Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on Android

With Android devouring the lion's share of the mobile market and iPhone lapping up the rest, alternatives for the dejected Windows phone user are limited. Of course, one could stay with Windows phone until support is pulled or an expensive, enterprise-focused Core OS Andromeda device debuts. But that's some time away and isn't for consumers if nothing stops Microsoft from launching it.

For now fans are being bludgeoned with the reality that Window 10 Mobile will share the fate of Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC. Windows on ARM may yield a device to appease fans, but that's still future. At present an iPhone or Android phone are ever-increasing probabilities as a Windows phone user's next daily driver.

Consistent with that reality, Windows phone users have been dutifully instructed (by us) on how to switch to alternative platforms while maintaining as much Microsoft goodness as possible. But if you're still hanging on to your Windows phone, here are some reasons why you should not choose Android if you ultimately succumb to the pressure to move on.

Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on iPhone

Android is a magnet for malware and viruses

According to Nokia's 2017 Threat Intelligence Report over two-thirds of all infected devices in the past year were running Android.

Android's prolific presence appeals to the perverse parts of people who purposefully position themselves to perpetuate problems. If you think that's hard to say three times fast, consider how difficult it is to avoid the more than 75 percent of Android apps that are secretly tracking users. Yale Privacy Lab found hidden trackers in hundreds of popular Android apps including Spotify, Tinder, PayPay, Uber and SnapChat. Yes, three out of four Android apps have been tracking billions of user's locations, behavior and device usage and could even access smartphone cameras without user's knowledge. Even more problematic is that these trackers could come as part of an app update rather than being a part of the apps original install. That's a lot to chew on if you're considering joining team Android.

In response, Google is implementing new standards that will require apps that collect user data to provide a warning to that effect. Google will begin enforcing this in January 2018. Will it be enough?

Locations were off, but Google was still tracking users

A recent Quartz report revealed that since the beginning of 2017 Google had been actively tracking Android phone users even with device locations turned off and no SIM card inserted. Android phones were actively sending Google the address of every cell tower to which a user's device connected. A Google spokesperson said that the data wasn't stored and was only used to "improve the speed and performance of message delivery."

Still, this data gave Google the ability to track a user's movements to a degree that was both unknown to consumers and beyond reasonable expectations of consumer privacy. Google could actually triangulate a user's location up to a quarter mile and even more accurately in urban areas.

The potential of a third-party hijacking and misusing the data was an additional risk. There are numerous scenarios where individuals locations are legitimately concealed. A law enforcer, a battered woman in a safehouse or anybody who just wants to keep their personal business personal.

Beyond improving messaging could Google's intent as a company which profits from advertising been to provide advertisers with location data so that users could be targeted if they entered particular businesses? After Quartz uncovered its snooping, Google agreed to stop tracking users by the end of November. But given this history and evidence of the company's character, is the damage already done and what might Google do in the future?

Android is a fragmented mess

Of the two billion Android devices in use, half are running some version of the OS that's over two years old with no hope of an upgrade to something newer.

The latest version, Oreo, was only on 0.3 percent of devices as of November, and the preceding version Nougat (which was released in November 2016) was only on 20.6 percent of devices

This fragmentation limits access to new technologies due to underpowered specs of some devices. Google's AR platform, ARCore, won't run on most Android phones in the market, for instance. Security concerns are also difficult to address when a platform isn't uniform.

Windows phone users considering Android must accept that the device he chooses may not get the latest updates. He must also accept that the ecosystem he's buying into will be a fragmented mess for the foreseeable future.

Google's Project Treble is designed to help Android OEMs and carriers deliver updates to new versions of Android faster. Since it was just released with Oreo this year it'll be years before we see its effects.

Resistance is not futile

Though Google is addressing some of the above issues its respect for user privacy has long been a legitimate concern. Platform vulnerability is also a problem.

So Windows phone fans, switching from Windows phone may be an inevitable choice, but switching to Android is not. If security, privacy and platform consistency are important to you, then the iPhone may be more your flavor. Then again you may want to stick with your Windows phone until the bitter end.

Hey Windows phone fans - ignore the haters, use what you love

Who knows, if you hold out long enough, there might be a new (expensive and enterprise-focused) Windows device in your future.

