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Microsoft's Phone Companion and cross-platform apps are its Windows phone plan B

What if Windows Phone fails?

Rest assured, this is not a doom and gloom "Windows Phone is Dead" piece akin to what has permeated the blogosphere since last week's reorg announcement by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. No one here wants nor expects Windows Phone to fail. Microsoft has invested tremendously in an as yet not fully executed mobile strategy. Windows 10, Universal apps and differentiating features like Continuum will not have an opportunity to succeed or fail until after Windows 10 debuts.

But what if, despite Microsoft's best efforts, Windows Phone fails? Well for Microsoft, failure in mobile is not an option. Success, however, may look much different than we'd expect.

This is a speculative analysis of what Redmond's mobile contingency plan B may look like.

The look of mobile

Remember when phones were just for talking and were linked to a place and not a person? If you were calling "grandma" you were calling her home. If she was home, she answered. If not, the phone kept ringing. Yes, young'uns, there was a time before voicemail.

If you were to call grandma today you are calling "her." The phone is now linked to the person, not a location. A "phone" today is a very personal device with diverse functionality. As such, companies are building ecosystems of products and services that help users manage their lives from this "smart hub" we call a smartphone.

This ever-present mobile hub is used for our banking, various forms of communication, homework, "work" work, entertainment and more. Phones today are for getting things done. So it's important for companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, who are dedicated to helping people to get things done, to have a mobile presence.

Each company may, of course, do this differently.

"Google?" present!, "Apple?" present!, "Microsoft?", "Micr…??" present!!!

Google is primarily software-focused and geared toward getting its products to as many users as possible. Its mobile presence is facilitated by a proliferation of its software products and services through OEM partners. Over 80% of smartphone consumers are getting things done with Google services. That's nothing to shake a stick at.

Apple, unlike Google, controls its hardware and software experiences. There is a high degree of synergy between the iPhone's software and hardware as a result. It does indeed "just work" for 17% of the market.

Microsoft, before the Nokia purchase, had a model closer to Google's. Post purchase, with the inherent task of building its own hardware, Microsoft's model became a combination of its rivals models. Despite broader partnerships, 97% of Windows Phones in use have been manufactured by Microsoft/Nokia. Recent shifts in Redmond's smartphone strategy look to reduce the company's hardware burden and encourage OEM innovation.

This is the current view of each firm's mobile presence. Though there are differences in execution, the primary portal to each firm's ecosystem is a dedicated mobile operating system.

Microsoft Lumia

Making a mobile name

During Convergence 2015, Microsoft's Chris Capossela shared that the firm is focused on promoting the Microsoft brand. Thus, contrary to previous years when product names took precedence, Redmond's devices and software will now prominently boast Microsoft's branding. When a user uses any Microsoft product, regardless of what platform they may be using it on, Redmond wants them thinking - Microsoft.

Microsoft Office, for instance, is present on all major platforms and is recognized as a Microsoft product. It's a tool that users default to get things done. Microsoft wants all of it's cross-platform apps to follow this precedent. The company's purchase of mobile productivity apps Accompli, Sunrise, and Datazen are part of this goal. Along with popular and polished products, Microsoft has also inherited the dedicated users of these apps. Over time, users of these tools will come to identify them as Microsoft products. Accompli, for instance, has been redubbed Outlook, Microsoft's popular mail management tool.

Additionally, Oneclip, Revolve, Flow, Flip, Highlander and Office Now are homegrown mobile productivity apps created by Microsoft. These tools will help users efficiently manage mail, navigate information about contacts, collaborate on documents and in the case of Office Now, leverage artificial intelligence for detailed personal management. By ensuring a mobile brand presence throughout the industry Microsoft seeks to establish itself as the ecosystem through which users "gets things done."

This mobile branding may be key to Microsoft's possible plan B for mobile. As one of the world's top brands, this approach is promising.


Plan B basics

Many writers have declared Windows Phone dead. The reality? Windows Phone is not dead. The platform is alive and kicking. And Redmond, with hopes pinned on Windows 10, is backing it 100%.

Can Windows Phone die? Sure. So can iOS, Android, and BlackBerry…Oh yeah. Well, you see my point. No platform is invincible. Because of this reality and the precarious position Windows Phone occupies, any wise leader would have a plan B. I think Satya Nadella is a wise leader.

Over the past year, Nadella's Microsoft has seen the proliferation of Microsoft products on competing platforms. We've actually seen these tools appearing on rival platforms before and in better iterations than their Windows counterparts. Nadella's promise is that when those products do reach Windows they will be best on Windows.

The context for the realization of this promise requires the completion of Microsoft's Windows 10 platform. So though we have yet to see it, we can be confident that Windows 10 for PC/phone and its core app experiences are being forged from the core outward to operate with optimal levels of synergy.

Microsoft takes all. Drops mic.

Here's the ideal scenario, plan A. After the release of Windows 10 and its "best" Microsoft experience, some iPhone and Android users would be lured to Windows Phone. This would be the result of those users having been engaged by a cadre of Microsoft apps strategically planted by Redmond on iOS and Android. Nadella's launching of Microsoft apps on rival platforms first, allows time for users to become engaged with Microsoft's "ecosystem" leading up to the debut of Windows 10 and the Windows 10 phones that will showcase "the best" Microsoft experience. And for those that don't switch? Microsoft's cross-platform app ecosystem continues to permeate rival platforms and engage users. Microsoft takes all. Drops mic.

If (and that's a big 'if') Microsoft drops Windows Phone instead, what I envision as Microsoft's plan B doesn't require much of a change from plan A. Nadella has put Microsoft on a course to ensure that Redmond retains a mobile presence.

Mobile nexus, the Windows 10 desktop

Nexusa connection…linking two or more things.

As a software company, Microsoft will continue seeding the industry with Microsoft branded mobile apps. This will serve to build greater mindshare of Microsoft's ecosystem that will continuously extend into rival platforms.

But that, I believe, is just part of the plan. Having a host of scattered apps peppered on rival platforms does make one's presence known. But it's not centralized, nor cohesive. Remember, those Microsoft apps will exist on iOS and Android devices among a sea of first and third party apps, even if organized in a single folder. To ensure users feel their mobile presence, Microsoft can't let these apps stand alone. They need a companion.

This is where Windows 10 for the PC comes in. There are over 1 billion PC users on the planet. This is Microsoft's ace in the hole. Most iPhone and Android users have a PC. Microsoft is already using Windows 7/8/8.1 to prompt these users toward their free upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft, for numerous reasons, needs users to upgrade to make the Windows 10 "one platform" story work. This plan B I believe may be one of those reasons.

Part of the Windows 10 package is the Phone Companion app. This cross-platform app ties a user's iPhone, Android device or Windows Phone, closer into the Microsoft ecosystem. Through the app, some of Microsoft's core ecosystem experiences are shared with the associated device. Skype, Office, and Cortana, for example, are shared with the iPhone and Android devices via the Phone Companion app. This app forges a symbiotic relationship between the user's device and the PC. The Windows 10 PC becomes a hub or nexus for the mobile device. The smartphone is able to continue Microsoft experiences in Office, OneNote, Cortana, Photos, Music and other apps, begun on the PC and vice-versa.

Everything Grows

As Microsoft reaches its one billion Windows 10 devices goal over the next 2-3 years, I believe that the Windows 10 Desktop OS as a mobile device hub/nexus point scenario will be more common place. Actually, I anticipate that Microsoft will push that aspect of Windows 10 more aggressively to make it the status quo. This will provide a consistent base to which mobile users can continually "connect" as their digital experiences follow them between devices.

Furthermore, I envision that more Microsoft apps will be added to the base of apps currently on offer to iPhone and Android users through the Companion app. I also imagine that core apps such as Cortana will continue their migration toward deeper integration with other Microsoft apps such as Office. Such integration, naturally increases the use of both apps and likely their continued use when a user is mobile.

Additionally, this strategy provides a cohesive base from which Microsoft can "launch" a mobile presence. Though Microsoft apps will be available in Google Play and the App Store, the PC and Companion app as a "source" for the Microsoft experience provides that much needed psychological link for users to perceive Microsoft as a distinct and tangible mobile brand.


Look, mom, no OS

If Windows Phone fails, there will be no Windows phone OS per se. Yes, there will be the OS currently for small tablets and phone but phone devices would slowly fade off the scene. However, if Microsoft's plan B plays out as described, then a strong Microsoft ecosystem and a tool from which to facilitate a mobile presence, the Windows 10 PC/Phone Companion app, will be in place.

The great thing about plan B is that it is part of plan A. Ideally, and as we expect, the Windows 10 OS for phone will persist and the establishment of a rich cross-platform ecosystem with a Windows 10 PC as a nexus point for all mobile platforms will coexist. But if in the coming years, Windows Phone fades from the scene, Satya's goals to build a strong Windows ecosystem, as part of plan A, establishes the foundation for a world where plan B perpetuates a Microsoft ecosystem without the benefit of Microsoft smartphones and the Windows Phone OS.

"We are moving from a strategy to grow a standalone phone business to a strategy to grow and create a vibrant Windows ecosystem that includes our first-party device family." - Nadella

So if Windows Phone fails, Microsoft's possible plan B ensures that though Redmond will not have been able to convert the masses to Windows Phones, they may effectively "convert" rival devices into "Windows phones."

By way of the Windows 10 PC as a mobile hub and the Phone Companion app as a tool to endow rival devices with an increasing number of Microsoft branded apps; Microsoft may win users to their growing ecosystem as users "get things done" with Microsoft-branded tools.


Like the fictional stories where the spirit of one person usurps/possesses the body of another, Microsoft's plan B may make Redmond's solution the "bodiless" mobile platform that engages users and powers productivity on rival devices.

Or put another way, if you can't beat'em, make'em join you.

