearby so can't provide details) Performance is so horrible, i'm led to believe it's frozen, only to see mouse move eventually can't pinpoint source of bad performance....sometimes CPU hits 100% for a long time, sometimes Disk I/O I have managed to boot into safe mode to shut down unnecessary services, but doesn't help Seems to have messed with/destroyed a portion of the registry.  Some programs are behaving as if they've been newly installed and/or haven't been purchased lastly, no matter what, the screen eventually goes completely black (not due to inactivity). sometimes it's "frozen" black, sometimes i can see the mouse cursor move over the blackness.  either way, machine doesn't recover from the black screen and requires a reboot posting my comment in hopes i'm not the only one...
  • Works really well,i can now surely used it as my daily windows.
  • I have 10130 clear  instaled from iso file. After downloading the 10162 update via Windows Update Center it installed  and  computer restarts. However, after restart at first screen prompt appears to select the keyboard language, and next screen  displays a message that the system can not boot and must be shut down or proposed to rollback  to the previous version. A similar situation occurs when update  from ISO file. What could be the Problem?