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Here's a look at the Universal Windows 10 Reddit app 'Readit' running on Xbox One

Reddit is one of the biggest networks on the internet, serving millions of users on a daily basis. As far as Reddit apps go on Xbox One, we've had access to ReddX for a while and since the Xbox One Summer Update we now have access to the UWP app Baconit.

If you are familiar with Universal Windows Platform Reddit apps on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, you'll no doubt have heard of Baconit's big rival, Readit.

We recently learned that Readit is also heading to Xbox One. If you have used the app on Windows 10 you are already acquainted, but here's an early look at it running on the console.

Readit is a fully featured Reddit client designed for UWP on Windows 10 PCs and phones. Not only does Readit encompass everything you can do on Reddit's website, but it also includes account syncing between devices and session hand-offs between Windows 10 PCs and phones. It even allows you to import settings from Reddit Enhancement Suite.

As a result of the UWP's features lining up between Xbox One and Windows 10, Readit's developer Caleb Keith didn't have to change a great deal to get it running on the console. It took around two hours to iron out some small issues and to enable scaling properly for TVs that have overscan disabled.

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Readit for Xbox One

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Readit for Xbox One

Readit for Xbox One already supports notifications for messages, posts, and comment replies. It also allows you to mark messages as read straight from the Xbox One's notification center as well as reply using the on-screen keyboard. UWP apps on Xbox One don't support some of Windows 10's more advanced features such as Live Tiles, sharing and file picking, but these sorts of features could come to the console in a future update.

Similarly to Baconit, Readit falls back on a joystick-bound cursor in this version, but only as a temporary solution. Keith is working on new UI which will support native controls for Xbox One controller, where many app functions will be mapped directly to buttons and triggers.

At this point, Keith, like many independent developers are waiting for the go-ahead from Microsoft when it comes to submitting their applications to the Xbox One store. The apps available on the console, such as Cast, Baconit, Groove, and Windows Maps seem primarily available for testing purposes, as Microsoft continues to iron out some kinks with running UWP on Xbox One. See the link below for all the current Universal Windows Platform apps coming to Xbox One.

List of Universal Windows Platform apps available for Xbox One

If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you give Readit a try on any Windows 10 PC or phone using the link below. It represents the best of what the Universal Windows Platform is capable of in the right developer's hands. Readit is free with ads on PC and Windows 10 Mobile. You can pay a small fee to remove the ads, but on Xbox One it will be entirely free without ads when it launches in the future.

Download Readit from the Windows Store

QR: Readit

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  • I use readit more than baconit so this will be cool.
  • I use Baconit, what about Readit do you prefer?
  • I like the UI better. Baconit isn't bad, I used it for a while until i tried out Readit. Both great apps.
  • How do I install it? I think I'm missing something, but I've had two updates in the last week...
  • Readit is the best app I've used on Windows 10 (and Mobile). Caleb is just crazy, IDK if he is aware of how awesome it is.
  • Very much agree. Readit is one of my favorite apps on my Lumia and Surface! It's such a well designed app that takes great advantage of all the features available to developers via the UWP. Honestly a model app that other Windows 10 apps should live up to.
  • Extreeeemme agreement.
  • That's awesome! I don't personally use Reddit, but I had no idea Xbox One (running Windows 10) had support for notification API's :D
  • Yeah, works in Baconit already, pretty awesome.
  • What's up Zack? :)
  • Not much my friend, staying busy haha. How about with yourself? :)
  • Been busy too :)
  • I read the readit app every night.
  • Finally it's there for the xbox as well. This app is better than Baconit in my opinion.
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  • Does it share the functionality to move the context from the phone to a running device like - Xbox?