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5 tips to help Windows Mobile users switch to Android

Because Android is as popular as it is, you're able to use virtually any popular app or service on it. The truth is, you can happily switch and still be all about Microsoft if you want to. After all, why should you give up the services you love just because you change phone platforms?

The sad truth is Windows 10 Mobile just isn't competing right now, so the holiday season may well have been the opportunity to make the switch. If Android is where you're headed, we have some tips to make the transition as painless as possible.

1. Sign up for a Google account first

Google Account

The only absolute Google necessity you need on an Android phone is a Google Account. Without one, you can't sign in to the phone or download apps. So if you don't already have a Google Account, get one. It's easier to do on your PC than on a phone, so it's a good idea to do it in advance.

You're not required to have a credit card on file to download apps or content from the Google Play Store, so you can literally just sign up for an account and use it to log into your phone. You don't even have to use the Gmail app or any other forward-facing Google services. If you want to buy apps without using a credit card, you'll need to pick up Google Play vouchers from a retailer and redeem the codes.

Sign up for a Google Account

2. Microsoft it all up

If you're going to be keeping all your Microsoft services and accounts intact (why wouldn't you?), you'll be happy to know Android is your friend. Whether you just want to use Outlook, Office or Skype, or go nuts and install Microsoft's own Android launcher and lockscreen, there's a ton of Microsoft apps in the Play Store.

And they're mostly pretty darn good.You won't have to cancel Groove. You can still get the Xbox app. And your Outlook mail and calendars are safe. Better yet, Microsoft has a single app to help you find and download all of its other apps.

3. Move your contacts to Google


While you may want to limit your Google involvement, if you're moving to an Android phone it's a good idea to sync your contacts to your Google Account. That way, it's all easier to manage, and if you ever need to go back to Windows (or over to an iPhone), it'll be simple to work with them.

The easiest way to do this is to go into Outlook on the web and export your entire contacts database as a CSV file. Here's how:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to People.
  3. Click the manage dropdown.
  4. Select export contacts.

  1. Click export.

All your Outlook contacts will be saved in a single file that you can import to your Google Account. This is another good reason to setup your Google Account before you get your new phone, because you'll be able to just sign in and your contacts will be there.

Importing them into your Google Account is pretty straightforward.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google Account.
  3. Click more.
  4. Click import and choose the CSV file you saved above.

Any new contacts you add to your Android phone can be synced with all of your existing contacts in one place on your Google Account. So even if you're not using Gmail, it's worth doing.

4. Use Cortana


Cortana can't do quite as much on Android as on Windows, but it's still pretty useful for more than just replacing the Google Assistant.

On Android, you can use Cortana to sync notifications to your PC, which is handy to have on any platform. But because you're signed in with your Microsoft Account anyway, everything you already set up from Windows will be there, too.

We also happen to think that Cortana has a better personality than Google Assistant — and a better name!

Download Cortana from the Google Play Store

5. Install the Windows Central Android app!

Windows Central app

All the folks at Windows Central still love you even if you're going over to using an Android phone. Windows Central is committed to providing all the Microsoft content you want, and we've got an app in the Google Play Store so you can keep tabs from your new phone.

The experience is a little different, but the great content is the same. You'll also want to keep checking out our sibling site Android Central and its Android app. Then you'll always have the best of both worlds.

Download the Windows Central app for Android from the Google Play Store

Your tips

These are some basic tips to help get started on an easy, Microsoft-filled life on Android. If you recently made the switch, help out your fellow readers by sharing your own tips and tricks in the comments below.