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  •  It’s a misnomer to say Google is a fragmented mess when it might be more accurate to say android is a fragmented mess. Just a thought. 
  • Android is a fragmented mess.  Google is just a mess period.  
  • Surface Scribe with W10OA, Cshell, advanced AI, SD845, 8GBR, 128GB storage, SOTA rfc Camera, 8mp ffc, 1 USBC 2.0 with HDMI 2.1 support, 1 micro USB, two MSD card slots, Dual sim slots, E-sim, photovoltaic screen/screens, built in pen holder, Surface Pen Slim, dual wireless charging, at least 7" total realastate, 4 mics, dual premium speakers with dedicated amps, 4kmAH cell..... Slim, "pocketable", beautiful Surface design... Telephony
    And, you can keep your boring iPhones, and keep your ugly Android devices to yourself😛😛😛😛😛
  • Oh, and an updated (UWP) Spotify app that doesn't look (and work) like Android Gingerbread😆😆😆
  • Please go work for the MS design team so this can be a reality lol. This device sounds awesome.
  • I've been studying... I've been studying.
  • Sounds awesome!  Unfortunately, Microsoft will probably call it “Surface Scribe” and ruin everything.  Once again, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • Lol.. That was funny. Touché
    But, I still like that name😛
  • Surface Fold sounds better...
  • Microsoft. The Cleveland Browns of the tech sector.
  • And it will flop because Microsoft doesn't have an ecosystem to support it. They have been systematically killing off their platform. Such a device will never be released. If Microsoft had such plans they would be strengthening UWP not gutting it.
  • You're right... Windows has no ecosystem.... This device would be totally useless just like every Windows PC ever made since 1982...
    Here, let me cry with you...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Have you lost your ******* mind?
  • I'm sure the ability to run legacy desktop software from 2002 will be a huge system seller for this mythical made-up unicorn device you keep talking about. Apple and Google are just quaking in their boots at the thought. The truth is any software with a mobile demand already has superior solutions available on iOS an Android, and that isn't likely to change when and if Microsoft decides to embarass themselves once again by attempting to sell a mobile platform.
  • What does iOS, and Android have to do with anything?... We're talking about real PC'S.. Not, smartphones.
    When are you pathetic trolls going to understand that MS IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ANOTHER SMARTPHONE ANYTIME SOON.. And, nobody expects for them to... What in your tiny mind believes that a device like this would be made, positioned, and marketed to average consumers as a smartphone, or device to replace their smartphones? I mean, are you new here?...
  • If it fits in your pocket and has a touch screen, phone and carrier connection it is a smartphone and competes directly with Android and iPhone. Microsoft's issue isn't semantics.
  • You do realize Microsoft has almost no ecosystem for a pocket sized screen, right? They are also certainly not working on getting that ecosystem together. They are actively killing it. I know you just posted on an article about them killing an important part of a mobile ecosystem: music.
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    Cheer up, kid.
  • The devices do exist. You have been able to purchase a phone running Windows for years. Whatever Microsoft wants to call it, it needs to address the issues with the platform. Nothing in your description does that. Microsoft certainly doesn't seem to be taking it seriously with their treatment of UWP.
  • I never see you write something positive about X hardware or X software made or co-created Microsoft...
  • Who is that in response to?
  • Bleached
  • Because Microsoft has been messing everything up. I do like the Surface Pro and Surface Book although they are just laptops. Windows 10 is fine on PC but nothing new has come to the desktop in decades. I want to see Microsoft actually innovate, not just sit on these old paradigms. Are you happy watching Microsoft stagnate?
  • I don't care tbh. It's not like I only use Microsoft's products.
    If microsoft fail or stagnate on something, i'll deal with an other company. Look at Samsung. Are they complainning everytime ?
  • Personally I have pulled way back on the investing anything in Microsoft, because of their consumer retreat. The latest Groove screw-up was the last straw. Instead I am going back to the mixed support route of yesteryear. Here are a list of purchases  I would have considered if it werent for the recent pull out from Microsoft. harman kardon invoke - instead I purchased the SoundLink Revolve+ I choose to go with Amazon Music instead of the forced Spotify suggestion...pleasantly surprised! XBOX One X - did not purchase this year. Not purchasing any games either Replace many of the MS Office suite with Google Docs.  Using my GMail account as the default. Using my Microsoft account as my junk account now. This is just a start. I have been exploring just using Google and Amazon Services/ecosystem going forward, except at work which I have no control over. Would love to have a one stop shop like i had with Microsoft but apparently Microsoft doesnt want to provide that solution for consumers. I still use my Icon and 950XL which will continue till they die and really all I use them for now is phone calls and text. The solution to this problem to me is simple. Stop using Microsoft services! PERIOD! Investing in strategies or tech that you have no idea if they will be supported in the near future is not the way I want to solve personal as well as my business needs. So a mixture of non-Microsoft solutions my be a good option.
  • So you want to turn your life over to a company that exists solely to sell your information to ad companies and show you as many ads as possible?
  • and if you think for 1 min that MS wasn't / isn't selling you (your info) just as much, you're delusional. 
  • Microsoft's privacy policies are published just as Google's are.  Microsoft is not selling your info nearly as much as Google, and in fact they derive very little information from selling such income (I believe they even spun off their ad unit). If you can point to the privacy policy details that indicate otherwise I'd be happy to read them, but I do review the policies put out by companies that I use a significant amount of software from.  Right now I would only use the Microsoft, Apple and Amazon ecosystem as they have not built a business model around selling my personal information to third parties (although all three do use it internally).
  • Google sells none of your info. They keep it private because they become useless if they released it. They merely sell ad space and use your info to target the ads. They do not sell your info.
  • Lol. I find it funny and odd that people think other companies are as bad as google with personal information. Next time earnings are report just look at the revenue streams the companies get there billions from. Hint, google is about advertising. Microsoft is services. Apple is hardware.  I understand people are hurt by what Microsoft is doing but let’s be real. Spotify makes money by streaming music. That’s what they do. And they are better than Microsoft At it. Microsoft has a much better office suite. Apple has better hardware. I will be looking towards these indicators now when I make my purchases. But to think Google isn’t the beat at selling personal info to people is crazy. It’s how they make their money. 
  • Again, Google doesn't sell your info. They would be out of business immediately if they did that. They just sell ads and use your info internally to target them. The ad buyer doesn't know your info or that you are even being targeted. If Google actually sold your info, they would have no repeat business. That would make no sense.
  • @mayconvert, the difference is that Microsoft is a software company who collect information in order to sell you software, where Google is an advertising company who give you software in order to show you ads sold to other companies. Microsoft and Google work very differently. That's not to say that any big company is an angel but it's important to be aware of how a company intends to make money off you and determine which model suits you best.
  • Wait I'm confused, is your goal to be in one ecosystem so that's why you're going into android/Google services? If so then what you said makes sense, but if not because you said trying a mix of non-microsoft services then what's the problem in doing a mix of Microsoft and other services? Like outlook doesn't have a lot to do with Groove, it doesn't make sense to me to say well since they killed that I need to switch email services too.
  • 1100$ minimum.
  • I'm curious, where did you get this "Surface Scribe" name you're calling the Andromeda device everywhere you post?
  • In the real world meanwhile, people are getting on with their lives with their phones that have apps and stuff.....
  • I used Android for a while after ditching WP. It's a pretty good platform IMO. The problems you listed above are pointless. I used phones from a LG G2 up to a Moto Z Droid, and really, the software updates were subtle. Most users won't even notice. I'm currently using an iPhone, and I tell ya, it's been a buggy mess. Nothing deal killer, but iOS has it's problems just like all other software. Also, it's humorous that a Windows site is pointing out how an OS is a haven for malware and viruses.
  • In is comparing Android to Windows Mobile/Phone and iOS.  Android is the worst, by far.
  • Lagdroid is the WIN XP of the phone system, most insecure phone OS ever written.
  • LOL!
  • Actually Android has far more Malware, Viruses and Ransomware than Windows 10 Mobile/Phone had in it's entire lifetime, now that I think about it Windows 10 Mobile/Phone had NO Malware, Viruses and Ransomware.
  • Is that the reason you use Chromebooks instead of Windows?
  • Most of this is on phones that people root and/or enable sideloading of apps and then install stuff outside the Play store.
  • That's a truth no one tells. Like the fact that a lot of Android users just pirate software by sideloading it. Of course Google doesn't care, they get their revenue by selling ads from spied data. But I guess it's the developers that lose income. It's a bit contradictory with the whole impression that Android is an app heaven.
  • I don't think many people actually pirate apps. It isn't that easy and you can't pirate in app purchases which is how most apps monetize.
  • It is mostly countries that do not have the Play Store like China. They have to use sketchy stores or sideloading.
  • Why would anyone bother to write a virus for such a small percentage of the mobile population? Doesn't mean it's secure.
  • A third party did a test of Windows, MacOS, and Linux to see which was the most secure. Guess who came out on top? Windows did. Yes, there are more things out there for Windows because it's the most used platform just like Android is for mobile. It's up to the devs to stay on top of their security, and McAffee (not the ones that did the OS tests mentioned earlier) employees publicly said they were appalled by how unsecured MacOS is. Apple asked them to come in to help make their platform more secure. In the end use what works for you and be aware of what's out there.
  • I have to agree, perhaps the biggest security gaff that Apple have made was in High Sierra, bypass admin password by entering root as the user with no password. Easily fixed using the terminal but why such a glaring issue was left there in the first place just makes me wonder how much QA was done before release.
  • One of the reasons it did best is because Microsoft spends more on security than any other software company by a large margin. I can't see Google doing that, and it may not matter with each phone company having the ability to make their own customizations. If Google wants to take security seriously, they need get vendors to agree to a unified OS, and start investing in security the way Microsoft has either on their own or through some sort of collaborative effort with LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. I hope they do because I like Android, and can't go back to Apple.
  • Security isn't as big a deal on Android. If you stick to the Play Store and use a bit of common sense, then you will be fine. It isn't like Windows where you are stuck sideloading apps and one wrong click can infect your machine.
  • That just isn't true. Many apps on the play store have had viruses and malware in them. Google has an extremely poor approval process for submitting apps. Let's not even talk about what happens when a 0 day is found for Android. Goodluck getting an update. 
  • Minimal common sense will prevent you from getting malware from the Play Store. If you arent capable of avoiding malware in the Play Store, you certainly cannot be trusted with a Windows machine.
