Here is a list of all the Universal Windows 10 apps launching with the Xbox One Summer Update

With the arrival of the Xbox One's Summer Update, a range of new features has been introduced to further merge the console into the Windows ecosystem. Among the additions is a new universal storefront, which unifies the existing Xbox Store with its Windows counterpart.

As a part of the update, support has been added for Universal Windows applications on the Xbox One. At this point in time, the rollout has been slow but steady, with only a few apps currently on the console. We've compiled a list of all the Universal Windows apps available on the Xbox One today.

With the new Xbox Store, it's not currently possible to link to apps for the console. As a workaround, applications installed on your Windows 10 devices will appear in the 'Ready to Install' section on your Xbox One console. Alternatively, applications can be searched for on the console via the Xbox Store.

Apps Available Worldwide


Type: Social // Price: Free

The highest rated reddit client for Windows Phone has been rewritten from the ground up and is now available for all Windows 10 devices. Now with a dynamic new UI, faster speeds, and features you have been asking for. Welcome to the new Baconit. We know you're going to love it.

Download Baconit from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Type: Video // Price: Free

Netflix is the world's leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & films.

Download Netflix from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Type: Music // Price: Free

Cast is your definitive tool for managing your audio podcasts on your desktop, tablet or mobile. Your library is synchronized over your devices. You can organize your collection and use it everywhere you are!

Download Cast from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

MSN Weather

Type: Productivity // Price: Free

MSN Weather: The best way to plan your day. Get the latest weather conditions, whether you're hitting the slopes or the beach, or checking the forecast for your commute. See accurate 10-day and hourly forecasts for whatever you do.

Download MSN Weather from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Type: Video // Price: Free

Dailymotion is the best way to find, watch, and share the internet's most popular videos. Use staff picks and personalized suggestions to discover world class content and creators. Then share your favorites and follow the channels you love to make sure you never miss a moment. You can also share your own videos with the world by uploading directly in app.

Download Dailymotion from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Xbox Avatars

Type: Games // Price: Free

Use the Xbox Avatars app to change your avatar, start fresh with a brand new one, or take pictures of your avatar to share with your friends.

Download Xbox Avatars from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Movies & TV

Type: Video // Price: Free

All your movies and TV shows, all in one place, on all your devices. The Movies & TV app brings you the latest entertainment in one simple, fast, and elegant app on Windows. Play and manage videos from your personal collection. Plus, browse and play movies & TV shows you've purchased from the Movies & TV Store.

Download Movies & TV from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Xbox Accessories

Type: Utilities // Price: Free

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and the Xbox Accessories app gives you nearly unlimited ways to play. Create and edit configuration profiles for any number of gaming scenarios—one for the way you play Halo, another for fighting in Killer Instinct, and still another for how you drive in Forza.

Download Xbox Accessories from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Windows Camera

Type: Utilities // Price: Free

The redesigned Camera app is faster and simpler than ever. Just point and shoot to take great pictures automatically. The same great camera experience is available across Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.

Download Windows Camera from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Groove (Coming Soon)

Type: Music // Price: Free

Enjoy all your music on all your favorite devices with Groove. Just add your music—even iTunes—to OneDrive, and you're all set to play, sync, and organize it—even offline—with the free Groove app. Make playlist that suits your mood, or find live and artist-based radio of any flavor with our free, built-in iHeartRadio feature.

Download Movies & TV from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Region-Locked Apps

The following applications have made their way to the Xbox One, but are only available in the United States or Canada. So far, this is due to the region where the related services are available.

Pandora (Coming Soon)

Type: Music // Price: Free

Explore a universe of music with Pandora on Windows platform. This app brings you the Pandora you love and gives it a unique Windows twist, allowing you to pin your favorite stations to the Start screen, or see what's playing by glancing at your Pandora Live Tile. Take your favorite personalized radio service to a whole new level!

Download Pandora from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Type: Video // Price: Free

Experience unlimited instant streaming of current hit TV shows, exclusive original series, all-time favorites, hit movies, and more. Plus, you can choose between our Limited Commercials and No Commercials plans. With your subscription, you'll have access to Hulu's full library of content – wherever, whenever – on your favorite devices including TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, and PCs.