Updated December 22, 2017: We've refreshed this guide to make sure you're getting the best help if you're transitioning away from Windows phones to Android this holiday season.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Nope.
  • Maybe MS isn't, but surely some OEM has to be working on a WM device to be released in the near near future. I'm talking about a high end smartphone... At this point, if HP introduced an updated X3, and MS continues to update WM, I'm NOT going anywhere.....
    The only thing that makes it a little difficult is the sole fact that Rudy (and others like him) seem to have stopped future development, and updates for their current apps. I'm not sure if this is completely accurate, but it seems to be the case.. His development alone could keep a lot of fans onboard. I think WC should interview several of WP's closest developers to see what their plans for WM10 are. That may be a good deciding factor whether some of us think it's time to switch, or not... Yes, run an article (a QandA) featuring those developers that 'showed' the strongest support for WP, and let fans see what their current stance on WM is.. That is a great idea.
    On a side note... Can't we just save ALL the iDroid articles for Mondays? You know, get them over with, and out of "site", so we can enjoy the rest of our week?.. After all, Mondays suck anyways😜😜
  • Jason Ward.... Here's another comment you can gain inspiration from🙂
  • Man, you've changed!
  • No, I haven't. I'm not delusional, and I've never been... I've always been the biggest WP fan in the world... I know MS isn't as popular as can be. I know Windows has ZERO apps. I know WP has always been the least popular choice, and in most ways for good reason.. I've always ragged MS for their poor efforts towards making WP more popular (I know it could've had double digit market share even without every popular app, but not the way it is now).... I've always praised MS when they did a good job.. I've said my points over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over X(1000)³, until my face has turned blue, AND I'M BLACK!!!... I've been using Windows on a mobile device since the days of WinMo 3.0, and I STILL have my Samsung Blackjack. Still have it❗❗...... I know just what I'm talking about, and my opinions deserve respect, like them, or not...... And, I'm still here.... I traded my Focus in, my ex GF ran off with my 920, the 1520 is in my closet resting in peace (bless It's heart😌), and I'm texting you via this white lackluster Lumia 950 sans XL😬... Yes, 950, because MS didn't have the balls to convince AT&T to carry the XL, and I was/am too poor to buy one outright. And, I'm honest. IDK, what do I have to lose?...
    But, I have faith, not to be confused with naivety.. I know how Fuukt WM is right now. I know, ok, I honestly get it, and I admit it..... BUT, I'M NOT SWITCHING UNTIL I ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO DAMN CHOICE BUT TO SWITCH! (Honestly, I'm a cracked screen away from switching😂)... I'm a winner, not a looser, and I don't give up.. Yes, I'm a dumb a$$ MoFo, yes I admit that. But, I'm a stupid a$$ with dignity, and I hold my head UP high. I do.... I do, I do, I do!
    But, no I haven't changed.... Still here. It's those that have left "so fast" that have changed.
  • Peace rodneyej, always enjoy your insights, comments and lolz. I'm holding out like you for no other reason than I abhor the other two options. Absolutely despise them. Am I singing the praises of WP (WordPerfect?)? No. There are multiple times a day that it p!sses me off. An update fixes one thing but breaks three others - WTF?!? That's how much I despise the other two choices... Thankfully there's EBay for kinda-used-phones and Amazon for cheap batteries. So I'm probably here til MS gives me no other choice than to get a flip phone hahahaha
  • Hahahaha! Exactly... Soon it will be like Cuba in here... WP fans will get no new devices, and we'll be forced to rig devices made from parts on Ebay... We'll do whatever it takes to keep out old phones ticking. It's sad, and pathetic, yes I know, but we are the classic car guys of the automotive enthusiast community.... And, one day we will have our glory, just as retro design swept the auto industry a decade ago, and has since evolved from there, WM 6.5 will rise from It's ashes in 2020! Lol.. No, not wishing for that🤣🤣
  • Cuba - That's funny
  • Lol! That was right on spot. Ok, I deliberately changed my 1520 to 950 just because of the size, still use 1520 at home, but 950 is my great daily driver. Just because of plastic back, I bought two Mozzo leather back covers and surprise, everybody wows when they see my phone. But you are right. Just few months more and platforms with CPUs will start showing their age... Still not going anywhere in spite of small apps going away... Recently a simple app, that I used for cards in my country, just vanished from store. Guess developer didn't bother to update appropriate age... And no other app does this so good in my case.
    Ok, my phones: Qtek, then Htc touch, then L800, 920, 1520, 950...
  • I wish they use it in Cuba, every time I showed up mine there everybody was like...a Windows phone!, there's no app for that..hahaha.. My stepfather Is using a 650 that I gave him as a I'm Cuban for the record..hahaha..
  • My dad is like that with his old trusty Nokia (the meme one). I got him to change because he couldn't find replacement batteries for it anymore. But I believe as soon as he finds one he will replace it back lol.
  • Similar. Been around since WinMo 3.0 Audiovox SMT5600. Still have it, and it still works! Ha. Took a break when WinMo 6.5 went to WP7, which sucked, and had Blackberry for 1 year, then got the Lumia 800, then 920, 830, and been on 640 with WinMo10. It's mess, and I'm taking another break. Picked up a Moto G5 Plus from Amazon. Super nice phone! Android is smooooth, battery lasts forever, and oh, oh, oh so many apps. Still big MS fan, missing the live tiles, love my Xbox Day One, my Surface Pro 2, and will come back if MS starts building mobile momentum again.
  • Awesome! I started with SMT-5600 as well. Then HTC Wizard, Touch Pro2, Samsung Focus, 920 (two), 1020 (two), 830, 950XL.
    Still have them all (some broken though).
  • Amen
  • your strategy has nothing to do with common sense you are sitting in a burning car which is heading towards the ocean. The whole car is in flames, your clothes are burning but you are siting there and waiting until the car falls into the ocean  
  • I laughed out loud at this
  • Lol.. Your comment LITERALLY had me LOL in public. Freekin hilarious.. 😂😂😂.. But, you're right. I am a fool.
    The movie "Titanic" was great, and the scene with the guys still playing the violin, instead of saving their a$$, was glorious...
    But, you must understand one thing, my young, virgin onion licker.... As far as WP fans go, I am captain of this ship... My duty is to stay hear until I'm swimming fo life, playa😎😎😎😎😎
  • Why? What harm does it do them to stay with it to the end? I am too. My phone does what it should for me. If it some day will not, i'll see what to do then. I think, ms strategy is selfdestroying. They will never reach more people on other oses with their apps (especially not with groove, Bing, onedrive, outlook and close to everything else with maybe the exception of word and excel but lets face it: That is only working with des or continuum too) than they did with wm/wp. More likely they will have less... If i would be using android or ios there is no reason to use ms software there. Windows on arm is the next step and till that is happening, i'll use my phone as long as it does what it should for me. Microsoft should have brought out one iteration of phones (like a 560, 660, 960) to overcome the gap to win on arm. What they are doing now is harming the ecosystem of windows as a hole, is bad for their reputation and bad for future plans. And there is nothing more expensive than harming the ecosystem and trust of people into the brand. 3 new phones would not be hard to do and would not have cost them much money but would have helped the ecosystem to stay alive for windows s, windows and windows mobile and in the end anything else.
  • But I thought it was the Samsung Android phones that had a tenancy to burst in to flames?
  • For all I care Facebook, Messenger, Readit, Skype, and Windows Central work either ok or well enough, so it's all good for me even if they never update those apps again. And MS will continue to update the OS itself and the core apps, and there you have it.
  • But, it's those third party apps like 6tag, and 6tin, that keep WM afloat. Not to mention the prospect of having support for a future popular app via a third party solution....
    If Rudy would go hardcore developer for WM, and raise his apps to $5 a pop, I surely would support him.. Just, think about that. Even with the relatively small amount of WM users a developer, who is basically the only one providing popular third party solutions for WM, could make more here, than developing for Android.. They would be able to charge more, and make more, because at this point there's no competition left....
    What do y'all think? Would you pay Rudy $5 an app (or contribute to a fund raiser) to keep Rudy developing at his best for WM?... I would.
  • I have paid (last year I think) to remove ads and they never went away. I believe I wrote to Rudy about (again it was a year ago) and nothing ever came of it. I have no problem supporting the devs if they in turn support their apps. Didn't he get a job with Microsoft? He may just be too busy to keep up with his apps.
  • Dropbox is the new job.
  • Also seems as though WINDOWS CENTRAL has STOPPED updating their WM app... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Got an update a few days back...but yeah...its so many months later...!
  • How many updated have they made to their iDroid apps🤔. Lol
  • Your comment explains the logic behind staying with Windows Mobile: if core apps that endorse the platform fail to update their app, the handwriting is on the wall. The Windows Central app was updated twice this week on Android.... TWICE!! I switched to Android on 11/27/16 and have enjoyed the ride since.
  • That is troublesome for me...
  • Did they ever?
  • Lol.. Yes, as I said, it seems as though even Rudy has set WM aside.
  • Not to mention, even though Google owns YouTube, the 3rd party YouTube apps on Windows Mobile are far better than Google's offering. My tube comes to mind b/c that's what I used when I used to have my Lumia 950 as my primary device, but I'm sure the other 3rd party YouTube apps are just as good. 
  • I hope it stays that way.
  • The reason for that is simple. Google hates Windows Mobile and has done​ through its various incarnations since WP7 (though the real public anti-WM moves started coming with WP8.x).
  • Last time I paid Rudy for an app he stopped updating it. So, no.
  • 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
  • Rudy works for Dropbox now so he has little to no time to work on his 6apps. Also he discontinued 6tag development as soon as official Instagram came out of beta.
  • Pay 5$ Rudy but he ll only get 3.5$ as MS would just usurp 1.5$ for nothing.
  • I'll up 5
  • I would pay more for apps as long as they are add free and Quality. I just upgraded from an old beater 640 to a 950. I am very happy staying with WM10. I have no reason or plans to leave the platform. It does what I need it to do.
  • A 640 is a "beater??!"
  • A $30 phone is definitely a beater!
  • IIRC, Rudy's policy was stop updating or outright pull an app if the service created an app. And once he got a day job, he pretty much stopped updating all his apps. I, for one, don't blame the guy for wanting a life away from a screen.
  • I never know could accept the current FACEBOOK that crashes at least once before it opens. I never know.
  • Ummm, I'm beginning the think it's time to start putting the pressure on the powers that be (Facebook and MS) to fix our Facebook and Messenger apps performance. Yes, I totally agree It's ridiculous.
  • Facebook messenger and facebook work great on the x3, on my Lumia 950xl it is so slow
  • Not great on my X3
  • I personally just use Edge; works just fine AND I can message without having to install Facebook Messenger! Something that's incidentally NOT possible on Android...
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔What???
  • Not great on my X3, Facebook crashes upon opening daily and takes an eternity to open, along with Messenger.
  • It's not any better on Android. Sending this from my S8 that I have mixed feelings about. 
  • seriously?? It's 100% better on android than the crap that they churned out for win mobile.  I haven't had the app crash, it loads fast.  The issues I have with it are not stability nor are they performance ones.  I just don't like the direction facebook has told us how we should view our friends news.
  • Actually, the apps for windows mobile are brought from ios. If people would have bothered enough to just read some stuff within the apps them selvs, they would have seen, that this apps are actually made for ios. And that is why they are **** on wm. Cause ms, again, as always, has problems doing a small job. That would be that pesky program that converts apps but never optimizes for the platform. Ms should start being friendlier with it's customers and developers. I work at a company that is strong connected with ms. And they still have problems with ms ways of being. This corporation got idiotic. Really idiotic. Bill Gates should return and put some sense in this idiots that have no respect for nothing anymore. Probably the "indian" way of doing businesses.
  • Are you joking? The apps are so fast and flawless on the are a liar
  • Love the profile pic! You're welcome. #tileart
  • Super fast on my s8
  • I rolled back my 830 to wp8.1 and took the long road to creator update again (rp Insider) just to get ms ' fb apps back. It's old but much better than official fb apps.
  • Apart from hardware, os and apps, I would appreciate Windows Central poking Microsoft about moving forward their backend services, because that's what the apps talk to.
  • There's no point in developing 6tag anymore Instagram keeps there app updated and Rudy works for Dropbox now
  • True.. The Instagram app is actually very nice.
  • Just one thing Rod.
    Do you have the issue on Creators Update where notifications arrive even when battery saver is ON (it used to be such that they never arrived before in the Threshold 2 Update when Battery saver was ON- toasts were OFF, background activity was REDUCED).
    Anniversary Update also worked fine if I remember right.
    WDRT hard reset tested on Lumia 650, 950XL and not-hard reset L650 on Release Preview CU. (15063.251)
  • I have some issues with this build. My 950 Xl easily gets heated now just for browsing edge or reading books in my phone. Edge most of time stops working. It does not crash but It neither  scroll or takes touch input. Anyone if have resolved such issues, please let me know. Thank you
  • Humm🤔. Haven't really noticed. I guess it may depend on your individual settings. I'm not sure.. Now, I do have an issue where sometimes my phone doesn't vibrate, after the CU.. That's kinda frustrating.....
    Hey, we're still getting updates!! The way I see it, if we still have something to ***** about, then we're still in business.
  • A high end smartphone won't do anything to solve the inherent problems of W10M. Buggy OS, and a complete lack of apps. I really loved the interface and will continue to remain an insider, but I can't take it anymore as my only phone. The way I look at it as long as there is a lack of apps in the store, there will be a lack of customers wanting to adopt the platform. Without Customers, there are no developers and no reason to make sure the OS is running smooth. No smartphone no mater the Spec sheet will ever fix that.
  • Nobody is suspecting that it will.... But, as long as devices keep coming, and MS continues development of the OS, we will avoid switching..... If we still have any apps left😒
  • I think WC should interview several of WP's closest developers to see what their plans for WM10 are.
    ...and save these interviews for monday articles :) Suggested title: "The Monday Mournings"
  • Until recently, I was of this opinion too, but that seems to have changed abruptly. The reason? Over the last few months, the two providers of public transportation have both scrapped their WP apps. Soon the most popular Norwegian provider of P2P/P2B payment will be gone too. Furthermore, the National Broadcasting Associaton is failing to update their apps. I suspect that this is only the beginning (of the end), and guess I soon will be joining in on the conversation at Android Central..
    I love my 950xl (- so much so that I made the IT dept. go to quite some lengths to get me a new one when I broke the screen a couple of months ago), but there is a limit to an acceptable app gap. :(
  • mobile is really is...
  • HP can NOT update WM.
  • Why not an article about helping Android users switch to Windows Mobile?
    They are still decent devices around: 950/950 XL/650/HP.
    Recently MS released a big update to the OS. Personally I am happy with my 950 running Creators Update in UK. Have all the apps I need: FB/Instagram/Barclays Bank/Transport. All on par with iOS. OS sync fantasically well with my Surface Pro, runs fast and smooth on 950. Groovy is a stunning app available accross all my devices. Seriously why moving to Android or iOS? I am actually looking to upgrade to Surface Phone whenever is ready.