  • agree with this. Getting a virus or malware on Android us just as hard as windows.  use an AV software. don't do stupid stuff.  easy to stay virus free.  
  • I personally don't use virus software on either. It isn't required if you are careful with what you do.
  • It's a bit insane having to install an AV software in a phone, sorry. An OS should be built to be secure, period. Popularity or not, it's Google's fault.
  • It's a bit insane to have to install virus software on a desktop. They should just program the OS to be secure. Like it or not, it is Microsoft's fault. I personally do not use virus software on either. You just don't download random stuff and you will be fine.
  • Same app with banking malware made it into the scroogle play store three time, keep thinking the play store is safe just makes you a bigger idiot than you are when you troll.
  • One shouldn't have to use common sense within a marketplace made by the OS developer!
  • The alternative is a store that is highly curated and limited, something customers have indicated they don't want. App count appears to be king. You can't have a billion apps and have the resources to make sure everyone is completly vetted. Consumers have also voted with their wallet. Developers can't code for free so they need to find some ROI. That's ads and collecting data. If we would pay $10 for a decent app that solves a problem for us, then those other revenue streams wouldn't be as prevelent. How many times have you seen a 3 star review that says, this is the best app ever, I use it every day, but it should be free.
  • Would you download those apps?! Come on, that is exactly what I said. Minimal common sense. Less than what is needed to use Windows.
  • Do they ever stop to wonder why there seems to be a malware problem with Android?
    Unlike with iOS you don't have to void your warranty to sideload an app. Unlike WP you have a lot to sideload.
    Just because many people are stupid enough to sideload an .apk from piratebay doesn't mean you have to be just as stupid. If you use your brain you'll likely never have malware problems on Android.
    If Apple doesn't like an app that's it, you won't be using that app. If Google doesn't like one, heck, you can sideload with a single tap.
    So far I've sideloaded apps like MangaRock which Google took the liberty to remove at some point out of the blue (imagine paying for an app to see it removed soon after, that's what happened to me), Lezhin comics, Videoder and Netflix on some Android TV boxes which I wouldn't be able to install through GooglePlay otherwise. And don't get me started on customization. A static app grid is something out of the stone age when it comes to mobile.
    Stop praising those overpriced phones so much. Sure it has some pros but there are plenty of cons too. Not to mention how it is quite disturbing for this site to have such a strong affinity towards Apple. PS: Adblock re-enabled for writing such trash articles
  • Very close to pulling the trigger on a new phone. Likely going Android. As much as it pains me, I will likely be going with a Pixel2 (maybe the XL). I am both cost and security conscience. Verizon currently has $300 off the Pixel2 phones, so I could get a Pixel2 for under $400, or the XL for a little over $500. Even if I could afford getting the iPhone X (or iPhone 8 for that matter) – I can, I can’t justify spending over $1,100 on a phone (plus like $200 for AppleCare, had to get my wife’s iPhone fixed twice, thankfully we had AppleCare). I currently have a Lumia Icon that I bought a year and half ago for $75 on Amazon. It is just time to move on and pay up for a better phone, just not the cost of the iPhone. As for security, iPhone is certainly better than Android, but I will be certain to get the latest security updates on the Pixel. I have been dreading this day and it is almost here. Sad.
  • I'm in exactly the same position.  I've been in love with my Icon for about three years and only thinking of getting rid of it because MS's exclusion of it from any future updates.  I've been looking at Pixel 1 refurbished on Amazon for myself and my wife for Christmas but I might just bite the bullet and get the Verizon deal for the  Pixel 2.  My wife's Icon has been having issues with the speaker and a few other issues that she's tired of dealing with.  Mine is still as stable and fast as the day I got it (with the exception of the occasional reboot while shooting photos).  I really hate leaving Windows and switching back to Android but unfortunately, we are really out of options.  I'd love to have the future foldable tablet/phone (especially after watching Westworld!), but I'm certain that it'd be way out of my price range anyway. 
  • Just hold out a little longer and pick up an HP Elite X3 its a really good device.
  • yes, pick up a device with zero support and no apps. Great choice. 
  • How does that affect your day if he does?... Is your life that pointless?
  • IMO Apple products aren't even an option.
  • If I ever switch, I'll get an iPhone. Tried going back to android, but came back screaming to my 650. WP has spoiled me 😁
  • Dark days.......
  • Hasn't spoiled you with apps, clearly. Yes, I went there ;-)
  • If an Android app doesn't fit properly on your screen, is it really an app? 
  • i have an iphone and android phone i have literally NEVER seen an app NOT fit the screen it was on.  you must be side loading porn apps outside the google play store. 
  • Seen a bunch lately with the iPhone X. Apps still thinking they are on a shorter screen leaving what amounts to virtual bezels at the top and bottom. Even some of MS's.
  • That is a brand new phone with an unusual screen. It won't be an issue at all in a few months.
  • I moved to Android almost a year ago after I broke my 950, I still CANNOT stand it. It's just doesn't feel fun to use, I hate checking email (in both Gmail & Outlook), making calls is fiddly - the main phone functions just aren't intuitive; for the first time I understand why older people get frustrated with computers, it's that frustrating at times. App wise sure it's better so that's why I'm still using it, but I so wish I could move back. If only MS could find a way to get the Android emulator working without killing resources so we could run Android apps on our phones (and tablets, laptops, desktops). Sure there's third-party emulators, but it needs to be built in.
  • I don't get this. I switched about 2 years ago from a 1520. I have none of the complaints you do. No offense, but can't help but wonder if you're doing it right. :/
  • What phone are you using so I can stay away from it?
  • If you have a hard time with Android I cannot imagine how you can use a PC.
  • Android may have its problems, but I'm not spending anywhere near $1000 for a phone. Therefore Apple is a non-starter regardless of any issues Android might have.
  • That's exactly it, even though the iPhone offers the same type of walled garden ecosystem that Windows 10 Mobile/Phone had it's hard to justify the cost of an iPhone to replace a Windows Phone.
  • Same here... in my country iphones are way more expensive than in other countries so for example i don't wanna pay 700 euros for 3 years old iPhone 6s plus... And now with windows phone died i have to pick an Android unfortunately !
  • iPhones start at like $400.
  • $349 for SE $449 for 6S $549 for iPhone 7 $699 for iPhone 8 there is Zero reason to spend $1000 on the iPhone X. stop actiing like that's your ONLY option.... smh
  • You need to learn how to SHOP, not just go to the Apple store and pay retail.   I got an iPhone 8 Plus 6 weeks ago.  256GB, brand new in sealed box for $650.  That’s $300 off retail.  Eat your heart out.  
  • Android being fragmented isn't really a concern for the average consumer to begin with. 90%never ask in a retail store "is this Android phone running 8.1?" they rather ask for the newest and shiniest thing. This leads to the next point you made, security. By default people are only allowed to download apps from the store and they are save to use, bearing a slight outliners that exist on iPhone too. The only real aggravating point would be a user being tracked by Google even if he said not to be, except he'll be tracked by any other company out there, be it Facebook, Instagram or any other contemporary enterprise. I think, what I'm saying is, you're pretty much save to choose between Android and iOS they both are great, they both are getting supported and go for what you think is an educated purchase.
  • This leads to another issue though, most phones will never, EVER be updated with the latest security patches let alone a new version of Android. The Play store has also seen its fair share of Malware infested apps on it as well.
  • Samsung, LG, and HTC have been pretty good these days about the security patches. My G5 gets them all the time.
  • With no disrespect intended, the vast majority of androids never get security patches, let alone an OS update.  That is a serious problem that google never seems to quite address.  
  • Some security patches come through the Play Store, which every Android phone gets. As long as you stick to the Play Store and pay some attention to the apps you download, you will be just fine. The majority of Android malware you hear about is through Chinese app stores.
  • Don't buy a cheap android phone, then.
  • It doesn't even matter if you do. Android updates are almost pointless these days. The manufacturers software makes them almost imperceptible and Google updates every Android phone directly so apps continue working. Android updates matter less every year.
  • Been using Android phones fairly regularly (partly through working here) since 2010. Google hasn't yet done anything to me that I would consider 'evil.' I don't really use Google services anymore, but that's because Microsoft's are just better. It's also pretty easy to avoid malware. Play Store basically shouldn't ever let that stuff through. So only get your apps from there (or like, Amazon's appstore if you have to).
  • Except you can't even trust the Play Store which has seen its fair share of Malware as well. Play Protect is a piss poor excuse for Malware protection as it doesn't catch most of the Malware that third party apps do, it's basically Google saying look we have some Malware protection, yay!!!
  • You can't also trust on apple store... Hint: Fake app for cripto-currency that simply stole users - this is only one example.
  • That app was removed from the Apple app store in a few hours.
  • not only was it removed within a few hours, but why the F..k would you try to mine cypto currencies on a PHONE....  seriously.... 
  • Is it weird that I have been legitimately considering whether I really even need a smartphone? Regardless of the answer, it's a question I would have never even thought to ask myself a few years ago happily using BlackBerry devices that made my life and work so much easier. Ultimately I am sure I will end up with an Android. The security issues which is a big concern for me. My wife has a Samsung S7 which Telus gave her as a warranty replacement and every time I hear about a new vulnerability I think about how she'll probably never get it patched. If/when I do switch, I would either go Pixel or go back to BlackBerry to make sure I get security patches quickly. I do also miss the physical keyboard of a BlackBerry - I used to do a lot more like writing emails on the bus and having a touch keyboard has trained that out of me - so that's a selling point with the KEYone generally being well-reviewed. In practice, I know if I had an iPhone I would be constantly annoyed at being pushed into the Apple ecosystem or otherwise lack of flexibility. With Android at least I could use a couple of Google things and replace a bunch of others with Microsoft or other services without much hassle. On principle I want to say security is the highest priority, but in practice I'm sure I would forget about it most of the time, which I would not with Apple's lack of freedom.
  • I've made up my mind that when my 950xl passes that if I can't find a replacement windows phone somewhere I go back to a flip phone. I've never really had a need for apps so as long as my phone stays healthy I'm riding this put to the bitter end.
  • I'm a former Windows phone user who has been using Android for a few years now. This article is total BS and on the verge of fear mongering. The only point that is relevant is the fragmentation. However if you buy Google phones (Pixel) it's not an issue just like when WP users bought Microsoft/Lumia phones. I've have never got any type of virus or malware on my phones and I've only downloaded from the Google Play store. This article just sounds like a Microsoft fanboy who can't let go.
  • Yeah, but Google.... Cringe😣😣😣
  • Thousand dollar iPhones. Extra cringe. iOS 11 is just the icing on the cake. At least with Android you have options at all price points. You know, like Microsoft used to offer.
