Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on iPhone

What remains of the smartphone space is a two-horse race where disenchanted Window phone fans have a choice between an Android phone or iPhone. It's simple but limiting.

The fall of Windows phone is a sobering weight upon a historically proud community of users. Fans embraced Windows phone's promise and the unified platform vision Microsoft hoisted on them, even as the platform struggled, year after year, for mass acceptance.

Sadly Microsoft failed to commit to its mobile platform. Now abandoned Windows phone users sit humbled, contemplating which of the platforms they've openly derided will be their future. Given what each platform does and doesn't offer, however, a Windows phone refugee may want to pass on the iPhone.

Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on Android

iPhone isn't the best Microsoft experience

Microsoft's working hard to create a cross-platform ecosystem that embraces iOS and Android. Project Rome and Microsoft Cloud allow developers to enable apps to continue seamlessly across devices. Microsoft Graph and Cortana support user experiences across devices. And Microsoft's cross-platform pollination of iOS and Android with first-party apps ensures Microsoft's presence on rival platforms. Microsoft Edge is now on iOS and Android, and it offers "Continue on PC," for instance.

This is good news for Windows phone users who love the Microsoft experience but are contemplating switching to iOS or Android. It's better news for those who are leaning toward Android, however. Apple's locked-down iOS limits how deeply Microsoft can sink its services into the platform. Consequently, iOS won't integrate with Microsoft's ecosystem and Windows 10 as deeply as Android does.

For instance, Android allows users to make non-Google apps, like Cortana, Bing, and Edge the default apps for specific services. Users can even receive text messages from their Android phones on their Windows 10 PCs. iPhone? Not so much.

iOS can't be remade in Microsoft's image

Device customization is also a barrier Windows phone users considering iPhone will confront. Conversely, Android's openness allows users to personalize their home screens and devices and lets Microsoft build apps that integrate with and customize the Android experience.

Microsoft has a wealth of experience developing for Android through Microsoft Garage and a previous partnership with Andrasta (formerly Cyanogen and more recently Lineage). Former Microsoft Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green said, "Android is a great platform for rapid experimentation."

Microsoft has shown no signs of slowing its commitment to making Android a home for Microsoft's services; nor of making Microsoft's ecosystem a home for Android. Though the same is true of Microsoft's commitment to iOS, it will never integrate as deeply into Microsoft's ecosystem as Android. Thus, Windows phone refugees seeking the best Microsoft experience might want to pass on iPhone.

iPhones all look alike

Smartphones are arguably the most personal devices we carry. Consequently, personalizing home screens is a pretty big deal for a lot of people. It may seem like a small thing, but personalization is one of the most valued aspects of the platform for Windows phone users. We like our smartphones to reflect us. The emotional impact of personalization cannot be minimized.

Through resizing, rearranging, and customizing the transparency and color of Live tiles, setting background images and a light or dark theme, Windows phone users tailor their home screens to their precise tastes. Thus, no two Windows phone Start screens look alike. Users considering the every-iPhone-looks-alike, grid-of-static-icons phone would be leaving this level of personalization behind.

Microsoft Launcher, for Android provides users with a customizable home screen experience, integrates with Microsoft products, allows users to continue activities on their PCs, and more. Users who love personalizing their devices may find Android more appealing than iPhone's homogeny.

No expandable storage and a big price tag

Samsung, HP, Alcatel, BLU and other OEMs provided Windows phone users who like options with a variety of choices over the years. Even now, the crowdfunded WinPhone 5.0 by Trekstor is an option for the diehard enthusiast.

Conversely, Apple's the only manufacturer of iPhones. Though there are few complaints given the hardware and software synergy, if Apple's design choice doesn't tickle a user's fancy, he's out of luck. Conversely, a plethora of Android OEMs offer a buffet of choices for Windows phone refugees hungry for a platform to call home.

Furthermore, iPhones don't have expandable storage. Most Android phones, like the ones Windows phones fans are leaving behind, do. iPhones are sold on increasingly expensive tiers with ever-increasing storage options.

Speaking of cost, Windows phone users may find the cost of a new iPhone off-putting. Though there are flagship Android phones comparable in price, iPhones (and Apple products in general) are notorious for their luxury-item price tags.

So, should you join team iPhone?

Windows phone refugees seeking a haven on a new platform may find iPhone's limited customization options and limited integration into Microsoft's ecosystem a non-starter. Limited device choices and no expandable storage are also potential drawbacks. The iPhone's inability to be recognized as an additional drive when connected to a PC, like Windows and Android phones, may also trouble power users. And for a device with a starting price of $1,000, the missing headphone jack is an ironic shortcoming.

Windows phone users who feel they must switch may find Android's openness, ability to personalize, and integration into Microsoft's ecosystem a more appealing option.

Hey Windows phone fans — ignore the haters, use what you love

Then again, for those inclined to hold out as long as their Windows phone does, an enterprise-focused, expensive, pocketable non-phone telephony-enabled Windows device may be in your future.

