Here's how to order Surface Duo outside of the US

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Surface Duo is set to launch on September 10, but only in the U.S.
  • Fortunately for Microsoft fans in other countries, you can easily order a Duo for international shipping.
  • It will likely cost a bit more than the $1,400 starting price because of customs and other fees.
  • If you're in the U.S., Surface Duo is available to preorder now starting at $1,400.

If you're based outside of the U.S., you're likely used to Microsoft leaving your country out of the initial launch territories for its Surface devices. That's true with the new Surface Duo, but there is a way you can get your hands on one, it just might cost a little more. A online retailer called Big Apple Buddy offers to ship products sourced from the U.S. around the world, and it happens to have Surface Duo available.

Despite its silly name, Big Apple Buddy says it sources its Surface Duo units from Best Buy. In other words, you should receive the real deal if you place an order. Listed prices remain what they are at retailers in the U.S., at $1,400 for the 128GB model and $1,500 for the 256GB model.

Ordering through Big Apple Buddy will, however, cost you a bit more. Between international shipping and potential customs fees, the price could be significantly higher depending on the country in which you're based. Big Apple Buddy also includes a service fee that will inflate the price further.

As an example, we figured what it would cost to have a Surface Duo shipped to London. On top of the initial $1,400 price, Big Apple Buddy includes a $50 service fee and $91 for international shipping. That brings the price up to $1,541 for the 128GB model, and that's before any additional taxes or customs duties are figured in.

Surface Duo London Shipping Cost

Source: Windows Central The cost of shipping a 128GB Surface Duo to London via Big Apple Buddy. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Still, if you want to get your hands on a Surface Duo outside of the U.S., this is probably your best bet until Microsoft officially launches it in your country. Just make sure it supports the network bands your carrier uses ahead of time.

For those of us located inside the U.S., the Surface Duo is expected to launch on September 10. You can preorder it now through Microsoft, AT&T, and Best Buy.

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