  • This has nothing to do with my reply AT ALL, if you're going to reply then at least make it relevant to the comment you're replying to in the first place!!!
  • yes because doesn't have : SE $349 6S;$449 or iPhone 7:$549 or iPhone8:$699 They literally just sell ONE phone that is $1000 with NO other options.... 
  • So your counter argument is to buy a 2 year old iPhone for similar money to a current, fairly well spec'd device. Ok then. And honestly no one should buy the SE anymore. And I use an SE.
  • The iPhone 8 is this year's phone. If you get an Android in the 6s/SE price range it will likely be a an older design with outdated OS out of the box. Heck my Motorola X4 straight from Google after Oreo released has Nougat. With all those iPhones you at least get the latest OS.
  • I can agree with that.
  • It's only a thousand dollars. I bought my 14 year old daughter an iPhone X. A thousand dollars is not that much. Also, I love my V30.
  • A thousand dollars is not a lot for you... A number of us are:
    1) not that wealthy
    2) in developing countries that sell the phone at inflated prices
  • Except Malware was and still is a very real threat on Android, Malware infested apps have even made their way onto the Play Store so no, not even the official store is immune. Not only that but Google have openly admitted that they were still tracking users via cell towers even when location services were switched off. If you're alright with Google crossing the "creepy line" then fine but others aren't!!!!
  • Dby2011 You haven't got any Malware, and that anecdotal testimony is fair. But what is also fair and true are the millions who have based on the reports linked in the article. What is in the article are merely facts. All platforms have benefits and shortcomings. iOS and Windows 10 Mobile also have their fair share.
  • Because you have not gotten malware that you are aware of does not translate into that it is not a problem. The best you can say is that you do not believe that it has been a problem for you.  There are millions of users who have had problems, and there have been numerous incidents of apps that google has removed from the play store that snuck malware in.  The number of Pixel users is literally insignificant in the overall pool of android users which means that the vast majority of users have phones that have old, unsecure phones.  Most androids out there do not even have the blutooth patch for blueborne, or a patch for stagefright.  That is problem and remains so.
  • LOL take your Apple and iPhone recommendation and stuff it. I'd never move over to that platform and could come up with dozens of reasons not too. Android has its share of problems but its like any other OS out there, and can get really screwed up if you dont know what you are doing.
  • The biggest issue I have with Android is there is no consistency between manufacturers, look at Windows Phone which had a consistent interface that no manufacturer was allowed to skin to look different then look at Android which is a clusterfuck of different interfaces from different manufacturers. As much as people complain about iOS having a grid of static icons at least it's consistent across ALL iPhones.
  • Exactly why Windows phone failed. Why does Samsung want their phone to be identical to LGs? Why would they put any effort into a platform they have no control over? Microsoft trying to be Apple is exactly why Windows phones failed. If you love locked down, then just buy an Apple. They do it right by controlling the hardware and software at all points.
  • Tennisguy45 I can come up with a lot of reasons not to go with an iPhone too.😉
  • Commenting from the fence or have you dipped ur toes into Android or iphone world yet?
  • I don't know. I think Android is the only choice. Spent three weeks carrying my Dad's iPhone while he was in hospital. Thanks to Digits I didn't need to carry two devices. However I hated the iPhone. I always had heard how Apple controlled it and how everything worked the same. Pile of crock. Apart from the fact for the first two days I got no calls because there's a physical mute switch on it that gives no indication on screen that it's on, the apps are totally inconsistent. The OS settings makes desktop W10 settings look totally organized. And why no back button?!? At least make back work consistently between apps.Let's not talk about the fact there's no low end devices either...
  • Of Course..... Android still has never been as beautiful, and fluid, in every sense of the word, as WP8.1...
    Having to switch to Android feels like a step back.
    Nevertheless, it's a 1000 steps forward, but it's just ugly.
  • I don't know. I made the jump last month coming from an X3, and prior to that 950XL. The Nokia 8 has been easily as responsive as the 950XL (I actually found the X3 a step backwards from it). And with the update to Oreo it got even better.
    I started out switching every thing to Microsoft apps except the native launcher and keyboard, and recently switched the launcher to Microsoft's as well.
    Android used to deserve the LagDroid moniker, but these days it hammers along quite nicely.
  • I'm sure it's fine......... Just ugly.
  • Nothing is as ugly, overwhelming and cluttered as a screen full of squares flipping random information constantly with no interactivity. It looks terrible. There is a reason very few people even gave it a chance.
  • With the MS launcher and all the MS apps Android is ok.
  • Right.
  • You trying to make me cry Jason?
  • Don't cry man. Hold it together. Be strong 💪🏿🙂.
  • Never iPhone for me. So sadly only one option, and although Android isn't very pretty or slick as Windows, it has the all important app support.
  • Fragmentation is a really big issue. Remind me how many Windows machines are running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update again? And what percentage of machines are still on Windows 7?
  • Yet you have a choice to upgrade a PC to the Windows 10 FCU or to stick with an older OS, with Android you are at the mercy of the manufacturer of the device. Therefore your argument isn't really an argument at all as there is no fragmentation on Windows, not only that but comparing a desktop OS to a mobile OS is just stupid.
  • Except that isn't necessarily true. Not every Windows machine can run W10FCU and not all users have the control necessary to upgrade their machines. So the issue of fragmentation is still real regardless of whom is responsible for said fragmentation. We are still talking about a very select few users running the latest greatest Windows and a great number still running a version that is older than most mobile OSes. The argument that Android is fragmented is moot. Windows machines are just as fragmented even on a more granular level. Some on CU, some on AU. And that is just Windows 10.  EDIT: But maybe you're right? Maybe comparing the most used desktop OS to the most used mobile OS is dumb. So I'll play your game. How many Windows Phones are running Windows 10? 
  • I have the Fcu running on all my PC's for a Core i7 4770 down to a near ten year old Core 2 Quad 9400 & a couple on Atom based tablets.
  • Android updates do not fragment the platform. It isn't the same as it is with Windows. The Play Store and APIs are updated separately from Android, so unlike Windows, apps are still compatible even with old versions.
  • iPhone runs very smoothly aside from the crazy that is Android. One day, I'm hoping Microsoft makes its way back into the mobile realm.
  • Jason, many of us are techies and can't stand having to do everything Apple's way. Windows Phone/Mobile provided a balance between security/stability and customization. But unfortunately the lack of support, both by Microsoft and app developers, it's no longer a viable option for many of us and unless you are typical Apple fan who wants a fashion device while sacrificing the ability to customize the OS, it leaves Android as the only option. I personally bought a Pixel about a year ago and use it with the Microsoft Launcher and various Microsoft apps. I always get the latest updates from both Google and Microsoft. Outlook provides advanced threat protection for e-mail, and just like I do on my PC I don't download/install apps that would be risky. What difference does it make if other Android users are using an older version of the OS? It doesn't affect me. Also, various iPhone apps have had their share of publicity on tracking users as well. For example Uber tracking a user for a short period of time after the ride was already ended. It may not be Apple themselves but it still has been an issue. Google has agreed to stop tracking users when location is disabled. It would be too high a risk for them to continue to do so at this stage. 
  • Maaz I hear you. And I agree about the customization aspects. I loved pre-Windows Phone 7 Windows Mobile. It was very customizable and I believe a lot of Windows Mobile 6.5 folks went to Android when Windows Phone 7, which I initially complained was eye-candy and dumbed down for the iPhone type folks without the power of Windows Mobile 6.5. I honestly did not like Windows Phone 7 at first. (surprise!!!🎊) I was used to hacking and modifying my phone and was a frequent visitor to XDA developers. Windows Phone 7 didn't offer that. I didn't jump on board from my Tilt II running WM6.5, until the HTC Titan with WP 7.5 and the additions that upgrade brought the platform.
    It still wasn't as customizable as 6.5 but is was better than WP7. So trust me I get it. This is just one side to a bigger story.
  • I agree, Jason. I had 2 old WM phones myself, an HTC Fuze and the one before that might have been a Tilt (I can't even remember now). At the time, I used to always find ROMs on XDA Developers and install them. I didn't like WP7 either but I didn't want an iPhone and at the time Android was simply an unstable mess. It's only since Android M that there has been some stability in my opinion. At the time I chose WP7, it was also predicted that WP marketshare would eventually exceed that of the iPhone. I have an iPad that I bought specifically to run a few apps, but I hate the OS and UI and the inability to customize so I ended up choosing Android for the phone.
  • I went from Windows Mobile to Symbian and didn't come back to Windows until Windows Phone 7.5. Early iOS and Android couldn't do the majority of the things that Symbian could do so I refused to take a HUGE step down in functionality just to have an iPhone or Android phone. Oh the glory days of the former worlds most popular smartphone OS.... *shakes fist at Elop. Just kidding about the Elop part...or am I....*he announced the death of Symbian on my wedding anniversary. What a wife and I were all in on Symbian since the pre-touch smartphone days. How did I get started on that convo??? *gets back to work
  • Lol
  • I miss my Fuze & Tilt
  • "...running some version of the OS that's over two years old." Ha! I'm on Verizon running 8.1 that's over four years old. No 10 for us.
  • Your over 4 year old OS still and has always had less malware and viruses than Android. My lovely Note 8 seems like it could be ovverun with malware at any time. People always think the security threats are just from apps. Try browsing mspoweruser from an Android phone and you will get popups on certain pages claiming your Android phone (list device type and all) is infected or worse, just to get you to click on stuff and give over money and credentials or that you are the 1,000,000th visitor, all on legitimate sites. I never had to worry about browsing security on my Windows phones or any kind of malware. I'd take the peace of mind that Windows Phone 8.1 has over near constant fear of malware, viruses and fragmentation. Yes, real fragmentation for the OS and for apps. I have apps that ran on my Galaxy S2 that are not compatible with my Note 8 but were compatible with my Nexus 5 and are also not compatible with my Galaxy S7. Talk about wasted money! I also purchased Android games back in the days of the original Modern Combat and guess what...Google swears I never bought any of those games. I even have videos of me playing them on my HTC G2. I've never "lost" purchase on Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile as far as them not showing as purchase. I can download Windows Phone 7 apps and games on my Windows 10 Mobile phones. I love playing Twin Blades after all these years. In summary, enjoy Windows Phone 8.1, it's elegance and lack of malware is long missed.
  • Windows Phone is not being supported and isn't a viable option. I don't even see how this is up for discussion. There are 2 options, neither are perfect, and that's it. I don't understand this clinging to a dead platform. Why on earth would anyone continue to use WP? It lacked apps to begin with and now it lacks support from the company that created it. The time to walk away was yesterday. That being said I do chuckle when I see these articles because I wonder how many more can be written about WP. For the record I am not advocating that unsupported platforms be ignored and thrown away but Sega not supporting the Saturn is different than MS dropping WP. One is a daily driver and the other isn't.