And Android isn't perfect, either ...

Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on Android

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • I personally cant stand the mess that is iOS. S**t pile of icons in grid hell. Always trying to figure out how the go back  or simple navigation that is in a different place in every app. For a company that bills itself as a creatives tool it is infuriating how little customization you can do.
  • honestly, these types of stories and quotes are more and more frustrating. Headlines such as 'As Microsoft prepares to withdraw support' etc are just a bit strong for a windows bases page. Unless there is a stance I've misses from Microsoft? (if so sorry) but this focus on doom of the platform isn't helping. Personally I'm getting my hands on any cheap stock I can, and gunna see it out. The main apps are all still there , and I keep all the MS gains. Sure the bitter end may come but why try to speed that up promoting exodus. 
  • Hi Luke, thanks for commenting. The picture is much bigger than the death of one iteration of a mobile OS.
    I've laid out many time how Microsoft's vision has always been the full power of Windows on a pocketable device.
    Pocket PC to Windows Mobile to Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile didn't achieve that. Windows 10 on ARM via Core OS and CSHell does. Windows 10 Mobiles demise is just a transition to what MS is currently working on under thr Project name Andromeda. It could be canceled of course like Surface Mini and McLaren but this is the broader context for you to view this type of article in.
    This piece as you see in the opening and close references this future device, but focuses on the reality that some users are not going to wait and see what pans out. They're switching or considering switching now.
    Heres a piece I wrote some time back that you might like:
    Why the death of Windows 10 Mobile may be a good thing
  • I understand thus reality. Android and it's openness might its achilles. Now we have to worry about privacy and snooping from Google and it's cadre of Developers. Just recently Google's hand was slapped regarding location whereabouts! Now we have to cram our RAM with malware and antivirus fighting software to protect ourselves and the networks we in which we reside. Microsoft's embracing Linux in the -not-so-distant past makes sense long before developing for Android OS. This was once thought to be sacrilegious and a cardinal sin! Thanks Jason.
  • Win10 on arm does not solve anything for pocket devices!! You need MOBILE APPS for a pocket friendly usage!! ON THE GO functionality needs MOBILE APPS!!! delusional you pathetic fanboys continue to be is beyond imagination.
  • Yeah Microsoft said there will be no more updates, and that they are all using Android!  This is not just rumor, or conjecture, this is fact based on what Microsoft said!  Microsoft's mobile ambitions are all going to be through apps on Android and iOS.
  • I love your response. Microsoft messed up with the best dependable Mobile OS. They couldn't handle the heat when they should.
  • It's about time this crappy ass platform is coming to an end.   Samsung Note 8  or Nokia 9  
  • It's about time you stop commenting...
  • Note *, I was thinking of ditching Apple and getting that. But heard the battery Life isnt that great. Thats a deal breaker for me
  • You mean Samesung Nope 8? Oh, well, if that's a smatphone, it means you really missed out fanboy. And funny, i am glad when more and more platforms pop out to slow down the greed in corporations. Apparently morons like you, do not understand this. Competition is for people,monopol is for greedy corporations. The only time android is good, is when is hacked down and all the crappy google spyware is delete, blocked or wiped out.
  • I am sure you would never use a Windows machine since "monopoly"!
  • “Always trying to figure out how the go back  or simple navigation that is in a different place in every app.” Yeah man, that back button in the upper left corner of every app sure is hard to use.
  • But it could be in a different corner, right?  Or in the middle of the screen even.  It could even be non-existent altogether if the developer chose to implement a back option through gestures or something.  And it most certainly could look different on every app depending on the developers style/taste.
  • You could make that case for any OS though. Development guidelines are jus that. Guidelines.
  • Well, the gas pedal in your car COULD be in the back seat.   The steering wheel COULD be on the roof.   The reality is different.  Every app I have has the back button in the upper left.   Which, BTW, makes more sense than being on the lower right, like Samsung galaxy phones, and all Android phones for all I know.   A left pointing arrow on the right side?  At least WP got that right, on the lower LEFT side. 
  • This is my response everytime I try and use my wifes phone, fristrating as hell, bunch of icons I can't barely read or understand WTF they are for.
  • Its not that it is difficult, it is that it is different than most other devices so learning to use the device could take a little time. Or they may not prefer how it is handled with iOS. Obviously you've not tried switching or you would understand that it takes time to learn to do things differently.
  • I agree, Android has the back button which works in all apps ala Windows mobile...
  • I purchased Note 8s for the wife and I. Using android is very similar to windows 6 & 6.5 was back in the days of XDA roms. Beautiful hardware though. At the moment, fighting with integrating the three different assistants.
  • Same here for me and my wife and same experience too.
