Audible is giving members a reason to cash in on any credits they've been saving up lately. Through January 29, members can receive up to $15 as a promotional Audible coupon when you spend two or more Audible credits. The more you spend, the more you'll earn. Audible's freebies don't end there though; the Audible Challenge is also live right now, and listening to three full books before March 3 will earn you a $20 promotional Amazon credit! If you're not a member already, sign up today.

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Listen to Audible and earn up to $35

Audible's offering up to a $15 coupon when you spend two or more Audible credits before January 30. Spend two to earn $5, four to earn $10, or six to earn $15! You'll also earn a $20 Amazon credit by listening to three full books before March 3!

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These Audible offers are stellar because they're really not asking you to do anything you don't already do as a member. Of course, you'll need to be an Audible member to score these promo credits, and members on a trial offer are not eligible. However, if you do need to renew your membership or begin one today, you can save $50 on a yearly membership right now. Audible has its one-year subscription on sale for just $99.50 for the next few days.

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If you're a new member, you won't have excess Audible credits to spend to earn Audible's promotional coupon of up to $15. However, if you have been saving your credits, it's time to finally put them to use. Spending two or three Audible credits before January 30 will earn you a $5 Audible coupon, while spending four or five will earn you a $10 coupon. Use six or more to score the full $15 promo coupon to be used towards other Audible audiobooks.

You don't want to overlook The Audible Challenge either, even if you're new to Audible. Simply listen to three full audiobooks which are at least three hours long and you'll earn a free $20 Amazon credit! That can be used towards anything sold and shipped by You'll just have to complete the three audiobooks before March 3.

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