  • As far as I'm concerned its not up to you to decide what platform people choose to use, Windows 10 Mobile is still being updated therefore it is still supported, it only goes unsupported when it is no longer receiving updates e.g. Windows XP. This article is nothing to do with Windows Phone either, nice to know you read the article BEFORE commenting.
  • Part of my response is not really just for this article but more the myriad of articles about WP that make me chuckle. I was all about WP/WM for years but the lack of apps and an uncertain future made me go elsewhere. For the record, at what point did I decide what platform people should choose? Without apps and some OS and security updates can anyone really argue that WP is viable? If you do, it's time to move on.
  • Hi indifference Microsoft is still supporting Windows 10 Mobile. Support won't end for some time.
    Second this isn't ABOUT clinging to Windows Mobile, as the opening sentence and paragraph shows. It's about, as you point out, choosing between the to remaining options.
    Here you go. The opening section😉:
    Windows 10 Mobile and users are wondering WHERE THEY WILL HANG THEIR MOBILE HATS NEXT.
    With Android devouring the lion's share of the mobile market and iPhone lapping up the rest, ALTERNATIVES FOR THE DEJECTED WINDOWS PHONE USER ARE LIMITED. Of course, one could stay with Windows phone until support is pulled or an expensive, enterprise-focused Core OS Andromeda device debuts. But that's some time away and isn't for consumers if nothing stops Microsoft from launching it.
    For now fans are being bludgeoned with the reality that Window 10 Mobile will share the fate of Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC. Windows on ARM may yield a device to appease fans, but that's still future. At present an IPHONE OR ANDROID PHONE ARE EVER-INCREASING PROBABILITIES AS A WINDOWS PHONE USER'S NEXT DAILY DRIVER.
    Consistent with that reality, Windows phone users have been dutifully instructed (by us) on how to switch to alternative platforms while maintaining as much Microsoft goodness as possible. But if you're still hanging on to your Windows phone, here are some reasons why you should not choose Android if you ultimately SUCCUMB TO THE PRESSURE TO MOVE ON."
  • If someone cannot afford a new phone, I can understand sticking with what you have. But if you have a choice - why on earth would you stick with a platform with no real app support and just some OS/security updates? Why encourage this? LOL
  • Are you reading?!? 😃 The piece is explicitly pointing users to the inevitability of choosing between iOS and Android. But there is a concession for those who will also inevitably hold out as long as possible and possibly try to get the Andromeda device (though enterprise-focused) if it makes it to market. Please reread 📖😃!
  • I did read it and my comment is not just about this article but about many of the articles written about WP in the last year or so. I guess I should comment on each one individually so my comments seem more focused and topical as opposed to referencing things not found in the particular article in question. We live and we learn.
  • By "support" you mean not creating apps for it any longer and cutting features and services? Is that what you mean by support? Security updates is all the support you will get. Security updates that aren't even needed because no one will ever target a Windows phone. Microsoft isn't going to support Windows phones in any meaningful way.
  • The plattform is supported until end 2019, so your point is?
  • Read my comment directly above. You will not receive any meaningful support. They have already stopped developing apps and are killing services. Support isn't the right term for it.
  • I don't understand this clinging to a dead platform. Why on earth would anyone continue to use WP?
    Maybe because we think the alterantives are worse and WM10 still is functional enough for us ?
  • Maybe because they like Windows 10 Mobile. For some people, it is not about apps nor about money, it is about what they like to use.
  • Exactly I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 but I am here reading this on my 950. I use both phones and each has it's own merits. I came from using Nokia's with Symbian from nearly 20 years ago to Windows Phone nd a Lumia 900 in 2011. I am now using my 2 year old Lumia 950 & a Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Down voting you from my perfectly useable 950.
  • As of Windows phone, Windows mobile, blah, blah, blah wasn't becoming fragmented. Nutella made a mess of it. Get real.
  • Using your logic, Windows 10 is also a virus magnet, therefore, you should not use it.
  • Hi Engineers Using my logic its a factor to consider when choosing what platform you want to call home😉
  • Sadly, the knock is now at my door... Been using my 950l with a broken USB c port for a year now, always charging it wirelessly. But recently, it's just a buggy mess, system hangs and slowness, battery doesn't ven last 12 hrs and ive purchased a new one, even the wc app is crippled.. I bought an asus ZenFone 3 for 200cad, battery lasted 28 hours and more... It'll have to shelter me from the storm and the tumbling mountains, i tell staya pulls his head out the ground and revives windows mobile somehow, miss wp so much though :'(
  • "Of the two billion Android devices in use, half are running some version of the OS that's over two years old with no hope of an upgrade to something newer."
    Right and windows phone users HAVE NEVER had that problem. I am sure all windows phone 7 and 8 users agree with you here. And what about the Lumia 920 not even being able to get the most recent windows 10 mobile upgrade? "The latest version, Oreo, was only on 0.3 percent of devices as of November, and the preceding version Nougat (which was released in November 2016) was only on 20.6 percent of devices" I bet you Oreo has a higher market share of all Android phones 3 months after it's release than windows 10 mobile did in it's respective market. Also windows 10 mobile one year after release didn't even have 11% of all windows phones. Atleast Nougat has over 20%. As for Viruses, people can say the same thing about windows 10 computers. Maybe we should all get Macs then? What about privacy, there are hundreds of videos about how Microsoft is "spying" on you. Look, as upset as we all are about having to leave windows 10 mobile. All of your arguments here are somewhat invalid. Is Android a perfect solution, no. But I wouldn't count it out.
  • Not an apt comparison.  Windows phone 7 or 8 users?  How old are those devices?  The Lumia 920 not being to get windows mobile `10? For a phone released in 2012 this is a real problem?   Most of the androids released THIS YEAR will not even get security patches.  Most of the androids released last year did not get the blueborne bluetooth patch.  Most of the androids released in 2015 did not get the stagefright patch and never will.  Independent of Windows 10 mobile, this is a serious problem to leave users using an OS that remains insecure to known problems.      
  • But it won't matter because Google updates them through the Play Store. They will be supported for several years. Apps will continue to work and new ones will as well. Security issues are minimal if you stick to the Play Store and use some common sense.
  • Protect the hive at any cost.  Why don't you go have your circle jerk over on lagdroid central.
  • You certainly don't anyone calling out the BS here at Windows Central!
  • Bleached, Google updates WHAT from the play store.  Apps. Whoo hoo. But if the core os remains unsecure to known problems and the manufacturer, carrier do not push the update then it matters not.  Your phone remains unsecure.  Until google themselves fixes the distribution method for their os none of this will change and the OS remains insecure.
  • Hi rkcougars, I think your looking at the text from an angle that I did not present it. 😃
    Read it again, please , but this time read it from the context that is set in the opening sentence and opening paragraph: A comparison between the options iPhone or Android phone. Somehow you leaped to a comparison, based on your comment, to between Android and Windows Mobile 📱.😉 Take another look. Your premise and conclusion are a bit off the mark🙂
  • Anyway, my Lumia 640 will rock till it's socks off! I have an android cushion in form of a Sony smartphone but you can bet your ass that if Microsoft launches another mobile device, I'll be one of the first to put my hands on it!
  • So do I.
  • Never Apple.
  • That's too bad. With that mindest, you'll never keep the doctor away. /s
  • What makes you think that Android will survive till 2019 end? And if that is the case, hanging on to WP makes more sense to me. Trust me, days of Android are numbered. 
  • That's an extremely funny and shortsighted comment.
  • I don't see it as funny. I thought the same thing about Symbian when it had 74% of the smartphone market. Now, 2019, I doubt it. It would take severe mis-management of Android and incredible management of an alternative OS to topple Android in the same fashion that Android toppled Symbian. Lest we learn from the past, we are destined to repeat it.
  • LMFAO... What are you smoking?
  • Im ok with my 950xl and i love it everyapp i use is there , if only android stayed as a system i wont use it.
  • My entire family (4 of us) switched from Windows Phone to the Samsung S8+ and couldn't be happier. We run pretty much all the Microsoft apps with no issues.
  • Goodness and I wanted to get an Android phone. I'll end up with a device that can't be updated, it's not looking promising.
  • That is not true at all. This post is full of misleading and anit-Android "facts". Most are not true at all. If you get a phone from Samsung or one of the other big players, you will be fine. Keep in mind, there are several Windows Phone models that could never be upgraded to Windows 10. That is the same for many "old" phones.
  • Actually everything in the piece is true: "This fragmentation limits access to new technologies due to underpowered specs of some devices. 1. Google's AR platform, ARCore, won't run on MOST Android phones in the market, for instance. Security concerns are also difficult to address when a platform isn't uniform. 2. Windows phone users considering Android must accept that the device he chooses MAY not get the latest updates. He must also accept that the ecosystem he's buying into will be a fragmented mess for the foreseeable future. 3. Google's PROJECT TREBLE IS DESIGNED TO HELP ANDROID OEMS AND CARRIERS DELIVER UPDATES TO NEW VERSIONS OF ANDROID FASTER. Since it was just released with Oreo this year it'll be years before we see its effects." 1. It is true that as a result of fragmentation most Android phones won't run ARCore. New tech is limited often to newer devices with newer version of the platform. 2. It is true that users picking Android MAY not get the latest updates. I didn't say definitely in the piece because if he does his homework and picks a device and carrier that will likely enable the latest updates then he will get them. If not, he MAY not. 3. Project Treble is a real project Google initiated to address the **real** problem of updates not getting to certain OEM devices and carriers. It's not about being anti-android, its laying some hard truths out there that people looking into Android, as I have done, to find the best device that will likely get the latest updates. Its not as easy as popping in a store grabbing an appealing device and hoping for the best. You really need to do your homework.
  • Isn't one way around these issues to start by not buying a Samsung? Or any other OEM that doesn't ship pure or essentially pure Android? There are an increasing number who do ship pure Android, or pure enough that they are getting OS updates fairly quickly now, so rather than just "be aware of these issues", what about "be aware of these issues, but here's a few suggested ways to avoid them"? Nokia, OnePlus, Sony etc.
  •  I'm willing to wait for the next Windows on phone, android is crap and I'm not a pretentious ****** to jump ti apple.
  • switching from WP 8.1 to iOS 11 would be a nightmare
  • on Elm Street.
  • I will stand with Windows 10 Mobile on my 9-month 650 until the very end, once there -2019 I hope- I'll see what's next.
  • this article is a joke -Why 2/3 of infected phones are Android ? Because it accounts for 80% market share, the same ways why there's more threat to Windows PC compare to Linux or MacOS. If you want to blame, you should blame the first half in the name of this website first. -Fragmented ? Do u know how may people still stuck with Windows 7 out there ?