    Disappointing article. Sorry.
  • It wasn't a big update, and the reality is that even the biggest fans (like myself) aren't delusional enough to recommend anyone switch from iDroid to WM right now... That would be highly irresponsible, and selfish, of us. Right now, WM doesn't offer anything they can't get on iDroid... I'm all about supporting WM, but let's be honest here.....
    Now, switching to Android? For regular users, sure.. But, as a fan, IMO my phone is still serving It's purpose, barely... But, yes I do realize that we are missing out by staying with WM...🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • @Rodney:
    Creators Update is fairly big update with lots of fixes/improvements. Not many new features though.
    I am not talking about recommendation. I am talking about personal experience and needs.
    Just to let you know that I do have iPhone 7 as work phone. I can tell you that I am not missing anything at all. Quite the opposite.
    On 950 there is (and not on iPhone):
    1. Bigger screen (5.2' against 4.7')
    2. Better resolution
    3. Support for SD card
    4. Dedicated camera button
    5. Bigger/switchable battery
    6. Switchable cases (love Mozo's)
    7. Much superior camera
  • Hummm🤔.. Well, touché, and bravo for you. Maybe there is still hope.
  • What are you missing?
  • What many ppl do miss is the basic "stable" app selection. Facebook, Messenger is the start. Then the lack of other important apps based on region. Instagram works great.
    Facebook and messenger work great on PC though.
  • Public transport app, school app, kindergarten app... The last two I can handle with Edge, but the missing transport app is a bummer and a deal breaker for many!
  • That was the killer for me. I use public transportation almost daily and the convenience of being able to buy a daily pass on the app is hard to beat. And since switching to Android in spring of 2016, I've reverted back to my Lumia Icon multiple times. Like you said, it's not the apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc that are the issue...its other regional apps that I find myself using on a regular basis that aren't available on WM.
  • Apps, and new devices... Are you seriously asking this question in 2017?
  • Facebook and instagram aren't on par with iOS, at least mine aren't, don't have Facebook stories and although some users already have the live feature on Instagram I don't. And don't get me started on stability
  • What reason is there to switch from Android to W10M? High end phones? Nope they are outdated now. Apps? Nope. OS support? HA! MS supports other OS's more than their own right now. There is no reason to switch from Android to W10M only from W10M to Android
  • Going over to a sinking ship? Microsoft is without a winning plan or goal for mobile. Why would an Android user want to go to Windows Mobile 10? There is literally nothing to gain but disappointment at the moment. I do love having access to Google Apps and I use Drive for everything. Third Party apps for Google's own are simply inferior and I would not want to suffer on Windows 10 Mobile. Honestly, I like using Windows 10 Desktop for all my computing needs but I can't fathom using a phone without Chrome...It's just too strange for me. If you love that, it's fine but really right now I could never see a case for anyone to go over to Microsoft. Once they have a plan, actually have put it into action without backpedalling. Maybe, that could be an alternative.
  • LOL!!!!!
  • people just can't get the apps they want/need on windows phone. it's why people are leaving it for iOS or Android.  There isn't anyone moving from Android to Windows Phone so there is no point writing an article about it.  It would just be fanfiction.
  • I want the surface phone or whatever you want to call it too. However, the reality of the current situation is that you're most likely not going to be convincing Android or iOS users to switch to Windows Mobile in its current state. Yes there are still devices that may work well, but the life line of W10M especially uncertain now.
  • Please stop such articles or join android central and contribute your bit there.
  • Agree. If I want android news I'll go to android central.I feel embarrassment for windows central every time I see another of these articles.
  • No, don't stop. There are plenty of us who love MS and have loved W10M but are now being forced to switch, not to mention the likely death of W10M in the near future anyway...
  • Agree with rkcougars...thanks for the article guys...! I will soon switch to Android but if Microsoft gets their strategy for mobile back in track, I'll jump right back in :)
  • Nah I hope they keep these articles up. A lot of people here are looking to jump ship
  • Shut up
  • Yeah i don't think so either.... I mean, no myTube...!
  • Not my mobile device...
  • Same. Tried it, hated it, came back.
    If I have to move, I'll be going Apple.
  • Yikes. He'll no. Rather buy an iPhone than switch everything to Google.
  • That's my thoughts, when I get to the stage of replacing my HP elite x3, if MS aren't in the game, I'm going iPhone, not Android. At this point though, MS might loose a lot of my hardware purchases, although I do like the surface range, I've no faith that they'll keep supporting it if it doesn't immediately do well, like the Surface RT, Band, and Phone/Mobile efforts. Whilst their services like office, skype, groove and Xbox will retain my custom to start with, it might not be long before iTunes and FaceTime take over (all my friends have iPhones)... MS fan base has been burnt time and again, and sure, this will be partially true of the other platforms, but to me it seems the MS faithful have lost patience, a glance at the comments on these articles tells you that.
  • There is nothing better than the Windows Mobile home page tiles.
    You can have the same (and in some way better - try the Cube option) with the SquareHome 2 launcher.
    You'll be right back home with transparent tiles and all! It's unbelievable that Microsoft developed its own launcher that has nothing to do with with Windows 10.
  • When you finally switch, don't throw your x3 away.  You can keep using that for the Continuum purpose on the big screen.  I use a HP Dock with wired Ehternet.  It is fast and enjoyble.
  • I kinda agree... The build quality of the iPhone is better than anything running Android. IDK... That would be a hard choice.
  • The LG G6 and Samsung S8 just called. You might want to take a look.
  • LG G6 is great and some how cheaper than Samsung S8, even if it doesn't fully have it good looks.
    At least it has a properly placed finger scanner. By the way, why Windows Central and Android Central are pushing so much Samsung S8?
    It's good (I have one too) but not to the extend to forget and almost ignore the competition (90% S8 and 10% the rest).
  • Might as well merge Android and windows central together with the all this Android and s8 coverage here
  • Yeah you have a point
  • Love the profile pic! You're welcome. Going to have to do another! #tileart
  • i suspect they are about to kill Windows Central, i'm sure they are at least worried.
  • I've seen the S8... Flimsy Samsung PlasticNess as usual.. I want a solid design, like the 920, iPhone 7, 1020, 930, 1520..
  • Plastic? Where? I've been using one over a week and I've yet to find anything plastic about it. Although I love plastic phones, because at least they don't smash into pieces when dropped.
  • He just mad. At least Samsung has phones, unlike the desert called Windows Mobile...
  • Lol! You're right, I am mad... But, that's my unbiased opinion... I thought that even back when we had superior built Lumias pumping out of the factory... Understand this, Android fans.... WP fans have been used to terrific Nokia phones for years.. When we give the build quality that you guys have been used to for years a bad review,,, Just take our word for it..😐😐😐😐
  • You said the IPhone has better build quality than anything running Android. I have yet to see an IPhone user that I have shown my S8 to that would agree with that. I'm not a huge Android fan, but did feel it was time to move from W10M, as the future of that OS is murky at best. Iphone is well built, but it's not the only well built option out there.
  • Sorry, disagree... iPhones are super slick.. I'm sorry, but the only thing that feels as good, or better, similar, to iPad/ iPhone build quality fit, and finish,,,,,,,,,, is anything to date labeled Surface..... No, the S8 is not on par with the fit, and finish, of my Surface 3, but you can't argue that the iPhone, iPad, fit, and finish, isn't.... Samsung, IMO is just about volume.. Very nice phone, the S8 is, but not the best I've felt in my hand.... Sorry.
  • Don't forget the Dell XPS range... shame their foray into WM was so limited (was it JP only?)
  • I had a 950xl before went to Pixel XL. Although I loved it, the 950XL felt cheap compared to Pixel, galaxy. So lets don't say all Lumia had superb build quality.
  • The S8 is glorious, design wise if you ignore the fingerprint scanner location.🤓 iPhone looks archaic next to the S8
  • look at the Xiaomi Mi6 thats a very nice option with a nice price tag  
  • I'm going to go check out some devices... What do I have to lose?
  • That's my plan. How it works on iPhone? I guess I have to create apple account to use an app store etc. But it would be great just with my good old MS account.
  • Lol
  • lol, there is nothing special in google, it uses others products but ms makes its own products. microsoft is far better than google.
  • I agree, and here's why. Android doesn't have a real PC option yet.
    I don't want to buy one platform, and then bolt on a bunch of services from another ecosystem. I prefer to just embrace the ecosystem because the integrations will be better and I know the platform and services will work seamlessly. Plus, they are just easier to use. Like Siri on iPhone instead of Cortana. They are comparable services. One may say, "But Cortana does X better" and that may be true, but using the native services will always be more fluid. Plus, the platform and services will enhance over time in harmony.
    That said, and with Phone first, PC second, wearables third, and home entertainment forth, here are my options
    - Phone options vanishing fast, no clear leadership, strategy, vision, or urgency on the part of leadership (Nadella).
    - PC's are clearly the best, and they continue to invest heavily on making sure they stay ahead.
    - Wearables are just another example of the lack of fight at Microsoft under Nadella. Bing would have never made it to profitability under Nadella because it took years of losses. With the discontinuation of Band 3, I will have to move when my last Band 2 dies.
    - Home entertainment give Microsoft an advantage because of Xbox One and the upcoming Scorpio.
    - Phone options are amazing and just getting better. They have all the apps, and are rapidly becoming a monopoly.
    - PC's they really don't have options. Chromebooks are coming along, and with Android apps they are a real threat, but they're a couple years away from a real alternative for me.
    - Wearables are again a strength because the just keep grinding. First versions suck, second versions are ok, third version are interesting, and 4th versions are gold. Microsoft quit the game at version 2.
    - Home entertainment has some options, but nothing that compares to an Xbox
    - Phone they have the gold standard device. I use it for work (corporate and business apps are required), and I still find Windows a better interface... but Microsoft was behind and then decided to retrench.
    - PC's they have the only real option here. Again, I prefer Windows, and it appears Apple is losing ground.
    - Wearables is a strength because the Apple Watch is very nice and full featured.
    - Home entertainment is a weakness, but they do have Apple TV. Although Apple's biggest weakness so far, continued investment could make it plausible.
    All the ecosystems have basic services like cloud storage, personal assistants, mail, etc. I don't want to (or need to) create a Frankenstein platform or ecosystem.
    I keep holding out hope for Microsoft, but Nadella just rambles on and on very poetically, but he isn't producing any consumer results. As an example of his consumer innovation, he always mentions how Microsoft introduced the idea of the 2-in-1. However, it launched under Ballmer years before he took over. It was blasted early, but Ballmer kept rolling out better versions (dropping RT) and it was turning the corner already by the time Nadella took over. If launched under Nadella, I believe he would have quit after Surface Pro 2. Cook appears to be a nice version of Ballmer. I don't believe he'll let Apple flop on his watch, but Google is taking his lunch money. Google is still run by the founders. They are aggressive, will fight, and even lose money in one area to win wars down the road. As long as founders are still engaged, I believe they have an advantage of drive and passion.
  • Sounds like a sound unbiased opinion. Nice "write" up.. Sums things up pretty accurately.
  • I went to iPhone. I trust Apple far more than I'd ever trust Google. I refuse to put one of their apps on my 7 plus.
  • You cant have live tiles on IOS, you can on Android.
  • Whatever... Why fake the funk?... Who wants a knockoff WP device anyways?... If I get an Android phone I'm using it as an Android phone. If I get an iPhone It's gonna be an iPhone... I would already be pissed that I'm switching. It would piss me off even more to have to try to make it look like a WM devices.. It's not genuine. It's like putting a Ferrari body over a Corvette chassis. Cheese 🧀
  • More like putting cheese on a burger! Live tiles are awesome, and so is Android 7.0 and apps #bettertogether I've got all 3 - iPhone 6s, Moto G5 Plus, and Lumia 640 & 830 on WinMo 10. The finger print reader alone is fantastic on iPhone & G5 Plus and how many times per day do you have to enter a damn password to enter WinMo 10 phone?
  • Lol
  • Because you bought cheap wm device.
  • I rarely enter my PIN on my Lumia 950. The iris scanner works really well most of the time
  • It's not really faking it. It has full functionality(and more) from the tiles. This new Galaxy s8 with live tiles is a better Windows phone than any I've had before lol... Go figure
  • how do i get the live tiles you are talking about? i have a fabulous Galaxy S7 Edge :3
  • You could buy an iPhone and use all Google apps on it. Best of both worlds.
  • You know I left iOS for Windows Phone 7 because I couldn't stand how ugly and half-assed Android was.
    So now that Windows 10 Mobile has become like Android with no apps I'm definitely going back to iOS if anything. Wouldn't touch android with a 19 foot pole
  • Ew....
  • Same. Fk google.
  • I don't want to switch..i had an android Phone for 2 years(lg g2) and i don't like android at all
  • Which windows phone you would compare it to?
  • Lol. Then don't switch, my friend.
  • There is no need to move your contacts to Google. Simply sign in to the contacts app with your Outlook account. It will typically create an Exchange account, and you can use this to keep your contacts updated.
  • Exactly. Can't believe they would suggest to move the contacts to Google; furthermore, why this is even an article. Shouldn't this be on the Android site? We don't give a.... Care.
  • Because Android doesn't even acknowledge that MS has a mobile OS. They never put their apps on our store, and really don't give a... flip about anything MS. For those of us about to make the jump, this is the only site to find such information on.
  • Microsoft doesn't put their apps on Blackberry or Tizen. They are actively stifling these platforms.
  • Except that's not true.
  • I don't see Microsoft apps on these platforms. Am I wrong about that?
  • What contacts app would allow me to access and update my MS contacts in the people app? Outlook app in Android is view only. Samsung contacts will not push edits or new contacts to MS. Big problem. 
  • Set it up as an exchange account and it'll let you edit those
  • Samsung Contacts app will update contacts information in exchange perfectly.  
  • Yes actually
  • Didn't know then... I trasferred my contacts to google account even though i didnt want to.. Used the same process as written by author :(
  • Richard is an agent that is paid to finesse wm users off msft completely
  • Not a chance. I switched from Android to Windows Mobile last year and have never been happier. My Lumia 950 has better battery life. Continuum which I use the hell out of and add Office into it and RDP woohoo! Standard apps I use are all here as well, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.. So happy as a clam.
  • Facebook is outdated at least 3 years old
  • Even you switch back to Android later, you can still keep your L950 and Dock forever for the Continuum sake.  That's my plan anyway.  I have 3 TVs and 3 Continuum Docks (2 MS and 1 HP).  My wife uses a L950 and I use a L950XL.  If we are forced to switch in the future, the L950 and L950XL will stay to support Continuum on big screens forever.  The beauty of using Continuum is that we can pin all our favorite entertainment sites in MS Edge on the Start screen and access them directly without searching.  The HP Dock works nice especially with the wired Ethernet connection.  It is super smooth.