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Windows phone is already a success..... Positive over Negative
  • I don't know why they are thinking otherwise. Already giving up?
  • See the world outside 'windows.' I am not saying it's dead BUT there are people saying SO and they are many! The writer here kept the fact. He is not rejecting that people love windows phone.
  • And many of them paid by Google to spread FUD...
  • Yeah right.
  • Everything that suceeds has the possibility to fail. It's very very doubtful, but iPhone could potentially fail in the comming years. I mean it was the absolute number one smart phone (speaking in terms of numbers) and now it's number 2. Blackberry was, at one time, number one, and now they are just barely clinging to the smarphone side of their business. No matter where you are on the pecking order, you can always fall further until you're gone.
  • Very well said..
  • @Axmantim True. Absolutely true.
  • This^
  • True. One day nobody will care about iDroid...
    Nevertheless, at least they can claim being a success at one point.. And, MS did have success with WinMo.
  • WP has already failed... The reality is that WP is a failure.. If it was a success then MS wouldn't dare mess with the formula, and change it's name..
    Relatively, which relativeness speaks the reality, WP has fail.. That is the reality of the situation no matter how positive of a spin fans, or anyone else tries to sugar coat it. It's just not happening... WP as a name, and idea is gone.. It's WM10 now, and the whole philosophy revolves around W10..... WP is dead. Death is not successful..
    Metaphors that abstractly express WP as NOT being a failure are positive, give is hope, and make us all feel good..... Nevertheless, from a business stand point that is in no way reality.. Does it hurt for me to admit this.. Yes. It sucks, but I'm not a blind fan...
    The Delorean was a failure as an automobile. It was well know, but it was a relative failure. Look it up.. We can say that it was popular because of BTTF, but it's still a failure in the automotive industry... MS is a business. The problem with WP, unlike the Delorean, is that it's not only a failure as far as profit, or market share, but it's not even popular..To the general public WP doesn't matter, and to some doesn't exist.... That is not anywhere near being a success, or even breaking even... That's negative.
    I sure hope W10 helps the situation in the future, and we can all laugh at what I just wrote.. I have hope that W10M will not fail like it's predecessor WP..... SMDH.
  • I always laugh at what you write, as its always such comical nonsense
  • If you believe anything other than what I wrote then you've gotta be a blind fan... Simple as that.. Prove it wrong if you please.
  • Prove it wrong? WP being dead? Or prove you wrong in your general statements that you said? I'll keep it simple, since this is a waste of time for someone who already thinks they're right. WP continues to gain market share. Fact. Death doesn't mean failure. Famous artists, like Van Gogh was poor and pittied when he was alive. I'd say his death made him quite successful. Some of the most expensive paintings in the world are his. Fact. The business model of the Delorean was a mess... and the drug indictment didn't help when investors pulled out and the company filed for bankruptcy. Fact. A rehashed business model and a new strategy would have saved Delorean,.... just like MS is doing with WP. 
  • Try again.. There's a difference between being negative, realistic, optimistic, pessimistic, and just a blind fan that wants to believe the best regardless of the reality of the situation...
    WP continues to gain market share?.. Lol. Please. What 1/10 if a percentage WWMS a year? Definitely hasn't gained even 1% a year in the oast few years.. All of the >4% market share WP has was made in the first 3-4 years. Dude! Are you looking at those numbers? And, if you think determining success, and failure, doesn't factor in what the competition does then you are definitely either delusional, or such a blind fan that you refuse to admit the facts... If WP had steadily gained at least 2-3% market share consistently then I definitely would never call it a failure.. But, gains so low that they don't even register on any relative scale of mobile market share is in no way realistically success from a business standpoint.....
    Maybe you miss understand me.. I'm not talking about success, or failure, from your standards, which are obviously very low, rather from any sane companies standards.. I mean any platform that is a success would not require such huge tactics, such as giving Windows away for free, just to hopefully become relevant... Even MS admits this, even WC speaks of WP's irrelevance... No platform that is successful would ever have any tech site, such as WC putting out articles even contemplating it's demise... Lol that's what you call success?? Lol. Please....
    I think the thing you, and I, both have is hope. Mainly because we see MS's plan, and it makes sense. I have hope that it would work, and I think a lot of us do... But, that hope is not success... Also, when people like you hear "failure" you think "dead"... In no way am I saying that it's over for MS in the smartphone software business.. Although, WP as name is dead, it's really all the same... But, that name change, and total shift in concept constitutes as failure, especially after doing practically nothing for 5 years... Come on dude... We all have hope, and we all are huge WP fans, but whenever you write total blind fanboyistic BS like you did above it's just sad... Don't be a sore looser. WP failed, but that doesn't mean it's over... MS still has a chance with WM10.... Wow!
  • It's funny to me that you always come here just to complain. I glossed over everything but I'm sure you mentioned marketing somewhere in your monologues. The question I have is why? Some people here like to optimistic, is there anything wrong with that? Who cares if they want to be "blind fanboys"? Will it make you feel better if you concede to your point of view?
  • I could care less if anyone wants to be blind, or positive... I never attack anyone until they attack me.. Read!...... If someone disagrees with my opinion then all they have to do is say so, and why... This guy was just rude, so of course I'm going to defend myself... My original comment was just stating my opinion about WP, nothing about marketing, or anyone else... But, now you've put yourself in this guys category... Just here to argue, and be rude... So, think what you want.. I could care less......
    Next time READ before you open your mouth.
  • I would counter the WP is dead mantra with: :................. Xbox made big losses and was a "failure" but is now a successful profit maker. :.................. Surface made a big loss and was a "failure" but is now in profit. :.................. WP has made a big loss and the fat has been trimmed and with the new 6 phones per year and following the Surface strategy it will be in profit...... soon.
  • Burden of proof lies in the person making the claim, so it's on you to prove that Windows Phone has failed, and a name change and low market share are far from proof of that considering Both Lunix and Mac OS have had both for quite a long time and have never been considered failures.  
  • If u say 3% market share in 5yrs is a success..then they are successful...
  • @Arka1412 if you see it that way, then the fight continous. strive to be number one and you'll get to reap everything in return.
  • I don't want them to be number one..but atleast they should have reached 10% after all these years..Windows is the most popular platform in pc so it is really sad to see them failed in mobile..
  • I guess it just depends from the geography then. In some countries Windows Phone market share is over the 10% (France , Italy,...)
  • @Phydias ... it doesnt matter how much is share in europe or asia. To be successful you have to show strong result in USA. even with 10% in europe windows overall market share is not more than 4%
  • You don't need to be the strongest in USA to show success. If Windows Phone can greatly increase its part in many other countries(especially ASian and Indian areas) then USA becomes less relevant. The key is to build your strengths to offset your weaknesses.
  • No, they need to be strong in China and India, USA its not that important anymore, its Apple territory. Brazil is coming next. Stop taking USA so seriously, is a lost market.
  • @ASPDEV such nonsense. Nokia has traditionally (as in from the 90's to the late 2000's) had a very strong marketshare world-wide (around 40-50%), but it was much worse in the US (more like 10%). You are basically saying "Nokia have never been successful because their US marketshare was low". If Microsoft would only lose their US-centric mentality they would dominate the marketshare in other countries. As it stands we still feel like 2nd class citizens, when the US gets everything first and we have to wait 6-18 months for basic features to roll out. It's especially stupid to favour the US when their marketshare is lower than the very same markets they are ignoring. They truly need to learn from Apple: announce it, release it worldwide within 2-4 weeks, make sure it works exactly as you said it would in the keynote. Happy customers all round. I'm so tired of seeing a hundred features announced, then it turns out I don't have half of them unless I switch to a US region. I shouldn't have to do any hacks or trickery, just give me all the damn features like everyone else.
  • Actually not anymore in Italy. It dropped to 8-9% recently.
  • They have in Europe, the US is filled with fashionistas who don't know a good OS if it punched them in the face. I've literally asked hundreds of people why they have an iphone and it's not because of the OS. It's because their friends have it or simply because it looks good. The us is truly filled with a bunch of, "keeping up with the jones's". On the other hand, the surface is on pace to join that same space as one of my client users (an attorney) who I didn't issue an SP3 to approached me and said she wanted an SP3. I asked her had she ever used one and how she heard about it: She answered no and she seen them at several conferences attorneys attend. Her words were, "lots of attorney's are using them and they say they're great so I figured I need one too". This is why i think it is imperative that Microsoft make a surface phone.....they have the fish biting, now hook'em
  • Honestly, I hadn't given that serious consideration.   Surface is perceived as upscale and desireable.  It's a bandwagon worth boarding.
  • Well, then how do you describe Windows phone decrease in uptake in China? The platform sat at around nearly 3% in China alone, but collapsed to less than half of one percent over the last two years.  On the other hand, the much pricier iPhone 6 is doing gangbusters in China; it's so hard to keep in stock, it's a hot item on the black market.  If you lose both the U.S.  where most of the big developers reside, *and* China, you lost in mobile.
  • Exactly.. I completely agree with you.
  • Windows is not the most popular OS, it's the most used OS. Most people hate Windows and are practically forced to use it due to some apps. And this is why Windows Phone failed: people had REAL choices and almost no-one wanted to choose Microsoft!
  • "most people hate Windows". Such utter bullshit.
  • Compared with 1% of Linux desktops it is
  • This^ too
  • The Linux folks are trying very hard to stop the Windows 10 freight train with innuendos and FUD's. After Windows 10, you might even see less Linux desktops.
  • No. Windows will still be the same clumsy Windows. Linux users use Linux because of its UNIX nature.
  • It's over 2% currently which is a great success considering Microsoft's evil Windows monopoly and lack of pre-installed Linux PC's.
  • How many years as Linux been around and it only has like a 1% market share. OSX, somewhere near 4, that's been around what, 14 years. People seem to quickly jump on the 3% number and call it a failure.
  • Right, it's a shame people don't give Microsoft any credit. Microsoft dominates in other areas compared to competition, but people won't talk about that or write off apple or google in that department.. Just saying.
  • Linux's 2% market share is a completely different thing because of Microsoft's evil Windows monopoly. It's 2015 and I STILL can't buy a pre-installed Linux PC in my country. Instead in the mobile world people CHOOSE Android or iPhone.
  • You need to look up the word monopoly. Micorsoft has a very high install base, but that does not constitue a monopoly, people CHOOSE to buy Windows PC's so you have made literally no valid point.   Also, this is 2015, we have the internet that can find many things for us, including where to buy PC's with Lunix pre-loaded. This might help you:
  • Market share percentage is still market share percentage. It's still alive no matter how small the percentage, and Microsoft will continue to fight and bring it up. To give up now would be a horrible move. That's like a fat guy who's 300 lbs trying to lose weight to a goal of 190 lbs, but can only lose 5 lbs and nothing more, so he gives up and eats a large double whopper meal.
  • Ha-ha I like that analogy. Yeah it's way too early for Microsoft to give up. With PC sales dropping and people moving more and more of their online usage to mobile, Microsoft doesn't really have a choice anyway. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mac has 4.52% of market share accumulatively after a 30-year try, they are still trying.  Cromebook has less than 1% market share, they are still trying (But why?).  Jason Bard should write up some Plan B articles for both of them.  Last week, we had a confusing statement from Satya, and this week we had this piece from Jason.  Sigh! The only chance that W10M would fail is when W10 fails.  W10M will live and die with W10.  W10M can't fail even it wants to, unless Satya changes his vision from 'Mobile First' to 'Mobile Last'.  W10M will do well initially in the business/enterprise market as MS UK has done - with 28% market share in enterprises.  W10M hasn't even been released yet.  Jason, go ask the head of Microsoft UK what's their Plan B?  You will be shown the door out.
  • Dude, WP could gain 1% market share in 10 years, and these guys wouldn't say it's a failure... You know why? Because they are fans..
    That's not reality, and they are no different than blind iDroid fans.. They all fall into the same category... Delusional.
  • iOS, Android, BB may also die? Yes... Ok. Thing is, and Nadella said this multiple times: they are NOT competing with them! They don't have an ecosystem like Windows! AND, even if they were competing, Windows 10 life cycle is just in its incipient form, so, on this subject, the chances of Windows phones being young winners are greater than those of the nonexistent competition specimen (not in a incipient stage)! Either this, or one is going to assume Android is brand new, or iOS... Ha! Just my opinion! ; )
  • Well said. Sometimes the only way to compete and succeed is to not compete at all. It's like what Microsoft did with the Band. They just made the device to show what kind of capabilities they had, and weren't even trying to compete with anybody, and people loved the device, aside from a few pundit critics.
  • Thanks! ; ) I mean yeah! That is: Microsoft "will do everything they can to achieve progress in phone..."! - Satya. End of story! ;D Windows 10 strategy was meant practically FOR Wphones!!!! That's a YEAH!! We gotcha!! What else? I'm very happy with this! That Start button is our Start screen everywhere... so cool ! Come on! - Do something, competition! We are ahead!!!!!! Waiting for the win32 apps now...
  • If Windows 10 Mobile fails Windows 10 will fail as well. It must not fail!
  • This statement is so false I can't even begin to explain it.
  • Not necessarily true. They still have windows 10 on tablets, which is apart of their mobile future. If the majority of their users are on desktops/tablets and they like Windows 10, then it will never fail. Windows 10 mobile won't fail either. It'll probably just end up being what the Mac is to Apple versus the iPhone. It may not have as many users, but it'll still be hanging on and alive and well for those who love it.
  • I'll start promoting Microsoft by my self. Everywhere. Like Banksy. That's the community. Bring on the spirit. :D
  • That spirit was there years ago when Windows Phone 7 first came out, now its pretty much dead after all the fuck ups slow feature implementation, allowing carriers to block updates, Microsoft's own better app support on iOS/Android, two years with no flagship device, etc. etc. at this point its hard to recommend WP for anyone or to even care about what Microsoft is up to next with WP.  
  • Talk for yourself. I've witnessed a lot of people moving towards windows phones.