  • I finally went with a Sony XZ1 Compact (I had to use my old 5s for a short period while making a 'Droid decision, and remembered how much I liked the small form factor ...and how much I despised using iOS lol ...iOS insists on screwing with Contacts, and I'm way beyond picky about my Contacts, which are my daily bread-and-butter); my wife went with a Huawei Honor 8. (When she received her phone, I thought it was small compared to my 950; compared to the XZ1c, it's enormous lol.) We've finally got messaging working; me on my PC, she on her laptop (this is one of the more useful pieces of W10M's legacy to Android ...and another reason - currently - not to go the iOS alternative). Pix are going to One Drive. So Cortana is mostly working for both of us. I'm still in learning-and-experimenting mode on announcements. I had them set perfectly in W10M, but now, not-so-much (sigh, again). A plus is that incoming call and text announcements include the name (so long as they're in Contacts: most of mine would be, as my phone is primarily for business); this has turned out to be a major convenience for me (and if it was in W10M, I never found it lol). I rather miss the seamless integration of Outlook w/W10M, but the 'Droid version works fairly well. As for the XZ1c easily fits in my pocket (the difference between it and the diminutive 5s aren't noticeable). The screen is superb ...and that small screen contributes to the great battery life, too (2 days, seriously, 2 days). It's CPU is an SD835 (nothing to add: its fast). The camera is ...well, it's not Nokia tech :-( ...but what else is: better than most, as good as some ...and not Nokia; call it acceptable FWII (for what it is). And as other's have noted about Android, hey, apps! lol.
  • iPhone was my least favorite.
  • Gotta agree. One week now with a brand new Galaxy S8 and am pretty happy in the MS ecosystem. I do miss live tiles but oh to have the apps finally...what a joy. Cortana could use a few tweaks to become more tightly integrated (can't use Favorite Places when setting reminders?) but for the most part, she's followed with me onto the new platform. Got the wife an S8, now to migrate the five other kids' phones...yikes! Bye bye W10M...
  • Download 'square home launcher' from the Google store. It looks just like win10 mobile and has live tiles for some apps.
  • Actually it's 'squarehome 2'
  • Launcher 10 is another one that might be worth a look
  • I've had my Galaxy S8 for about two months now and I hate it.  Not because of Anddroid, although I'm no fan of that either, but that edge.  So annoying.  Every time I put my phone down I accidentally trigger some app, or change the song that's playing. Or even putting it in my pocket will trigger something.  Plus with buttons on both sides of the phone I still can't easily tell whether I'm looking at the back or the front of the phone until I turn on the screen, and I can only do that by pushing one of the side buttons and since it all looks and feels the same I end up just pushing all the buttons to see what works.  So annoying. I'm looking at other phones right now and will be selling my Samsung.  I may end up with a Google Pixel as much as it hurts me to give even a penny of my money to that company, that phone is real nice.
  • A great Black Friday sale led me to finally give in and switch to a Galaxy S8+. I immediately put a clear Speck case on it--mainly for protection, but it also prevents the accidental side-touch issue. Surprisingly happy with it so far.
  • I have an S8 and while I'm not a big fan of "the edge" -- I think it detracts from full screen views -- I have not experienced the problem you described. A thin case might solve your problem for less $$$. I use a Speck Presidio ... but there are of course many other options for the S8.
  • Does anyone know how to port text messages over from Windows Mobile 10 to iPhone?  
  • Ditto on bringing SMS messaging from W10 to Android. Anyone have a suggestion/link? Honestly, I didn't think it was even a possibility until you asked and aitt responded with the link to Mobikinn (which: THANK YOU I have some messages I need to transfer from the i5S too). Windows Mobile spoiled me in this area. the very least, I now know to google it lol. I'm getting too old for this stuff, sigh. Since I was locked out (what is up with that: very annoying treats a captcha response as an additional comment), I googled and found this: Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  • Android widgets are pretty good substitutes for Live Tiles and I like being able to position icons & widgets anywhere I want in the stock Google launcher on my phone. And if that stock launcher bores you, there's plenty of other launchers to try while with iPhone you're stuck with the grid of icons. 
  • I gave in to the iPhone earlier in the year before all these "Windows 10 Mobile Death". At the time, I contemplated between Android and iPhone but I finally decided with the latter because of security, apps, and most importantly; what my company supports. I'm not an iPhone fan and I don't think I will ever be but this would be a stepping stone for perhaps what MS will come out next as the mythical "Surface Phone". I hope that mythical device will not disappoint with fully supported apps and while waiting for that, I'll live w/ my used iPhone 6s Plus for the time being.
  • The only way a new Windows mobile device will have all the apps you want is if the device becomes very popular very fast.  So first they need to sell millions of devices, then companies will start building apps.
  • A lot of us, including myself, are holding out on 950xl waiting for this WoA cShell pocket PC with esim telephony, if it comes, in 2018/19. Microsoft's idea is that we will carry around that AND an iOS/droid smartphone, but I WON'T. I don't really care if my WoA device doesn't have WhatsApp because no Silverlight. If project is cancelled by 2020, then reluctantly I will get a droid.