  • What tips you have,for keeping Windows Phone users in this platform...
  • A major reason I stay is the ability to mute a group message. Try that on android lol
  • Well apparently both the stock messaging app and hangouts can already do that. Just did a quick search n i see its possible on android and ios.
  • Apparently they do not anymore:))). But yeah, they need to keep traffic going, so, some android adv. apparently is a good idea for them
  • I dont think they can write an article because the main topic that have been circling the microsoft communit is whether windows mobile is dying. Plus, its hard to convince someone who had never used an windows to join the family. 
  • I'll stay as long as WP uses Live Tiles UI.  It is not the MS services.
  • just use widgets, trust me, you will not regret it
  • Over few weeks now, Windows central has been helping a lot in switching. :/ Well, people who had to switch have already switched, those who will switch also have a lot of other resources to read about how to get started on android. More on windows mobile albeit for smaller audience will be better, IMO. But can't blame windowcentral too, the sorry state of windows mobile doesn't give a lot to talk about. 
  • You lost me on the first step..
    As long as Android requires Google Account - I'll never return.
    Google is the devil - Spying their users without giving them any control.
    And what's the only thing they need for doing that?! You guessed it - You have to use Google Account!
  • Create a junk account just access play store. If u r real n dont use google services at all then dont sign in to gmail google youtube etc n u r safe
  • This junk account will connect with my Microsoft Account as soon as I download any Microsoft service there, and sign into it..
    I am using YouTube and Google Maps without signing in, but using them on Android ain't keeping me safe from Google AT ALL!
  • I just got a GS8+ AND step 3 is totally unnecessary. You'll be adding your Microsoft account for Cortana anyway, so you're pretty much there. A Microsoft account added as Active Exchange Sync will pull contacts (read and write capable), calendars, and email with pretty much any email app. I use the samsung email and calendar apps. One calendar rub is it seems the samsung app, or just using EAS, I only see one calendar as if they were merged into one. Maybe I just did something wrong, but I just turned off the other calendar (US holidays).   As for item 5... Well I use the browser because it's faster and prettier than the Android Windows Central app. What I miss from the Windows app is push notifications. Using the samsung browser, it is possible to install ad block. The browser is fast and smooth, and can also store passwords for you that get unlocked with whatever biometric you choose.
  • Do you have Dark Mode on your GS8+?
  • There does not appear to be a universal switch for dark themes. The settings app is a white background, and several Samsung system apps are likewise (messaging, phone to name two). Apps might do it, like Twitter and Windows Central, but that's on a per app basis and not OS controlled.
  • That would be enough for me not go android!
  • Samsung phones have a theme store, there are lots of Dark themes at the grand prize of Zero dollars and Zero cents :)
  • Samsung has themes, and there are several that will give you a dark mode for the basic phone apps (so the background in settings, phone, etc turns black).
  • What about contacts? Any way to update outlook contacts using Android? I have not found a good solution. 
  • Like my OP states, when the account is added to Android as an Exchange Active Sync account, they just show up like you would expect. I use Samsung's default contacts app, and it has successfully seen all my contacts and allowed me to save changes to them that go back up to the EAS server no problem. Your mileage may vary based on which contacts app you use.
  • What is Exchange Active Sync and how do I set it up?
  • Go-to settings - accounts - add an account - email or exchange. If it's Samsung then it's email and then sign up with your microsoft account. I use contacts and calendar as exchange and use outlook app for email.
  • The one issue is that continuously syncs. So if you add photos, outlook overwrites them
  • Went from a 640 with W10M to a G5 Plus and have been loving it. Battery life is just as good too. Step 2 was absolutely crucial, though some of their Android offerings aren't quite as good. But it still made the switch bearable.
  • Me too. From Lumia 640 to G5 Plus from Amazon, which is such a great mid-tier value! Just loving the G5. So smooth, everything works, no crashing, battery lasts forever, apps, apps, apps...
  • I made all this lol XD, but after 3 weeks later couldnt handle android and switched back to windows 10 mobile 950 xl
  • Once you got spoiled by the simplicity and customization capability of the Live Tiles based UI, it is difficult to switch to other platforms.  My Start screen has been customized to tightly fit with my daily routines and life style.  All my frequent contacts, tasks, web sites and apps grouped in Live Folders are all one tap away.  The Live Tiles have managed my daily life efficiently.  The phone actually serves me and not the other way around.  When switch, I'm not concerned about the MS services, I'm concerned mostly about losing a most efficient UI, the tight integration and synchronization with W10.
  • Well said, and agreed.
  • Try launcher10... That was my concern too. Now my phone looks just like as you describe
  • There will be a lot of unhappy people here in a few minutes
  • Sticking with Windows. Still holding out for a pocketable Windows 10 device in the future. My 950XL still has a lot to offer. Staying put
  • Uggggggg. I hate to see these articles.. Sucks 😬😬😬😬
  • brainwashing....if you ask me...
    Windows phone is dead even though Windows mobile OS still lives....So buy an android phone and enjoy the MS apps on it!
  • That is the logical move to make... Rodney lothes logic. Hahahahahahaha😍😍😍
  • Never
  • You're so good at making points, that usually take me 3000 characters, easily with one word... How do you do this?🤷🏾
  • Lol, I only know 5 words...
  • 😂😂😂
  • The way I view my contacts/calendar on my Windows Mobile/PC , is not the same view on android devices (holidays, task, birthdays, social app integration), not an easy way to transfer it. Maybe only me but i like how WP/PC show the calendar list and contacts.
  • Seriously?  Do we need yet another one of these articles?  Here is a thought... how about we stay focused on keeping people on the platform you are supposed to be covering instead of pushing them to another platform.  We all get that we can do it.  We just don't want to do it.  The people that were going to switch to another platform have already done so.  If you are going to be a Windows/Microsoft blog then just cover that.  There are a lot of other places to get your Android and iOS news.
  • Compare the articles written here with allanoutwindiwsphone........ Big differences, why not focus on the positives? Ludacris if you ask me
  • Keeping ppl on the platform is MS' responsibility not windowscentrals. The last thing we need is delusional wardicles that chase the end of rainbow.
  • Then why have a blog called WINDOWS Central when you constantly talk about moving people to another OS?  Maybe they should change the name to Microsoft Services Central.  At the current rate they could just delete this site and automatically redirect to Android Central.
  • Lol.
  • Step 1. Die
    (the obvious option over android)
  • Lol.
  • You should get fired for writing this article dude
  • Really? Haha. The clown CEO that has caused all this hasn't been ****-canned yet, but you think a guy explaining one of the options caused by Nutella's greed should be fired? Yeah...ok.
  • Nadella is making money for the company and himself. There is no reason for Nadella to be fired
  • Who is Nadella?
  • Lol.. The way you guys say "Nutella" so casually cracks me up😂😂😂😂
  • Why dont u go b enjoy the koolaid by Jason Ward. Atleast Richard is genuine n practical.
  • Lol
  • Could use an article that runs like this, but the other way. For people switching from android, and/or blackberry refugees. I'd like to get the most out of the OS features of windows 10 m when I switch.
  • You go find me more than one person you know doing what you just described, and we will talk. That is like handing out ice cream bars at the line to board the titanic AFTER it has hit an iceberg.
  • Exactly! I needed such article a month ago, when switched from BlackBerry Z10 to 950 XL.
    Anyway, as I said, I'm done with this source... it's ridiculous already. It's offensive for MS user.
  • Already did
  • Anyone interested in switching from Windows mobile to iOS or Android should consult Satya Nadella. He'll be more than happy to assist.
  • I can't blame him, windows mobile is practically a crappy OS, that we are beta testing
  • The OS is actually really nice... And, you know it is.. The store, and device selection, are lacking.. That's really the only problem it has....
  • No way, I still holding on to my Lumia 950
  • Reasons I don't switch to either android or iPhone. The messaging app. My family does group texts all the time, because I'm the only windows user, I can simply mute the conversation and leave ringers alone. Android and iPhone, not as easy. When the chat gets going, iPhone and android users can't find a way to shut it off. My brother after a long string had to call us and ask us to stop talking because after 186 messages his phone was lagging, couldnt reply anymore, and was tired of the dinging.
  • Doesnt it work.
  • I mean come on guys stop with these articles. If ur looking for news there's plenty u haven't reported... Like the HP elite X3 getting the creators update... The launch of the cortana scheduling assistant preview... Instead of the negativity u guys should report news an new features that are coming out or has come out... I mean its windows central not switch to android central.
  • Most nonsense article of the day!
    Why do I want to switch, to play Pokémon go, or to snapchat? I don't get Richard Devine.
    I use W10M because it the most secured mobile OS, I can never port my MS services on any android device, iPhone is more preferable.
  • No, so you get the latest updates and newest apps from Microsoft. Lord knows, under Nutella that you aren't going to get that on W10M.
  • Or, you know, so you can use one of the business specific apps that just simply do not exist on Windows Phones.
  • What's wrong with you guys at windowscentral? Have you been bought by google? Traitors!
  • It's kind of reality. Unless MS surprises us all and announced a phone, any phone, in the near future, there just aren't any viable options for W10M. There is very little chance of that happening in the next year. The 950XL is a great phone, but I'm not keeping it though yet another year, just in case they decide to push out a phone, but probably won't.
  • Some people just like to see the comments section burn.
  • Hahaha really?
  • This site is part of a contentfarm that was designed to maximize the Google Pagerank and ad and tracker revenue. Right now, that new Galaxy thing is all the rage and Windows is not doing so hot. It is pretty obvious authors here are instructed to at least mention but preferably dedicate entire articles to current trends to get the most exposure and revenue. It's just business as usual, did you really think those guides were written to help users?
  • "Traitors"... Lol
  • i don't want to switch to android. i dislike the platform. i see more and more articles like this android/iOS type thing. Microsoft is transplanting its os into the other systems, that way they keep it alive and don't have the expense of building their own carrier. not unlike a parasite. what i would like is to 'switch' to a new windows phone. its a shame, i feel like I'm being driven away - left behind. some will call it evolution though.
  • I won't leave my Windows Phone. The few Windows Phones fans should be left to enjoy their phones peacefully
  • Thank you. We'll said.
  • Yes, just leave us in peace😭😭😭.. Lol
  • I am convinced you were paid by google to write this, but we don't know much you have been paid yet.
    Let say you succeed in moving everyone out of Windows Phone. What about your colleagues in windows central that write about windows phones, will they be out of job?
  • If you haven't noticed, this website contains few articles about windows phone, there isn't much news to report. There are more video game and Xbox articles than phone articles.
  • Oh don't worry Jason Ward will keep churning the fanboy fiction about surface phone
  • 🤓😏
  • Let's do this, since you are so about giving people tips to switch, maybe do an article on why not to switch and an android site vs. Staying on here. I mean if you want people to switch, might as well go to a site that is for android or iPhone right?
  • One bad thing about exporting contacts to Gmail is that the contact pictures are not transferred.
  • Wow! I can't believe they even have a topic like this.
  • No thanks.   I'll stick with my Lumia 1520
  • All is well but unfortunately I don't like an android device.
    I love Windows operating system.
  • Enough of the LAME android articles.. Obviously any one here is fairly into tech and knows how to switch.
    Daniel this site has gone toshit quicker than Windows Phone itself.... Snap out of it or change site name to android licker
  • 😂😂😂
  • I actually made the switch from a Lumia 1020 to my current Nexus 5X back when it came out and I was actually lost on how to bring my contacts over (Google's support site was less than helpful). If only this article was around then.
  • No EDGE on Android. How sync?
  • Or do like me. Use all three platforms. 😊
  • Me too. W10, Android and macOS all great and can play nice together. To lock yourself into any one, to me, is too rigid.
  • Right, coming from the guy wearing played out cargo shorts, with his pockets bulging, holding every device known to mankind.
  • Why android? Such an unsecured OS. I would prefer to stay on windows phone but unfortunately I had to make a switch because of work and I tried to hold out as long as I could . I, unfortunately, went with apple since it has better security than android. If my work ever decides some day to support windows phone I will move back to windows in a heartbeat.
  • Yeah, guck foogle.
  • Ohhhh, that's cold😲😲😲😲
  • Yeah! That's what we normally say on winphonecirclejerk sub-reddit. 👌
  • File management in android sucks. Contact apps are difficult, diallers are confusing and every app that you install needs permission to spy on you, example shopping apps needs permission for contacts access, read your sms, images and background tasks...what the hell in the name of providing service is going on. Everyone using Android is spied and thanks to MS you don't have choice to buy another windows phone. So literally you are getting screwed and you are paying money for it. What a life!!
  • Fouqe dat!
  • It's official now people, Windows Central has now become Microsoft Central just so they can cover anything Microsoft, including their Android apps and how to abandon Windows Mobile for Android Se we went from Windows Phone Central to overall Windows to Whatever Microsoft..
  • Yep.
  • They are just building more frustration to loyal windows mobile fans by writing such article here on windows central.
  • It's unfortunate 😞
  • Yeah,,, maybe when "if" a Surface Phone did come out, we should all leave for another site, just to say our peace.. Lol.
  • Welcome to Windroid Central! Where we gave up on Windows Mobile and pretty much tell everyone to give up as well! But, I guess Microsoft gave up first, so there you go. Me, personally, I am going down with the ship.
  • Me too. I love 💘 Windows Phone with passion. I am in love with Lumia 640XL.
  • Lol! Hahaha. Me too.
  • I just jumped back on ship with a 950 😁
  • Have you lost your mind😂😂 🤣
  • I did the same - got my new 950 XL few weeks ago ;)
  • Stupid writer... I feel Windows Central is more in Android than Windows. I will delete my account form this stupid forum and unlike FB Page if they keep doing this stupid ****.
  • I simply agree with you.
  • Me too
  • It is BS, no matter how It's justified......... Did Crackberry suggest for fans to switch?
  • Yes this is exactly he suggested... what does "HELP" means in tittle? Please let me know if he has posted the same article with tittle "5 tips to help Android Mobile users switch to Windows Mobile 10" in Android Central Forum???
  • Android user??
  • Have common sense dear or not?
  • Lol get over yourself
  • Between the overflow of emails to sell you something, the Galaxy S8 coverage, and the switch to Android articles, I'm quite annoyed with ¡WINDOWS! Central. This is bull... On varying levels. Like the Steel HR... What is the connection to Windows or Microsoft? They don't even have an app on the platform. Like... Change the name of the site so we understand that when coming here, it's not necessarily about Windows or Microsoft. But as long as we keep clicking on the articles and commenting, they're fine with it.