  • Hi hoangboy Problems with Windows don't preclude problems with Android. A person choosing between the iPhone or Android phone, which is the premise of this article, won't find much value with the argument, "Windows is vulnerable to to malware as well." They'll be looking at the pros and cons between iOs and Android. Thanks for the input.😉
  • There are no pros for iOS.
  • If I were ever to switch to iPhone I give everyone permission to kill me. I mean seriously any smart person on Android would not have the issues, because they would only download trusted apps. Also do you really think Apple is not tracking everything you do and everywhere you go. On top of all that, how can anybody go to a platform that is always more than 3 years behind on technology, that is insanely expensive. I mean one of their new "awesome features" is facial recognition unlock. Be serious that has been on Windows Phone and Android for years.
  • Please reread, trusted big name apps were among those tracking users that's why Google made policy change requiring app developers to explicitly state when such tracking is part of their apps, which will be enforced beginning in January 2018, which obviously wasn't a requirement before.
  • My 950 is still new and updated I can wait what's next, thanks.
  • Updated with what? Security updates? Is that all???
  • Sorry, I meant up to date. The hardware is still valid. Good times ahead for Microsoft, is the only company with an ecosystem, it's getting back the initial investment.
  • Security updates are the most important updates if you use your phone with sensitive information. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad my stable of Windows phones are getting security updates. I'd rather browse on my Idol 4S and 950XL instead of my Note 8 due to security but the browsing experience on the Note 8 is far better. I'd take security updates over feature updates any day. I have valuable info on my phone, what good is a new feature if my data is stolen, hacked, transmitted, controlled or otherwise accessed due to a loophole and OS updates that may take months to arrive if ever. I do appreciate the near monthly updates to my Galaxy S7 and Note 8 but the vulnerability of Android and much delayed full OS updates still make me concerned about data integrity far more than with my Windows phones.
  • You missed a big one.  Android Rot!  I haven't had to rebuild a Widnows 10 machine yet due to Windows rot like I had to do with XP.  But since February I have had to factory reset my Android phone 3 times with lots of lost time re-setting it up.
  • You bought a terrible brand or do foolish things to your phone. No reason a user should ever have to reset their phone.   user error...
  • Long time windows phone user here and im happy with android. If anything my 950 was buggy as hell, windows 10 was buggy as hell when I got the phone.
  • I switched to android already and it's awful. 950xl > LG v20
  • I did the same switch to an lg v20. Love the phone,but android certainly has issues. Love the customization, hate all the redundant apps and inconsistent UI. Miss the Live tiles, panorama UI, and the slick Lumia camera app. Wish I could turn off some of the Google crap. At this point I have customized things with Android to get it to the point where I am happy with it, but it is nowhere near as slick as WP or even my BB10 devices were. But I will say that based on my iPad, I am certainly glad I did not go to the iPhone.
  • Something not mentioned is that a lot of the cheaper Chinese Android phones out there have come shipped with tracking & reporting stuff installed.  So beyond Google, beyond Android, some of the manufacturers are collecting info. For example, OnePlus is notorious for its shenanigans.
  • Me: "Hey Farva! Whats the name of that restaurant?" Farva: "What? Shenanigans???" Me: "Eeevvvviiiiilllllllllll shenanigans!"
  • I had to stop trying to use Android.  Enough said.
  • One of the things that annoyes me the most is the fact that Android OS looks like a bright mess! I am so used to live tiles and W10M organisation and beauty on that customisable colors, I really don't know how to resist boredom without Cobalt Blue on black background on the cohesiveness of W10M! I want to believe that Microsoft is cooking something tasty on their labs!
  • After Google's treatment of Windows 8, UWPs apps (YouTube bans, etc.) and their war against MS devices, I find it very hard to use them for anything more than the essentials. I really think they will eventually find themselves in anti-trust trouble, yet that's another issue. They've got some great software and services and I can totally see why people would use them. I would say that I don't trust any of the big 3, but Google is lowest on the trust spectrum. For me, I've found a balance between the different ecosystems. My Office 365 subscription and Xbox keep most of my cloud usage with Microsoft. Google maps is just too good not to use. For my mobile device I picked up a mid-range iPhone to be compatible with the rest of my extended family. For content, I try to never buy anything from the big 3 since I don't want my shows / music / movies locked into a particular ecosystem. I'm done fighting for a platform though as it's not worth being a foot soldier in a corporate war.
  • Android is kind of like Windows Phone was..... Yep, you get a brand new phone, you get the newest or close to the Newest OS, of course depending on model. This is normally supported for updates for about 2 years after release. So most modern devices, not bottom of the line sub-$100  models,  should get the modern updates.. For a while on Windows Phone, we get hit with the same thing (if you were an early person), Windows Phone 7, could not upgrade to 7.5 (a lot of users/models), and then when 8 hit, Your windows Phone 7 device was not worthy and would never be upgraded.... and it's happened a few times... Anyway about it, Windows 8.1 Mobile or Windows Phone 8.. was the BEST phone OS ever made....even to date. Killed by a company who thinks they are too big to fail.  Windows 10 mobile builds on it but, is still a buggy mess. For me, I can no longer support Microsoft's mobile departments any more after so many broken promises and then just abanoned...  So moved to some "cheaper" (aka used phones) Android devices and just moved to a Note 8 (best buy's deal)... I still hate Android but, kind of hate Microsoft even more for what they did to us...and will not buy any of their portable devices because of that. And dont get me started on Apple....
  • I use Android and am very happy with it, after years of being on iOS. I don't download sketchy/unreviewed, unrated or low-rated apps, so I'm not too worried about viruses/malware. The fact that Google is tracking me doesn't bother me much. They actually provide a map timeline of where I was all day, which is often very useful. Google might be an ad company, and maybe I'm the "product", but I'm not a spy and they're not Romanian hackers. And from my perspective, Android is not fragmented or a mess in any way. That's because I use the Pixel 2 phone, which has clean, updated Android. The Pixel has an excellent camera (much better than my previous iPhone 6s), which is one of the two main reasons I switched to Android (the other being that I use all Google apps already, so everything synchs better with Android). I like the OS/SW/HW of the Pixel too. The iPhone is a very good phone, but it's not the best choice for everyone.
  • I love my Pixel 2 XL and don't realy miss the app gap on windows phone mobile 
  • Long-time Windows Phone user here.
    After my 950 died I moved to a S8 on AT&T. I love it.
    I can have any launcher I want (currently SquareHome2) any background, any App.
    It's fast, get security updates (just got one last night updating to the Nov. 1st Security patch) and will get Oreo next year. I MUST use an iPhone for work and I absolutely hate it.
    The "Fisher-Price" interface is terrible, Safari is the absolute worst browser ever created, and they keep changing the log-in security with every iOS upgrade (and you must COMPLETELY go through the entire setup screens again.)
    It's slow, buggy, and the interface is a hot mess. I MUCH prefer my S8. Hand's down. My 2 cents.
  • Just install Bitdefender on your android and you will be fine. As for fragmentation, go with a Pixel device. Windows is the world's biggest malware/virus magnate, yet we all use it. Did we forget that not too long ago HP was putting keyloggers on their windows laptops?
  • Compared to Windows 10, Android's notifications and widgets are terrible. There is really no replacement for Window's live tiles and the information they deliver without having to even open an app. Cortana is also in need of massive improvements on Android. You can use Google Assistant, but you then lose all connection to your Windows PCs and the ability to link notifications/reminders. GA is about equal to Cortana on Windows 10 Mobile but without the ability to keep all of your devices in sync. It also sounds much more robotic than Cortana. Android obviously has more apps, better hardware at this point, and a better overall browsing experience, but the delivery of information without opening apps is probably the worst of the 3 major operating system. If you the type of person who doesn't mind chasing information and doesn't use a PC anymore then Android is fine. If you prefer information to be presented to you without having to open apps and for your info/experience to sync across PC and phone then Android doesn't work very well at this point. Cortana helps a little bit with keeping things synced, but her functionality/development is very limited on Android compared to Windows 10/Mobile. Windows 10 on the otherhand is held back by it's browser/app situation, but features an exceptional ubiquitous digital assistant, live tiles, and advanced notifications.
  • Android widgets can do everything a Live Tile can do and more. Notifications are also fully featured on Android and there are many ways to get them synced on Windows. Android is far superior to Windows Phone when it comes to sync with Windows and access to information. I lose functionality if I use my Windows Phone. It feels like getting locked into a cave using it. You are totally wrong.
  • Android stinks. Just to remove an app, you have to dig through the settings>storage menus.  You have to root the phone if you want to install apps on your micro SD card. Otherwise, don't waste your time buying an Android with less than 64GB of internal storage. The app selection is the only thing good about Android. 
  • You don't ahve to worry about that with Apple. No SD card.
  • No you don't. You just long click on an app and select uninstall. You have always been able to uninstall apps this way. Installing apps on SD is terrible. Adorable storage is a bit better but still probably has performance issues.
  • everything is you just said is complete BS. wp shows more information at a glance than android by miles ahead.i have almost 15 tiles at my home screen that i have pinned and they all refresh at same times whenever i unlock my phone. so try again....
  • BTW which one is your title: Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on Android   or hey windows phone fans heres why you should pass android   Ofcourse I know the anser but would like to know who changes this.
  • This is a rediculous article. "Android is a magnet for malware and viruses". So is Windows and it is must harder to be safe on Windows. The app store isn't available on most devices and even if it is, it isn't worth using. You are stuck sideloading everything. Malware is easy to get due to this. Android malware is mostly from Chinese app stores. If you stick to the Google Play store, you shouldn't have an issue. "Android is a fragmented mess". It doesn't matter. Even if you are running a Windows Phone 7 era Android phone, apps are still compatible. Google fixed fragmentation issues through Google Play services. Now you can have a wide range of devices and choices and it won't affect app compatibility. Android has turned fragmentation into a positive. It just means choice. "Locations were off, but Google was still tracking users". This was definitely an issue and Google should answer for it. I think the bigger question is, why was your carrier giving them this data? Did you agree to that? Data and privacy issues are scary when it comes to carriers and ISPs. They see everything you do and aren't even on the radar!
  • That is so true.
  • 1. Windows being a magnet for viruses is not preclude the problem that Android is more prone to Malware and viruses than iOS. Which is the premise of the article, Windows Phone users choosing between the iPhone and Android. WP users would find little value in the argument that Windows is prone to viruses as they weigh thier options between iOs and Android. 2. Android is still fragmented mess despite effort sto fix it thus far. The fact the Google's Project Treble is a real project designed to address the real problem of OEMs and carriers getting updates to devices is evidence that Google still recognizes that the problem is not solved. Thanks for the input😉
