Here's what's new in Lumia Camera Beta version 5.21

Microsoft now has yet another Lumia Camera app in the Windows Phone Store. As if having three already wasn't enough, Lumia Camera Beta comes along for selected phones and those users of them that like to be on the bleeding edge.

This release is only for phones running the new Lumia Camera 5.0 and not older Lumias, which have had some of these features in the past. In short, Microsoft is now adding back features that are missing in Lumia Camera 5.0 through this beta.

As you'd expect, there are a few new bits and pieces included for folks trying it out, and while there are no massive changes there are a few tweaks and a few welcome new features. Here's what we know.

  • Microsoft Office Lens is now accessible as an in-app lens in Lumia Camera. Download it here if you don't have it installed already.
  • When switching between the pro controls and the auto controls, an on-screen message will now say either "pro" or "auto" to remind you where you are.
  • When you leave the app, any pro settings you made will remain for the next time you load the camera up. But not if you force close the app completely.
  • Under Video, there is now an "Audio bass filter" again with three options: Default (100Hz), Off and Strong (200Hz). Off will ensure the entire range of sound is recorded, the default is recommended for most all round conditions and strong will filter out low frequencies like engine noise.
  • It now says "capture Living Images" instead of just "Living Images." Just in case.
  • References to Dolby 5.1 have been removed beneath the surround sound option on supported devices
  • There's now text guiding you beneath the camera key press and hold options which says: "Choose what happens when you press and hold the camera key in photo mode."
  • Some of the fonts are a little bigger in the gray text beneath settings options.

Currently, these are the Lumias that we know this version is compatible with:

There's also a chance there are some under the hood changes that we aren't seeing. But it's pretty cool to play around with, and the audio filters, in particular are most welcome. If you want to take it out for a spin yourselves, grab it from the Windows Phone Store at the link below. And if you come across anything we didn't notice yet, sing out in the comments!