  • It's fine if want to post articles like this so long as it is done in a bi-partisan fashion. I expect to see an article titled, "5 tips to help Android users switch to Windows Mobile" appear as well. If there's no one on staff to write it legitimately then I could because I came from a Nexus 5. I am very happy with my Alcatel Idol 4S. If the site is not interested in promoting both sides of the issue then I suppose that is just more proof that mass media publications are biased and not worth our time. At the very least, I think this site might want to consider shutting down or changing it's name at least if it doesn't want to positively encourage use of Windows in all it's forms. There's already an Android Central and the author clearly wants to work there instead. LOL. I'm now considering removing this site from my RSS feed which isn't a threat because why would you care? I mention in case you want reply here to inform me that you will be posting the other perspective or that I should leave because users like myself are not valued as part if the target audience that you're now after these days.
  • One more article like this one from windows central, I will delete my windows central account.
  • You will be deleting soon
  • 😂😂😂😂
  • I said that one article ago (like a lot of others)... so, I was glad to meet yo guys ;)
  • Please do
  • This article makes sense because Microsoft is shutting down their phone platform. By June they will have finished shutting it down. It doesn't make sense to create the opposite article. There are no devices available that anyone would recommend.
  • Huh? Why are you suggesting people move their Contacts to Google? Contacts will work just fine from their current Outlook account. We've gone full Google Central.
  • I have not found this to be the case. How can you set up an Android to use AND be able to update contacts? 
  • Works fine for me on my galaxy s8
  • Fire Richard Devine, he's also a Kodi pirate
  • Nope +1
  • I love windows mobile I'm using this os since Windows 7 and I don't want to switch to android i love my Lumia 950!!
  • Even me too. I was Android user sometimes back. I changed to Windows Phone in May, 2015. And I never regret the crossover at all. I bought Lumia 640 XL. Today, I am happily enjoying my Lumia 640 with the latest update. Windows Phone may not look flashy yet it look mature and durable. It is unfortunate Microsoft do not believe in their Mobile Phone line. I will keep using my phone till it stop working.
  • Really, tip #6: reconsider your choice, if security is your friend. A week ago, by checking router spikes I found out, that the brand new Droid of my 10y old daughter was hacked, presumably by some ******* child of a sucker from the higher classes @school. The pointless guy selling us this pile of dung at the mobile providers store was not even understanding the problem, because "Android has to be insecure to a certain degree". She now wears my backup L650... no Snapchat... no more dick pictures. An additional bonus!
  • In order for snapchat to be appealing to people (young people especially). They had to allow nude/pornographic pictures.
  • What hack did they use?
  • I went from Android to WM and it was the smartest thing I did.. I'm a fan of WM, but however I had an Icon and I am on Verizon. My Icon was on it's last legs and I held on expecting to see some new hardware or announcement of. That never happened and so I lowered my standards and went back to Android. I still have hope that new hardware will be released for W10M so I can come back. Also I'm not all that impressed with my S8. There are a few things I like about it and wish my Icon had, but it's not much.
  • Man, I saw this coming long back..
  • Heresy
  • Will wait for brave company to make new windows phone.
  • "brave"😂😂😂😂😂
  • Yes it stings for a diehard Windows fan like me to read yet another article about how to switch to Android.
    But I get it.
    Let's face it, folks: Diehard fans is really all that's left on Windows 10 mobile and while we are passionate about our OS, we aren't the only people reading this site.
    I personally would go to a freaking flip phone before I jump ship, but I am not the majority and neither are we "stick to it until the end" fans.
    I am happy with my Elite x3 and will be so for at least another year. I do, however, understand that some folks don't want to keep their phone for 2-3 years and for them, Microsoft really hasn't anything to offer.
    So, let's not trash the writers. They have to follow the trend and the current trend doesn't look good for Windows on phones.
    I will stick to it and still read articles like this one, simply because it doesn't hurt to know about alternatives, should Microsoft pull the plug one day.
    I hope it never happens and we will se a device at some point that will redefine mobile and we all see a surge and a resurrection of our favorite mobile OS.
    As long as that is nothing more than a slim maybe, don't blame those who need to make a living here without Microsoft giving them something significant to write about.
    Hang on and stay classy.
  • Well, that's the thing about the continued lack of hardware or anything sold at retail: even if Microsoft continues updating Mobile with minor fixes over the next couple years, if there's no new hardware to run it on, the whole thing ends up resembling the old Philosophy question about the tree falling in the forest---if nobody is around to see or hear it fall, does it exist?
    In that scenario, Windows 10 Mobile is the tree....
  • Sticking with windows mobile thanks. I firmly believe that supporting wm will help get the device i really want to have in the future. A cellular device that fits in my pocket that can act as a desktop when docked to a monitor etc, act as a smartphone when I am away from the office and has the ability to drive thin / light weight mixed reality glasses. A device that is arm based, fitted with front and rear depth sensing cameras, along with a holographic processor unit (or equivalent) built in. Supported with light weight mixed reality glasses that embed miniature depth sensing cameras and display technology. I don't want a clunky headset thank you!! A true continuum device, that allows me to adapt how i interact with it based on my current needs and environment.
  • LOL This is not the article we are looking for
  • Question: Is there a Microsoft app alternative of google photos?
  • No. But if you have your photos on OneDrive you can use the OneDrive app to view them.
  • Just a tip about using CSV files to export your contacts. If you have a comma in even one contact's info (say in an name, address or comment), the whole file will be useless. Try searching for "," and deleting any commas before creating the file.
  • Windows Central has no Honor!!
  • Yes you're right. MSPower user is far better.
  • When I switched to Android, I did not move my contants over to Google, instead I made my Android phone sync to my Microsoft account. And I can't actually get Cortana on Android because it is not available in my region (Canada). My question is why? Cortana has been available on Windows Phones in Canada since WP8.1 update 1 in 2014. It's also available on Windows 10 desktop versions. So why Microsoft has yet to make the Android version available in Canada is beyond me.
  • I may write an article to get people to switch from Windows Central to another site..... This article was the last straw for me. I'll keep my WM device and switch sites... Bye, bye Windows Central!!!!
  • Same
  • They don't care...
  • I don't care about the fact they don't care
  • At least we get inspiration from Jason Ward to stay loyal to the OS.
  • So dead platform,and so many comments! How is that possible??
  • Drops the mic...well said.
  • Hahaha!
  • No thanks, sticking with W10M
  • Made the switch a couple of weeks ago, didn't need to export/import contacts into Google account... it is possible for them to automatically sync from Outlook
  • I don't understand why you guys posting such kind of articles 😞
  • Blaspemy Richard Devine, but I can't say I blame you haha
  • I highly recommend Launcher 10 for a very authentic W10M style homescreen an app drawer. It really is almost the best of both worlds.
  • Does it feature a gestual hide function for navbar?
  • Unfortunately I don't think so. The nav buttons are a system level function as opposed to being controlled by the launcher app. In the end it's a ROM dependent function. The array of options for the tiles is excellent including the transparency, full screen and scrolling wallpapers etc. Live tiles work extremely well for apps that are linked to notifications along with number badges for how many notifications you have. The only thing I don't like is the app list size/font is a little too large and there isn't an option to change that just yet. So as an alternative it's not perfect but it is very very good and still being developed actively.
  • I switched 4 years ago and still happy with Android. It took a few weeks to get used to having no tiles, but after a month didn't care for tiles anymore.
  • I'm quite disappointed with this article, the first one I noticed I didn't think much of it, I didn't even read it in fact, why would I? I've been using Windows powered telephony devices since '96 with no plans of switching. But having another article suggesting the switch and then encouraging the move of your contacts to another service to make it harder to switch back to Windows… just too much, put these articles on your Android site.
  • They should run this type of article on the Android site. And if they did theyd be doing Android fans a favor... Isn't it better that they get all of their news from one source?????
  • Nothing smooth about Android. Be prepared and warned.
  • What Android hv u used??
  • That is typically true of lower end devices, depending on chipset. However, the S8+ and other flagships are smoother...I do love my S8+ and it's got battery life and smoothness which is honestly a winning combo.
  • There's other issues to solve when someone's switching from Windows to Android:
    How to hide and show Android both virtual navbar and status bar?
    How to get dark theme at the whole system?
    How to get minimalist icons and useful widgets at the home screen?
  • OnePlus OxygenOS has all those features built in, or use a launcher like Apex along with GravityBox.
  • See this is the thing I hate about android. U need to look for third party things just for the os to be better. Windows has Cortana with music search no.need for shazam.
  • How to get W10 device after having no these ^ answers?
  • Lol, it feels like WC has become my pimp....always trying to sell me to the highest bidder. Nothing like the feeling of an upscale sIut :D
  • I Feel I am the commander of such a sinking ship who want to die with the ship, Not to blame those well wisher Whom I didn't listen.
  • Have no intentions of switching. I'll bang two rocks together or talk into tin cans with strings attached, before I will buy another Android. Been there done that and it was most unsatisfactory. The LG-G5 I had was well built, to bad it hadn't been running W10 mobile.
  • Thanks for the tips,but I won't be needing them.
  • posting an article about switching to android LOL
  • Not a joke, in fact I'm switching to my wife's old Nexus 5X tomorrow. Luckily it's only a temporary move until the iPhone 8 comes out; but I'll be staying on iOS until full Windows 10 on ARM comes out on a phone.
  • Ah ha ha, yeah right! Over my dead body. I'll just have to keep my L650 in good shape because there is no way in hell I'll be switching to Android.
  • Always fun to read the delusional responses to articles like this, WC has accepted the reality and is now only concerned with site traffic but you Microsheep can't see it, classic.....
  • Its like a war where the king resigned and war is over but some stupid foot soldiers keep fighting a pointless war.
  • Lol😂
  • No thanks Richard. I'm happy with my 640XL.
  • The best part is that no matter where one would go: ios or android, will find better MS apps, miles better ecosystem and commitment. Some desperate fanboys here seem to show their anger towards this article. Well, this article is doing a good thing showing that you won't lose anything when you move to Android besides maybe those live tiles. wtf is wrong with you? This is the reality, MS fcked up and these guys try to help the ones deciding to move to a more serious platform. 
  • Live tiles is something which keeps most of the people here on board. What do you have to say for that? And there is some smoothness in Windows which you can't expect even in the well established IOS.
  • Live tiles are good, but they don't always work, what is the point in having them if it shows you something that was posted weeks ago, or something that you simply can't find at all!!? It's Microsoft after all, don't expect too much.
    If you want live tiles and a Windows style experience then download square home 2, it's a launcher and the most complete Windows 10 app in android, if 10 on Windows was as good as this one is it would be a winner. Endless customisation, fast, bug free and most importantly reliable, and has the added bonus of great 'eye candy'
  • Half of the stupid livetiles are pointless. Ms own app live tiles are not even transparent n they look ugly on the start screen
  • To me the iOS and Android UI seem clunky and outdated. I mean Android makes you drop down through the settings>memory just to uninstall an app. It shouldn't take that much work just to uninstall an app.
  • More serious platform?? Seriously?? U do t get it...we are not here for "serious platform". We are here coz this platform works for us. It our preference. It's what we are accustomed to and well even though other platforms exists, they don't do things the way this one does. Period.
  • I was an iphone user for a long time before I swithced to windows phone. Sad to admit but i already switched to S8+.  Don't get me wrong, I loved my WPs, so much that I went through 4 Lumia 950 since it came out. And all 4 at some point started turning off by itself or wouldn't charge. Microsoft store was quick to replace them as they saw the problem. But what made me change was the damn App gap. I didn't like that I have go to my computer or the iPad to use apps. I would gladly come back, once MS understand the importance of apps and make it easier for developers.
  • Oh god, windows central, serious?
  • This post alone corroborates the theory I had about this site. There is a lot more engagement when mobile is discussed
  • Yes thats the only reason they allow Ward's delusional articles
  • Stop ✋... Please don't force me to move to android with these types of posts.. I'm okay with my Lumia 640XL..
  • Better read this instead
  • Ummm am not going no where! In fact, am not even reading this post. Wait is there a way i can delete such from my windows central app?😀😀
  • Be nice if the app had filters.
  • Richard, any chance you guys can get Microsoft to provide some information about what's happening with Windows mobile? I think it would help people with devices until warranty  might quality for a refund. 950/ 950XL were sold at premium prices at the beginning and the Elite X3 it's still very expensive. There are different signs that they don't give a **** of the OS anymore such as: Updates are a joke, no mention of the OS at all on the last event and even there's nothing about Windows mobile on the upcoming Build. It really sucks as the CEO mentioned before that they were still committed to mobile, I think the users deserved better than this.    
  • Being one of those that recently left Windows on mobile, one recommendation I have is to skip Microsoft's Outlook on Android and just go straight to NINE - a much better app that supports not just everything that Outlook does, but it actually supports more. It even works with older Exchange servers that Microsoft's own Outlook won't. It supports all features too and will sync with your Outlook/Exchange contacts and calendars etc. I hope Dona Sarkar's responsibilities extend well beyond the mobile division (which I'm pretty sure they do), or she'll be looking for a new job soon.
  • Updates are NOT a joke, stop exaggerating. Apps are also updated and new ones added, so...
  • Actually you can also add a PayPal account to use the Play Store, you don't need a credit card or Android Pay
  • Hey Richard, why don't u switch to Android, if u haven't already. Idiot.
    Maybe u guys should shut down windows central and have all your users go over to Android central.
  • That is a couple years away. No need for this site when Microsoft becomes all Enterprise focused. You don't see IBM Central.
  • Sad fact: next week Nokia 6 launches in EU. The brand that I love with the puriest version of Android. I'm sold and done with my 5-year WM journey. Lack of apps is now so depressing that I can't stand it anymore. Bye WM I might check you out some day....
  • AOSP is on Chinese phones only, rest of the world will have Google services to deal with. I could be wrong.
  • Hurt a little! Based upon some of the comments you would think its akin to losing a limb! 
  • holding on to the 950xl until it dies, Android?? nope.
  • My 650 died a month ago and I switched over to a BLU phone with Windows Phone 8 just so I could keep using the Live Tiles. 
  • Why are you urging users to android?? Are you windows central forum or android forum???
  • Microsoft should do same like goggle cos we are losing too much app here
  • Richard Divine would you mind leaving and not writing articles for "Windows Central" anymore. Because shock horror this is not Android central. If I wanted a Android article I would subscribe to Android Central. Its just ridiculous..