  • +1 mostly ok on 950, phone crashes overnight when doing major updates and i need to manually reinstall all silverlight apps afterwards but thats only once every couple of months. On a 3 year replacement cycle so see what happens by this time next year. Ms should throw a wm10 end of life party and give us back astoria and make islandwood work the same way i.e. as an ios app bridge, would give us some fun before the end comes
  • Hyberbolic much?
  • The site is sounding more like a Microsoft site these days.
    Glad for the change of attitude.
    This confirmed what we always thought the two os's not an option for a true Windows fan.
    Thanks for the in-depth analysis.
  • Never planned on iPhone, but I find it amusing that just the other day there was an article saying not to move to Android, now there is one saying not to move to iPhone.   Personally I will hold out as long as possible for whatever is next.
  • I hate google.... android own an iPad already so many apps within reach, holding on to 950XL as long as I can, even have a 930 back up if it goes awry........
  • Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on iPhone
    Windows phone refugees may not find asylum on Android Concolusion: Windows phone refugees should not use smartphone anymore.
  • Because we all know if Jason Ward writes it, it must be true...
  • Honesly, some of us have already decided that some time ago.  Nothing says we MUST use a smartphone, after all.  
  • Society is becoming more and more smartphone driven. I think it will be tough in the future to operate efficiently without one. More and more services will assume you have one or even require one.
  • @scubadog  fliphone will do as long as their is "snake" installed on the flipphone  
  • that's not the conclusion to reach at all! :-) At the end of each piece (and throughout this one) is a recommendation for the alternative platform. There is also a nod to those who are resolved to hang on to their Windows phones as long as possible, or until the Andromeda device launches (if it launches) though it will be expensive and enterprise focused. So this two part series was an acknowledgement that a lot of Windows phone users are considering switching. Some are favoring Android and some the iPhone. What these pieces do is give those looking at each platform some things to consider that might not be so great about the platform's they're considering, which is information that they can add to whatever other resources they're using to fuel their decision-making process.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • After Microsoft ridiculed the users of devices like Microsoft Band or Windows 10 Mobile and left their customers out in the rain, I retired my Lumia 950 XL (which *never* worked as Microsoft promised) and bought me a used iPhone 6s Plus. In short, this was the best decision I've ever made on mobile phones. It works "out of the box", the functions are excellently integrated and the operating system is very stable and more or less error-free. It was the impetus for me to finally turn my back on Microsoft products as such. Because I want to work productively and not 365 days a year as a beta tester.
  • I ended up with an S8+ after my 950XL, and I've got one real praise, and one (more than that but I'm trying to be nice here) real gripe. The S8+ is excellent at side by side apps. Having navigation open with Spotify at the same time is great on a road trip. WP never did this at all and I don't think but don't know if iPhone does it at all either. The biggest gripe is that it's laggy. The S8+ is hardly a low-end phone so why should there be any lag between hitting home and going there, or hitting a text box and having the keyboard pop up? Answer, there shouldn't be. I hear that even old iPhone 5s NEVER experience any sort of lag so I find this to be downright unacceptable.
  • Sometimes that lag can be caused by our launcher. MS launcher is very nice, but I've seen more 'lag' when hitting home that I did with Nova. To me, it's worth it for the functionality, but there you go.
  • Naw my wife runs stock everything and she gets lag, i hear her complain about the battery, and the phone being junk. She has had it for about 6 months and wants to upgrade to the Note 8 already
  • That's just TouchWiz (Samsung Experience) for ya. Like the iPhone is stock iOS, a pixel phone is stock Android and it runs as smooth as butter. I have the iPhone 8 plus right now. I'll most likely be switching to the latest Pixel phone next year. 
  • I just found a setting on mine that lets you have fully resizable windows. You swipe down from the top left corner to initiate it. I have had several apps open onscreen at once without noticing any performance issues. Also, go into developer options and set all the animation speed options to 0.5 and things will happen much faster on screen. Google how to enter developer options.
  • Maybe you have a setup or hardware problem that's worth troubleshooting. I have an S8 equipped with the Microsoft Launcher and have not found it to be slower than an iPhone or Windows phone. 
  • Well, I have no reason to dump my Lumia any time soon yet. And, frankly, who says we have to choose iPhone or Android after we leave Windows phones?
  • With 128 and 256 GB options nowadays om iPhones, "lack of expandable storage" is no longer a con really.
  • For transfering info between devices, and you can now have +400 GB of expandable storage if needed.
  • The drawback is the cost increases associated with acquiring the additional levels of storage. Micro SD cards can often be acquired for really low prices.