Download Hulu from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • After all this time, the MSN weather app still doesn't have a percentage chance of rain in the 10 day summary like their 8.1 app did. The article screen shot shows it. Perhaps they'll eventually bring back most basic 8.1 features that they took away, but it's been a very long wait so far :/
  • I wish they'd bring this back.
  • I miss the lock screen integration. Better radar wouldn't hurt either, but that has never been that app's strong suit. 
  • The Glance Screen integration was nice too. MSN Health and Fitness also had lock screen and Glance Screen options, but these features were not carried over to the new Microsoft Health app either.
  • I am a little confused on what your saying. The percentage for rain is in the bottom right hand corner when you scroll the screen a little. Touch each day and the percentage changes for that day.
  • Because, to see the percentage chance of rain for the next ten days in 8.1 it was: Swipe left, swipe up. Done.
    Now it's: Swipe up, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up, swipe down, click, swipe up and up. Done.
    It was 2 steps and now it's 32 steps to view the same basic information.
    Not good.
  • I'd like to see Kayak. One of the best travel apps.
  • Not likely, considering they don't have an app in the Windows 10 store (let along a UWP app), and they just announced a few days ago that they're discontinuing the Windows Phone 8.x app.
  • Waiting for vlc. Want to turn my Xbox into a media player
  • Ever considered Plex? It's very good too.
  • Yes but need a server
  • My laptop is my server.
  • Thanks for the list. For an anniversary launch that list is pretty lame. Hopefully get some app like Showbox to view content and maybe files and folder app. Also kodi (centennial) and WhatsApp / IG / Twitter would be nice. Even some new browsers and outlook.
  • Nobody on the Groove team has answered this, but what is going to happen to the music video playing on the Xbox version of Groove UWP? . I am wary about the update for this reason alone. I use the music video playing to entertain during parties on playlists since their isn't sound visualizations and it is a beat feature i fear may be going away.
  • Well it wouldn't be a Microsoft update if features weren't removed.....
  • And it wouldn't be a Theefman comment if it wasn't negative. :-/
  • Been unable to get an answer on this, but I think it might end up being removed. The app coming to Xbox is the same UWP app on PC.
  • Then I really want to skip this update. Got an article for that? Lol
  • Don't think you can skip it haha
  • Well you could just not get W10 on Xbox One and forget about any future updates.
  • Is it know if we'll still be forced to use a groove music pass to listen to our library on Xbox?
  • The US-only Apps are not so US-only. They're available in Canada, too!
  • Will get this amended, sorry about that.
  • No problem :). It's just that there are so many apps and services that are US-only that it's great to know when those cross the border ;-)
  • Perfect response.
  • Eagerly waiting for myTube, I can't wait to get rid of the default youtube app. VLC is also high on my list, time to turn the XB1 into a full-blown media center :-)
  • Pandora UWP is not available to download on xbox one only targeted for pc and mobile they still using the old app that was originally made
  • It's visible in the Xbox Store, but isn't installable. Should be soon!
  • IF i purchase the Xbox One S , i will have the Update or i have to download it?
  • I'd assume an older version of the OS will be installed, with a small update to get it up to speed. With an Aug 2nd release date, they wouldn't have pre-loaded the Summer Update on the consoles.
  • Is there anything specific you need to get Pandora to play in the background?
  • What a craptastic headline. Sure, these apps may be what was available when the upgrade was made available, but new apps will trickle down constantly from here on.
  • Well, we wanted to inform readers about apps available now. But we will be updating this article when new, popular apps arrive.
  • There's plenty of people who want to know what to search for in the store. There's no "Universal app" section on the Store, so we're providing a list here. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
  • You're missing my point. The headline makes it sound like this is it, these are the only apps you'll be able to run on an Xbox running the august update.
  • It says "launching" with the Xbox One Summer Update, it doesn't say "here are the only apps available on Xbox One forever"
  • It says "here are all the apps launching". The "all" makes it sound like this is it.
  • Not to mention the majority of these apps aren't even "launching". They've simply been made available in the Xbox as well as other devices types.
  • You're wrong about that, the Xbox One store isn't available to every developer yet, and the apps still need modifications (even if minor) to run on the console. Either way it's semantics. These are all the apps launching with the Xbox One Summer Update, obviously there will be more, hundreds more.
  • Not strictly true. I have a couple of my apps available with no modifications at all (no, not even the manifest). And, even if it involves a manifest and registration change that hardly counts as a launch if the app has been available on PC, phone or tablet earlier. But yeah, of course its semantics. That was my point entirely. The logical interpretation of what was written isn't exactly what was intended.
  • I disagree. :)
  • "Logical interpretation?" So when you see "Here are all of the games launching with (insert new console name)," Do you think that suggests those are the only games that will ever be developed for that system, or do you think the word "Launching" plays a role in there somewhere for logical readers?
  • No. It really doesn't. Lol. Dude, stop. Haha
  • What about Audiocloud? It's supposed to be available on ANY device category, even HoloLens.
  • That's a display bug in the store sadly.
  • Apps like Weather make me wonder whether live tiles, in a limited form, may become useful for UWP apps on Xbox. In other thoughts, Spotify would be a great app now we have background music.
  • Haven't Spotify said that they'll only support PS4?
  • I think PS4 had a period of exclusivity, don't think it's known how long for though.
  • What Sony has is a partnership with Spotify, not the Spotify app. Sony ended their own "Music Unlimited" and entered a partnership with Spotify to create "PlayStation Music". The PlayStation music app is powered by Spotify but they're still separate services (the first being, obviously, exclusive to Sony devices).   Nowhere does it prevent Spotify from launching their own app on the Xbox store.
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  • Is Windows Central planning to release their UWP app on the Xbox One? It'd be nice to watch videos and the like on my tele.
  • You forgot WC app;")
  • The camera app comes up with an error when I make a photo or video. I can't use the preview app to provide feedback because the camera app isn't listed there.
  • Wish they made Netflix navigatable by voice
  • The universal Hulu app has a bug that requires you to log in every time you launch it. I guess nobody at Microsoft or Hulu actually thought to try launching the app to see what happens before releasing it to millions of people.
  • After the Update, I went to the Apps & Games app. No "ready to install" apps and when trying to install the MSN weather app by browsing the store, it says that the app is not compatible with my device (XBOne). So even if the MSN weather app isn't US only it's definitly not available in my region. (Belgium)
  • No download available for movies I've purchased from the store, yet I can on xbox 360, my windows 10 Lumia 950 and my out of date windows 8.1 RT Surface 2 Tablet.
  • Surprised to see the camera app on there. Kinect lives on!!
  • I love to see Google music app come to Xbox one either a official app or from a third party