  • I say we get pitch forks and torches and do a recreation from the Frankenstein move at Richards house.
  • LoL seems that is what its going to take to rat out the Closet Androobs in Windows Central.
  • My 950 has a cracked screen and I have been using a Droid for a couple of weeks. How I miss my windows phone , you really cannot understand how good the build quality and is on a 950xl until you look at what the droids offer. There are plenty of apps and lots of advertising, I was surprised at the amount of pop ups you get with the apps. It just makes me appreciate my 950 more.
  • You can thank the pirating, cheap culture of Android users for all the popups in apps... Android users are the worst in the world for actually paying for software, and the flaws in the architecture of the operating system make it a nightmare for developers to support, so costs are high and income is low. A lot of users are using pirated software and they don't even know. But way too many know it and seek it out. My last app released on Android was available in the google play store within a week, reverse engineered, all my IAPs for free under a new name... Repeated requests to google failed and it took them three months to remove the app, by then the backend service costs and support costs were more than 8 times what the app was making and I had to kill my own app... total cost was over 28,000USD in dev and fees over what the app made. That's why i stopped writing Android apps.
  • I will never use Google besides the search engine, and I will never use Android. Ever.
  • I do not use Google as well. You should try Bing. I have no Bing in my country and am using Yandex. But definitely not Google.
  • Yandex, that sounds like an under garment or sports wear???
  • Yandex is great. Good search and they have a lot of good apps. Google is not a search engine. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Google wants to control your life.
  • Hungry Beast
  • I try to avoid the search engine as well, there are several other good ones without all the tracking and ads... (Bing still sucks though)
  • And all this for what gain?? Such a sad life you living. Dan has an Android phone I believe even Jason
  • The irony is I can import contacts from sim however I cannot export contacts from outlook!? The Chinese w10m could use contacts directly from sim, but then you have Baidu and Bing as search engines, no, no, no! The only other rom for the 640 DS was from HK. Installed it.
  • Windows Central soon to become Android Central. I guess you were never REAL Windows fans... Never switching back to Android. ❤ my L640!
  • Exactly, WTF are people even discussing here - switching to Android - blasphemy!!! Windows IS the ONLY OS. Period. Android is the equivalent of licking dogs balls coated with acid. No thanks. Bon appetite.
  • Did I miss something? Panic all around!
    All Windows phones stop working next week and decay to dust?
    ...hope not
  • :D bless your heart,mate. Hilarious!
  • I love my 950 XL... I just wish we could get Facebook and Messenger apps updated. Instagram is doing a great job!
  • I don't care about that social sh*t. That's why I'm totally happy with my 950 XL..
  • 1st smartphone - Motorola A300 running Windows Mobile 6.1......... because I thought Windows legacy apps would be plentiful and compete with iPhone (I was very wrong). 2nd - Sony Ericsson X10 - ran Android horribly, basic stuff like the home screens and text messaging app crashed 3rd - Lumia 800, heard Nokia's new Windows Phones were stable, with HERE maps included I was game, happy I made the switch 4th - Lumia 1520, couldn't help myself, I wanted MORE Windows in my life. ................ then....... Apps drying up on Windows, Android speeding up, had been the case and was / is only getting worse. Big downgrade to a Galaxy S4 which I'm using now. The performance downgrade was obvious from day 1, it was a downgrade being a more antiquated phone. But..... Android, the apps, Google Now, Cortana, Smartwatch choice not bound by Windows compatibility, hard to go back to Windows Phone.
  • Can't blame the author for writing about what people want. I'm sticking with my 640XL until it dies, then switching to Android. Again, can't blame us. WM is dead like a doornail. There are no phones except the horrendously expensive HP, and pretty much US exclusive Alcatel. Microsoft supports other platforms better than their own. Insider builds only bring bugfixes, but no features whatsoever except stuff like icons, and dropping phone support last minute.
  • I was just on the Microsoft site today and a Lumia 950 is selling for $299. What are people talking about no phones?
  • 1. It's only in the US, but nowhere else. Not even in countries where Win Phone had way more market than in the US. 2. While I can see it is on the list, when I click "add to cart", it says product out of stock. The only one that can be added is an unlocked 950 (not even XL), for 399 (100 bucks more). So my options are: pay 400 bucks for a 2 year old phone with a dead system, which isn't even sold outside the US anyway; or stay with my 640XL for as long as it works, then jump ship to Android. Unless RS3 knocks my socks off with new features, it's gonna be Android. And I don't have much hope after CU, or the whole feature2 branch, which is nothing but bugfixes so far. Gonna be weird to go back to Android, which was the big reason I gave WP a go, but hey. If MS doesn't want my money, what choice do I have.
  • Richard Devine maybe you should switch to Android central, Windows central doesn't need a LOOSER like you.
  • You're going to insult someone and misspell the insult? Classic. 
  • And than delete all microsoft apps and use google aps and services
  • Just switched a friend from an 830 to an android phone. OneNote sucks. Microsoft To-Do wouldn't sign in. Can't transfer chats from WhatsApp and no built in app for transferring SMS. It's more effort than anything else just for the sake of wanting some apps?
  • Hello! If you want to import SMS messages from Windows Phone to Android, take a look at 'Import SMS from Windows Phone' app.
    It is FREE and it has no limit for messages that can be retrieved. You can find it on Play Store. Search for 'Import SMS from Windows Phone'. I cannot post the link because I don't have enough reputation.
  • Just moved to a Droid as I smashed the screen on my 950. Lots of good apps but the pop ups are unbelievable, my 950 had usb c, wireless charging removable battery and the camera to die for . Seriously having problem with my droid the picture quality is rubbish, the battery does not last and no quick or wireless charging, and lots of pop ups.
  • You can't get the screen fixed?
  • Isn't 950 with cracked screen better than any Android?
  • I like how your article doesnt mention how seriously broken groove is on android and Microsoft dont seem to care.
  • Personally I will never own an Android device again and I refrain from using Google or Apple products when possible. Just a thought but if Microsoft and Samsung both have patents for dual screen pocket pc/dual screen phones then would it not make sense for Samsung to build a Windows mobile device running a hybrid WM/W10 on ARM?
  • You totally don't need to move your contacts into Google. Things work fine without that. I have a test Android phone and you can block EVERYTHING Google related other than requiring the store account. And I mean everything.
  • Take the SIM out of the Amdroid device, use a packet sniffer on your network for the device's traffic, then tell me you've blocked anything. I've done it and it is actually scary how much they send that their users aren't aware of... Remember, with Android, you're the product. And you paid for this privilege.
  • That I haven't done.  However I have disabled 95% of the services and apps on the phone.  To me the biggest risk with an Android phone is what some Chinese manufacturer has added outside of standard Android.  E.g. those Blu phones that sent all SMS information somewhere.  You just don't know.  Also Android security updates are attrocious.  Most phones can be easily hacked. Microsoft would have had such an easy job with some mobile marketing focusing on security... My point was really against the Contact statement here in this article in that you really don't need Google to have all your contacts.  That is far to much switching across to the other side...  and that you can block Google's use of most of your data.
  • A sucker born everyday. It should be Androids moto
  • NEVER!!!
  • I switched to an S8 after a Costco deal giving me $200 off. It may be going back. Some of it is likely user unfamiliarity, but I miss many things about my Lumia 950. If you have solutions for these problems, please enlighten me. 1. Bloatware: Why do I get all this Samsung BS that is inferior to the stock apps. I can't even uninstall it. I never want to se a Samsung internet browser. Why do I want Samsung Gallery. 2. Bluetooth Functionality: With the Lumia 950, when i was connected in my car, it would read an incoming caller ID or read a text to me, prompting me the whole time until I was done, all by voice. Android just gives me a notification tone for texts. Lame. 3. Settings are horribly unintuitive. Maybe it's my Samsungized version of ANdroid, but the user interface is crap. Can't tell if I'm turning stuff on or off half the time. 4. Does not play nice with Outlook or Groove music. Can't set Groove as my default. Can't edit contacts using outlook. 5. Bixby button. Stupid. Remapped it to Groove music. Hardware is much faster though, as should be expected by 2 years of technology improvements. Many apps are much better. Iris recognition actually works much better on S8. Google Photos is great.  
  • yes you DO want the samsung browser. Do you know how much chrome tracks? I also prefer the samsung mail app to google mail. Its much cleaner
  • Exactly the reason I started using firefox... It's not as smooth as chrome but your privacy is worth much more than a few seconds saved
  • Samsung Droid is a mess. Native Android seems much more tidy.
  • If I were to leave WP, it sure as hell wouldn't be to Android... I don't like being stalked by a company that much, nor do I want an OS that is so insecure that the latest version was hacked in under forty seconds using year old hacking tools in the first day of its release. (look it up)... Now, I prefer my tech not be made by stressed out third world children... Now I am also not naive and realize that most of what is bought (especially technology) is made in third world sweatshops, but the truth is, that APPLE puts more pressure on their suppliers than ANY OTHER COMPANY in the world to cut costs and increase production, so the factories associated with their products are also linked to the worst cases of human rights abuse... I'll use Windows devices then, until they exist no more... Here's a thought... No one is pressured by salespeople to buy Windows Phones or given free ones with a new service plan by their phone company... People who buy then and use them are informed, intelligent and seek them out. The same camt be said for the other two. My local phone vendor is constantly offering deals on things if I'd only buy an iPhone and I've been offered free Android devices as part of everything from signing up to a new store loyalty card, to getting a car loan, bank account, or credit card. #SAD
  • That's right CodeMonkey! And why iPhones cost so much. Android they can give away because it's not the phone they sell it's you and your info.
  • Best Tip: Switch to the #FruitPhone instead of Android.
  • Fruitphone? Blackberry phone? 😁
  • no thanks, i'll go crapple (and never gaggle) if windows mobile kicks
  • Thanks I'm fine with my windows 10 phone.
  • This will be a bad move because days of Android is numbered. Trust me!
  • BTW, I thought the same... I have a feeling, that something not good is going on with Android... like culmination is close already.
  • At the end, there's no new flagship devices on the horizon, thus no matter how much Microsoft keeps updating the OS with bug fixes (but without new features), the platform will eventually shrivel up and die of its own accord. Eventually, devices break or get old, without anything new to upgrade to..... Basically, it's like folks holding on to Nokia N8 and Purview 808 devices during the last days of Symbian support.
  • If the software runs smooth there is no reason for a new flagship (for now). It's not android that gets the 8 core and makes it trash. It's windows that improves the software to be compatible with the device.
  • Exactly. Android is like square wheels on Lamborgini - it destroys any high-end hardware. So, even old hardware on Windows 10 works better, than last hardware on Android. Right now, my mom's Lumia 640 works much smoother than my friend's Galaxy S7.
  • iOS also runs smooth on iPhones, but hardware is needed very couple years as developers employ the new and better processors and graphics chips to build more demanding applications and intensive games. But yeah if you're not doing anything more than texting or playing music, a Lumia 930 will do you for a few more years. 
  • But the software doesn't run smooth, that's the point.
  • The problem is MS may never build another Windows 10 mobile device. The APPS eventually all dry up and any OEM lose interest. If there are no more Lumia devices that will happen. It is funny as my 950 is a year and a half old, her there are still devices being released on Android sporting the same hardware. So, the Lumia dies in a year and a surface Phone is a different beast, if it happens at all. I love my 950 and it runs great on the latest builds. But no carrier supports it here. When Apple entered the Japanese market there were articles skeptical about its chances of success. But it dominates Japan and every carrier touts it as their top phone. Dozens of Japanese OEM have Android handsets, but Apple controls 30% of the market. Samsung barely cracks the market. Microsoft needs to stop treating the rest of the world as though it doesn't matter. Apple was brave and makes it simple. Android on any device does the same. After 5 windows phones I am sad it ends here. My switch was more pragmatic and my android handset is loaded with MS apps, but there will be no 4th or 5th try.
  • I don't get your point about carrier... Doesn't matter how old is 950 if it works better than any new deivce. And I got unlocked 950 XL... and I just use any carrier I want.
  • Apps won't dry up because largely they are the same ones on Win10 Xbox and HoloLens
  • No way 950xl is a Great Phone 🙌
  • Same here. 👊👊
  • It's best at the moment. Just bought it... among S8 and iPhone 7 I've proudly chosen 950 XL.
  • I was the biggest wp fan for so long....this really hurts.
  • I think this article must be in android central, deleted in windows central please, post properly.
  • Stop this Android crap, I would go to Android central if I wanna read Android is this not Windows Central, slowly loosing patience with WC for all these Android related articles.
  • Exactly my point !!
  • Agree. It is weird as hell with all those android articles.
  • 100% agree peeing the hell out of me
  • I'll stay with my Lumia 650 for now :)
  • WTF?
  • You should also download SquareHome2 which gets ride of the Android UI, and gives you a w10 experience in some ways better than w10m (like double height large tile great for photos like on w10)...using edge 7 with Lumia 650 for now
  • There is some faith remained. With these type of articles you try to destroy it. Be positive. There are people like me for example that still love their windows phones. So shut the hell up windows central team. It's ridiculous to be called Windows central and posting tips for moving to android.
  • But, I loved Windows Mobile 😢
  • Is it just me, or has the Windows Central W10 app just stopped sending notifications at all? I didn't receive any in days, and I tried everything except a phone reset (which I don't wanna do). 🙁
  • It's been like this for me on all my devices .... Lumia 550, a win 10 laptop and a Samsung galaxy core. Emails are now my only means of getting notifications which,i dont know if it's a coincidence, started working during the same time when the notification broke
  • I only tested it on a Lumia 650 and a Lumia 535. But it doesn't work on neither of them, despite the fact it's turned on on both...
  • Oh i wish notifications would stop from Windows Central. I'm getting so many from my email its crazy. I tried to op out but it won't let me.
  • Android and iOS can't sync contacts from exchange?!? I was pretty sure they could. It puts me off ever switching even more if that's the case. W10M let's me choose to sync contacts from wherever I want and I don't want to lose flexibility. I assumed its the same on other platforms but article makes it sound like its not.... I don't think I'd give up my Cortana Integration tbh, especially being a UK user as it's not available on iOS here and Android has very few of the benefits of W10M or iOS. iOS main benefit being it's boring and hasn't really ever evolved so it's ridiculously well tuned for recent hardware (obviously gets slower on phones 2+ years older)
  • Loading new articles in windows central app is too slow. On the other hand, android central loads really fast.
  • Yeah the last thing i wanted to do was 'Microsoft it all up' after the way they treated WP and it's users. Besides, the reality is very few of their Apps are best in class on Android. Very very few. However, Androids static icons and 'pages' concept is SquareHome 2, which is Windows Mobile interface on steroids, and enjoy best of both worlds. Simple.