  • Though for me it feels like Android(7 in my case) doesn't go along well with micro SD cards. I never figured out how the files would be saved if i kept it as portable or format it as internal storage. Also moving some data on the card when set as internal failed every time.
    The storage settings in the 950xl I got for my wp needs are so much better. You can freely choose to move some apps on the card or choose to save new files there
  • Sure, if you want to spend upwards of $1,000 for your phone.
  • I was a Lumia 950 user and really enjoyed the windows platform but let's be honest, we were let down considerably by the lack of commitment from Microsoft and as a knock on effect, lack of support from developers. With the downfall of windows phone 10 I had a choice, iOS or Android. I am a flagship kind of guy so the only option is going to be too dog in its domain. Both platforms have some good points and much more variety then windows has ever given me. Ultimately it was going to be the iPhone X or the Razer Phone. I went through the specs and pro's and cons and decided to go with the Razer, and managed to land the limited edition too. Playing with a couple of the launchers and I running the Microsoft launcher. I knew I was missing out on functionality and variety but didn't realise how much! Looking back I don't know know why I went down the Microsoft route and can safely say I won't again unless there is a well thought out commitment to the community.
  • Thanks Jason for shareing to those that want/need to know about iOS/iPhones. Did you finally move to Android?  
  • Your welcome Nate.😃 No not yet. LOL
  • Can someone post the link to download windows 10M(mobile) os.
  • I made the right choice for me. No to Android, yes to iOS. It works. It's secure. X is an incredible device. 
  • Well articles have been written on why not to move to android and  wny not to m ove to iPhone.  I decided sev eral months ago to  get an iPhone 6S+ and have enjoyed it immensely des;ite some identification hangover (you know trying to open or mov e  using windows Pone os.  I en joyed my windows Phones and fought to keep ikt alive by purchasing  new phones when they came out  but at some point just had to give it up.  Daniel Rubino said pick youroption besides WP so I finally did. I like you columns Jason  But i have to disagree with you I am happy with iPhone  and I have a collection of cases  for all occasions.  I just dont dig android.  I am usin g  and loving my FitBit IOnic.  Its great and works very well with the iPhone 6S+,.  I still have a little contrarian left in me.  Keep  the good work!
  • Jfa1. Use what you love!😎And thanks😉
  • Can a outside company buy out Windows 10 mobile and develop it?
  • That would be awesome! And Groove.
  • I've already gone over to android buying two android smart phones it's a shame I've been with windows mobile for a bit now since 2013 I'm still using my Microsoft 650 till it goes all together then that's it no more.
  • Some good points there and it certainly isn't surprising that Android is a better choice for integration between a Windows 10 PC an Android Phone. I have a iPhone X and I am very happy with it. I am still waiting for Android to produce something as good. If/when they do I may consider changing. I'm happy enough with iOS though and all the Android phones lack the full developed and tested features the iPhone has. It has just too many half baked features. I considered Android this time around Note 8? Nice but finger printer reader still next to camera, too big and I had the Note 5 before which had an annoying glitch on the camera. Galaxy S8 nice but I use the speaker a lot for phone calls and it really isn't good enough. Face and Iris recognition built in that works poorly. Bixby which is still a work in progress. Samsung is no Apple and I did forego wireless charging and a nice OLED screen to get a iPhone 6S Plus two years ago after selling the Note and never regretted the move for a second. Wind forward another year or two and it is another decision on another phone and it could be Android, if they have something as good to offer. Face ID by the way makes the phone very easy to unlock, seamless. Everything is polished and works perfectly. Welcome to iPhone and that is why people will pay so much, it because they are so damned good.
  • But are they?
  • I have a note8 its way better than any of the i phones. Yes fingerprint reader is inconvenient but iris recognition works quite well
  • Face iD is just a gimick. Fingerprint reader on my phones open instantly, no need for anything else.
  • Stupid expensive junk.
  • Massive rip-off.
  • There is another way. Do what I do - buy more Windows phones. In the last few weeks I have purchased 2 950's and one 950xl. One for my mother in law, the others for me. I absolutely love the 950 devices. VERY underated and always bashed for not being, 'premium'. Well, they were and are premium. The plastic is brilliant and serves many purposes. What we have on the other end if the scale is the iPoo X. It's as premium as you can get, but it's also too delicate. It's a worry every time you pick it up. You MUST have a cover, and then it looks boring as, so.... Anyway, do as I do and buy up all the Windows phones. I've got this Moto 5S plus Android for two apps I must have, but that’s it. Otherwise I rock my 640xl, HP Elite X3, 950, 950xl... And whatever else I can get. It's good for two years plus, and then I'll see. Probably just go with browsers on these phones as browsers are the future anyway.
  • I have 2 950s and other than the horrible battery they are ok. I also have another Alcatel Idol 4S and battery and performance are much better than the 950s. The only real advantage of the 950 is the exceptional cameras.
  • If you must change from WM, although there is NO need. Get the Moto 5S Plus (does all that iPoo does) for $350 A$ while the iPoo cost my wife $1829 plus $299 apple care because you cannot be without. So, basically, 1/6 the price???? WTF!!!
  • Honor 8 under $300. Excellent phone.
  • The Warden and I will stick with our 950XL's as long as they work, the others don't have that valuable 'Microsoft Account'
  • After using the HTC U11 now for a while, I can no longer support this superstition about other systems less secure than Windows where malware would magically appear.
    Android is more open and thus prone to bad apps than Windows 10 Mobile was, but Play Protect and other improvements are steps in the right direction.
    Moreover the system causes less problems for me and for the first time since a while I have a trusty device at hand. It is sad to see that people are still denying reality and request a blunt statement by Microsoft that they would cancel Windows 10 Mobile completely; although Microsoft never did this before. Well, actually they did this time by saying that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer getting any feature updates, but for some this seems to be not obvious enough.
  • I've an iPhone 6 and a mid-range Alcatel Android phone (in addition to a 950 XL).  I like the customizability of the Android phone, and the greater ability to Microsoft-ize Android, but the app quality is much higher on the iPhone for the main applications I use, and that's the deciding factor for me.  At this point, Android is fun to play around with, but the quality of the iPhone makes it my daily driver.  Also, integration with Microsoft services is actually often better on the iPhone.  Case in point, account calendars.  
  • Apple has one other major issue though, its so closed that it is missing out on new Developments. Where I live new practical apps are launched on android only, simply because apple does not allow the apps to access certain functions on the iphone. So the best banking apps, public transport apps and so on are simply not available for ios. In the long run this is going to cost them customers.
  • I'm looking forward to the deep, rich life Windows on ARM will breath into the UWP platform (as a native system, it'll run faster). That'll be fun. If one day, years down the track, I _need_ a new phone for some reason, I hope there'll be something there that's truly windows. Not interested in google products. Not interested in apple products.
  • Not yet a refugee, my 950XL soldiers on. IF and when my 950XL is no more, I will only consider Android alternatives.  Hopefully the Surface Phone/Note/Courier will br available by then.
  • I prefer iOS in the past but with the last 2-3 years I dont' agree with Apple decision like Headphone Jack, iOS 10, 11 design and additionally MacBook with only USB-C and no MagSafe but I still don't like Android (probably because of bias) btw I still love my Lumia 830 but I use it along with iPhone SE now ;__;
  • As a Windows phone user where do I go from my Lumia 950?
  • iPhone 8 Plus.   That’s where I went from a 950 XL.  
  • I did. But I know from experience I would spend way too much time customising my home screen rather than using the phone and be done with it.  Also no Android Cortana where I live...
  • I'm ok with an iPhone SE... its got the small screen & good camera & onedrive. i tried macOS with a macMini... oh boy the os is from the 90's!!!
  • conclusion, you want a fancy piece of thing that can show off to everyone that you are rich without worry about the functionality then just buy an iPhone X.
  • Or if you aren’t rich and just want a phone that works, get an iPhone 7 or 8.
  • At this point I think they should enter into an agreement with Samsung to provide phones that MS will skin with their own soft branding and apps, or even LG... I got my dad an LG Stylo 3 Plus (the poor mans Galaxy Note) for $149 and it's awesome. It also gets much better recepton side by side with my iPhone 7 (on the same network), im thinkng of gettng one myself.  I'm definitely not impressed with the iPhone. 
  • The only thing Mobile about Andromeda and the Currier like device is that it is PORTABLE! Without maturity of UWP, your phone WILL NOT be anything from Microsoft...Ever.
  • Become iCattle or swim in the Android cesspool? Hmmm, decisions, decisions. SMH...this sucks!
  • Yes, it’s much better to remain WinSheep.
  • Stop trolling
  • Yes, tallgeese should stop.  
  • Reason #5 you will become smug and ignorant like all the other iOS users
  • Comments like this certainly make you sound smug and ignorant.  
  • He is on to something there.  I see it all the time.
  • Is it possible to stick with w10 mobile till Andromeda? I don't use that many apps so I'm just wondering if the time lines will overlap?
  • I am holding on to my Windows Phones for as long as they can go....its Windows for life for me. Period!!!
  • this article is a joke. if a user don't switch to iPhone or Android. what will they use if his/her phone broke down ??? did u count the availability of Windows 10 Phone around the world when you wrote this. Warditorial is a ******* shameful phrase
  • Hi please, reread both articles, Hoangboy. At the end of each piece and throughout this one I recommend the alternative platform. To state that more clearly, in this article I recommend Android and in the other article in this series I recommend iPhone. And in each article I acknowledge those who will hold out on thier WP for as long as they'll last or until the Andromeda device launches that many hope to get. Now to better help you understand the premise of these pieces they are an acknowledgment that many people are switching from Windows phones and are trying to decide between Android and the iPhone. For the most part most people are leaning toward one platform over another. What these pieces are designed to do is provide a critical eye to the platform some may be leaning toward to give them something else to think about along with any other information fueling their decision. So the point isn't not using either iPhone nor Android phone as I clearly recommend both in each piece. Its about taking a critical look at some factors some may not have considered.😉 Thanks for jumping in and I hope this helps😎
  • Windows phone refugee?   I SURVIVED Windows Phone.   I was stuck in the WP wilderness for 3 years.   It’s good to be back in civilization now.  Android work phone (ick, but it’s free), and iOS personal stuff (iPhones and iPads).  
  • I had the iPhone 8+ and switched to the Galaxy S8+ today. I really tried to like iOS, but I couldn't. Android isn't Windows, but I don't feel locked down anymore. Just having a back button is so much better.
  • This article is ridiculous, erm ill be keeping my windows mobile as they are supporting it for a couple of years and then moving onto the Cshell device. I mean why don't you take this crap over to android central, it isn't wanted here.
  • Johnny, a lot of folks are switching to Android, some to iOS and as the link at the end if the piece acknowledges **Hey Windows phone fans — ignore the haters, use what you love** ;there are those of us still using Windows phones, self included.😉 In Microsoft's camp, there's room for everybody(that's thier mission anyway!)😃 And we just write about it. None of us like the fact Windows phone didn't achieve mass acceptance. But, yes, many of us are watching what MS is doing in mobile and what they'll bring out next. So if that's you - GREAT! 😎 It's not everyone though, and for that Microsoft has themselves to blame.😕
  • I started to love android with MS services.
  • My ultimate suggestion is Microsoft to conduct a comprehensive trade in program for all its loyal customers when the new operating system and the new surface phone is launched. This would actually help the existing customer to minimise their losses in investing windows mobile. In addition it also help to get back the loyal customers to windows
  • Went from an idol 4S to a note 8 and haven't looked back. Sure, I miss the start screen and live tiles, but OS features and app selection/quality is night and day better. Windows phone es had a chance to be great, even the best. It's just too bad MS couldnt see past the next few quarterly returns to make a proper investment. I really miss my photos app on the windows phone. Having quick access to my camera phone pictures as well my one drive stuff, along with jump lists for dates was awesome. The stock android app just cannot compare.
  • There is no need to miss your start screen and live tiles. I've switched over from a dual sim Lumia 950 to a dual sim S8+ a couple of weeks and the first thing that I did was try a couple of Win10 lookalike launchers. I finally settled on Launcher10 and it make the transition to Android smooth and easy. I now have a phone that actually looks and feels like Win10, but also has a few apps that I could no longer live without: banking & NFC payments, fully working Uber and the Delta app. Plus I've got amazing battery life compared to the 950XL. And that was all I was asking for. If only MS had actually marketed their platform so that developers would not have turned their backs..
  • Great read! As was the android article.
    As a WP / WM user ive been spoiled by a great experience (buggy sometimes though) and as many people has been trying to convince users of the Windows systems to change because IOS is fantastic, Android is fantastic etc. I can tell you, as a prosumer that always use two phones - Android has been riddles with problems (not going into them here, look at android forums/sites for that) as has Ios. In camp Windows though, people have been told time after time that their experience was bad and soon people started to believe it. It hasnt been worse than any other platform. The reason for people bashing WP (both Ios, and android) has been that 1. they have been jealous - its been a fantastic looking platform to show to people, its been snappy on weaker hardware, it has had fantastic cameras that noone could match, its been less buggy and more secure than both android and ios. Also, dont forget the wp challenge and the high quality and durable Nokia devices that ran WP. 2. They are afraid, WP / WM could easily with the right marketing and profiling be eating away at one of the other two sales and making them "loose" to the other. I say that WM/WP aint dead until the last user ditches it.
    Its sad to see so many people being angry with MS (i can understand many of them) for not pushing further and me for one know that it could be successful still, but coming here in comments and bashing the editor and/or saying how fantastic their experience with [insert OS here] is is just BS. They have to believe the lie...
  • This is exactly the reason why I'd never own a iPhone again. Especially the fact a pc doesn't recognize it as a external drive like it does with a Windows or Android based smartphone. But the fact that Android and Windows play more nice with each other on a app and service level is also a big pro. And with Android OEMs like Samsung, LG and Google herself building stellar hardware there really is no good reason to choose iOS over Android!
  • Soowww.. I most likely won't find asylum on Android nor iOS.. that leaves me only with Sailfish then? :-(
  • My Lumia 1020 finally started to have hardware problems a few months ago so I had to bite the bullet and leave. I got a Samsung Note8 and installed the Microsoft Launcher. Its pretty darned awesome. I have no regrets.
  • Android is OK if you are a consumer, but not so great for business iOS works much better and more secure than Android. Especially with MDM systems. If you're a business user (especially Office 365) and looking to move, I would recommend iOS. Any chance of an article covering this?
  • Setting aside the issue of PRICE the biggest issue with iPhones is how FRAGILE THEY ARE. They are very, very easy to break, and very expensive to fix. The Windows Phones were very rugged and a move to iPhone will be a shock to any long-time WIndows Phone user about how fragile these things are. I had one fail when I dropped it from a height of three feet onto a heavily carpeted floor (knocked it off the table.)
    Had to take a REFURBISHED unit as a replacement (sucks.)
  • Just got 2 Samsung S8+ and have to be honest I am a little impressed with the phones a bit expensive but I hope it's worth it in the long run. I've been using my N1520 and N1020 since they first came out but one thing I'm very glad Microsoft put there software on Android even put Cortana on but still not a Google fan and definitly not Apple forget that.
  • Yea, no thanks, I'd never replace my windows phone with a iphone....such candycane devices....
  • Thank you for the article. After my Lumia quit on me (I would've hung on), the combination of features packed into a small size (which I like) and a relatively-very-small price (which I really like) drew me over to the 32 GB iPhone SE GoPhone on AT&T; I'm already an AT&T customer. If I see something similar hardware-wise on Android I might switch, but I'm getting along ok and now I have a better idea what I'm missing from the other OS.
  • I think the  always-connected win10 taptop is the road back into consumer pockets.  As a game developer i am finally compelled to make a Windows Store app for PC and Xbox with touch support.   As a user, I went for a cheap android after the lumia ICON died and i experience a the extreme seconds-long lag and adhoc UI and the grief and frustration.  So, after the 2 billioin dollar phone loss writedown, I am thinking MSFT will find it way back via the "always on" , always connected laptop.    Developers such as myself are finally seeing the marketing and deployement advantages of putting our games and stuff in  "Micrsoft Store" .  In the meantime, i will look at the new finnish Nokia branced 2, 4, 6, 8 with the Window10Laucher.   There is a place for MSFT even if they didnt own the pc space already.  Apple is way too greedy and proprietary and on the other extreme , linux is too fragmented and or has annoying ads when you are trying to call.   I can imangine peoplle with lowend android phones literally dying trying to call 911 .    
  • “Sadly Microsoft failed to commit to its mobile platform.” No, they were fully committed for years.   The problem was that no one was buying into it.  They sold just over 100 million phones over the life of Windows Phones, about 6 years.   Apple sells that many in 6 months.  Who knows how many Android phones are sold in 6 months.   THAT is the difference.  
  • Don't know what you are smoking but MS was NOT fully committed. Everything MS did with their mobile strategy in the last 10 years was a disaster, delayed launches, changing strategies, etc. etc. How long we people demanding a Surface Phone while Windows Mobile was still a thing? After taking over Nokia's Phone business please point to one thing MS did to improve the Lumia design or experience, all they did was slap Microsoft on some Products that were already planned and released devices that really didn't push the envelope. No one is saying they were not in the game, we are saying they were not ALL IN, unwilling to accept defeat. 
  • Continuing to sell a product for 6 years that no one wants, is pretty GD committed.  Do you deny that 100 million phones sold in 6 years is a pathetic showing?   How long were they supposed to continue losing money on this? If they were not committed, they could have dropped it after 2 years.  6+ years is a long time to sell a product that no one wanted.  
  • Jason, are you again smoking something? Trekestor FAILED PATHETICALY like that delusional Wharton barely reached 10% of its goals :)))))) Why would I want to transform an android into a MS phone??? MS services suck! mediocre!
  • I missed the bus and skipped getting myself the 950/ 950 XL, when I should have moved away from my 920 - the 920 was good enough, though it did not run Win 10 Mobile... 6 Months ago, when my 920 breathed its last (the Touch Mechanism refusing to work at times), I went with a cheap Chinese Andriod Phone. I miss so many of the conveniences of the 920 on the Android, despite using it for 6 Months now! Since I do not need tons of Apps, I would go back to WinPhone (or perhaps the Andromeda??) the moment it is available within my geo reach and within my wallet's thickness, thin as it may be...! I never considered the iPhone for one primary reason: the switch away from WinPhone is hopefully a temporary step, so why should I spend a shitload of bucks on an iPhone??? The secondary reason is that my WinPhone was so beautifully different from others - even other Winphones, coz its so customizable. Whereas the iPhone looks the same, model after model, year after year!! A couple of other secondary reasons too, like cost of Repairs, slowdown of iPhone when the next model is available, random, unwanted  'Bending Effects' and other such stuff ;) You get the drift, I'm sure! :D
  • I don't understand why we post these stupid topic in WP.  If anyone wants to move away from Windows Phone, they probably know to check in Android or iPhone forum.  If you want to write more about iOS or iPhone, then move your ass over iApple forum.  We are still reading this forum, because Windows Phone is still our main driver. 
  • great roman
  • So I keep using my Lumia 950 XL as it does what a smart phone 📱. needs to do.