  • Jason, you are conflicting choice with fragmentation.  Treble is designed to make it easier for OEMs to update Android but it won't force them to and I think the main benifits of Treble will be in security ptaches which should be roll out now with fewer excuses for delaying them.  Android isn't Windows or iOS and will never be updated in the same way.  This is both a strength and a weakness.  Huawei started working with Google on Android P in September and I am sure it is the same for other OEMs.  And we are seeing the benifits of Treble now.  As for malware and viruses, well OK 2/3 of infected phones may run Android but if you stick with the play store you are highly unlikely to have a problem and if you are running a Moto/Samsung/BlackBerry/Nokia/Oneplus/Pixel - who all push out monthly security patches - then you will have no issues.   BTW thanks for your articles, they are always thought provoking.
  • Android is actually far more secure. The market share of android is more than 2/3.(you mentioned more than 2/3 of the infected devices are android) So saying that Android is insecure is bs. Also, iOS blocks you from nearly everything, yet they still get infected devices. Android allows you practically everything, yet they only have that many infected devices. If you aren't completely dumb, you WON'T get a virus.
  • No nextgen Windows portable device with phone capabilities such as a potential "MS Surface Courier"? And no 950XL available in the market place anymore?  In that case a flip-phone it shall be with text capabilities and maybe snake....  I'd rather die then to move to Google / Android. IOS: have it for work I am not impressed.
  • Some people wait, but be sure that not forever. Next years new flagships in january may change that. 950 was holding long, I think this is breaking point. With no word from microsoft, its like they don't give a damn...
  • I would realy prefer the options and openness of Android but I just refuse to get involved in such a morass as Android. I was still hanging on to my 950 XL but concidentally I dropped it today and broke it. I ordered a used iPhone 6Plus until I see how I find iOS.   The main reason Android is so bad is that Google just doesn't care about privacy. They do a few token takedowns here and there for appearancs but leave half the Play Store populated with apps with spyware functionality or worse
  • Just got an LG V30.  I've loved my WPs, but I have had enough.  I could no longer deposit checks through my bank app any more, Verizon gives crappy support for WP, and I wanted better camera and video performance.  I am now going to spend all weekend trying to WP-ify my Android phone, and try not to get tears of sadness all over it.  RIP my little Lumia 928 (my second one!).
  • And won't find indeed. After anniversary update W10 suggested I'd connect Android with Windows PC. I did... and it brought me back to Lumia 950XL. Gosh, I love its camera and apps got better in the meanwhile too, except for tumblr, RIP. Having a bunch of Office apps on Xiaomi doesn't make it Windows, it will make you search for aother functional WP or whatever that pocket PC shall stand for...
  • I really want that "Surface phone" to be my daily driver. Android is fine but i want a another choice that this and the expensive IOS.
    I still have my Galaxy s4 since didn't die.
  • "Surface Phone" will be more than an iPhone X. Microsoft doesn't make cheap Surface hardware.
  • I'll take my chances with Android over Microsoft. Tired of them dropping the ball and abandoning its user base each time they feel like relaunching their mobile strategy. Now they're trying to sell this always connected device idea to the public ... tell you what i already got an always connected PC in fact I've owned it since 2012, as for my phone I need apps which Microsoft store doesn't have available. So they can keep preaching but until i see it materialize I'm gonna stay with my unsecured, virus prone android.
  • Android is too open and iOS is too closed. There is nothing that can replace Windows in the mobile space. We just have to find a compromise on what we want and what we have.
  • I don't think is a Mess, all my family uses Android phones for Samsung, Sony, LG, ZTE and my next device will be Android, all devices are now on Marshmallow and we never had issues with Malate, I thin Microsoft needs to build new Mobile Os based on Android and I'll convince my family and friends to purchase a device with Android apps, bit never again with Windows Mobile abomination which does not run bank apps,.YouTube, and other apps that grown up people use
  • I have a Nokia 6 that I use along with my Alcatel idol 4. The positives of Android on the Nokia 6 is that this device is next in line to get the oreo update and I have been getting regular updates since I got this in July. The battery has been excellent, I easily get a full day's use with moderate to heavy use I use the Microsoft launcher and it works quite well. So far Android has been a good experience with all the Microsoft apps I use. Windows central though is much better on windows than Android...and more intuitive i think and better to look at. WC just looks cheap on android. Not too visually appealing at all. Both platforms have their pluses and minuses and it's nice to switch it up every now and then. If God wills I will wait for the new refreshed Nokia 6 to come out in January I believe. It has an upgraded processor with thinner bezels.. or rumored to have, so I will be looking forward to that. Nokia was what brought me to windows mobile to begin with. IPhone is not an option for me and so far the new HMD Nokia will be my go to hardware for android. For the $179 I paid in July, the Nokia 6 easily looks and feels just as good or better than some phones going for over 5 times the price. HMD got the old Nokia tank like build right on. Hopefully with newer generation phones, HMD will implement all the features that made Lumia such great phones.
  • Yes there are more viruses. Yes there is fragmentation. Its like living in a free country somewhere in Europe or the USA. Id rather have freedom than live in North Korea.. Ie. Apple. 
  • The article seems to ignore completely that roughly 52% of android devices runs a perfectly acceptable OS version and that this amounts to about just under three times the total number of iOS devices in the market and over 6 times the number of iOS10 or better devices. The count of higher tier Android device running at least marshmellow still outnumbers the total of iOS10 devices. I'm not advocating anyone should choose one OS over the other, just that these kind of articles at best misrepresent facts. Now I know this site seemingly wants to mainly cater to the US, following their masters MSFT in this, but on a global scale the US does not really represent the actual mobile landscape. This forced attempt to shoehorn some 'balance' in offtopic content filler into the site is borderline pathetic. It may be time for WC to just close it's doors as the main writers here seem to noo longer be able to fill their quota with actual related content.  
  • Hi paulheu I made a very clear statement that half of the 2B Android devices in use were on an OS that was over 2yrs old. That by default tells every reader that the other half is **not** over 2yrs old. I didn't ignore that, as a matter of fact I even provided an eye-catching visual in the form of a colorful pie-chart.😎 I'm not sure if you saw the chart 📈 showing the entire breakdown of Android OS distribution that I embedded in the article. But the pie chart, which is part of the article, is evidence that I do not ignore the the .3% on Oreo, 20.6% on Nougat, 30.9% on Marshmallow, 27.2% on Lollipop, 13.8% on Kit Kat, 6.2% on Jelly Bean, .5% on Ice Cream and .5% on Ginger Bread. The number of devices on Marshmallow and above that outnumber iPhones does not diminish or preclude the problems of tracking, malware or fragmentation that are identified here. They are problems any user should consider independent of the fact that there may be more Marshmallow and above devices than iPhones because if they choose Android they may have to endure those or similar issues. Also, since many of our core readers became part of the WC community because of thier use of Windows phones (self included), the demise of W10M with no Windows-on-mobile alternative device yet in the market, presents a reality that many members of that core audience are considering switching to the iPhone or Android as the opening to this piece suggests. Thus, given this reality, despite your dispute, this content is related to a current reality many of our readers are unfortunately, experiencing. Though the couple of hundred comments don't speak for the thousands who have read the article, I suggest you peruse the pool of comments here, and those on the Facebook post for this article and various forum discussions on WC to see that this type of content does resonate with many users experiences. Sadly, quite on the contrary to your assessment, this is not shoehorned.
  • I would never touch anything Apple. Too limited. Android always for me. OnePlus 5T!
  • I won't suggest a choice, but will say my iPhone X is a superb device. 
  • Refugees running wild, Wyclef with a sig sauer
  • Nothing new in this article. Virus & OS fragmentation have been the 2 biggest flaws of Android for the longest time. iOS have their own problems too. So, choose your poison very carefully. I recently switched to a Note 8 after my Lumia 1520 died on me. Pretty happy with it so far. Got it on T-Mobile BOGO promotion. Awesome deal!
  • I would, android and ios both suck equally...and developers of apps on both those platforms can eat my nuts, they still suck and they can do all the things they do there everywhere else but screw us anyhow 🙄 is blackberry at least secure with android or what about Amazon? Android can't install apps to external storage like Windows
  • Android may be a mess, but it's still streets ahead of Apple. Apple products have always had malware as part of their core system ever since the original iTunes. Apple's business model is still walled garden with a premium entry price, so you will never get me going there.
  • MICROSOFT makes the wrong move and dump customer without giving their customers an option. You can only close windows mobile when the new system is up. Otherwise hard to trust miscrosoft again in the future even a new mobile system is up
  • Now Common Guys! Seriously???? You are recommending iOS over Android? Even Bill gates has recommended android. Reasons are pretty simple. Windows fans are used to doing things in a certain way, and apple is just the opposite of that. Almost everything is controled and rest else is paid. On top of it unless oyu are completely on the apple ecosystem, you will fell out of place. In defence of google and android. Yes, it tracks my movements and I know it. It tracks my timeline but often it does pleasantly surprise me. for e.g. it reminded me esterday via a pic of my freinds wedding that he got married 9 years ago. I often forget my own anniversary but it was a 'cool' way to getting reminded of important occassions, trips etc. It automitcally adds places I visti frequently to my timline and give me updates about those places. I like all these features even though I have only moved to andoid a couple of months back (please don't ask me how google reminded of an event years back, i was a google account holder even on a windows phone) I do miss quite a lot of windows features, how it went into drive mode as soon as I connected bluetooth headset, nitght mode was far more usable and practicle on windows, everything was in one place and on and on and on. but i cant imagine how frustrating it would have been on iOS.
  • Using Lumia 950XL until I can no longer use it.
  • i could never understand MS 'strategy' unless it is about destroying windows phone and irritating users to the limit. Had a company like Samsung developed an OS like Windows, even adroid would have been struggling to survive and they would have surely never allowed Apple to establish its phone business. It first ignored touchscreens and literaly invited google and apple to take away all of its market share. Then when it did wake up that touch screen phones and apps are the future, it promised something different and better. But killed windows 7. got windows 8, which was supposed to be same on PC and mobile. By the time it started gaining some traction, it killed windows 8 on mobile and came up with windows 10. But then somehow managed to ship it in a hardware that was already dated. and eventually killed that too. Even if it somehow creates the magic device called surface phone (and call it surface mobile or surface sucks for all I care) it will kill that too. The developers are not going come aborad in the first place. Even if someone was nuts enough to come aboard, it too will flee as soon as it realizes that it has keep re-writing the codes over and over again, everytime a new verion of the OS comes. Great work MS. now keep on brning money for some more time on your surface division till Nadella is there. As soon as they get a new CEO, he will shut th esurface division for good too.
  • People all over the World want a Windows Phone. Maybe sales weren't what MS wanted, but those of us who support the platform should continue to let it be known. If Microsoft is so blind that they can't see the benefit of continuing to offer a phone... yes a phone...not a phablet, maybe someone else will see that there's some money to be made by making a couple of Windows Phones. A phablet would be a good addition, but not the only centerpiece of a great Windows 10 (M) ecosystem. How much would it cost Microsoft to make a few phones and fully support W10M at least until after something new & better arrives. If I were a MS Board member, I'd pay attention to all of the negative articles on this and other blogs all over the world condeming MS for purpotedly abandoning mobile. Each voice represents far more than a single unhappy customer. Nadella was wrong and he needs to admit it instead of riding this down to the bottom. Those who don't want a Windows Phone don't have to buy one, but those of us who do would love to see MIcrosoft put a Windows Phone under the tree.....or at least the promise of one. 
  • No rush to change. On my second Elite x3. Good for another year at least.
  • I still use my awesome Lumia 950 XL phone. It is awesome. The camera is great, the win 10 system is great, the extra space with my sd card is a real great feature, the sheer power of the octa core cpu is amazing. It runs Minecraft like it was a pc. Those phones are real solid and stable. Why in earth would I change to another system? I even got an update to th os yesterday.
  • What a pant load of an article, Oh and lookie at that a nice pic of the (worst designed) iPhone at the end..... I jumped to Android at the end of 2015 rather then updating to W10m and haven't looked back.
  • At this stage I still do not see much reason to change or upgrade. 950 is working just fine. Yes, with some glitches now and then, but I see no other alternative in market with the same set of specs. What is important to me - to have 2 SIM cars,easy removable battery, expandable memory slot, wireless charging, good camera. As for apps - those that are available - I am fine with. I gather that it will work just fune for another four to five years and by that time some really nice new things will be available with plenty of advancement, from Microsoft or others. Meanwhile - no point to waste money on what is currently available. Maybe I am wrong, and ould be happy if someone would correct me here. 
  • My mom was getting promotions from stores, cinemas and other things that she was in, or passing by them, without location service on. All with "you were here on that day" from Google services. She used couple of them to buy something on a discount ☺. Didn't watch promoted movies... I think that it was a mistake, cause they were good 😕
  • What is the reason for Samsung not making a Windows 10 Phone? Surely it would be worth their while economically?
  • Why would Samsung make a Windows phone?   There is no market for it.
  • I happened to buy an android early this year and last month I also bought a 950XL for my WP needs. Bit I don't see myself buying an iPhone given the profits Apple makes and especially the latest tax cuts they received
  • From this article's own sources: Viruses and Malware: "Those third-party stores do not have the same security protections the official Google Play Store has, leaving users vulnerable, McNamee said. Only 0.05% of Android devices that only installed apps from the Google Play Store became infected in 2017, according to the report." User tracking (Android vs iOS): "Apple users shouldn't think they're safe, either. YPL said that many of the companies that produce trackers market themselves as being cross-platform, so they're likely on iOS as well."   And about the fragmentation issue, the Pixel 2 has 3 years of feature and security updates and will always get new Android features first. Just got the new AR Stickers on my Pixel 2 XL 2 days ago. If you don't like the Pixel line, there are a few OEMs that are pretty consistent with updates. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, the Huawei Mate series, and the One Plus 5 will all receive recieve the Oreo update untill the enf of the year or in January, and consistently receive security updates.   Edit: The Huawei Mate 10 was already launched with Oreo.
  • I will be holding out to the end...just got a HPX3...and its AMZING!!!!! This blows away all the garbage from Android and Apple..not even close!
  • This is exactly why I don't like this site advertising and endorsing Google products. It's not just a matter of personal choice about an OS or a device, it's a matter of ethics. We chose Microsoft phones and services precisely because of how Google handles their aggressive information leeching, seriously overstepping the reasonable boundaries of privacy. I hope this kind of article opens up some eyes, not only of those users who are switching away to Android, but also the writers and editors of this site. Google is still Google, you know.
  • Anybody still using Windows Phone at this point seriously needs to,assess their life choices...
  • I'm sorry to say this but this article is so bad. Android is a magnet for malware and viruses
    It's the most used OS so of course it's target for malware. Just like with Windows on PC you need to be safe what are you instaling and what are you opening. It's not problem with windows pc so why it's such a big problem with android device?? Just use your brain to keep your device and your data safe... Locations were off, but Google was still tracking users 
    If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or even any navigation software you are being tracked willingly or not. Yeah it's not ethical but then again it's not only google and it's not only on android... May your aluminium foil hats serve you well Android is a fragmented mess
    Yeah OS updates on android sucks I'm not gonna lie and many especially cheap device are never going to get update on newer OS. But let me remind you that any device that has android (I guess) 2.3.4 can get most of the always updated apps. Can you say that about WP 7 or many WP 8 devices that never got Windows 10 update and that means no better or even updated apps. Sure you could get Windows 10 via Insider preview but that was far from stable and caused a big bunch of issues. So it's not only android that is fragmented. Windows mobile devices were fragmented as well with every platform restart that MS made. Resistance is not futile
    it's funny how this whole article seems like big iPhone ad - especially this paragraph. Ok in my country iPhone pricing starts at around 370€ for iPhone 6 32GB. iPhone 6 is a 2014 device if I'm not mistaken and it still costs twice as much as my Moto G3 costs back in 2015 when I bought it. And that's huge issue since not everybody can or wants to pay a 370€+ for a phone that is 3 years old. If you want a new get iPhone you are going pay from 700€+. And that's incredibly stupid when you can get much better and modern device for fraction of the cost. Summary
    I must admit windows mobile was a platform with a lot of potential. But that was some time ago and MS killed it and not in a good way. I loved my Lumia 520 and it was my daily driver for 2,5 years. I hated android but I decided to make a switch to android. It takes some time to get used to it but at the end of the day even if android has it's issues it's perfectly usable OS with tons of useful apps that windows mobile can only dream of. Even MS apps are much better on android. 
    This article is bunch of twisted informations to promote either dying Windows or to promote Apple devices nothing more.  
  • I would say the overrriding advantage of Android, over iOS, if you leave W10M, is the customization.  You can definitely integrate the MS apps better in Android than in iOS.
  • " Yale Privacy Lab found hidden trackers in hundreds of popular Android apps including Spotify, Tinder, PayPay, Uber and SnapChat. Yes, three out of four Android apps have been tracking billions of user's locations, behavior and device usage and could even access smartphone cameras without user's knowledge. Even more problematic is that these trackers could come as part of an app update rather than being a part of the apps original install. " And People said I was "over thinking" lol... This is one of the fundamental reasons some of us don't want to switch to Android smartphone as a daily driver. period. Since I live in a multiplatform household, I'm aware of the pros and cons for each platform and yet I prefer Windows Moble 10 as it offers the perfect balance for me. I use my L930 because it does everything I need and although that future is uncertain, I couldn't bear to stand using ios day in and day out. It's far too stale and boring. Although 'recent' updates have added widgets, they are still nothing compared to glanceable information from live tiles. Sure Android has launchers that can emulate live tiles but they just don't feel the same let alone function the same.
  • My 950XL and 1520 still work fine. I think I will use it a little while longer
  • I found the article interesting, but I think it should have been focused on the pros and cons of Android (same goes for the iPhone article). I really like the Windows phone approach (I currently own an 640 XL), but the app gap was too much to really consider it as being my main driver. I've been using Android for many years (started with Froyo), and I find it ok to use. I'm not an iPhone fan (due to the platform cost and lack of ability to configure), but the person's that I know that use it are happy with that (and that's what matters). I am dissappointed with MS for messing up the Windows mobile platform (and for abandoning it). I think MS could have come up with a better solution than just dumping the whole thing (and alienating the MS fans). Hoping they do a better job in the future.
  • Just bought a 950XL in mega promotion! Fells like touching a Unicorn
  • Android sucks lots of malware and spyware, iOS its too expensive. Microsoft was not too expensive and it was great with my daily work, im so sad they give up. ill wait one or two years with my lumia 930, i had it for a cumple of years and still works great.... 
  • The only time you would buy a mess called Android is when you need the apps. That's it. The OS is embarassingly primitive. And that nature of resetting your phone every 6 months? Yes it is still happening with Android, 10 years after it was born.
  • I moved to Android about a year ago and I'm satisfied for the most part. I still desperately miss Windows Phone/Mobile, but if I wanted a new high end device, I had to switch. As a Verizon customer for the sole reason that it is the best service in the area, I was stuck with a Lumia Icon, no 950/950XL or HP Elite X3 for me. Some of the concerns in this editorial are very valid. It bugs me how much of my privacy I have to sign over to Google. Reading my emails is one thing, but tracking my every move with no option to limit it or turn off location services for Google is just not nice. As far as malware, I haven't really had an issue with that (knock on wood), but I don't like that it is a possibility. I used an iPhone for about 4 months and was less happy using that. I like to have a bit more in the way of customization and options. iOS is just too limited and locked and Apple is so set in their way and stupid, I just can't handle it (seriously?!? If you just extended that notch across the entire top of the screen it would have still been a beautiful phone and wouldn't have required so many annoying compromises). Basically, it sucks to be a Windows Phone/Mobile fan.
  • Screw Google
  • We started with a Samsung android phone, but dumped it quickly due to lack of updates and general user unfriendly-ness. The whole family is on Lumia now, and thy are all happy. My wife's 950 got a broken screen - after consideration, I bought her a used 950 from nearby for just € 100 , and a couple of hours to get everything set up. Easy, and no need or desire to switch platform.
  • iOS security is much more important than customization on Android!! If I leave Windows 10 Mobile I'm heading straight to iOS!!! F*ck Android & Google the whole way!!
  • I tried the android Samsung Galaxy s8 out and indeed it cannot substitute a win 10 mobile. I keep using my Lumia 950 XL. It does what it needs well. Yes I knows no Pokémon go and no Snapchat but that is fine.