  • I just did exactly that, though I had an issue with the device itself (poor mobile reception) and had to return it so I'm back on my lumia for the time being. I've been with windows mobile since 6.5 days and still think it's a far better user experience than anything Google or Android have to offer, but the difference in performance, usability and app selection was crazy. Plus, now that I've had to come back to my Lumia I've discovered that many of the apps I've used for years are no longer supported or available to install again. With the complete and utter lack of support from Microsoft and developers for mobile, my brief couple of days with an android alternative has just reaffirmed to me that it's definitely time to tear off the plaster and make the jump. Pity.
  • I just hope you put as much effort into promoting the next windows mobile device as you are into trying to persuade people to leave for an android device.
  • After reading this article I made the switch to Android of course the well timed bricking of my Icon helped the process. I went with the Galaxy 8+ because well like Tim Allen says, "more power!" and size matters right? (Can we get beyond these juvenile things and get to the point?) My first thoughts, I hate it...where do I begin... For the app store being bountiful it is too bountiful. I want official apps, sometimes there are multiple ones, how does one tell (average user) which is the official one? Despite the numerous options I can't find a decent calculator app or equivalent to the ones I used on wp. Once the apps are installed they are all over the f'in place. No notifications for the Charge 2, refuses to recognize my SD card, every message app wants to be the default, I just want the one that will read msgs aloud in my car with a bonus if fb msgs are read like wp7 used to do. Being on the windows ecosystem through various changes since the pocket pc days going to Android is extreme culture shock. It really makes one appreciate what wp is despite the flaws.
  • After the way Microsoft have treated it's phone customers perhaps it's time to see what else is out there. When I moved over to Android I dropped as many Microsoft apps as possible as I found better stuff out there and as I was so pi**ed with them.
  • This is a bitter pill to swallow! So we should all help Google get more users... Google, you remember that company who always tried to help windows phone with apps and services...? I hate them still to this day for the poor support they gave us (remember the YouTube app.... Anyone?) It will destroy my soul the day I'm forced over to android. Suicide feels like a viable option... (ok not really... But you get my feelings...)
  • Why should be Google to blame for not bringing their apps to the store?? Remember Ballmer's Scroogle campaign?? You really expect after that, that Google should simply forget and help MS?? What planet are you living on, Namek?
  • Never Switch to any other ..... Windows Environment is only one environment of my life ;)
  • Kudos to that ! Same here
  • I have been a WP fan for quite a while...left my Nokia N8(one of the last phones Nokia made running their own OS) and purchased my first WP, the Nokia 800....I was a happy camper when Nokia partnered with Microsoft to develop the Lumia experience...have owned all Nokia Lumia phones since....had the Nokia 800, 900, 920, 930...loved them all...the downslide to WP started when Microsoft bought out's been all downhill since was Nokia knowledge of phones that made it work...since the split..Microsoft has no clue on how to continue the success they once had...they have basically killed matter what they do now, it won't matter...they will never regain the mobile phone market they once had...just a few of us diehard WP fans left...i will hang on till the bitter end because I don't like Android or IPhone....please do something WP fans are still waiting
  • Why they keep sending us to android here?
  • to save y'all from burning more money and time on MS's mediocre platform.
  • ? Strange advice this.  I would, instead, 1. Yes, get a Goog account. You'll need it to get apps from their store 2. Go to Accounts & Sync in settings (I'm on Android 7.0) and add your MS account AS AN EXCHANGE ACCOUNT. That will bring your contacts into the phone and allow you to edit them (downloading your contacts file and copying them to the phone 2005 (or Apple today)).  3. Add Outlook and the rest of the MS apps for the MS services you use.  4. Skip Cortana for now. She is only a shadow of her former Windows self on Android...and doesn't even sync with Outlook's calendar (yet).  5. Android uses "launchers" to set up your homescreens because, unlike Windows for Phone's Live Tile UI, Android is a cluster f. So, you use a launcher to make your phone look like a cluster you like. Microsoft make a great launcher called "Arrow Launcher." It's the one I use and my V20 looks almost exactly like my old HTC did back with WinMob 6.5 (that's progress).  6. Prepare to set aside A LOT of time to make it all work. 7. Pro tip: don't shut down apps in Android 6 or above. The OS does much better managing its energy use when you let IT manage the apps in the background. Be prepared to have a power source with you anyway because power efficiency is not Android's forte.  8. Be prepared to be even more upset with Microsoft for creating a phone OS that was brilliant, efficient and good looking - but not investing all the resources necessary to grow a thriving ecosystem around it.  9. Watch this:  
  • NEVER!!!
  • Hopefully there's going to be a follow-up guide about switching to iOS from Windows Mobile.
  • Most of the articles here these days seem like the following format:  "Windows Phone still?  LET US HELLP YOU SWITCH!  Look at this FINE ANDROID DEVICE, which has nothing to do with Windows!!!  LOOK AT THIS ARTCILE!  iPhone is great now all the sudden!  Look, OTHER STUFF that is not WINDOWS!!   CLICK  HEAAAR!!!!"
  • do you preffer talking about how pathetic MS is and how they have failed?
  • I vehemently HATE this idea, but am afraid it's going to come to this.  I can't stand Google.  I have never liked Android.  Microsoft is forcing this, tho.  Microsoft are idiots in the phone space even when they built the better OS.  The thought of switching turns my stomach.  But Microsoft brought this on themselves.  This just disgusts me.
  • It's disgusting .......
  • Test
  • Bit Defender says "Antivius" instead of "Antivirus." Not catching everything!
  • I went to the Microsoft store the not to long ago. Guess what phones they had on display? Yep, you guessed it! The Samsung galaxy! No windows phone in sight. The 950 will be my last Windows Phone.
  • IS this the final death for WIndows Mobile/Phone when the premer Windows Phone website tells you how to migrate over to a 3rd party phone ? Hint, hint, hint....She's dead Jim...
  • I would genuinely like a guide to switching from android, to windows 10 m. While many phone enthusiasts on sites like these might complain about having one year old phones to choose from), actually the upgrade cycle of the average phone user is a lot longer than two years now, and the market is only growing in the midrange/budget section - so for mainstream people in mature markets not having new phones this year - that doesn't even matter much. That sort of thing only matters to people who want something flashy, the latest latest, an increasingly rarer breed, as cellphones fade from @wow@ into @meh@. I discovered the other day, this amazing app, via this site, called hand off. No android phone can do that stuff. Apparently you can continue document edits and do other amazing sync-ing things with windows 10 mobile. And these live tiles everyone talks about, of which I have a few on my devices - where can I get the very best of those? I've encountered, on my time here on the forum, a bunch recent converts to windows 10m, and some interested in coverting. Over at crackberry there a endless discussions about where blackberry 10 users go next, many of them wildly unsatisfied with google products. Could you, if only to be helpful, write an article about switching from android and blackberry, and how to make the most of your windows 10 mobile device? I am particularly also interested in using Cortana for texting and phone calls. When she gets the skills api intergration, I anticipate using voice a lot more than taking my device out of my bag. I want to get as used to going via Cortana for everything on a phone, as I humanly can. Thanks :)
  • :)) Hand-off was firstly done by Apple...glad you have found it now on windows 10 :))
  • It doesn't seem like that *syncs* contacts. Unless I'm reading wrong, it imports a snapshot of your current Outlook contacts to your google account. Any new contacts added to or deleted from either won't be synchronized.
  • I just can't believe what I'm reading. But it's the sad true. I'm also moving to android specially now that I have a new car with android app connect. I'LL miss you all my WP fans.
  • I have been experimenting with the move to android using  Moto G4 I got for cheep at Costco 32 GIG storage and 2 GIG of RAM.  I microsofted it all up and found you don't have to move any contacts to Google.  I don't want to give them anymore than they currently take.  As long as you use the outlook email app the contacts will sync with the contacts app and you can filter which services to display contacts from in the contacts app.  The only downfall is that you cannot edit outlook contacts.  You have to go back to the people app on a PC or in I do find that doing tasks on Android suck,  sending and receiving pictures, files, etc doesn't provide the integration that Windows Mobile 10 does.  For example sending a picture from onedrive in outlook email you don't get any thumbnails.      
  • Forgot to mention...purchase a portable charger. You're going to need it.
  • I have been using WP since 2010. First phone was an HTC hd7 and never looked back. Most recently switched from Lumia 950 to an Honor 8 (att). Due to continuously failing batteries and random record throughout the day. I am not down with importing my contacts to Google. But I do sync my Microsoft Account contacts through the Outlook Mail and Calendar app. Beyond that I rock Arrow Launcher, Groove Music, and Xbox One Smartglass on a daily basis! With bing, Cortana, and groove widgits to boot! Recently I ordered a third party battery for my Lumia 950 because I still miss the interface sooooo much! I really wish MSFT aspired for the looks of their apps on competing platforms to be on par with the Windows Mobile equivalent. I just miss reading my mail in that perfect Segoa Ui Lite typefont!!!!
  • No thanks. I'm with Windows Mobile to the end!
  • ENOUGH with the "how to switch to Android", and Android articles in general. The majority of people don't come here to read that crap, and you have a dedicated Android site for it.
  • "The majority of people don't come here to read that crap" So don't then.
  • I just want more devices from MS. Windows phone hasn't lost me yet. 950XL unique, little known but the perfect Windows phone by far
  • Even if these are all plastic, both the 950 and the 950XL were ok for me, hardware speaking, but the OS was a real pain, haven't seen a more mediocre experience ever. WP8.1 was miles better than this pathetic windows 10 mobile.
  • Totally disagree: while hardware is pretty average (but more than enough for Wondows 10), OS is awesome. At least, much much better than Android or iOS. I would say, somewhere on the level of BB10.
  • @boutsen. I'm with you, if I switch to iOS or android I'll go all the way and dump everything Microsoft. Not that Microsoft gives a rats ass, customers are just an annoying item that they rather would not waste their precious time on. Can't believe we ended up with a few IT companies that are basically running the world, the bigger they get the more arrogant they become. Its about time governments start taking measures to curb the power of these bureaucratic money hungry we-dont-care-about-our-users companies.
  • Look at 8 Zip Surface Edition in Store and look at description: at the end of the description there is Surface Phone.
  • Awesome avatar, since I am cat and I love Windows 10. Can't check, beacuse Store doesn't work now.
  • Well I jumped ship (until the May 23 when the new windows phone is announce, I pray) and picked up an S8+. My windows phone was on its last legs so I had no choice. Well all I can say is Android has apps, but the integration is crap. Bixby and Google assistance are like Cortana missing chromosome cousins. Outlook is nice, but I really miss Skype being the one chat client for both skype and SMS conversations. I haven't figure out a way to get Cortana to read out my text messages in my car yet like it did with my windows phone.. AND I HAVE FOUND NO WAY to get GROVE to find music stored locally on my S8+. So far I have had to do 2 factory resets and work through the sequence to get the apps installed and working together. Total PITA...
  • Sorry but I will never go back to unsafe lagdroid again... If there is not other windows phone option I'll go for iPhone for sure !
  • Dont't, for now. The iphone 7 and 7 plus have a really mediocre camera's bad, I hate it everyday. If you do care about photo quality, go Android...
  • I don't hate the photos from my 7 Plus...they're just not spectacular.  My Galaxy S6 took better photos IMO.
  • Samsung, again? I'm over it.
  • Samsung again? I'm over it :(
  • Want articles to load fast? Clear the cache. It will then default bk down to 132kb
  • I've already switched to iPhone 7 plus. If microsoft will release a good flagship phone then maybe I'll buy. 
  • You know still using 1020 as a daily driver...i switched to an old android and immediately switched going to keep using this for as long as possible, the OS is clean and fast. I 'may' get a oneplus 3T if the 1020 dies, if not I will hold out till Surface phone drops or I drop :P
  • I'm beginning to hate this site. You never see idroid making articles about windows mobile every other second.
  • because windows mobile is so irrelevant that no one cares about it, not even MS? thought of this one?
  • If you don't understand the difference then this site is probably better off without you.
  • Dear staff, Who is paying you to eat your own young? Regards, Peter
  • they are actually being paid to write articles, not to make fanboys happy.
  • This was a good article and reflects Microsoft want to gear down WP10 with a gentle nudge to it's "die harder" (which I was one) to the next best alternative. Clinging on to a fading future will only lead to disappointment. When developers leave there's good reason. A sterling effort and a good usable system but too little too late. My 950XL will be a good back-up to my Samsung S7 edge. Once passed the fiddly screen operation in comparison it's proven to be well supported and great phone with excellent features. I do miss simplicity but I couldn't continue in a sinking ship.Microsoft suggesting a move is to me there best advice to date.
  • I'll die before I switch to a different mobile device! Windows fan till the end! I love my Lumia 950!
  • I have to say, that is a dumb attitude. You should use whatever is best for you. If that's Windows then great, use Windows. Refusing to use another OS under any circumstances is cutting off your nose to spite your face. People treating technology like it's religion are just silly.
  • Lol
  • Actually my wife had to get a S7 because we switch to t-Mobile but we still have the 950 on att and she is crying every day cause she hates android, she does not understand it and she is not a Windows fan she just love the 950 and the simplicity of Windows Mobile.
  • Time to pick up an unlocked 950 then, or an Alcatel Idol 4S.  She might appreciate a simplier launcher...Samsung (and I've had 3) really can mess up the UI when they want to.
  • I think switching to a new OS is not that difficult. I think everyone can figure this out easily on their own.
  • Wow. This site has hit a new low... there are people switching to android, but why the fxxk should a site about windows even talk about how to ease their transition. Leave that to androidcentral. And mark my words, all isnt funny and cosy in the realm of android, ive seen people switching and its far from the green grass WP central are referring to. People getting their google accounts hacked and their lifes destroyed is happening daily (ive come across a few who ultimately lost all their google account info and google didnt do squat), webbrowsers are showing pages wrong and making a mess of sites used daily on for example my own Lumia 950 (and even on newer phones like the honor 8). Sure ootb the galaxy 8 is awesome, but normal people dont buy those expensive phones, they buy older crappier android phones and the experiences are far from great ootb.     Cmon u guys, dont buy into the crap of this article, stay safe with MS or go Iphone if you REALLY need the other apps and have the cash and REALLY REALLY need to switch.
  • Sorry, but it's not safe for your pocket with MS in these moments...until they decide to actually commit to something, and stop playing with the budget of users, it's better to take off on either Android or IOS.