  • That may be true to some dgree, but things can always change. I believe Continuum is one aspect that could be a game changer. I believe the focus on this should be business, because successful business implementation is where WP would succeed. Potentially, this could save companies money. Imagine a business meeting where you only needed your cellphone. Just plug it into a monitor and use it like a regular computer. This will be the biggest selling point of high-end WPs. The experiences that folks have at this point will make or break WP. Implementation and proper promotion is key. WP 10 Mobile is shaping up to be WP experience that most people would enjoy. If MS can get the apps, most folks would not have an issue with WP. AND...there are plenty off apps, but not enough of the ones that matter to people.
  • I'm hopeful that this is just the calm before a massive Windows resurgence storm. So many people wanted that first iPhone because no one had heard of such a thing. Windows Phone/Mobile is not far from that. If they can properly market Continuum with some seriously great hardware, this could bring a huge shift in the market.
  • What the hell is this "Continuum" ?
  • Yes, I believe you Windows Phone is already a success! You can do what you want to do! Now, you are thinking about the lower number of apps, that now depends on the sucess of the whole Windows, the nexus.
  • -/+ 3.5% of the global Market place for a smartphone brand is NOT a success(when your a gobal company like Microsoft). Although it has a lot of fans but, not even close to Android or iOS phones and that is what the problem is. Trying to be positive is good no question but, when the facts are there, it really is hard to to be positive.  
  • But ChromeBooks and OSX have a tiny % market share and it does not mean Google and Apple are going out of business (although that's always possible - look at Nokia, Blackberry, Kodak, Sony etc). WP, like the Surface and Xbox before, which both lost a lot of money and were perceived as dead but now generate $billions, is at a turning point to success (i.e profit) due to the recent refinement of the Phone division. Now, the initial success may not be great but WP making a profit will keep it alive.
  • Windows Phone is a success and so is Linux on desktop, because it has a similar market share.
  • If u say no , then i will ..,,
  • Yes because when its was a four horse race they we're just saying can we get to the third spot, we did that, our small market share is with out any flagships, and with carrier's tryind they're best to keep wimdows mobile out of everyone s hands, not to mention stories like this one, windows gloom and doom in media. Keys to success.
    1. Windows 10 if it is what they say it is then it lends credibility to win mobile.
    2. Premiere phones, weve survived this far with our them, yes we've had some nice Nokia phones but most were a day late and a dollar short, last years processors, etc.
    3. Carriers_ evil carriers, when 640 came out I went to tmobile, no 640, no windows phones, they had a windows phone display with no phones on it, the only windows phones, was in back and it was nt a 640 , they were rude to me, I felt like a homeless person begging for change.
    Sell them at Wal-Mart, best buys, costco, etc, and windows stores
    4. Windows mobile sites that praise and talk about the good things instead of the negative, we have to weed thru so much garbage just to get to the story we want, just to find the review, or information we want, even some of the most popular site are doom and gloom.
    4. Doesnt have to happen, but, an Intel phone wirh full windows and a dock, like the windows sticks but in a phone. Continuum but with intel.
    5. All the things that win 10 is already saying it will bring, if its true and win 10`s a hit, then windows mobile will be as well. If everyone adopts windows 10, then its an advert for win mobile 10, byod a computer in the palm of your hand , the old era of smart phones vs the new era of smart devices. With ms as the pioneers.
  • They already fail. The question is: Ms will be able to revive them?
  • They haven't failed.... The anti-Microsoft clowns sporting iPhones and Android devices have succeeded in convincing anyone that listens, that the Windows gadget they have never laid a finger on, sucks. You know how many people with those devices tell me and everyone around them Windows Phone sucks, that I ask why it sucks and they can only give you the media driven answer "lack of apps". Once I point out it is more a lack of games and you can find an app to perform most of what anyone would want, do I then ask what THEY think sucks about Windows Phone. Most stammer but the honest ones just say "Don't know, never used one".
    What has really happened, especially in the case of the iPhone users, is that they have dumped so much money in iOS apps and Apple specific hardware, that they will say anything yo try and make sure the market doesnt swing to another device being the it device. If that were to occur and they had to honestly think about switching device's to have the 'cool phone', it would mean leaving behind thousands of dollars in hardware, apps, and media (songs, movies, and TV shows). Drill some of these people long enough, and once again, the honest ones will cop to that being the main reason the trash devices they have never seen or used.
  • You say why they haven't failed? After 5yrs they are still playing catch up with the rival platforms..
  • After 22 years, Apple is still playing catch up in the desktop realm, where they've averaged 2-7% market share for decades. Have they failed?
  • This! Spot on!
  • This is exactly what I m trying to say..Windows in pc is a huge thing..No one can come close..So its really sad to see them struggling in mobile division for so many years..
  • Your logic makes no sense. Even though Apple is woefully behind with it's operatign system, it still is beating many other OEMs with their profits as well on the desltop. So even with a mcuh smaller marketshare, Apple is still successful with mac.
  • That's only because of their dirty tricks and a near monopoly position dating back to the '90s.
  • they are operating in a niche segment even iphone is operating in a niche segment, unlike windows phones which is confused about his role in the market. Tell me generic profile of windows phone user?
  • Re: coip,
    I don't know why more people aren't aware of this fact. Apple fans certainly don't say it, but only rarely is it mentioned in forum discussions. I can't remember ever seeing it in a mainstream media article or on TV. It is a good fact, and it adds to understanding.
  • Not to mention Chrome Books tiny % and don't get me started on Google Glass lol
  • Google Glass is actually in production and in use unlike anything Microsoft has done in that field.
  • You do not know what you are talking about, Google Glass has not been in production since February 2015 lol
  • Well...apparently Google still sells those because my employer bought a couple of them recently.
  • Your original comment "Google Glass is actually in production and in use unlike anything Microsoft has done in that field" is incorrect as production was stopped January 2015. The reason your employer bought them now is the fact Google were never able to sell the quantity they made. Stocks still exist 6 months after production was halted to a failed product
  • forget that look at android,its a humungous joke outside of phones Look at Linux,it is unneccessarily complicated sudo apt this and sudo apt that  
  • You have no idea what you're talking about. Ubuntu is much easier to use than the unneccessarily compilicated Windows 8 mess. You don't have to sudo apt-get anything because there's the Software Center. But then again, apt-get is easier and faster than trying to google for some malware infected installer.exes.
  • @missionsparta. Spot on.
  • WP has many benefits, But its shortcomings outweigh them especially when compared with iOS/Android...  
  • Says you (and obviously many others, I get it) But I don't worry about the shortcomings. I don't want or need a pocket full of features that I will never use. I enjoy my experience and when they bring new features I get excited for them. But the use and flow of the os is what matters to me. People keep saying it's broken and needs fixed, blah, blah ,blah (again I get it, I am the minority), but I don't see it as broken.
  • That is only in the area of apps.  
  • This so much. It pisses me off when people do this because it's literally just games that WP lacks and the only people that game alot on their phones are little kids. Half of the apple store is just crappy games, same with Android (or clones of those damn empire builder games).
  • I still scratch my head trying to understand why some people are so vehemently anti-Windows.
  • I don't undestand why Windows defenders even exist these days..
  • It's hard to watch Microsoft being so stupid when it comes to the phone market. Nokia was the best thing to ever happen to Windows Phone and after Microsoft bought them they have systematically sold of parts of it and gutted the rest through insane layoffs and now once again they have nothing, just an astronimical write off and pissed of Nokia fans all over the world.  
  • Exactly, because Nokia was a healthy, beacon of light and growth because 'stupid' ole Microsoft got involved.
  • Exactly, Nokia was in a bit of a mess, MS did what Nokia were too scared to do and got rid of the excess. If only they were doing better then they could have justified such excess, but sadly while they had grown in the good times they had not shrunk in their years of struggle. I feel bad for the people who lost their jobs and I think it was reckless of MS to buy the company only to get rid of so much of it (although I am sure if Nadella had been in charge he'd never have bought them in the first place and we'd have Surface phones now instead). However, they are where they are now and Nadella has probably chosen the best way forward.
  • The thought that we would have surface phones already makes me so sad we don't. Surface phone for budget users and surface phone pro the flagship. Using the same metal from the surface (it's so damn nice).
  • Nokia got $7 billion to restructure its business into a now highly profitable network and services company, with brand lisencing into Android Tablets, and Phones next year.
    Meanwhile Microsoft just wrote down more than $7billion, with no intrinsic value left from Nokia.
    Ask yourself which is the smartest CEO here.
  • Yeah, yeah....Xbox and Surface were a big loss and the two produce profits and Microsoft will follow the Surface strategy and WP will be another profit maker.
  • Nokia still is healthy beacon of light and growth. The part MS bought not so but its not Nokia's problem anymore.
  • Microsoft shouldnt give up so soon they are so close to making windows popular again  android and ios are saturated and people are starting to get bored now its time for a symbian style change where the old die and the new take over Lollipop is a joke so far
  • I am with you. It's been a while now, Android is getting old and boring... If Microsoft plays their cards right, Windows 10 Mobile can succeed. Of course, the absolutely most crucial thing, beyond ANY OTHER THING is to get the phones into the stores where people buy phone. Walk into any regular store and there's a 95% chance there isn't any WP for sale. No idea how they thought that was going to work.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "gutted the rest through insane layoffs " - So you have such good connections to the inner workings of Microsoft that you can determine the worth of said layoffs? Hmmm ... didn't think so.
  • Windowscentral is becoming each day more and more a junk online magazine
  • Yeah they seem to editorialize everything they write and in it of itself is a little hazy in grammar.
  • @farstrider2001 @max-ecs Thanks for your input. Please share why after you read this piece you feel this way. :-) Constructive criticism is good. Also WC has a diversity of writers, news writers, game reviewers, etc. My role is specifically this type of piece. Editorials and long form analysis. So this community is great in that we offer a range of content that reaches a broad base. Sure not everyone will like everything but somebody will like something! Thanks for your input guys. Keep coming. And we hope that if you don't like this style the other styles written by my colleagues may be more your flavor.:-) Appreciate your involvement in the discussion.:-)
  • And strangely they are here reading the articles and making comments. WC is the BEST for Microsoft news, they don't use sensational headlines aka click bait and whether you agree or not with the content I believe these people would not be here if the site were as bad as they mistakenly claim. Keep up the great work Jason, this article is interesting and has generated lots comments, which means we are reading and respect your view.
  • @2tomtom Thanks for the support!:-)
  • I will say what Jason can't and won't say...the door is unlocked, you can leave anytime.we won't miss you.
  • Yeah, god forbid they have an opinion! I just want the news that I want and only I want. It's always about me and nobody else. I don't care about the opinion of the writers that I read more than anywhere else. Stupid people with their stupid thinking.
  • Butthurt, huh?
  • Max-ecs, You'd be better off not reading it then, that should do us good as well!
  • I actually think all of the mobile nations sites (android, Imore, Windows Central) do a nice job of covering their respective platforms -- unlike some of the Fanboy Apple and Fanboy Android sites.  Disclaimer I use Windows on PC's and an Iphone and Ipad.  I also own a Windows phone and and recommended one for my senior Mother (she loves it!) but use an Iphone 5 as my daily driver.
  • Are you here just to say that?
  • Good article, I think that sums up exactly what Nadella is aiming for IMO. Streamline the hardware output etc etc
  • @bigsro Thanks!!:-)
  • Ok
  • Windows Phone is success, positive over negative. But Windows 10 is nirvana! Win10 is summit! W10 is zenith! Over iOS and Android. The truly truest true story.
  • Hearing this shit since Windows phone 8...but nothing has actually happened..
  • Hearing this shit, that you said, for years, too. Windows 10 will not fix everything; Windows 10 already has fixed everything. 
  • I just don't understand this kind of loyalty to an OS that hasn't even been released yet, and has been mostly a big yawn in preview.  Using the latest version on my laptop, it feels like a big batch of compromise.  Not to mention Microsoft taking the Google approach of sucking up all your data and personal activity.  Microsoft is a brand new company for sure.  They should just change thier name to Big Brother and get it over with.
  • Well nothing has happened in Android L as well... Android M is still focusing on RAM and Battery management... So its better clear those shit first and then come back... You dont worry about Windows phone share.. Worry abt ur lagdroids lagging(even with 4 gb ram) and battery management issues....
  • I don't use android, I am a windows phone user till now..but u tell me which android phone have u used? My brother uses Mi 4i and I can say loudly, it runs smoothly with 2gb ram..
  • Just give it some time!
  • ^^this; A friend bought an android phone few years back, it run great for a while but now its a complete mess with constant lags, gps not funcioning properly, etc.  
  • I've never owned an android phone, or anything google, but I have to ask, doesn't rebooting fix the lagging?
  • Android devices are smooth at first but they become so cluttered and laggy overtime that you're eventually forced to buy a new one. Older versions of Android were almost unbearable for me.
  • They still do that, and due to.the way the os is built and stacked (i.e. Vista) on, I don't see that changing. I think the OS will need to be re-written from scratch at some point. WinMo up to 6 (before phone) was starting to suffer from the same fate. 7 was a welcome re-write to me.
  • Just like a Windows desktop.
  • I've used a 520 and I can say loudly too, it ran very smoothly even with 512mb of ram.
  • If Microsoft want to grow they need to focus on the youths, and whitout necessary apps like Instagram and Snapchat it will be hard to succeed. I personally love the Windows phone UI and how simple everything is, but even I can't survive whit a just windows phone even if it's my main phone. I use a android tablet to gain acces to my bank, Insagram and big Swedish news site and sites like that doesn't work on windows phone.
  • the youth and consumer move on reallly fasst snapchat,instagram will die as did symbian,BBM(its sadly unused by most now,shame its still so awesome),MSN Messenger,Myspace etc these things come and go next to go is logically - snapchat,instagram,android
  • Snap chat has quite a few more years until it dies and so does instagram.
  • We have to introduce windows phone today to the youths so that windows phone will succeed in the future. If Microsoft don't do anything about today there will be no tomorrow.
  • Its just like that before Nokia with its Symbian platform saw a grand success....I know the time when every single person around you had a Nokia phone and very few had samsung....then things changed now android is boss...Samsung grew over Nokia...and Nokia history will repeat...there will be a new boss I coming time...nothing is permanent...long live windows phone
  • exactly, android is the next dying symbian time for WP to come on top 
  • Exactly
  • No. WP is not open enough for Chinese manufacturers. For some reasons Windows fanboys just cannot understand this. Android and Linux runs on EVERYTHING.
  • McLaren?
  • More like "Indecipherable."  That abstract is the most impressive piece of gobbledegook I've ever seen.  I'll bet the writer of that application could convince Putin that given our economic woes here in the States that he could get Obama to sell Brooklyn to Russia for $50,000 (or a few bottles of vodka) as well.  Wow!  Just wow!
  • Wow, very good article.
  • @victor_canova Thanks victor. Glad you enjoyed it.
  • If MS will not change the photo app in wm 10 the os will die for sure
  • Really? Photo app will decide whether the OS will die or not..*claps*
  • *claps* :p
  • *claps* *claps*, he deserves it
  • I would say that the photos app in Windows Phone is great, but sure can enhance it
  • If windows 10 PC is t the hub for mobile why haven't we seen any integration between the mobile and PC: You cannot control the phone from your PC, cannot receive calls on the PC, cannot send out receive SMS from the PC and cannot access phone settings from the PC. When I am at my desk working on a Windows 10 PC I don't want to pick my phone. My PC should become my phone. What stopped Microsoft from achieving this in the past 10 years?
  • Why would you buy a phone then, for a sim card slot? lol
  • It is actually possible. Microsoft has already presented this. Your Windows 10 on phone becomes your PC,... you can just search for "Windows 10 continuum" feature on the web...
  • You mean like mymobiler for wm6 I miss that program on my 920
  • We should at least be able to read, reply to and send new sms from the PC by now. A friend uses Mysms on Windows with his android phone (Think it might do call related features too). I'd love something similar for WP in the companion app. They can easily do it, the Bandvia MS Health gets SMS delivered, there's no reason this couldn't be delivered to an app on the PC in a similar way
  • We will be able to do that. It was an advertised feature.
  • Yes, I saw that as well a while back. Still a little fuzzy on how it works and we really don't hear a lot about it since. I can only wonder if it's fallen by the wayside.
  • Now you mention it I remember the demo they gave of the new Messaging app for Windows. I'm guessing it will come with Windows 10 Mobile and will replace the current messaging solution, allowing the app to sync your SMS via the cloud. Hopefully we'll see it in a future Insider Preview build before it's fully finished.
  • This pretty much sums it up. 6 months ago I came from OSX/iOS. Macbook, iPad, iPhone... owned them all. You can say all you want about Apple's walled garden but at least their crap works "together". I miss being able to text anyone from the keyboard of a mac. Also miss the seamless integration of all theirr apps from one device to the other. I left Apple products because I like my 10" tablet that can be docked to a real keyboard, mouse and a large display when I'm not mobile (unlike the iPad). Plus, windows products are cheap compared to Apple's. I'm putting MS on notice. I'll give them unitl Jan of 2016 to show me how Windows 10 will give me similar functionality I had with Apple. Not asking for perfection mind you, nor am I looking for a gazillion apps. Just an indication of where things are headed.
  • Even Microsoft has plan B, fucking Tsipras..
  • When is Cortana coming to Android? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's supposed to arrive this month. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Really?...i'm looking forward to when it does come to iOS and Android. I have friends and family that will really like having Cortana on their phone and in Windows 10
  • "After the release of Windows 10 and its "best" Microsoft experience, some iPhone and Android users would be lured to Windows Phone." Seriously?! Come the next iPhone 6s and Note 5, this statement will be voided immediately. Windows Central and Microsoft still believe that OS is the key to the success, even after seeing iOS still the same old OS after all these years yet it is still receiving popularity?
  • Because the illusion of quality sells.
  • And the lumia 940 is coming out
  • They really need a new naming system if they want people to jump on to Windows.
  • Not new naming, but more ads, commercials which will create buzz by showing the uniqeness of this system, for example this continum thing which turns ur cell to computer by connecting it to display with USB cable. To create a new revolution. Only this can make the system successful and raise marketshare.
  • The fact that recently, windows phone OS outdid the ios in Pakistan is an indication that it's not dying, but it's growing!
    Here in my place (India), because of Windows 10 update coming to PCs, my friends who are avid android users have been asking how Windows 10 on mobile has been... (who knows, they might just port to Windows in the future) The thing that works for Microsoft in growing markets is that Windows is miles ahead in stability with low hardware specs versus android, so forget about plan B cuz it won't be needed!
  • Have u seen the success rate of xiomi , motorola and other android phones in the low end ?
  • Well I'm being positive here,I know that xiomi, one+ and many other brands are blooming, but if you see windows phone OS growth rate, it's going up and not down, so its not dead or dying! That's the point I wanted to make! :P
  • I also want windows phone to shine..I really love the Os but things are not going right at present...
  • @arka, have you seen the lag and poor quality in android low end?? Windows Phone is at a make it or break it stage people seem to be positive about the platform since 10 preview
  • @karthik my brother owns Mi4i and my best frnd has moto g2..Believe me both the phones runs so smooth and dont lag..Dont know about Samsung and other low end devices..Samsung low end phones generally sucks and I had a bad experience with it but now things are different..
  • I see the point you're making. Many of my friends quit Windows because of various reasons. Coincidentally now he owns Mi4, and my other friends own mainly Moto G2 and G, they were happy and as things went by they're getting put off by their OS, it's a fact that you can't use a Android device for more than year without getting frustrated. They're getting interested in Win 10 Mobile. And also one of them is ready to buy a Windows Phone.
  • Anyway I seriously want Windows 10 to fix everything..Waiting for the new lumias...
  • I don't think just Lumia's are going to solve the issue. Sure they're nice phones, but look what's been happening when it was just Lumia's that have been running windows phone. Pretty much nothing. OEMs gave up, retailers didnt want to sell them, people got bored of them, etc. What they need is more OEMs to get on board so there's more of a diversity of devices to choose from. To me, all Lumia's are pretty much the same. They have close to the same distinct shape, the same hardware, the same colors to choose from, the same display, same square/round edges depending on the model, etc. To me that gets old after awhile, and people don't want the same crap over and over (aside from the iPhone fanboys' way of thinking.) I'd honestly like to see a Samsung note variant of windows phone. The iPhone strategy for windows phone will never work. Satya realized this (even way beforehand when he wasn't CEO) and that's why he made the job cuts and writeoff. They were most likely too far into production on the 640 and 640 XL to cut it from being manufactured so that's why they went ahead and released it before Satya announced his reorganization plan with phones, otherwise he probably would've done it sooner. He still plans on making Lumia's, but he wants Microsoft to go back to it's roots and have other OEMs do the bulk of the hardware work, while they supply the software. This is one of the major things that needs to happen if Windows 10 mobile wants to get anywhere.
  • Good points. I still think WPs biggest problem has always been that hardly any stores outside of carrier flagship stores sell them... You literally would not see them in the stores, no wonder nobody bought them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I do believe the only reason Windows Phone prevails in some markets is because those devices are cheap and there's a ton of them to chose from. Nothing more.
  • Windows in general is well-known for its instability.
  • In plain language they see phones/tablets serving the pc/os. In a world where mobile is growing steadily and pc is slowly bleeding relevance it should be the other way around. Maybe it's close enough to the same thing for such a fine distinction not to matter. However phones must be compelling and desirable in their own right. People are still going to use their smartphones as phones. I think MS will be forced to compete on the hardware front. Don't put the cart before the horse. Horses are better at pulling than pushing.
  • They are going for the surface-ala-nexus approach.
  • If Microsoft is going to make revolution in its ecosystem, 3 models per year is really enough, but it must bring the "wow" factor, making people excited, then developers will also write apps for it. 
  • Another problem developers don't realize is that it's their apps that people want which DETERMINES market share. If they don't put their app on windows phone, nobody will want windows phone because it doesn't have their app, hence low market share and developers are uninterested. It's a sort of twisted way of thinking that most of them have. If a platform is to be successful, then some devs are going to have to take a gamble and commit most of their time and efforts to it and hope it pays off for them in the long run, like Rudy Huyn did. Just making a half assed app for the platform and expecting it to take off without any support or updates isn't going to make them successful. Just running to the platforms that are going to get them paid guaranteed really isn't going to benefit everyone either. Sure it'll benefit the developers, but it won't benefit those who are on a platform that needs their apps in order to gain any significance. Android had pretty much zero apps at one point, so did devs just say "we won't make apps for it because no one is on the platform."? Obviously at some point devs grew some balls and put their apps on it and now everybody loves the os due to the vast selection of apps. The same thing has to happen with Windows mobile at some point. It's just the matter of when. This is why Microsoft went the universal route. They're hoping that if devs create an app for pc/tablet users, they're ending up making phone apps as well, even if that's not the devs' main focus. In a way its kind of like "tricking them" into making windows phone apps lol, even though they know their apps will be on phones as well.
  • I think they really need to market and advertise the hell out of Continuum on phones, especially to their business and enterprise consumers. It is a feature that's not found within iPhone nor Android, so Windows 10 has an advantage right now against both of them. If they just let it slip by as a "meh" feature and not give their consumers a reason why it's a must have thing, it would only be a matter of time before either iPhone or Android got a similar feature, then people would flock to those two even more. Microsoft can't let that happen if they want win10 mobile to succeed with enterprise.
  • Windows 10 Mobile will be a success only if it will have High quality all universal apps with timely updates, latest hardware and processors, nice advertisement in every media all over the world, best cameras, best sleek robust design lumias with no gaps between screens and edges with no to minimum hardware faults, nice internal components fixture so that camera, phones speaker, battery could be kept best and heating would be minimum and differentiating factors between different lumia models . These all things I haven't seen in any Lumia devices of 2014 and 2015 till now and If Microsoft Mobile doesn't fully implement this I know for sure Windows Mobile or they say anything would be a failure.
  • Stopped reading when the ALL CAPS started.
  • I fail to see the point of this article. We already know that MS is working to be all trojan-horse on other OS.
    Besides WP is not going to fail, it doesn't make sense to even say it. Much less at this point. So it's not a Plan B, it's Plan A. So in the end, I feel that what this article does is to add up to the hovering cloud of people saying WP is dying. When you write or say stuff, you need yo be aware of the possible unintended interpretations. And here it's pretty obvious that the author is giving too much into the "death of WP" story...
  • No, actually the writer may be right. Because, the Microsoft( Previously Nokia ) has been basically a failure if Microsoft won't give best of the best Windows phones are going to be dead. You could clearly see the app gap situation in Windows Mobile store, the quality of official popular apps as compared to the apps in Ios and Android, the Lumias with old processors and no renovating designs and quality has degraded a lot of *30 series and even *40 series launched till now, the resuming screen issues in Windows phone, the availability of quality Microsoft Core Apps in Other Smartphones Platform rather than in it's Own Mobile OS, no interest of developers to build apps for Windows mobile, the lack of market share ( 2.5-3%, predominantly taken low end budget smartphones, 5** and 6** Lumia series which are always a compromise). And so on.
    Windows 10 Mobile OS is the last throw of Microsoft to remain in Smartphones Business and Let's see what happens.
  • @fdruid thanks for your input. But I share multiple times in this piece, in the beginning, middle and toward the end that there is no expectation from my perspective that WP will die. What I do offer is a perspective of thier strategy to permeate every platform, like no other company is doing, to ensure a mobile presence. As I point in in one section, "MS takes all" if thier tools engage users on other platforms and they have a phone on the market. But in the unlikely event phone just doesn't survive through successful branding and cross-platform app distribution Microsoft stays in the mobile game. Nadella's a smart man. Even if the chance of failure is remote wisdom says, have a back up plan.
  • Excellent article and an excellent overview of what is abundantly obvious - you're rather charitable for re-explaining a very well written piece.
    Nadella is ruthless. Many times now he has intimated bloat will be culled. He has inherited the mantle of a behemoth and it must be made lean. This plan B IS plan A, as you say. There had been limited interest in wp but massive interest, for years in Microsoft service offerings - as indicated by the massive uptake of office on iPad, ios devices generally and android. That's where the money is. In order to get ample roi for creating such excellent services as office etc they MUST be on other platforms - wp doesn't sell nearly enough to do. It's been argued for years that the best google experience is on an iphone - the apps are just better. Same now for msft. That is just good business. Same way a macbook pro is arguably the best windows laptop. Again, there's a reason boot camp and parallels do so well - windows is a must outside of certain specialised sw.
    MSFT need to be in the mobile business, even if it is just to pick up the conversion out of Enterprise legacy bb devices - but make no mistreat if it come down to it there will be a cull - not now as they must eke back at least a break even on WP development and investment - but if things go south there will be a cull. Shareholders have had enough now. And this is just business.
    I'll just add creating a cult out of a consumer product, and being egregiously sycophantic is just plain odd - whether it be Apple or Microsoft or Nokia or whatever - unless you work for them or your livelihood or that of your family is incumbent upon their continued success just, people, get a grip on yourselves. This tribalism popping up on here is now worse than crackberry.
    Jason Ward, another excellent article. Keep up the good work.
  • @Poirots Progeny Thanks so much for the support and insightful contributions to the discussion. I sincerely appreciate it. :-)
  • Sure, I understand the piece, what I'm pointing is that it's built on the reinforcement of a negative ambient opinion. Either refuting it or confirming it on the article, it's giving the elephant a comfortable place in the living room. I don't consider it to be neither a realistic nor a positive analysis of the current state of affairs, and that's my main problem with any article anywhere that gives space in the press to this.
  • I understand what you're saying. That said it's Microsoft and its frankly arrogant and dismissive business strategy that has created and fed that ballmer ego sized elephant. This article is just a frank and objective view of the facts of the current situation. WP has foundered and the investment into that division keeps getting written off. Just like win rt: They're has to be a plan.
    It's Microsoft's job to be "positive" and its advertising budget should be correctly expended to create interest. This is an opinion piece. Unless the writers here are being paid for fluff and spin it's their own opinion. WP has time to correct its poor position but make no mistake of out does not improve it goes with Zune. That's just business. This article was objective - there's even pandering to the sycophantic zealots - and optimistic too. As someone who has been using windows mobile since the turn of the century I am optimistic too - not because of Cortana and all that consumer gimmicky fluff but because the os is finally maturing to a position when it can ape the best, and hopefully better ios and android. Developers will have access to more apis and hopefully this will fuel more apps coming over. That said just because universal apps as a concept exist doesn't mean it will be used. Choice, for and against. Android is the biggest os, for mobile, in the pile, and IOS gets apps first - it's not just about market share, of which wp is lacking. Anyway, we'll see if wp mobile kicks off. I hope it does as my two year old 1520 is broke and I want a new phone!!!
  • Very interesting comments but....if Microsoft is following the Surface strategy (big loss followed by succes - this applies to Xbox also) then we are at the stage where the fat has been trimmed, lessons have been analysed and a new lean division produces products that are a success and make a profit. Exactly following the same strategy from the Xbox and Surface success. I see no Plan A or Plan B......just success and profit for WP over the next 2 years.
  • exactly !! these reviewers can be pretty clickbait these days all screaming doom of something or the other acting like professional bunch of people who can judge anything perfectly
  • It's an opinion piece.
  • Matters: My mom love Windows 10.
  • Lol nice one :)
  • I have two windows phones and I have an additional original Nokia charger, I think I will be good for next two three years... Hopefully something will work out for this beautiful but not hip OS by then.. And if nothing happens I will buy one more windows phone and hang on to it as long as I can.. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Great article.
    Windows had the unique chance to beat Apple in building the best hardware and software mobile experience with the acquisition of Nokia and it loose it.
  • No, Microsoft hasn't lost the war in smartphones but this is their Last chance and the time will tell what will happen. But, they seem to me focused to Business And Enterprise sector rather than Consumer sector in Smartphones Segment, which is seen in their advertisements of Lumia Smartphones.
  • Thanks for your answer! It help me to see other points of view.
    I wish they succeed, fair competition is good for the evolution
  • Untill now they were not concentrated at consumer or enterprise. So, if they will concentrate on enterprise seagment it will be good, but they must invest really strong in it, and they do have the potential. 
  • Well let's just hope the plan works and work well.
  • So many yellow Lumia devices in one pic, im in a trance. So many beautiful phones. Must ... scroll down ... read .... article, would you just look at how beautiful they are! I just want em all! (hugs its yellow 1520).
  • Success!
    Lets talk about Android and iOS!
  • In 2013 it did not make sense to sell a Xbox one without the Kinect! Article after article after shoot downs,etc ! Ms: " Kinect I a integral part of the Xbox one and will not be sold with out Kinect as ms sees value into it".....yeah about that. Plenty of Xbox ones without Kinect being sold today! So to some no windows mobile may make no sense now but when its about the money Kinect less Xbox one now........maybe a mobile less never know!
  • A blog post the other day pointed out that Macs have < 5% marketshare yet people are not wasting time writing articles about how its the end of the world and the end of Macs. Likewise ChromeOS PCs... the news is about the gains.. 27% rise in sales last quarter.  Well Windows Phone got a 17% rise in sales last quarter.  It's the end of the world! We need to steer clear from failure articles until there is failure.  Recent job cuts are a streamlining of two merged companies.  A tax right off is standard business way to avoid paying taxes... not the end of the world.  The changes will make Windows Phone more likely to make money as part of a business unit.  And putting WP under Terry Meyerson is a really good thing. Sure, Windows Phone has not jumped to 20% market share overnight, but this has to be the long game when you start so late.  Lots of good changes are afoot.  WM10.  iOS and Android code compatibility paths.  Universal Apps.  Continuum. WM10 is going to be the best business tool out there.  Look for Microsoft to be pushing the corporate door big time.  Think of savings a corporation who pushes out 50,000 iPhones to employees will save moving to WM. WM10 is going to be great for home users as a solid, secure phone in the value segment. And for you and me, we'll have some really cool flagships to play with. Doesn't that sound familiar...
  • Couldn't have said better myself. Nice article, Jason has what it takes, just needs to choose better subjects!
  • @realwarder @LSDigital Thanks for your feedback guys. And thanks for the vote if confidence LSDigital!:-).
    Now to your points.:-) As an industry watcher, as many of you are, I see the whole picture. As much as my finite mind can perceive that is.
    That said, as writer focused on "Microsoft's story" I take in its past, present and future within the context of the entire industry. No firm stands alone. Each firm is affected by competition and consumer behavior, internal dynamics and a host of other variables.
    So when viewing the company I see multiple angles. The things that excite and get the fans bellowing with joy; as well as the misteps( or perceived misteps) that cause many to question the motives and direction of Redmond.
    I also know that no firm in this imperfect world can guarantee success despite best efforts and fan support. As such a wise leader, a CEO, who must have a perspective than spans more than the yearly or monthly or daily cycles fans ride, has to plan 5, 10, 15 20 years die the road.
    What strategies need to be enacted now to plant foundations fir success in budding sectors. This is Nadella's challenge. When he candidly looks at mobile he fully acknowledges Android has 80%, iOS 17% and Windies Phone barely 3%.
    Sure he's not competing head to head. But he must acknowledge as a CEO with a company that NEEDS a mobile presence 20 years from now, that the titans currently ruling the space a aggressively building walls around their users trying to lock them in through increasing user investment in the ecosystem.
    So yes Windows 10 as the broad ecosystem of which phone is a part that will capitalize on the weight of 1.5billion PC users (ideally) is the strategy we believe in.
    But as a business's watcher, a wise CEO, again, must at least be thinking, if this DOESN'T work we NEED a mobile alternative. That's what this piece us about. Not claiming Windows has failed or us dead. I made that clear in the opening paragraph, and other points throughout.
    Again as a industry watcher and writer I look at the big picture, both sides and this is clear in the Highs and Lows Smartphone strategy series, currently at Part number 5, where I share in great detail Microsoft's mobile strategy and its position for great success. This is a single objective piece looking at one angle in to contrast five (so far) other pieces that look at the other angle.
    This link contains all five of those pieces if you missed them!:-)
  • The name Windows phone will die there gonna stop making arm devices. It's all gonna be x64 x86 on phones people like it or not a full blown desktop on a mobile screen 1 true OS 1 Market share.
  • This would be freaking awesome. I want Intel processors in Windows phones.
  • It will be great, its revolution that comes after the smartphone revolution. its smart device, and because its unique Microsoft can position themselves in better place in terms of marketshare and revenues. 
  • I like the idea of a Surface Phone that is a full blown Intel-based PC.  With Continuum, the phone would work like a phone until it is attached to a larger screen, either wireless or wired through a dock/cable.  I don't think I would want to attempt to run a true desktop program on my phone, even if it is a 6" display.  But to be able to dock my phone and use it as a PC, that I want.
  • There should NOT be much gap in the release of desktop & mobile OS. Otherwise MS would get offtopic. MS should continue the momentum. Hope that MS would release its mobile OS update soon.
  • Try try again!!!
  • One *huge* flaw in this analysis is that while MSFT has been a software company, it has (basically) only sold software for its own platform: Windows. Trying to be a big dog in mobile on competitors' platforms will be far more difficult because they can simply shut you down on a new release ("oops, Office is using APIs that were removed in iOS9, sorry!"), change their terms of service ("for security reasons, we have closed out app access to iOS9's system innards, sorry Cortana"), etc.
  • this is true, but what if MS did the same thing to IOS, and android. No more I-tunes on windows machines, no more crome browsers, or you tube
  • Neither of those Win32 programs are critical to Apple or Google (they generate no revenue directly). Office is a large part of MSFT's bottom line.  
  • That's impossible, Microsoft is is Apple's customer now in sense they submit their app to their store. If Apple does something to strike Microsoft apps, Apple will be a headline with their bad customer service.
  • Its important to keep it simple and remain focused. That's where I think MS is steering the ship to. Windows 10 mobile will only fail if MS still plays catch up. They should be pace setters. People gave windows phone 8 a chance. That was my first time of using the windows phone OS, it was cool, but very inadequate, it had lots of catching up to do, so people went back to what was more functional. I believe that people will give windows 10 mobile a chance once again. This time around, everything should be right.
  • I wish they went with a different look for Windows Phone, it looks super dated, modern UIs are colourful and bright, but Windows Phone goes back to what they were 5 years ago. I also don't like the white text on black, it just makes me think I'm looking at comand prompt. The tiles are nice, but I don't like the gaps between it all, with the most modern version of Android, you have the Google Now stuff and the card style, the material design and it just looks way more modern. While Android doesn't use that everywhere, it's what I think Windows Phone should go for. I also think developers should be forced to make their tiles comply to a standard and Microsoft should do too as they seem to be big offenders of it too. Too many tiles don't do anything or have as completely different look, wont go seethrough... it makes everything look so inconsistent.  I don't see a world where Microsoft can abaddon the Smartphone/Tablet OS, ARM is now and it's probably going to be the future of Desktop computing. It doesn't make sense to throw in the towel, especially when you can make one OS that just scales over any device. If Microsoft stopped making that OS, they'll be dead in the future because that is where most of the money is coming in now. Maybe not for them but they still need their foot in the water so they're ready to change and not get left behind.    As for their Lumia phones, none appeal to me personally and the style is so old, it's the same basic style the Nokia N9 and I'm bored of it. Give me something different and innovative, I'd love an iPhone 6 sized phone with a big camera bump that houses a 1 inch sensor and is made out of aluminum like a Sony RX100. Use Nvidia for the SoC or design your own in house chip, the Snapdragons are so shoddy these days, Nvidia's latest SoCs run so much cooler, are barely throttled and have power house GPUs inside them. I also love how Nvidia let you record your own screen with a version of Shadowplay, that is really awesome.    Atm Lumia phones are just poor Android phones, they have no indenity hardware wise of their own. The new GS6 has that amazing Samsung SoC inside and it's kicking butt, that diffrientiates their phones from the Snapdragon sea. 
  • Actually i think the live tiles, this modern UI is very appealing, it what made me like this system. 
  • Can't you customize the colors?  I haven't tried W10M yet.
  • One interesting thing, the way windows 10 is laid out. when you first hit the start button and those familiar start menus pop up along with the new live tiles. The live tiles are laid out like a windows phone on your desk top.  If, and its a big if, people praise MS for this. I believe that Windows phone will skyrocket. If users get mad and still say that the new start menu is crap. MS may have a problem.
  • The problem here is the huge volume of iCabal ready to pronounce just that from the get go.... Microsoft needs more people sharing what they like.
  • If Windows Phone has failed with 3% global market share, then so has Apples Mac & OSX. It's had considerably longer to penetrate the market for very little gain.
  • 3% still represents millions of devices.
  • One difference is that Apple makes a ton of money on Mac sales.  They are the 4th largest PC manufacturer.
  • That would also mean that Linux on desktop is a success.
  • Windows phone is dead?! Who cares? Long live Windows 10! Yes, we enthusiasts want to see pure windows devices in our hands, preferably built by Microsoft, but at the end of the day, what matters is to make every phone a windows phone due to the apps a user uses. I think, we need to get to a point where users ditch their native email clients, document editing and cloud storage solutions for the Windows ecosystem first. From there, the next step is to get them to look at hardware and an OS that makes their solutions shine even more. This is the point when it all comes together. When it just makes sense to use the Windows OS across all devices one owns. In the meantime, Microsoft can seed the market with a few phones, as they are planning to do, to have showcases how a complete ecosystem, including OS and hardware looks and works.
  • There is a shelf life on phone as a platform. With no license fees and no margins on hardware phone is just a device to push other consumables. Cortana is the real war.
  • If you the need tell your readers over and over not to degenerate into an angry mob. Then you know that what you have written will be received badly. In the future keep redrafting untill you know longer feel that need.
  • Windows mobile all the way
  • Plan B or "Plan B"?
  • Windows phone still has the problem of the app gap, and I think that's what's going to kill it. I've been a loyal follower since WP7.  My first smartphone was a windows phone. But even I'm getting fed up.  And the problem extends beyond me. They sold lots of Nokia devices, but those people are likely to jump ship (like my wife.) Consider this: Yesterday I'm at an Auntie Annie's pretzel place at the mall.  The lady in front of me pulls out a punch card, the manager says "we don't take these anymore, it's all on the app now!" The lady says "I have a windows phone, there's no app." The manager says "no, it works for iPhone AND android." "But I have a windows phone." "Right, android." "Nevermind." Now this may seem small, but as more places go this route, WP customers will be effectively cut off from some things, which of course is going to frustrate them. Work arounds are great (qdoba lets me download my card barcode as a JPG) but those only get you so far. Heck, even BofA jumped ship.  And it doesn't look like they're going to build a universal app either.  So we can't look to universal apps to save us.  MS's attempt to be on every platform only further muddles the issue. The transition from WP7 to WP8 was rough in many respects, souring a lot of people.  The continued developer exit makes this "Plan B" look more like "Plan inevitable"
  • The app gap is there, and it's a big issue, but is hardly Microsoft's fault. The industry empowers its darlings and also purposefully ignores newcomers and especially kicks down those who are perceived as potential future rivals. WP is exactly that.
    So don't blame MS for the lack of a pretzel app, blame the developers and the reigning OSs who are stifling WP's growth, directly or indirectly. You know, making a crappy WP version of an official app, or not updating it for ages, like, say, Twitter or WhatsApp is also part of this.
    I don't mean developers to give full preference to a small market, but I think this goes beyond that.
  • Change Lumia to Surface phone instead.
  • The rumor is that there will be both.  Lumia for ARM phones, and Surface for Intel phones that would be a full blown PC when docked to larger screen.  Surface would be more focused on business users.
  • I'm sorry, but there's no such thing as "effectively turning rival devices into Windows Phones".  They AREN'T Windows Phones.  They are, and always will be, the iOS experience or the Android experience, both of which are putrid as far as I'm concerned.  And no "companion" experience can make up for the chasm that the difference makes if Windows Phones go away.  I resisted getting into the smartphone world until WP7 came out.  At that point, I was 100% in.  IMHO, Microsoft is ruining Windows Phone with Windows 10--which is a HORRIBLE experience when compared to WP7 and even WP8--although it's still better than the iOS or Android experience.  If it goes away, then that's the end of that.  If people are satisfied with an also-ran, pasted-on, fake "Windows Phone" experience using rival garbage, then fine.  That certainly won't be me.
  • @scubadog I certainly hear your point. I ABSOLUTELY hope and sincerely believe that Windows Phone will be around for the long haul. I think the universal platform with Windows 10 is game changing and will bring a lot of value to the overall ecosystem of which phone is a part. I expect success.
    I however do not have a crystal ball.:-) Nor does Nadella. So I think he is thinking ahead, "what if phone fails? We NEED a mobile presence". So he, I believe is ensuring as he attempts to make Windows ecosystem that runs everywhere, if the device just doesn't make it, the ecosystem will be vibrant across platforms. Better to be in the game in a less than ideal capacity than not to be in the game at all. ;-)
    But again. I honestly expect success. This piece was a look at a possible alternative strategy if, God forbid, plan A just doesn't work. CEOs have to have a long view and contingencies in mind if thier first option flounders. No to say they will fail, but plan Bs are essential.
  • Re: ScubaDog,
    I agree with you, that Windows 10 UI (user interface) on the phone seems horrible compared to the UI of Windows Phone 7/8. I don't like the "me too" copying of UI elements that Microsoft is doing for the sake of so called familiarity to apple and google fans. I guess they can't understand an ellipse?
  • Should be "Ellipsis".
  • Windows phone is just in a small plant mode...its growing...and one day it will really grow into a huge as mother & father of all phone's...I really love the win is over others..there is no match. People really complaint more about apps...but one day they will really die to use that app in windows phone when is comes alive to win store.
  • I've been saying that since my first windows phone 7.5 that i bought long before..
  • Me too. First saying that with windows rt then phone but now w10 mobile looks promising.
  • You almost only talk about the presence that Microsoft wants to have. But what about the money? Microsoft only has one service where people are paying for: Office 365. Microsoft's plan B as you envisioned it is a one-trick pony. Very risky. I believe that the recent focus back on desktop will hurt Microsoft in the long run. They may catch some users who didn't upgraded from Windows 7. But instead of bringing old things back (Start menu for instance) they should have better focused on mobile 120%! Even just the speculations about their possible mobile strategy is already hurting them. Do they really believe developers will invest in Windows Phone with such bad headlines (it doesn't matter if the headlines speak the truth or not). And with all this speculation, there is another major risk missing in the article. The risk to lose customers to other platforms. If a user can easily switch to iOS or Android wile keeping all the Microsoft services, there is a risk that the user may someday simply also switch the services to Apple's or Google's offering on those platforms.
  • i think the risk was always their and in the article the writer states that the best experience will be on Windows phones. then again people were already leaving windows phone prior to having their app on other platforms. to me with MS's current strategy the develope once and develop for all is a great idea, if you have the time to develop for Windows desktop then you only need a fraction of the time to biuld for the mobile OS. but i understand what the writer is saying even if the Mobile OS fails they will still be relevant in the mobiel space with their apps and will still continue to make money from it. their bread and butter is the desktop and enterprise customers which i think isnt going anywhere anytime soon.
  • It's so good how Microsoft keeps their dead or else struggling units active. If it would have been the situation of apple though they have earned a lot of money not to come down their company would have been I say in tense as Apple mainly earns from iPhone sales. It's good to see how Microsoft and Google manage their struggling businesses.
  • The point of this article is? Perhaps you know what we don't but all seems a little like click bait speculation.
  • Reality, as always, eludes most of the posters here. Ironic (but really just hypocritical) how this is the same behavior users on other platforms would be described as "sheep" for......
  • Glass half full or empty? Mostly I see Microsoft users critical of Microsoft, calling out what is missing and endlessly, persistently suggesting specific improvements.
    Oh, and I do see the apple and goggle trolls. I'm aware of, but try not to feed.
  • Because we are not sheep paying ridiculously high prices for mediocre hardware. Because people were saying the same about the Surface not too long ago but the Surface now makes a profit. If you can not see that WP is following the Surface strategy and will be a success within 2 years, you are the sheep. With new WP devices running Windows 10 therein is another reason for success. WP division had the fat trimmed and they don't need a high % of the market to make a profit, just as the Surface does.
  • Seeing how all the phone companion app does for me is freeze when I click anything, that's not promising.
  • Excellent article, Jason! I do believe that's the path things may take too, provided these efforts fail. To put it simple, plan A is plan B on steroids, but if that don't work they'll settle with B.
    However, I strongly disagree with their presence in other devices/OS being even promised as similar to Windows Phone. As a former user of WP competitors, I have never seen a phone that provides so many features, updates, etc while keeping the speed and functionality of the phone at its best just like when I bought it.
    iPhone is an overpriced piece of junk that looks neat; Android OS is like a capital city, full of stuff to do but you can't move fast through it.
    Let's hope plan A succeeds :)
  • @JackPela Thanks. Much appreciated! And I'm with you. Hoping and confident plan A will make a mark!:-)
  • But but.. If someone uses skype skype qik & other microsoft apps on iphone ...decides to switch to windowsphone..
    Wat he gets no high end..assuming it gets solved.. Later he buys high end windowsphone to find even microsoft apps r poor stale in comparison to ios.. Dnt get me wrong but skype qik on ios office on ios is like sooo much better... I hope windows 10mobile bring better core apps as it was promised during windowsphone 8 ,windowsphone 8.1 & now windows 10 mobile
  • like seriously....
  • I use Skype Qik too.
  • I guess Ford and Chevrolet have been around for years and all other car manufacturers should have just closed up shop.
    Who says there only needs to be 2 players in the mobile market. The more the better.
  • Yeah, but Ford and Chevrolet still used the same gasoline as the other cars. If an owner of any other brand had been forced to use special gasoline from stations that existed hardly anywhere... the situation would've been different there too, I'm sure.
  • To optimistic your view is, padawan. Microsoft changes product names and technologies more often than Nadella his pants. They are fast to give up just for giving up's sake, disingenuous in mass communication and collaboration, and always late to almost any party. Ditching the MSN app and selling mapping instead of community-sourcing it was the last occasion and a sign, that nothing has really changed. The app strategy is still dead in the water, because the billion W10 devices are mostly desktops, relying on Win32. And while I like WP a lot, it is still lacking in connectivity (two feckin' VPN standards, no third party providers to speak of!!) and basic features.
  • Windows Phone is in fact growing, whatever anyone says. It's slow going, but it's sure. Windows 10 Mobile will only help realize Microsoft's goal of making Windows Phone to go-to operating system and device party for consumer and enterprise needs. If Windows Phone fails, it's because Microsoft gives up on it, not because it doesn't have the potential to be the best mobile operating system out there (in both quality and quantity). If Microsoft does give up on it I'll buy the last Windows Phone flagship and use it till it does nine years after that, hahaha.
  • When is the companion app going to be released for iOS? I really want to get cortana on my daily driver! Cortana and the camera are the two things I wish my iPhone had....but other than that, the apps and usability are what I wish my 1520 had!
  • If WP fails, Microsoft will die or become a spot in one or two years.
    OS = mobile OS, "desktop" is only for offices (and I see mac there too...).
    Microsoft need developers, developers need money, Microsoft is NOT PAYING enough developers, that s the problem....It s only playing with students and hobbiest, it does not yet have any plan for professional indie/sw house !!!!
  • Actually Microsoft tried paying devs at one point like a hundred bucks per app they made, and all it did was bring in all of those half assed apps that were not supported or updated just so those devs could make a quick profit. So a currency incentive isnt going to work. This is why I don't have a lot of respect for most developers. They care very little about their customers, if at all. All they care about is where the money is at, hence why most of them are on Android and iOS. Sure money is nice to have, but making it your main focus just gives off a selfish and ill noted reputation. I'm not saying all devs are like this, but there's a majority of them who are.
  • Very good article.. Insightful..
  • @vikrant6 Thanks so much. Glad you liked it!
  • Waiting for Nokia's Returning...
  • Something tells me Nokia is not returning to Windows Phone, but Android.
  • Something tells you right.
  • I've recently left WP for the iPhone yes the iPhone is well built yes and this is the big thing it's got the apps. But it is so limited you cant resize the folders' you. The screen looks crowded I'm coming back when the new flagship and Windows 10 is released. I've still got my 930 I'll put a pay and go sim and upgrade to WIN 10
  • If Windows Phone/Windows 10 for Mobile fails... It just means Nadella failed...
  • @Jason Ward:
    Much ado about nothing (new)...
    Do you get paid per word or per article?
    The only thing I would've found interesting if someone finally elaborates how Nadella plans to stick to his "Windows best" promise.
    So far I don't see anything that would make this claim believable.
    You scratched the topic when you mentioned Windows devices will work together in a more seemless fashion than competing devices. But if this is the ONLY advantage I couldn't give a lesser duck. I don't care about collaboration of a host of devices. I want my one (or primary) device to work in the best manner imaginable (working at least as good or better as competing devices). So far Micosoft hasn't really shown much to deliver on that side.
  • People have to make a living either way....
  • I think the 3% share is not the right way to represent the actual situation? How much share does Samsung have alone? How much for Huawei? Lenovo? Alcatel? Htc? Etc... It's not a fair comparison if you have Microsoft as the only manufacturer of wps (the only serious and dedicated one)... In those terms a company that holds 3% of the market is not bad, especially with trends that point out how 10% could be reached soon.... How many companies hold 10% of mobile market, not many.
  • It will fail...
  • Your comment is a fail.
  • We are already talking about what if Windows Phone fails, that worries me a bit, does it mean that Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft's final struggle? If Windows 10 Mobile still fails, they'll switch to plan B? Better be cautious buying the new flagship... I do hope the plan B is Windows 10 ROM for Android, like what they are doing with Xiaomi. So at least they can keep most of the user experience same and still benifit a large app library.
  • Do not worry. Microsoft will turn WP into a success just like they did recently with the Surface models. Remember the Surface lost $$$ and was dead too but now makes a profit.
  • And wp wont fail, the more phones come closer to an actual pc or at least a true pocket pc, the more microsoft will be having the upper hand here... Continuum is just a start.
  • @vdamir78 I'm with you!:-)
  • One thing he forgot to mention in this article is that while Microsoft is putting all of those items on rival platforms, only two of them have the potential to be used as a first party like app: Outlook and office. Although neither of the above mentioned apps, outlook or office are really built in first party apps on competing platforms they are needed and used like such. Cortana and the others are not core apps (built in) and have limited functionality because of it; so are relegated to being installed and not used or not installed at all. Also because, the competing platforms aren't able to run Windows 10 direct, they will never have the full experience of things like continuum, Cortana, or the cohesiveness phones running windows 10 will. So Microsoft has to simply market all of Windows phones abilities, especially continuum, the ability to customized the start screen (like the images users posted on his forum last week), of Cortana across all of its apps, especially it's usefulness with office on phones and more because while they offer the same apps on rival platforms, they can never experience that level of integration unless they migrate to WM10. Furthermore, I think the writer here has Satya's plan B wrong; his plan B has been put into play in Europe already in the form of Android users being able to install WM10 on their devices, because if the core experience of wm10 is marketed right, these users have tasted Microsoft's abilities via a few apps released on their platform of choice, but as stated, not experienced the uncut version so to speak; so to experience it fully, microsoft has given them the ability to side load the same ROM they've released in Europe to the xanomi users I believe, hence taking market share that way even without people having to buy a windows now rival devices have become a windows phone........come out of the box : )
  • Dear Lord, you are clueless. "his plan B has been put into play in Europe already in the form of Android users being able to install WM10 on their devices" No, it has not. The only WP10 ROM in existence and it's only available in China. And it's for Xiaomi. In Europe not only there's no such thing, Xiaomi has no visible presence on the market (when they have any presence at all). Furthermore, in Europe we pay for our phones in their entirety when we buy them. And flashing a ROM immediately voids the 2 years of legal warranty granted by European Law. Which means no one but extreme geeks actually flash ROMs into their phones.    You just went full deluded. Never go full deluded.
  • DJCBS is totally correct here. Especially "never fo full deluded" - that made my day lol
  • Androids - game apps. IPhones - bragging rights. Windows. Phone - productivity
  • The funny thing about all this worry is that it is rampant fanboi stuff. My 930 works a treat. I love the desktop integration with onedrive and onenote. I have to use an iphone for work but the integration is just not there when I want it. Dropbox, box... It is hassle I do not have when I just open the file manager and it is all there. Games are the only issue and kids will never look past that and snap chat till they grow up or move on from those apps. Business enterprise is the way to success for windows phone. Show what it can do, sell it as a production tool and success will follow.
  • I could not agree more. Windows phones are indeed, the "grown up" phones. I too believe that the way to success will be over business and productivity. I believe that an intel based phone (which is supposedly coming next year) will be the major turning point in this segment. That and continuum has the potential to transform how professionals get work done. Just imagine big corporations having to only implement security and policies once, for one OS, no matter the device. That is a massive time and money saver. Heck, I can see myself using a Surface Pro x, an intel based phone and my XBOne and that would be everything I pretty much would ever need for work and personal use.
  • Be realistic there is the possibility 3% we don't have a toe nail in the phone space, unlike Ballmer Satya Nadella has a path to follow hopefully bringing wp into relevance and if that path don't come to fruition you fall back to plan b wp will always be around because you need a platform to showcase the software but we need to get out of this 3% rut Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Agree! Plan A - Win over the long game. Plan B - Win over the long game. Microsoft have the cash, people and business acumen to make WP successful. They will see profit, maybe small, over the next two years after trimming the fat and new devices with Windows 10.
  • Money won't fix the fact that most people hate Microsoft and Windows. This is the biggest reason for Windows Phone's failure.
  • "Money won't fix the fact that most people hate Microsoft and Windows" This statement is utter rubbish mate.... unless you have access to information that backs up what you are saying..... share it with, didn't think so!
  • The failure of Windows Phone is the proof #1. On the desktop people are mostly forced to use Windows due to a couple of virtually essential apps. On the desktop there's no real choice. In the mobile world there is.
  • You should be the editor in chief. Good one.
  • and when I read the comments and their replies on this articles,it feels like sitting in a big worldwide Microsoft conference with some great masterminds of windows...
  • Sometimes playing catch up is good. It makes you working hard and be creative.
  • VERY poor app provider support (for example Viber app does not show any notifications ).I think developers aren't interested to make apps for Software giant.
  • I actually don't think key to success will be on Win10. In my crazy opinion, it will rest on Surface. Apps - developers either won't make them or only months (at best) after ios/android. I don't see that changing even with Win10 because desktop apps are not appealing or attention grabbing in today's world where everyone is on the move. Surface, on the other hand, can change the culture. I absolutely believe Surface (and windows tabs in general) can grab the corporate world. I think if you can get Surface to grow into a respectable scale, from corporate then to students, that's when Apps becomes relevant and in turn attract more developers, which in turn gives WP a level playing field and get the "lack of apps" tag off its back. Ppl won't make apps for WP, everyone can agree on that. I think ppl just might for Surface. Call me biased, but I've been WP user since Lumia800 and I honest think Surface is the most exciting windows "mobile" gadget over any WP during all these years.
  • Yeah I completely agree with you.
  • Just to add on that. I have never seen anyone agonize over getting a WP over iphone/android. I have however encountered ppl debating Surface3 over iPad and even Surface over any desktop/laptop generally
  • Great point, although I'd extend the "Surface" argument to "touch laptops" in general, especially convertible ones. I have a Dell 11" Inspiron and use the touch screen all the time. But the apps are so bad that even if I want to use them I stay away from them. I hope more developers realize that there are now many of us touchscreen laptop users that are hungry for well-written apps! As for the desktop market, I think that's pretty much dead for Store apps. Much easier to use the web or regular old Windows programs.
  • As a developer, I don't write apps for Windows phone. But I also don't write apps for iOS or Android and have zero incentive to ever do so. I do write applications for Windows though, and plenty of them. I think the key IS Windows 10, but not necessarly for the consumer side of things. I cannot tell you how often people ask me if I could write my applications for their tablets and phones too and the answer is always the same: Tablet: yes, if it runs Windows. Phone: Not gonna happen yet, will come for Windows 10. I have no intention to build and support 3 different OS versions, especially since my business applications change frequently based on user demand and it is hard enough to stay on top of it for one OS. So for me, Windows 10 will be a real game changer and I belive this is where Microsoft has the greatest potential. Capture business first. Most people use their business phones also for private use. I think we might see a shift from BYOD to "This is what we give you to make sure you are really productive and you can have it for provate use also". Just the amount of time ans money saved by only having to implement policies and security features once to capture all devices justifies providing those devices. I for once, can't wait for the day where I can tell my users: Want to take your app everywhere on every device? Sure, use Windows.    
  • You do know, that W10M is a different SKU, which is microsoftish for "it's still much different, because it's still a WP fork", without Win32? So, no LOB apps on a phone, unless you go universal (which makes no sense from a dev perspective, because it is not "universal" enough ), or use the new Cordoba tooling in VS, which is promising.
  • We just Need More Apps Other wise OS is Smoothest Os Then Any Other Os...Love Windows Phone..
  • Just watched terminator. I don't really mind what outcomes will be. I like windows phone and winodows 8/10. It just needs some polishing on the tablet and pen and touch side of the OS. I just hope they don't get as far as designing Genisys.
  • I want the native WP os to stay, but if not (and I hope this is already in the plans), I'd love for Microsoft to build an android launcher than mimics everything in the WP10 os so I can still get a similar experience. I know there're already good WP launchers, but a Microsoft built one would be best. 
  • MS should stop supplying Office Mobile for iOS and Android. It's the only way for WP to be alive. But I don't think  it will  happen. Ballmer was pushing their own OS, but it seems Nadella doesn't stick to the OS. Nadella decided to release Office Mobile for iOS and Android before for Windows. Now MS is pushing cloud services (Office 365, OneDrive and Azure). Nadella was in charge of cloud services before. I think Azure is very competitive. And it can overtake AWS of Amazon. Cloud services will be more profitable. I think MS's strategy is not selling OSes, selling services in the future.
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I've found as a phone the Nokia Lumia is superior to iPhone and Android.
  • +930...... especially with the Surface Pro 3 as well. Powerful combination right there.
  • If windows phone fails, it is because project astoria fails. It's very simple, the problem isn't hardware, but the app gap. This case is very different from BB, Windows is a very popular brand and with android apps the sales will rise like never before. Universal apps won't solve this problem, however it will help Hololens to be popular, because i would say that is very hard to we have a android holograms OS.
  • Tell me, where is "project Astoria"? Not even in preview yet, as far as I can tell no continuous integration, but a snapshot migration! It changes virtually nothing. MSFT should have put all their eggs into Apache Cordoba or PhoneGap, with monster converter tools for existing code. Because this would fix a lot of iOS/Droid dev companies problems supporting different OS's, regardless, if WP exists or not. WP support would be a benefit. As it is, MSFT sends too many signals, which the common dev interprets as a inconclusive, complex mess.
  • Two key elements for Microsoft to finally succeed in the mobile world with WP 10:  1) PRICE for its high-end phones and 2) APPS. I have purposely left “FEATURES” out of this equation because this is what Windows 10 is supposed to cover. 1) PRICE: Especially in the USA, Microsoft has already diminished its reputation by flooding the market with low-cost devices so now everybody associates Windows Phones with “cheap”. If they price their new flagship phone(s) above a certain price point, then Plan B (… and C and D etc.) will be mandatory. Microsoft, look at what you can get for $299 with the 64GB OnePlus One. This is the crucial point. For the first year, Lumia Phones should be heavily subsidized. Make it clear since day one: A one-year promotion for all flagship Lumia Phones. A mid-range price (look at the price of the Lumia 830) for high-end phones, this will draw everybody’s attention and attract the masses. Breaking even or even taking a loss on each Lumia device may sound financially detrimental but… hey… do you want to break that 3% market share? Something’s gotta give!   2) APPS: I say I have a life and I do not need an app for that! Well, I happen to love cars and my new car has an Online Search feature embedded with my in-car GPS and infotainment system that requires the Aha Radio app to work. Guess what? The Aha Radio app is not available for Windows Phones so now I am starting to look at the app market form a different perspective and the first thing I have noticed is that on 98% of every “download our app” banner, the Windows Phone option is missing, like Windows phones do not exist. So, while shopping for a smartphone, users think that they only have two OS choices and never ask for a third option. Now, the ball is back in the Microsoft Marketing department court and they have a tough job because first they have to show that Windows phones do exist among high-end iOS and Android devices and then they have to invert the perception that Windows Phones are low-rent phones. Best tool to accomplish that? The price… surprise! Back to the key element number one. After all, more phones, more apps - Few phones, lesser apps - Lesser apps, no phones.  Personally, I am holding tight to my old Lumia 925 for now hoping to see big changes. One thing is in the back of my mind though: practicality and convenience sooner or later prevail over personal emotions towards a given brand or product, so please Microsoft do not lose that 3% market share you already have.   
  • Very well said. Add in the necessity of having more phones on display where people buy phones, and you've covered what needs to be done. After that, just pray and hope for the best. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Desperate time Desperate measures.
  • Failing is not an
  • Right!!  it would take an act of God to push MS out of Mobile.Come on People, find something worthwhile to write about  
  • I think i spoke too soon. While i do disagree with his position, i have come to understand his intentions are good.
  • Thanks @minzegwu. I appreciate the support.:-)
  • What a horrible writeup. Someone needed to fill some pages and as he was cleless he just put down some drivel.
  • Exactly. Am tired of people posting nonsense. Things not based on facts. Microsoft is in this for the long run. Case cllosed.
  • I think i spoke too soon. While i do disagree with his position, i have come to understand his intentions are good
  • @minzegwu Thanks again!:-)
  • After using an Android 5.1 device exclusively for a week, I finally have an idea of the competition. My two main takeaways are that
    1) 5.1 sets the bar really high for W10M in terms of "the little things" and apps and
    2) I can't wait to go back to Windows Phone. Don't get me wrong, the apps on Android are just so far ahead of their WP equivalents that it hurts. But I just can't stand the OS itself. I miss the live tiles, the simple settings, the navigation, the app list... Just the overall feel of WP is so much nicer. Plus the Xbox Music app on Android really sucks, and that's one of the things I use the phone for most. But I can see if someone is already invested in the Google ecosystem how it would be hard to leave (not to mention used to the abundance of apps). That's where I think this article is right. If Microsoft can have W10 companion apps and gradually allow Android users to switch to Microsoft ecosystem, while also managing to get developers onboard for W10 AND at the same time keep working on and using Windows 10 Mobile, I think they have a chance to become a successful third player in mobile. Those are a lot of "ifs" though... But I hope they stick it out. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great article!  The tone is spot on.
  • @steve_w_7 Thanks so much for the support!:-)
  • Lets compare ms os vs ios & Android which is better? Lets keep app gap out of this for now?
    And if Windows phone fails and after 2 years MS has a vibrant app eco system then why would Windows phone die. It's all about apps other than that Ms os will beat ios and Android without a doubt
  • I don't think it will be wise to ditch WindowsPhone on my side because honestly I've got alot of people to buy it. And it will be a disgrace to be cos I've always proved that my Lumia 1520 is better than my cousins iphone 6+
  • Why giving up ? Windows operating system is much much better than iOS! iOS is a total bogus OS. My brother has an iPhone and it seems like a total shit! On the other hand, android is better than winOS but as per my experience(2yrs) of using a windows phone...The Microsoft has made numerable improvements and still they are improving :)
  • I am sorry, I could not stomatch to read the article in its entirety. I am tired of people and their wild speculations and post titles (just to maake headlines). Microsoft has said ona nuber of occasions that Windows Phone / Windows Mobile is not going anywhere. NO the Phone Companion app does not represent plan b. That is pllan a, be on every mobile platform, ncluding theirs, and make the experience best on their first party harware. IF and I mean IFFF Windows Phone/Mobile was going anywhere it would still be at least 5 years out. Mivrosoft has plans to stay in this segment for the years to come. It would be stupid to show a Plan B when Plan A hasnt even gotten off the ground. Please people relax; Windows Phone/Mobile isnt going anywhere. It is part of "Windows mobile" and their Universal App strategy.There is no need for gloom and doom or click-bate headlines. Microsoft is it this for the long run!    
  • @minzegw Thamks for your input. Actually titel was not clickbait:-) I,,like you do not believe that Windows is Going anywhere. Trust me. Read my Highs and Lows series if you question my perspective. The title was simply a "what if scenario". We live in an imperfect world where things don't always go as planned. What might redmonds plan B be?
    Like you the article is clear in stating the the companion app is Plan A. The title only suggests could it "herald" a plan B. I encourage you to read the entire article if you can stomach it. You may find we have more in common. Then if you'd like check out my highs and low series for further perspective in how I see Microsoft's strategy.
  • Hello Jason, I must say that I do appreciate your work here on Windows Central. And thanks for the link to your Sway with all your articles. I do respect you as a professional writer. I read the article and I do still happen to disagree with its purpose/thesis. I believe the big "IF Windows Phone fails" predictions and speculations are a bit premature. I suppose I understand your premise; that Microsoft can still succeed in mobile leveraging their phone companion app, as well as increased proliferation of their apps on rival operating systems. I would stop short of calling that Plan B. If we say Plan A is 4/4 and Plan B is only 3/4 or 2/4 of Plan A, that is hardly a Plan B and more of a natural progression, and gravitation to "what works"(trimming the fat). I think a better approach could be to say that Microsoft's plan for mobile is multi-dimensional, in hopes that they can ensure some measure of success, even in adverse circumstances. For all we know, Plan B could very well be a deep partnership with Apple to unseat Google as the number one mobile OS.  Short version: I think you write well thought out articles and I can see your passion and interest for Windows, Microsoft, and technology, but I do think the title was misleading, and vastly premature, and I do no agree with the premise.  Keep up the good work!!    PS  I know this was not the point of this article but I do believe Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile will indeed succeed. I think that Universal Windows apps that can run on Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Microsoft Band, Iot, etc, in combination with the 4 bridges to more easily bring apps from iOS, Android, Web, and Win32 over to Windows, will be a slam dunk-home run-touchdown all in one. Saying that, I do think that Windows 10 needs a lot of work to be a fine tuned OS. There are still a lot of inconsistencies and questionable UI/UX choices (not bugs) in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.  
  • Agree that WP is not dead and see the future as: Plan A - the fat has been trimmed and Microsoft will follow the Surface strategy which will result in success. Within 2 years WP will make a profit. Plan B - See Plan A, this is what Microsoft do.
  • @minzegwu Thank you for the support and encouragement. I appreciate your willingness to readdress your earlier comments. That was a great and rare show humility. I think it important to do just as this discourse shows, share in a productive discussion though we may disagree on some points. Good stuff!:-) I honestly appreciate the ability to respect one another though we disagree on some particular points. We are all much more than an isolated perspective shared on a tech site. If that is remembered, honored and acknowledged by all of us here we will always be able to have mutually respectful conversations even if our opinions a diametrically opposed. Thanks again man. And I again I appreciate the support!
  • If Windows Phone fails is because Microsoft didn't make the things well. Like making poor marketing around the world, giving devices many months later in other countries, offering services only in US (as always). That could ruin the platform. So, if WP fails, that's the reason.
  • Most people hate Microsoft and Windows.
  • See if windows phone 8.1 was there right from the beginning, and if filling app gap was quicker there would not be a question of windows phone dead or alive... And if they could have released the best working windows phone 10 OS ten months back there would not be a question of windows phone dead or alive... But the bloggers should use DENIM before comparing the windows phones with other devices... Because windows phones are damn faster and stable.... Android phone need a removable battery cover Because it restarts million times a day...and everybody knows this but no blogger talks about that in a phone review.. If they would have given good review nobody would prefer a phone that restarts like anything ... ....
  • Cone on Jason Ward, I can understand this article being written on a non MS site, but this is nonsensical. I love Windows Central and am a HUGE propnent, but this.. is questionable, at best..
  • Please disregard this comment
  • @minzegwu Thanks again!:-)
  • It makes sense, kind of like Google efforts to make chrome an OS inside windows.
  • Come on in, the clickbait is fine!  Phone Companion is, of course, something other than salvage of the wreckage of WP.  But I will grant that this is a good headline to grab interest in a currently under-appreciated aspect of W10.   MS needs to have the unified device equation be something other than Desktop Market Share = Phone Market Share.  Microsoft declaring WP dead and reducing their Market Share to 0 won't help the equation.   They want all of their WP users to be on W10 desktops and laptops, and they want to grab a number of IOS and Androrid users to stick with Windows or to come back to it.   But every user, from whichever source, is a gain for Microsoft. Companion is part of their overall strategy and I like it.  I hope it is robust enough to allow "companionship" with a number of phones with varying OS's.  Companion will, of necessity, have to adapt to developments in IOS and Android going forward, so it will be a resource-demanding part of W10 and will frequently fall below satisfactory levels as MS will have to adjust to changes by its rivals.  It would be nice to have an optimized Companion experience with a WP.  That would both highlight Companion's virtures and is an enducement for people to give WP a more serious look.     
  • Oh, come on. Microsoft is not depending on phone now. To be honest, why everyone thinks that making a phone system is so important to a company like microsoft? Getting rid of it maybe microsoft can earn more profit.
  • the Surface which lost $$$ they have a new lean division that will produce phones that will make a profit. It may be a small profit to start with but profit it will be and WP will continue.
  • Having a smallish low-requirements version of an OS is required to succeed in IoT, which will let the phone market look like a village in a couple of years. No IoT, no ecosystem, no business, no cloud, no income, only obsolete products. So, WP is actually more important than pushing out a new desktop OS with no real productivity gains over its two predecessors.
  • so what i get form the article is that even if Winodws Mobile OS fails MS will still be relevant in the mobile space with their apps. sounds like a great backup plan and at somepoint may bring back a Windows Mobile OS if it doesnt make the OS's current situation stronger once released that is
  • i hope everything gonna be ok
  • This isn't a Plan B, it's what's left of Plan A if things go wrong!
  • And why is that not a valid Plan B? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Because it's part of plan A
  • Still don't see why that's a problem.
  • It's not.
  • Expect success, plan for failure.  Why not.  Always gotta have a Plan B, and Microsoft is no different. 
  • I do think that the chances of Windows Phone as a proprietary platform going away altogether are pretty close to nil. Right now, it's somewhere in the 3.x% market share (and actually growing...microscopically). With Windows 10, I would expect that share to go up. Whether that be from 3% to 5%, or 3% to 20%....or heck, 3% to 80%, I have no idea (I can only definitively rule out 101% and above). But I do envision it going up. Worst case scenario that I can imagine for Windows 10 is for the market share to go from 3.x%. But even then, assuming they're putting a small enough amount of money into the segment that they don't "bleed out", I suppose I see no reason for them to not just live in that 3% and continue on indefinitely (though that's entirely academic on my part, and completely devoid of real world knowledge of the costs/benefits in terms of real dollars). In either case, I don't see the WP format going away completely. THAT SAID: I don't think it's a problem at all for Microsoft brass (or even for the laity like you and I) to be thinking in terms of Plans A and B for a platform with only 3% market share. And I while I haven't thought the matter through as deeply as you have, I envisioned a Plan B pretty similar to yours. It's actually a nice idea. You go out to them (apps on other platforms), and you also bring them into you (Phone Companion). It's one great big fish hook! Invincible, sure-fire plan? No. There is no such thing, really....but definitely a solid Plan B...which as you said, is nice because it's also part of plan A. So switching between them would be like taking a jacket off, rather than pulling a U-ey (sp?) - like my mixed metaphor? ;-) Good article, sir! :-D Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • @JaySeeDoubleYou As I always, appreciate your input man.:-) Agreed. I strongly doubt Windows Phone will die. Satya realizes its importance and seems really invested.
    I do hope to some some meaningful growth going forward and like you I think Windows 10 will hope. With the right advertising such as, including phone blatantly and unapologetically in a very aggressive Windows 10 ad campaign will help to put in the collective consciousness. See, because lay people will be paying to Windows 10 ads. If MS makes sure the phone story is included in what consumers will already be paying attention to thiers less resistance to the message. And it fits right into their plan as phone is indeed a part of the Windows 10 story. And I do like your mixed metaphor! P.S. I don't know how to spell U-ey either.:-)
  • No need to have a plan B or even think "If WP fails". cos WP has every quality to become the No.1.There is no chance wp will die uless MS wants it to.if you think you will die soon sure you will die soon. So why think about failiur? KEEP TRYING, KEEP ON TRYING TILL YOU FUCKING DIE.
  • That statement, despite being attached to an if still gives me a heart attack.
  • Friend think you are not content to edit , observe yourself essamateria and states that does not make sense , in commenting on any mobile OS is not infallible , it is really like Windows does not create these ideas unfounded because I read a lot of smart material here, and I would like to continue reading
  • this move(giving away services to other platforms) will do nothing for WP's market share but to shrink it a bit. 1.Those who are in the boarderline betwen android and WP will now have some reasons to jump to android permanently. (especially those who gave hate speech here including myself) 2.Android users who are planing to switch to WP will stay put, as they now know that MS will support androids better than WPs.(who wants to switch to a platform that treats their buyers second to other platforms) 3.this move wont affect the die hard android/WP users in anyways. So except for the fact that MS's services gaining more users by this move there is no use for WP and its market share. I am not against giving away services like this, there is no harm in being generous, but What I think MS should have done is, they should keep all these services exclusive for WP's at least till WP gains good marketshare, especially after w10m, then they can slowly release their services to other platforms as well.  I think this move is too early.Unlike the confident rival platforms,  giving away services instead of keeping them exclusive for WPs gives an impression that MS is not confident on WPs, then how will the people trust WPs?.MS thinks that once users from other platforms have experienced these wonderful servieces they will swtich to WPs. I think its a pipe dream. By now its obvious to all android and ios users that MS is despirate to gain some marketshare  now and giving away these services is just a trap to get users. knowing all these obvious tricks who will fall for it?
  • honestly im trying hard to stay on windows phone and desktop but outlook mail is that back im starting to feel the push, maybe its time to jump into the less reliable android phones.  Shame cause e10 on both devices is actually decent, its just the outlook mail thats sucks.
  • This theory is the worst that I had read. I don't wanna be hater, but this really don't make sense. Microsoft said thousands times that desktop will not live forever. They don't will give up to the mobile market and give all to desktops. They want to be ready for the future, and the future is mobile computing. I'm certainly that Nadela don't plan live behind the Google and the Apple. What you describe, is not Microsoft that I know.
  • @Deco Portella Thank you or your input. One thing to remember is that Microsoft has invested a great deal of resources including money and time to develop and co-develop(beta test) Windows 10, the Desktop OS with 5million users of the Insider program. They've also spent a great deal of recently effort at their WP Conference attempting to fortify relationships with OEM partners who are and will be making the PC's that Microsofts highly touted Windows 10 will run on. Also remember that MS has worked very closely with the enterprise in their efforts to ensure Windows 10 for PC meets the needs of enterprise customers. Now also remember, in Nadella's interview with Mary Jo Foley he made the point of mentioning the Start menu wth its focus on bringing developers app front and center was a move to support Windows phone. It helps to convince devs to build universal apps if they are visible to users. That said, Microsoft has been vocal in communication that they are leveraging thier 1.5billion PC install base to promote the "whole" Windows 10 story which does include mobile of course. Now I know Gartner and IDC differ on what qualifies as a PC, but for the purposes of this article any Windows 10 device, desktop PC, laptop, hybrid or two in one like the Surface qualify as the desktop to which I referred as being the means of access to the Phone companion app. For regardless of form factor every Windows 10 PC above 8 inches, tablet, hybrid, two-in-one or desktop will indeed have the phone Companion app which will be accessible to iPhone and Android users.
    So yes, though the desktop PC has seen a decline, mobile PCs(tablets/hybrids) that will have the traditional Windows "desktop" have seen a rise. So this theory I have presented here is not in contradiction with MS mobile strategy. It actually fits right in:-).
    Thanks for your input!
  • im still waiting for that promise that windows apps will be better on windows phones.  Outlook  mail on both my desktop and my lumia 930 phone s does not show me whats actually in my email accounts, its now affecting my email experience so much that i have to log into my web pages the very old fashioned why, this is totally unaceptable for email in this day and age.  And thats even before the fact that in android outlook you have a choice to view all your email acounts in 1 inbox something that outlook on windows phone 10 lacks.  I really miss the 8.1 mail thats worked fantasticly and well on desktop im really that close to just deleteing outlook and going back to a google homepage for my quick gmail access and then hotmail shotcut.  They6 really need to make sure these issures are sorted before release, first impressions count and they count more than ever for windows and microsoft at this stage
  • i just sent a email to gmail via my outlook mail app and guess what it dowsnt apear in either my desktop version or phone version of outlook mail, yet if i log on to gmail via google and avoid windows app then i clearly see the message i sent is there, tell me is this just me or is there anyone else geting this problem, caus ewell its version 10240 on the desktop from fresh.  And isnt that gona be close to the 29th july release date?   Im really thinking i might remove outlook mail on desktop as its prety useless like this.  Even androids version is better as you can get all your email accounts under 1 inbox. 
  • Plan B is still contingent on too many things to happen. W10 still has to reach a critical mass of desktop user adoption. That's a pretty big gamble. People are going to want to bother installing a companion app on their PC in the first place, which ties into: It assumes people use their PC a lot with their phone--- they don't. Quite the opposite in fact, people don't want to be tethered to their PC with their mobile devices. Despite all that, I do think it's a good plan, but it seems like a desperate one.
  • Windows Mobile OS is just the balance of everything for a mobile OS, and mark my words, next year when windows 10 has settled on many devices, windows mobile will sweep across the entire market or atleast shake the current competition. I used Blackberry, Android & Iphone then finally switched to windows for a change,  and I'm settled on Windows mobile already! a phone that just works, always...
  • i went over to the iphone 6 from windows phone installed microsoft apps outlook & sunrise, now have a phone with push email on all accounts & the best calender. that's what happens when you have the best hardware wth the best software.
  • As a writer, the disclosure/disclaimer at the beginning totally undercuts and castrates your writing. Don't apologize for your thoughts. There is no armor against trolls save apathy.
  • @Grgck Thanks for the input. :-)
  • Windows Phone needs customer Loyalty proggrame ! Older phones should more valuable to buy a higher model of windows phone.. 
  • The failure of Windows Phone is great for competition. We don't want the desktop Windows monopoly to be extended also to the mobile world! People are sick of Windows already. There are Ubuntu Phone (which is great), Sailfish, Firefox OS...  
  • As always, intriguing article Jason. Well done.
  • @Kryvdynn21 Thanks so much!
  •  Well, if 'Plan B' does come to fruition, I for one will just hold on to my phones until they don't work any more, and when they don't work anymore, I'll go on bay and get a used one.Lumia for life!
  • Trur