QR: Lumia Camera Beta

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  • They specifically wanted to test the high-ends, hence this app.
  • Sure, except for the part that this works on the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL...
  • And yea for the newer gen devices too.
  • How is the 735 not new gen ? It's a 2014 phone ! 
  • It's only new new like 2015 and high end phones
  • x40
  • But why is it not available for Lumia 830 , yet its a pureview device and better than Lumia 640 and 640xl in every way
  • Maybe because of the Denim update? I guess.
  • Frankly I don't see anything new. Office lens is available in Lumia Camera and Nokia Camera Beta that I'm using. I think they have just reused the change log from the earlier apps.
  • But then why not 730/735 & 830?? MS is really making people angry now!
  • I don't know what to say if you're getting that angry over not being able to use a beta app :)
  • Just wait how angry he will be when he is using the beta app and its not working as expected.
  • Makes sense as we are used to the "beta apps" club.
  • But the Lumia camera 5 for L730/735 is what I need.
  • He's always angry.
  • Better have a glass of wine and chill if a App makes you angry!
  • Can't say no to wine! But MS should really care about the other devices too.
  • Do you ever come to this site to say something nice man??? You will get the app, be effin patient...! You need Win10 or at least GDR2 which helps the 640 run Lumia cam v 5.0...
    Did it not ever make sense to you or are you jst against using your brains??
  • Total Bs if it would be so Gimme the link which says so.
  • Lumia camera is coming to every phone on windows 10 (pls go find the link yourself) and until that time the gdr2 phones are the only low specs ones-which are the same as the 730/735- having the app....Can you atleast now put 2 and 2 together? Why the eff else would MS leave out the 730? And Don't even think of that crap about pricing and selective inclusion of the app... Not everything requires things given in written...sometimes you just need common sense to see the obvious coming...
  • Well thanks for your enlightening answer.
  • Want some cheese with that whine?
  • Gimme!
  • Hardware?
  • In short. No news but UI's
  • Audio filters have been there since the Amber update. Have been using them on Nokia Camera almost regularly.
  • They're not present in Lumia Camera 5 for starters.
  • We compared/contrasted the Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon, which did not have those filters, so incorrect. This is why we have the before/after image above.
  • I have a 920 so no Lumia Camera 5 for me. I am using Lumia Camera and Nokia Camera Beta and they have had this option and office lens integration since quite some time.
  • We all know that and it is not relevant to the discussion. This is what is new for Lumia Camera 5.x beta, not what was previously available. Not sure how I can make this any more clear: the features listed here are currently NOT available on Lumia Camera 5, but are now in Lumia Camera 5.21. If you are not using Lumia Camera 5, then none of this is pertinent to you.
  • I understand. Was just stating the obvious.
  • What's up with you . Why u being awfully rude. And itz not this comment some of ur previous articles too , has hololens taken some effect :P :P  P.s Dont ban me I love the site 
  • I think you are confusing "rude" with being short and blunt. I have not insulted anyone, called them stupid, swore, or anything else, which would be rude. Instead, I have taken the time out of my day to explain, in detail, to almost each and every person on here who is misunderstanding what is happening. When you explain things numerous times and people do not take the time to read, I run out of the luxury of being all sweet and cute, sorry.
  • Never thought u will reply ... :P Thanks :)
  • it's becoming a serious problem these days... people don't actually stop and *read* things.  They just take little bite-sized snippets of things and then speak based on that.   It seems people don't have time for informed discourse anymore, lol.  Ah, the Internet age! Thanks for at least trying to explain things properly to people who'd otherwise be operating on bad assumptions!  I understand it surely must be trying for you at times.                
  • So it was not available for Lumia camera 5.0 but was available on older version and now they reintroduced it in beta version! That's what you want to say?
  • You are severely missing the point.
  • Give up Dan.... Some ppl!
  • What do you need them for? To fight wind noise or why would I want to turn them on other than cutting out engine noise? Just curious.
  • It helps in cleaner bass at least from what I've noticed. I had once set the audio filter to 200. Recorded a 1080p sample at a concert. It played without distortions even at the highest volumes in VLC which otherwise would have at least distorted a little.
  • Lumia Camera 4 had the audio filters. But some Lumias like the 640 come with Lumia Camera 5 which doesn't have the audio filters because the app was kind of rewritten to make it faster. Therefore, some features were missed out when redesigning the app. It is reintroduced in the latest beta app.
    This article compares the Lumia Camera 5 with the Lumia Camera 5 Beta.
    So to all guys with Lumia Camera 4 complaining about this article, yes Dan knows that you had audio filters.
  • I already have audio bass filter options with v4.9.4.1 on Lumia 925. So, I guess that was already there for some specific phones.
  • The Lumia 925 cannot run Lumia Camera 5.0, so I fail to see how this is relevant to the discussion? This is the Beta app for Lumia Denim devices that can run Lumia Camera 5.0, not older phones.
  • Oh I see... my bad. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Daniel can you please confirm why Lumia Camera 5.0 is not available for Lumia 730 despite having same hardware as Lumia 640
  • I do not have an answer. It could be a pure marketing decision, but it could also be hardware. I should make it clear that phones that share similar specs and hardware do not mean they are all exactly the same. Snapdragon silicon is very complicated, with many options. How PCB boards are designed for each device varies and can have significant impacts on manufacturing and engineering.
  • More sociable answer - While it was in older versions, it was removed from Lumia Camera 5 and has been reintroduce. May have been due to issues while recording 4K video, but I'm only speculating.
  • Yes! You are right I guess
  • How to scan QR with Win 10?
  • There's a forum for that :)
  • Better use a third party app to do so.
  • Question - Is there a difference or advantage to using Lumia Camera Classic over Nokia Camera on my Lumia 830? I do not have the full Denim update with Lumia Camera 5 YET, but have Nokia Camera (version on my 830. Are they pretty much the same? Thanks.
  • No no and no, Lumia camera 5.0 has some awesome new features, search YouTube!
  • No no and no, Lumia camera 5.0 has some awesome new features, search YouTube!
  • I'm not asking about Lumia Camera 5.0 as I said I do not yet have the full Denim update. I'm well aware of it's features. I'm asking about the difference between Lumia Camera CLASSIC over Nokia Camera. Both are available for my 830.
  • There is no difference. Lumia Camera Classic is just a rebranded version of the older Lumia Camera \ Nokia Camera. It is only intended for phones which run the latest LC5 app by default. They have a choice between the classic and LC5 apps as the image processing is different in the newer app (and not always in a positive way).
  • That's what I figured. Thanks for the reply.
  • There is a massive difference in the image processing algorithm. Photos taken with LC5 look completely different to those taken with LC Classic (LC4). LC5 has a slightly over-processed look, which can ruin some photos. Shots taken with LC4 are much more natural looking. I try to take shots with both apps when I can, and then make a choice after.
  • My 635 with w10 has gotten some of these features. Like Bass reduction filter. The pro vs auto animation on-screen, ECT. I played with em yesterday. ???
  • Yes, OLD phones have these features. NEW phones running Lumia Camera 5.0 do not. Your Lumia 635 is not running Lumia Camera 5, so you are not part of this group listed.
  • He is running the W10 preview though Dan, so he does technically have a version of LC5. ;-)
  • ms, it really is time to consolidate your freaking camera apps!
  • I second that! Separate apps for selfie, panorama, filters, etc.. Totally annoying! This lens thing has to go.
  • it wont let me install... 1520 in portugal
  • Is there a way to get one frame of a living image?
  • No, which is lame.
  • + 840 XL. I always find myself thinking that one frame from the Living Images are better that the final one. :S
  • Take a screenshot with hell of a good timing =P
  • You can if you have some time. The Living Image video is stored as an mp4 file in your camera roll, you can play this in VLC player on a PC and use the 'take screenshot' function to create a PNG image of the frame you are looking at. It obviously won't be high quality though.
  • Just wish they would fix the boot time on most of their camera apps even on newer phones. Sometimes it taked 3 seconds, other times 8-10.
  • Lumia Camera 5 is about 1/2 a second.
  • Really? I've never had a camera app take that long on my old 920 or my new 830 (without full Denim). I just tried by holding down the shutter button on my 830 and it opened the default MS camera app in one second.
  • On my 620 the default MS Camera is a bit faster than Lumia Camera, but both launch painfully slow
  • Lumia camera app performance varies depending on your phone. Generally the Microsoft one seems quicker on my 735 and much quicker on budget phones.
  • Default camera app is fast and snappy. You can use that instead.
  • I can not download it on my 930 :/
  • Not surprised, they're probably abandoning that too.
  • Try scanning the QR code from the article
  • Exactly what I did. Not working.
  • I got these options in my Lumia 925 with Lumia Camera
  • READ for all that is holy.
  • Also, It really sucks that 730/735 and 830 have almost same "tech" as the 640, yet no attention what so ever. The 735 must be the most ignored phone they've ever made. Really sucks! Considering how good it is. Leagues better than 920 and 925. And they were flagships!
  • The 830 is likely omitted because not all versions of that phone are on the 'proper' Denim with access to Lumia Camera 5 yet.
  • Ugghhh don't remind me!!! Lol.
  • Its ridiculous!
  • What I don't understand is why do they remove the "living image" from devices like 920, 925, 1020? It was perfectly ok on those devices...!
  • have they fixed the sharing? i can't figure out why i could share to 6tag right from the camera in my M8 for Windows, but not my Lumia Icon. I have to back out to Start screen and then head into the Pictures hub to use that feature on my Icon.
  • Very happy to see continued improvements and feature additions to Lumia Camera 5. Thanks for the reporting guys!!
  • I'm still waiting for a Lumia camera for my 830 in US!!!!!!!!!!
  • +830
  • One add in that would be nice is Slow Motion video capture?
  • Just give me the option to save only 16mp images...... Why on God's green earth is it a requirement that I save 5+16mp images if i want the high res images
  • Exactly what I Want from the native app on my L1520. Camera360 Sight will let you set it to 16mp with 16x9 frame or 18mp in a 4x3 frame
  • Audio bass filter is already there on my Lumia 1020!!
  • We are not talking about the Lumia 1020, only new phones running Lumia Camera 5.0. Please re-read the second paragraph.
  • Why doesn't the Lumia 1020 support anything?
  • Snapdragon S4 chipset is super old and with dual cores is not nearly as good at background processing as newer quad-core processors.
  • Dear Daniel,
    Your really busy with all the news coverage and typing articles... But man I have seen you for the first to get riled up in an article like this.... I don't think you have replied to any article this many times... And saw Richard Devine as well commenting here.... You guys were really feeling irritated this time.... Hahaha....
  • closed source planned obselescence win10 fixed slow camera startup (sort of)
  • Microsoft is weird removing features then adding back again especially for user who use Nokia camera in the past and "switch" to Lumia camera after upgrading their phone. Lumia camera removed smart sequence for some reason. This "beta" doesn't seems right seems old
  • What microsoft is doing regarding 1020 among all devices 1020 has best camera and microsoft is annoying it what the helll
  • Where is the swipe right for quick access to camera roll gallery???
  • What's next? Lumia camera preview for insiders?
  • Fast or Slow ring?
  • So support for older lumias has been dropped, I mean with 1020 now not being able to use new camera features(agreeably with the limitations), least they can do is increase the speed of camera launch while still mainting the image quality. Right now the default camera in win 10 does the job however quality differs with Lumia camera 4.9 and the default win 10 camera. Will buy a new generation, but meanwhile I would still like microsoft to support the 1020.
  • I have taken a few shots with this app some with rich capture. The problem is that the photos app is crashing immediately I try to check the details of a rich capture photo. L1520 Windows 10 TP
  • Try checking it in Storyteller, which gives me the option to adjust the Rich Capture in either Lumia Camera or Lumia Camera Beta. Maybe it's getting confused.
  • I had The same problem... The solution is to set your " save new photos" option in storage sense set to phone memory... I hope you understand why is it so... :D
  • :-)
  • Not available for Lumia 630.
  • The rotation problem is still there for L930, so annoying!
  • The only way to fix the rotation problem is to do a hardware reset (deleted all user data). It doesnt occur on a fresh install of 8.1.1 Denim, the issues on occurs if you update from 8.1 Cyan to 8.1.1 Denim.
  • Still waiting for it to be released for 735 !! What the hell MS ? A low end phone without ZEISS gets it and not a midranger !?!?!
  • Camera Bèta cannot be downloaded on my 640XL.... ​
  • Love the Lumia camera stuff and this just takes it to another level.  However, MS needs to put the living images functionality into their Universal Photo app as it sucks that you can not see the effect on desktop or tablet.
  • And it's still not possible to send a picture via WhatsApp directly from the gallery view in the camera app after taking a picture -_-
  • That's up to WhatsApp to implement a ShareContent UriMapper.
  • I've had the audio filters on my icon since denim, not sure why it's still considered beta
  • In Lumia Camera 5.0?  Impossible, as it was just added in beta.
  • Still missing reframing. I liked being able to reframe right in the camera.
  • Why the selection of video resolution is still absent even in wp10 is needed setting don't know y it is not available.. Is there any os restriction...even old Nokia symbian phones have the settings...anyone pls there any chance of coming this feature in next Lumia 5 beta
  • I wonder why they would remove reference to Dolby 5.1.
  • True innovation by Microsoft what next? wifi on when screen times out option?
  • So great of Microsoft to leave it's flagship camera phone twisting in the wind. Thanks Microsoft!
  • why isn't there option to take one max resolution picture with no 5mpx copy?  
  • I feel lumia camera beta takes slightly sharper pictures on 1520 then what lumia camera takes.
  • I think there's definitely a difference. Contrast still seems high but it looks like there's more noise reduction. Colour balance seems closer to classic too. An improvement for me.
  • Auto focus is much quicker.
  • I'm not being sarcastic.
    The first time I opened the app the auto focus was much more responsive. Seems to recognize edges and the parts in between to achieve focus much quicker.
    Smack me for saying much quicker.
    Next one gets trash canned.
  • Still one thing is lacking: the possibility to turn off this creaking sound appearing when I'm changing the pro controls. It would not be a problem for me unless when it blasts, it turns off music playback. It is in no way connected with turning on / off the shutter sound. And what is specifically funny - changing focus control does not activate this sound, all other controls, white balance included, do. Or maybe anyone here knows how to get rid of it? I really like to listen to music while taking photos... ;))))
  • Ok. I know replying to myself may seem silly, but 've just checked - the playback stopping problem is over. However I still would like to hear my music uninterrupted by any unwanted sounds. ;)))
  • I dont have the shutter sound!! Try to go in setting->ringtones+sounds->camera shutter
  • I specifically mentioned that the sound appearing when you adjust pro controls is not connected with the shutter sound. I have it off from the very beginning, but LC5 (beta included) still is not completely silent. To make long story short - my camera doesn't play shutter sound, but it clicks when e.g. I change manually ISO, white balance etc. 
  • Ok i understand what you mean the clicking adjustment, i didn't find any way to shut this off, i dont think there is...
  • I keep getting the vibe that there are various hardware limitation between devices and software support
  • The problem with the screen rotation is still there on my 1520 !! And need to add the 5.1 Dolby back and 720/1080p at 60fps
  • I miss camera updates on Lumia 1020
  • Sucks that AT&T blocked it the full Denim release on the 830. Really would like to use the camera functions that were advertised with the phone.
  • Long time its pending but not downloading.
  • Please make this app run in all Lumia devices.
  • It not fair that L730 does not support this beta app
  • If you have Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 then this Lumia Camera Beta update also adds support for bluetooth remote shutter buttons (selfie sticks)