  • There is no way on this wonderful earth I would give money to Apple for their phone, or any other product. Talk about fleecing their fans using skyhigh profit levels and yearly bringing out a slimmer, faster, whatever the hell else that bring no significant changes ... no thanks. My last recourse sadly is Android after Windows mobile devices get discontinued. However till then I will use my 950XL satisfied with the number of apps available, quality photos and other features, etc.
  • great article!
  • 3) Eeem why would you have to move your Contacts to Google? You say if you ever want to go back to Windows Google accounts will be there... Well Microsoft Contacts will also still BE THERE ON ANDROID. I've go not contacts on Google, but my work Android Phone has all my Microsoft contacts synced via Outlook.
  • I agree. I have all my contacts on Outlook, no contacts on Google and I have access to these contacts from Outlook mail, phone, Skype, ... without any problem. 
  • My tips? Get a Galaxy S8+..
  • What would be really great is that Samsung allow windows 10 onto there handsets as with laptops and Pc then you could have a choice not a compromise.
  • Samsung have nothing to gain by doing that.
  • And there it is lol
  • Misfit
  • Let me try. 1 Buy a Google Play card at the supermarket. You might prefer apps to have ads or "free" only, I prefer not to. 2. Set up a throwaway Gmail account. Set up your phone using this. Tie the prepay card to your account. Never use the account again. 3. Install Launcher 10 and Outlook. Set up Outlook. You now have tiles and all your contacts. Use the card to buy the upgrades to Launcher 10. Your tiles are now live and swipe for apps list works perfectly. You basically have a Win10 phone with all the apps of Android. 4. Install antivirus. I like Eset best (and also use it on all my PC). 5. Install a VPN. I prefer FreeDome from F-Secure, it's extremely effective. You now have a safe and secure Windows Phone with Android apps. Careful which apps you install since some want access to everything, but some WP apps do, too. Enjoy.
  • Thank you for the suggestions. I just got a new Android phone after having been a Windows phone user since 2010. I tried a few different launchers inspired by the Windows modern UI as well as Microsofts Arrow Launcher. Launcher 10 seems to be the most accurate recreation of the Windows UI that I've come accross. As for the Android OS, I don't like that you have to first enable contact syncing through the Outlook app, then again through the actual contacts app before contacts from the Microsoft account will show up. I also don't like that the calendar app doesn't have direct access to modify my Outlook calendar just by simply signing in (as Windows 10 mobile can do when signed into a Google account). I can either use subscription link to view the Outlook calendar as read-only, or I have to open the Outlook app to view and edit entries on the calendar.  Another thing that I don't like is that I can't pin individual folders from the Outlook mail app to the start screen as shortcuts on the home screen. On my Windows phone, I have all my personal emails in a linked inbox with that inbox pinned to start plus my work email set up as an individual inbox with that folder also pinned directly to my start screen. It appears that with Android, I have to use separate email apps to accomplish the same configuration. The only improvements that Android has over Windows, in my opinion, are a bigger selection of apps and the fact that my Garmin Vivoactive HR gets notifications consistently. Notifications from my Lumia show up hours later or not at all.
  • 5 tips to help Windows Mobile users switch to Android ... Do you really need 5 tips to switch to Android when only one matters, and that comes down to better SUPPORT. Microsoft is so hell-bent on creating the better mouse trap until they are allowing all the Mice to escape. Even Microsoft show more interest in Android than they do they own smartphone. It was sad to watch them slowly kill off a GREAT product started by Nokia. I got tired of waiting for better Apps, better support, all those builds is not support, it seems to be designed to keep people at Microsoft employed. I recently switched to Android (Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus) now I'm wondering why I waited so long. I didn't need 5 tips, I just needed to just my frustration level down wondering when Microsoft would catch up, and surpass the competition, they would have done better to leave the Mobile division to Nokia in a partnership, they'd be way ahead of the competition now. Again, you don't need 5 tips, you just need to make up your damn minds and do it. it's what's Microsoft want anyway, they make millions off the Android patents they own.
  • You do realise that tips on how to achieve something and reasons for why you should want to achieve it are not the same thing, right? Better support is a reason to switch, not a tip on how to switch.
  • All of these articles about swapping to android or iOS looks like windows central is abandoning wp now...
  • when even MS abandoned it, but fanboys refuse to see it, do you wonder that everyone else is starting to abandon it?
  • Um i don't really want to import my co tacts ti my Gmail account kinda want to leave it as empty as possible(idk why just my preference) can't i just have android use my outlook contacts from the outlook app or no?
  • I'm with you! The less Google knows about me the better. Whenever I try and save a contact in Outlook within an hour it is no longer there.  
  • Android Central is back at it, I see... :|
  • Nothing gets the comment section of an article filling up faster than a good ol' "Which OS is better" battle. Heck, it doesn't even have to be the topic of the article, or the site... just like this comment. :)
  • You guys are an inspiration I'm a Windows phone fan and frankly an all around Microsoft & Windows fan. You know what I think to be really honest, I'm not too crazy about the other two platforms but I do appreciate what they have done for the mobile industry and tech in general.I don't think that Microsoft will release a smart phone and I'm fine with that because I feel that they are working on what Microsoft does best,if they really wanted they could or would've marketed the Windows phone a lot more than they have but didn't, there has to be a good reason for that,Microsoft just announced the surface laptop 💻 and I'm sure by now every Microsoft fan heard the rumors about a surface phone;the truth is what we the Windows fan want is a reliable Windows mobile devices,doesn't necessarily have to be a phone and something tells me that is exactly what Microsoft is working on something that will fit in the palm of your hand just like a smart phone but more powerful and with more capabilities than your traditional smart phone,I could be wrong in the meantime I will keep on using my Windows phone and if necessary I'll switch to Android with all my beloved Microsoft services.
  • Windows til the end!!!!
  • Imagine if XBOX 🎮 nation wrote an article about tips to switch to playstation and make your playstation feel like an Xbox 🎮 by watching Xbox 🎮 gameplay on YouTube LOL what kinda BS is this!!!
  • Imagine if Microsoft stopped making Xboxes and most developers no longer made games for Xbox and Microsoft had said that existing Xboxes would no longer get updates. Are you really incapable of seeing how the two situations are completely different?
  • You are offending the rest of us who are loyal to Windows Phone...Seriously cut this sh.., or change the name to Android Central
  • you ain't loyal, you are delusional.
  • I've scoured the terms of service and can't see anywhere that it says that you have a right to not be offended. Maybe you should just not read the stories that upset you instead of whining.
  • Until W10M is discontinued and/or W10 on ARM is a failure, these articles are just an Androidnoyance.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8+ and LG G6 are the two best Android phones you can currently buy.
  • Finally my Lumia 950 XL made my life so terrible that I had to buy a OnePlus 3T 😞
    The battery issue caused the Lumia to switch off frequently when battery level falls below 50%
  • I'm currently using Android on a Galaxy S8+ and have begrudgingly relegated my HP Elite x3 to backup because of a critical billing program that is not available on WM10. The GS8+ is pretty and fast and has a great chip. It really outshines the x3 when I'm on the road and trying to do stuff on cellular. But. . . . Android and its abundant apps have been oversold to us poor app-gappers . I am working through a variety of mail apps and tweaking and widgetting away like mad and haven't come close to what I have on the x3 in Outlook. "Nine" is a very good product with terrific customer service, but Outlook on Android seems the best option and while its getting better, it ain't Outlook on Windows Mobile. What really surprised me was that Android, as I have adapted it so far, is inferior to what I have on Windows Mobile with respect to messaging and Twitter and an RSS reader. Some of this will converge as the learning curve flattens out, but moving to Android from Windows Mobile has not been some Bright and Shining Brave New World and has been something of a letdown. The two steeply positive exceptions have been off-wifi web browsing, which has been much better (I'm looking at you, Edge on Windows Mobile). And some of the link-to-applications functions from within web pages seem to work better on Android, as the integration is better. The other downside for me is a function of going with a Samsung and taking on a mess of proprietary Samsung apps who have a sort of semi-strained, peculiar relationship with the parallel onboard Android functions. There's this back-and-forth tug-of-war going on behind the scenes which exacerbates the transition from Windows Mobile and Office 365 to Android generally. I'm about a week in with more serious Android use and for me, I am pining for a return to full Windows Mobile rather than loving Android and never looking back. Surface Phone. Surface Phone. Surface Phone. Surface Phone. . . . . . . .
  • I can't get beyond step 1... Make a Google account... why not just give you the keys to my front door?
  • I downloaded the SquareHome 2 Launcher. That thing is great. Far better than arrow launcher. Only thing remaining is how do I get my phone to announce and walk me through replying to texts when I'm connected to Bluetooth in the car or headphone. Cortana took care of that with Windows phone so nicely. Any app suggestions. Everything I tried is crap.
  • Had to switch. One by one apps are doping, I can do less and less with my 950. Everything, from insurances, banks and any other apps are dropping support for WP and also they dont intend to develop for W10, as PC is not a mobile target and app is neither needed nor wanted. And the shere volume of Android and Ios speaks for themselves. Sad but obvious.
  • Do I have to sync all my contacts with google or can I just use my Microsoft like I do now with outlook and MS contacts?
  • For some reason it looks like you have to export (copy) your contacts to your google account. Very straightforward, but it does now mean you don't have your contacts synced to your micorsoft account.. which (unless I have done this incorrectly) means that my hotmail / Outlook list will over time become different to my google one unless I keep manually sycing them. Microsoft need to sort this quickly!
  • Hello, on the Android 8 contact app, I can add contacts from a Microsoft account. I can also put the MS account as the default account for new contacts. It works : I added a contact in the Android Contact app and it popped up in my Outlook software on my PC. So far I am only using the Android contact app, is it better to use the Microsoft People app?
  • No need to export. You can sync straight from Outlook mail app in latest Android versions. You can even choose default where to store new contacts. This article should be updated.
  • Do I have to sync all my contacts with google or can I just use my Microsoft like I do now with outlook and MS contacts? I'm looking at the LG V30 because my 950 is dieing and MS does not give a rats butt about its mobile users.
  • I switched from a 950 XL to a V30+ about a month ago and I'm pretty happy. I've been putting off exploring it really thoroughly until after Christmas but, as far as I'm aware, using Outlook on your phone and having it sync your contacts is enough.
  • I am (still) a fan of windows mobile. Unfortunately, the lack of applications and frequent problems is frustrating. Can I install Android on an HP X3 smartphone? Thank you for your advice.
  • nope.
  • I switched to an iPhone 8 plus a few weeks back, and I really tried to like it. I couldn't. Got a Galaxy s8 plus two weeks ago and am reasonably satisfied after installing all MS apps.
    I still don't love it and chances are I never will, but it works for now.
    I still use the x3 as a backup phone and if MS gets their act together, I'll be right back.
    I do appreciate articles like this one, because there is no way for me to install android central. No way.
  • Step 1: "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"
  • Who the **** wrote this? "You won't have to cancel groove" HAHAHAHA. no...because they are cancelling for you in..oh...5 days. Hahahaha. Proof-read your **** guys. Come on.
  • This story is 7 months old. It has been updated and they might have done well to review that part but that's not exactly a proof-reading issue. It's OK that you made a fool of yourself though. People will forget soon enough.
  • I switched to Android a couple of months ago and still miss my Lumia 950XL. The Windows Phone is a much smoother, more intuitive experience. If it wasn't for a couple of apps disappearing, I'd still be there today and I'd go back in a second. Oh, want your Android to look and feel like your old WP? Use the Squarehome 2 launcher and find some monochromatic icons.   
  • Easily ½ k comments.
  • The biggest thing that I don't like about Android is that all apps are installed on internal memory and the micro SD card used only for photos and music. This makes buying any Android phone with 8GB or 16GB of memory useless because the apps will quickly chew up all the internal memory.  WP was the only OS that let you install apps on the micro SD memory card without having to root your phone. 
  • You can change the storage. In settings go to 'apps' and choose app and then select 'storage'. Then click 'CHANGE' to move to another location. Also most apps like Here WeGo can store all maps on SD card.
  • Why would you move your contacts to Google what a dumb recommendation
  • Re: "5 tips to help Windows Mobile users switch to Android" Or not.
  • My next article: "A tip to help Windows Mobile users stay on Windows Mobile": Don't waste time with Android and articles like these. It's not worth it! Amen.
  • YESSS!!!! Still in love with my Lumia 950. Works perfect. App Gap? Yes, and? A lot of "Apps" works with Edge Browser too, and I need not more. MS Apps like Outlook and Office get Updates one or two times a week, Whatsapp Beta too---
  • There is no need to move contacts to gmail (step 3). Outlook app can two-way sync contacts now.
  • I did try the switch two weeks ago from my beloved (with crashed screen) Microsoft 950 XL to Sony Xperia and could not stand it. Inconsistency in interface, no real control of user interface, virusprone os, no tile updates and many more got me to go to Amazon and order myself a brand new HP X3 (I love it). I do realize that this is a dead end since Microsoft has no mobile strategy or support of for us - but I do rather hang on to the last straw of hope than being an Android.   
  • I must be the only one who bougth an Alcatel Idol 4S phone discounted at the Microsoft store this week.
    I purchased a Motorola G3 a year ago this week, used it for the year, and returning to Winphone.
    I'm not much of an app user, and forgot how much I liked the WM keyboard. Also really nice I can properly sinc 
    my Calendar events, I could never get it work.
    Guess i'm gonna hold out to the bitter end. Regards, Pete
  • did try it, do hate it, got back w/ a new HP Elite X3. Hopes this will last until Surface Mobile Device w Foldable Screen surfs up..... I don't want to give up Windows Mobile....
  • I see NO reason to put/move my contcts on Android. Outlook does great job on synching "Poeple" with Contacts on Android. No moce required
  • I've got a tip: DON'T go to Android because it sucks.
  • "you won't have to cancel Groove"
    Buwha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa
    That's because Microsoft did it for us LOL With that said I have migrated from a 950xl to an S8+ and for the most part it's gone smoothly. Still using my MS services, installed a Live Tile UI and have tons of apps. Hated to leave, been using WP since the HTC Titan, but still visit WC daily/hourly :)
  • Thanks to Xiaomi Second Space feature, I am now able to access Play Store and finally unleash my revenge using my friend's Mi5. 1 star rating for all the apps that have abandoned Windows! And Windows Central app definitely gets my wrath for the Android features advantage over Windows. I can't even log in using the Windows app!
  • OK. after exporting my contacts to my google account. How can I maintain my contacts on both, like when adding or updating a contact on my google account to have it update or sync automatically with my outlook
  • Hello! If you want to import your SMS messages from Windows Phone to Android, take a look at 'Import SMS from Windows Phone' app.
    It is FREE and it has no limit for messages that can be retrieved. You can find it on Play Store: